two very special anniversaries

June 29 is a very special day in Spanish football history.  It was on this day three years ago that we won the Eurocopa, and in 2010, we beat Portugal in the World Cup to advance to the quarterfinals.

Spain beat Germany 1-0 in that 2008 Eurocopa final, behind a goal from Fernando Torres, ending years and years of suffering, disappointment and agony for Spanish national team fans.  At last, we had won something.  And it was extra special for me, because my beloved Iker Casillas was the captain, and seeing him lift up the trophy made me cry.

Fernando Torres was interviewed by AS precisely about that goal.  He remembers June 29, 2008 as “a marvelous day.  We achieved a historical victory against Germany and we rose to the elite of world football.”  He also described that goal as “the most decisive one of my life.  I hope to continue scoring important goals with the national team and my club, but that goal in Vienna put us in Spanish football history.”  He described it as a “privilege,” saying that he’ll remember that day all his life.

The Eurocopa brings back such good memories, from Iker stopping the penalties against Italy to Fernando’s goal in the final to Iker climbing the railing before receiving the trophy to Pepe Reina’s “show” during the celebrations in Madrid.  It was also the beginning of an era, in which Spain’s tiqui-taca style triumphed, records – both team and individual – were shattered, and our domination was cemented with the World Cup victory last year.

June 29, 2010 was a key date on the road to that victory.  Spain beat Portugal behind a goal from David Villa.  While that goal was certainly memorable, as well as the celebration, there were a few other unforgettable moments, including Iker’s blowfish imitation, the celebration between Sergio and Iker at the end, Fernando Llorente’s starmaking turn and ripped shirt (not necessarily in that order), and Javi (!!!) kissing Piqué’s back.

Since then, we’ve also won the U-21 Euro, and hopefully there will be many more successes down the road, starting with the defense of the Eurocopa title next summer and Olympic gold.

And here are a couple of ads commemorating this day.


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  1. Oh, it’s high time to rewatch the matches than!!!! I’ve seen the WC final many times since last year (and now I have a break to be “hungry” for it and watch it on the exact anniversary), but it’s been ages since I watched the Eurocopa final so I think it’s high time to do so!!!

    and the gifs you put here UnaMadridista – so yummy! Also, I wanna replace Piquechu in this last one and find myself in the sweet embrace of Javi Martinez. A girl can dream, no? ;-))

  2. Fernando’s goal was immense. Y’could see how badly he wanted to score, and he did! So proud of him and the rest of the boys for all their achievements.

  3. This is the first time I’ve seen the first picture. Is Sergio holding on to Iker by his SHORTS?!? Hahahahaha!

  4. oh nando.. your time will come again and you will do wonders for our team, im sure!

  5. Hahaha, this day for me is definitely The Day of Llorente’s Ripped Shirt!!! ;) I first saw him on that day and thought he was extremely handsome, and each game after that one I expected him to appear on the field :)

    Anyway, the game against Portugal was quite spectacular and I was absolutely delighted to watch it!! as well as all the following games that our boys won on the way to becoming campeones ;))

  6. haha Sergio always holds on to Iker’s leg (or shorts) whenever Iker lifts the trophy. There’re so many things to say and reminisce about that I don’t even know how to start. Both the eurocopa and world cup brings back so many good memories: watching matches with friends, going out on the streets in a jersey celebrating…The eurocopa, watching Marcos Senna & El Poni play…

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