summer plans V

The majority of club teams are already back at work or going back to work today to prepare for the 2011-12 season, so it’s time to say good-bye to campuses, swimsuits and Ibiza.

FERNANDO LLORENTE: he concluded his trip to India with Save the Children by visiting children.  Go here to read a very touching report about Fer’s visit to Delhi, where he talks about giving back and helping people fight in their everyday lives.  He was praised for his “enthusiasm and warmth” which are of course not unexpected at all, no?

My name is Fernando Llorente.  I play football…

I love this section on the interaction between Fer and the children.

Language seemed to be no barrier between him and the kids. Their hearts could connect.  Where they couldn’t we translated for the ease of communication.  The day ended amidst excitement and cheers when under 6 team was selected to play football with the champion. Not only the children team but the whole community gathered in the park echoed with cheers ‘Once More’.  The next day we met the children, all of them wanted to become football player when they grow up.

After that trip, Fernando headed to Ibiza, where he hung out with his good friend Rafa Nadal, and was spotted in the same restaurants/bars as Javi Martínez (!!!).  He also ran into Ronaldo, whom he called “one of the best 9s in history.”

I love how Fernando even makes Rafa look small!!

PEPE REINA:  Pepe, in between snorkeling expeditions in Ibiza, found the time to visit his campus in Córdoba.  He called it “amazing.”

DAVID VILLA: David was back in his beloved Tuilla.  He also met the “guajes” from his campus there, and added that he expects all of us to be there next year – so he’s opening the campus up to adults?  Yay!  While the kids practice football skills, the adults can practice bitchfacing.  Love, love, love the little kid with the blue glasses/goggles.

ÁLVARO ARBELOA: between dinners and movies with his wife Carlota, Álvaro also found time for Airsoft with his brothers and some friends.  I’ll write the same thing I wrote over on the other blog, because it bears repeating again:  Carlota, take note.  If you ever want to do some role play, this is a fantastic look for your husband.

IKER CASILLAS: El capi’s visit to China wrapped up after he toured the Forbidden City, presided over a charity dinner, browsed around at the fake market, was interviewed by state sports channel CCTV5 (where he said David Villa is more or less the most dangerous forward for him, because he always scores on him, and a bad person because he then always reminds Iker about it – the last part was a joke, before any Villa fans get upset), climbed the Great Wall and visited his campus.

The following video is slightly club-related, but it’s so entertaining that I had to include it.

Iker also had the time to meet one Chinese fan named Amelia, resulting in this quite hilarious video (watch Iker’s expressions throughout).  She says she’s been a fan of Iker since 2003, and she started studying Spanish because of him and perhaps this fall, she’ll go do a masters degree in Spain.  She also reveals that “my idol now is José Mourinho” (Iker was like, oh, I’m no longer your idol, but once he finds out who her current one is, he’s like okay).  The Liga BBVA guy told her to give him a call when she gets to Madrid, so that he can call Iker and tell him to give her a ticket to see a game.  Amelia can’t quite believe it and keeps saying, “really?” to which Iker responds “it’s true” (in English!).  She then holds out a piece of paper to Iker so that she can have written proof.  Iker writes, “I, Iker Casillas, promise to give you two tickets in the fall to watch Real Madrid.  July 9, 2011.”  Amelia then wants him to add, “for always.”  Iker ignores her, signing his name.  Amelia then insists that Iker write “with affection” before his name.  Iker protests, “but it’s a contract!”  However, he does accede to her request for him to write, “captain of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid” under his name.

And though he was surrounded by one of his favorite things – purses – at the fake market, Iker wrote that HE DID NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING.  Relief.

XABI ALONSO: he watched Coldplay in Bilbao and called it “brilliant.”  What a typical Xabi Alonso tweet.

VÍCTOR VALDÉS:  he attended Barcelona Harley Days (a three-day event organized in Barcelona by Harley Davidson Spain including concerts and desfiles) and looked right at home amongst the bikes.  I assume he was just there to look and not ride, as he’s probably prohibited from hopping on the motorbikes.  He said in this interview with DT, “I also like motorcycles, but they’re not compatible with being a footballer.  I like Harley-Davidsons a lot, for their philosophy of liberty and the enthusiasm behind them.”

GERARD PIQUÉ: he’s been having a great time on tour with Shakira, and they’ve been doing a variety of activities, from testing out AK-47s at the shooting range to white water rafting.  Watch a video of the latter here.  Via his twitter, Gerard blamed Shakira’s “lack of synchronization paddling” as the reason for why they all fell off the boat.  But I didn’t see Geri helping to paddle, no?

BONUS LA ROJITA: Álvaro Domínguez tweeted this shot of him from Ibiza, and here are videos of Jeffren, Dídac and Alberto Botía also enjoying the charms of the island.


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  1. There is some love affair going on between Rafa and Floris! Cannot blame either of them…

    See, even David’s campus kids get the “Adidas is all in” t-shirts. I want one so badly! And I’d definitely attend the bitchfacing courses, but I believe David should cooperate with Fernando Torres for this concern.

  2. hehe Geri looks like the spoiled kid sitting at the front of the raft refusing to paddle. Fernando Llorente’s English makes me happy.

  3. What Fernando is doing is great! I love Álvaro and I am also glad that Iker didn’t add anything to his purse collection, unfortunately he is fond of his ‘original’ purses.

    Its wonderful to see them enjoy their vacations as well as contribute to society with their campuses or charity work.
    I wish all of them the best for next season ( as long as it doesn’t affect RM’s results and chances of winning titles :D).

  4. thanks for the post Una, totally loveable!

    Pepe Reina looks amazing whenever he’s around the kids. The kid in blue glasses at Villa’s camp is super-cute!

    Iker-I have no words, as always.

    and are the footballers allowed to participate in such thing as rafting on a – what it looks like – a fast mountain river? Pique looks hilarious sitting on this raft like a child, but I’d totally panick if I was his insurance company (knees, legs, arms!).

    good to see everyone had fun. My only disappointment of the summer is Sergio ramos not getting shirtless enough. But what can we do. We still have photos and gifs from the past and hopefully – some hope for the future;-))

  5. I hope that Chinese girl makes it to Madrid and to the promised seats at the Bernabeu. And maybe we will find that update on your blog, Una!

    Iker and that wall of fake bags: so many bags, only two shoulders!

  6. White water rafting is so fun! I’ve sat just like Geri on the raft, and its so fun and hard to do!!! I’m glad he’s been having a good time, and I’ve loved David Villa’s pictures on Facebook of the children in his camp!

  7. sooo sad … *tears* …. i’m going to miss them .. not really … because I want to see them play already.. jeejjejee …

    Thanx Una .. for another great post … & I agree with what you have said!!! :)

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