is there any La Roja team that isn’t adorable?

To reward our little starlets for beating Belgium twice, destroying Serbia 4-0 and qualifying for the semifinals, the U-19 team got their first day of rest, which included a visit to the hotel pool and pizza, plus typical Romanian food!  Now I usually only write about the senior national team due to a lack of free time (all the U-21 coverage earlier this summer was because a certain Javi Martínez (!!!) was on the team) but since this U-19 team includes one of my favorite players – Álvaro Borja Morata Martín – and these are shirtless pool pictures, I had to write about it.

Álex must be as allergic to the sun as Iker Casillas.

Luckily for all of us, the RFEF decided to provide high quality photos of this pool session, so enjoy.

They’re adorable, aren’t they?

I can’t believe how many of them fit in that little jacuzzi.

ÁBMM scored a hat trick in the game against Serbia, and got the game ball, which all his teammates signed.  Here he is after the game, and again on Sunday with that ball.  By the way, check out the little celebration dance for Juanmi’s goal in that game – it looks like we have the U-19 version of Thiago and Iker Muniain!  I’d love to see the senior team dance as well, but I don’t think it will ever be appropriate…

Spain’s next match is on Tuesday against Turkey.  The outcome will determine their seeding for the semifinals.

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  1. lol Alex’ tan lines. Comparing the tan to where he wears his shirt, he does tan a bit, at least for a red head. :D he could be the new guziluz :P
    I enjoyed Sarabia and Morata steamrolling the Serbs a lot, I hope this unstoppable train will go on into the final!
    I laughed when I saw them doing the Las Ketchup song dance.

    Why is the RFEF only giving us pool photos of the Rojita? :D

  2. Yeah, yeah, Morata is gorgeous and he scored a hat-trick, blah blah blah. ;) No, really, he is lovely and I expect to see a lot of him in the future. He may even be that rarest of creatures—a Madrid canterano who gets a shot with the first team!

    But speaking of future stars, did you all see Gerard Deulofeu??? He tore that #$%@ up! I find it amazing that he is still only 17 years old. Watch this space.

  3. omg i think im in love!

  4. I only have one thing to say: AHHHHHHHH MORATAAAAAA!!!!!!

  5. Iker and Thiago danced Tchubirabirom, but Juanmi and Daniel are dancing Asereje. God, now I love them too.

  6. Una … to answer your question … No …all of the teams are adorable … jajajjajajaa … but I do wish they would do this with the Senior team … :( … & whats up with the U-20 … they don’t get to go to the pool & have pics like this … RFEF need to be fair & balance with all their teams … so if 1 team goes to the pool then all the teams go to the pool …

  7. Awesome!

    That dance was it Aserje? Loved it!

  8. I personally think Thiago and Iker Munian dance was much more fun. I replayed that U-21 finals dance over and over and it made me laugh each time :)

    All La Roja teams are adorable! I think the senior team is a little too uptight to enjoy the pool en masse or be photographed. These La Rojita kids have no such hang ups!

    Alvaro Morata is very talented and adorable and I hope to see him play in the Liga and the senior NT very soon down the road!

    • I don’t think it’s because they’re uptight, but rather because the senior team has an image to uphold, so unfortunately there won’t be any dancing or photographed pool parties in their future.

  9. Oh I haven’t read your blog in a while and I love all the updates. Looks so much better now :)
    You’re right, there’s no La Roja team that isn’t adorable.

  10. There are three constants in La Roja at all levels: tiki-taka, dorkiness and manpiles.

    The U-19 is not an exception, dear God, they don’t know what personal space means, it’s all about manpiling everywhere, whether it is a football field or a pool, a hot tub made for 3 and they get 6/7 in there and ALL were in the pool xD

    BTW: there’s a pic of Canales with his tongue out and his NT mates in Manizales LOL, very funny ;)

  11. They are all so adorable!! :D :D

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