summer plans IV

More news about how our boys are spending their vacations…

JAVI MARTÍNEZ (!!!): Javi (!!!) has been shirtless and keeping in shape (and what a shape he has) in Ibiza, where several of his U-21 teammates also are (Diego Capel, Botía, Jeffren…). He says in the video below that this is a deserved vacation, because it’s been a long season, and he’s enjoying his time at the beach. Those abs, those legs!!!

CESC: Cesc is also in Ibiza on vacation, and once again the wonderful people over at Liga BBVA provided us with footage.

Previously, he spent some time in his hometown of Arenys de Mar and at his campus in Tordera.

PEPE REINA: He’s also been in Ibiza, and posted these pictures of him enjoying his time there on his FB.

XABI ALONSO: we haven’t heard much from Xabi this summer, the only peep we’ve heard from him was when he recently tweeted – in three languages no less – that he was playing and watching tennis during his vacation.

IKER CASILLAS: Iker’s back in Madrid after his tour of the Americas, for his campus in his hometown of Móstoles. He hung out with children who want to be like him (the little blond boy with the bowl haircut is adorable!) and made sure to ask whether they had done well in school this past year.

In the following video, we find out from Iker that he has a bit of cold, because he just came back from America, his manias are playing with cut sleeves and wearing his socks inside out, and he would like to continue playing until his late 30s.

Iker and Sara Carbonero spent on Saturday listening to Joaquín Sabina and Andrés Calamaro during their concert in Hoyos del Espino (Ávila), along with 11,000 or so other persons.

XAVI: Xavi’s also been busy with his campus, but he managed to combine work and pleasure, since his campus was in Ibiza.

FERNANDO LLORENTE: during his “incredible experience” in New Delhi, India, Michael Robinson taught Fer how to play cricket, and he also visited the “slums,” which he said was tough, but also surprising, because of all the happiness radiating from the children. He visited one of Save the Children’s mobile clinics there, and played football with some of the young children.  He said, “these children are like any other, full of enthusiasm and infectious joy. Given the right support, the kids here can grow up healthy. But I understand a lot of children do not live beyond the age of 5 and a huge number are malnourished.”

He continued, “I will carry back the message that children everywhere have the right to survive and grow healthy and it is our responsibility to make sure this is possible. I will use my status to raise this message for Save the Children wherever I can.”  What a great guy!!

Fernando returned to Spain for just a bit, as he then traveled to England to watch his friend Rafa Nadal in the final of Wimbledon (his first time there), which he’s doing right now, just like I am! I can’t believe that Rafa just lost the first set… ¡qué rabia!  I’ll update this post if I can find some (quality) photos of Fer there…

SERGIO RAMOS: Sergio was in Stockholm for a few days with his brother René, music producer RedOne and several musicians including Taio Cruz. He’s tweeted yesterday that he’s back in Madrid. Someone really needs some new poses, and a new hat. And while we’re at it, the shorts can go too.

CARLES PUYOL: Carles has been continuing with his recovery in Barcelona, and he just tweeted that he’s now running without any pain. And here’s a little video with a lot of footage of Carles’ legs.


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  1. omg!!! javi(!!!!!!!!!!!)
    isn’t he supposed to have his road trip in califonia?!?

    thx for your updates anyway :D

  2. You know when you say ‘manias’ I think of a stark, raving, mad lunatic. I know you mean superstitions, but it always takes me off guard when I read it, lol.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. numero nueve

    anyone else really curious why sergio is with taio cruz??? it’s just so random!

    • Ramos is a good friend to RedOne, and when Ramos came to visit RedOne in Stockholm, Taio Cruz was there to finish his album with RedOne ;) Mohombi was also there! :D I’m soo sad i didn’t see Ramos :( haha

  4. I woke up late (it was breakfast at Wimbledon here in the US) and had tivo’ed the finals and pretended to watch it live! Was careful not to watch/read any news or twitter because I didn’t want to know the result before I watched the game. I suspected you might drop some tidbit about Rafa and had the good sense not to visit your blog until after I finished watching the finals :)

    Bummed that Rafa lost but loved his self-crtical brutal assessment in the end when he said he needs to figure out what is needed to get Djokovitch out of his head! That “keep on trying” spirit of Rafa never fades!

  5. Fer was in Delhi and I wasn’t there. *Sniff*

  6. ummm … una … I hate you!!!! …. WHY!!! WHY!!!! WHY do you torture us with this … x_X !!! … (LMAO j/k) … thanx for another great post …

    I <3 La Liga BBVA

    I think this is one of the best post you have done .. .Xavi, Iker, Javi, Cesc (even though i'm mad at him) Sergio, Pepe , all you are missing is that twit pic from the Alcantara Brothers Thiago & Rafinha… but allow me .. jeejejejejejeje

  7. So happy to hear that Puyi’s recovery is going on well!

    Okay – I guess I got it: Campuses and Ibiza are the places to be right now. Why do they all spend their vacation in Ibiza anyway? It’s already full of tourists, and I bet Spain offers various wonderful places for vacationing, where our boys won’t probably followed by one million fans all the time…

    Whatever, I should be grateful they’re making it easy for us to stalk them and to get some quality photos/videos.
    Oh and, shirts should be prohibited from football. Just saying.

  8. I love watching your big crush!!! he’s extremely yummy :)
    (meanwhile, I almost gave up all hope for pigs to fly for MY big crush to appear sin camiseta in the mass media…)

  9. I appreciate knowing what everybody’s up to, but I wish the television crews would leave people on vacation alone! Cesc’s poor sister looks so uncomfortable being filmed in a swimsuit.

    • Can’t blame her one bit. I suppose they must get used to it after a bit but I’m sure they’d rather just have some peace & quiet to enjoy their vacation. I’m sure the only way they get that is if Cesc isn’t there. :{

  10. How nice of you to capture the picture with Javi (!!!) and the tongue for us, Una! :D He is just WAY too hot (no pun intended). Any idea who the girl is? Sister? Cousin? Random fan? Or WAIT is that you, UNA?!

  11. Hi Una,
    Thanks for ur post. It was a lot of fun to read.

    I was just wondering, have YOU had a nice summer so far? Did u get to go somewhere or do something special?

    One more quick ? (u don’t have to go into detail). Are ALL dialects which are spoken in Spain understood by everyone? Lets say Nadal is speaking in Mallorcan, Pique in his Catalan language, and Xabi in his Basque….will those guys be able to understand eachother completely? Do u only speak the main Spanish? (sorry if the ?’s seem stupid to u, it’s just that I’m curious.)

    • It’s too hot! But I do have vacation coming up at the end of the month, so I’m looking forward to that.

      Well, Spain has several other official languages besides Castellano (Spanish). Catalan/Mallorquín/Valenciano are similar, so those speakers would understand each other. A Spanish speaker would probably understand bits and pieces of those languages. Galego is the same, it differs from Spanish, it shares roots with Portuguese, and a Spanish speaker would understand some words here and there. As for Basque, a Spanish speaker would not understand any of it. It’s a completely different language, as it does not have Romance origins. I only speak Castellano, though since I have friends who speak the other languages, I know a few words (what’s up, I’m hungry, I love you, that was a foul, Iker is handsome).

      • of course u would know “iker is handsome”! that’s a handy phrase. :)
        And thank you for answering my ?. I”ll have to check out Spain once at least in my lifetime.

        Hope u have an awesome vacation. I know u probably need a break from blogging (us readers are lucky u write such detailed blogs!) Take care

      • “Iker is handsome”

        hahahaha…of course that was a must learn for you Una! :)

  12. Oh, yummy pictures, yummy vids. Ibiza is the place to be, apparently.

    I am also intrigued by Sexio’s visit to Stockholm and Taio Cruz. I hope he recorded a track with him maybe? You know, a good summer hit like “drop the cup, drop the cup!’;-)))

    Javi Martinez aka the Captain 2 is more than adorable. I cannot get over how sweet he is.

    and poor Carlota! I really like her, she seems to be so funny, why the camreas would not leave her alone, it’s not her fault that she has a famous brother (who is also cute, btw)

  13. casillas in China,some photos about this tour, i do not know how to post photo on the wordpress,I just offer you some information…

  14. I agree, the blond boy with the bowl haircut is extremely cute! But what strikes me about him is that he reminds me of a certain Sexio, no? :D

    And yes this post is more than a month old, but (even though he’s not featured in this post) I’ve found myself hunting for Juanín posts.. Am I developing a giant crush on him? ..I definitely think so. ;)

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