summer plans III

What have our boys been up to?

JAVI MARTÍNEZ (!!!) & (PF) JUAN MATA: the two JMs won the U-21 Euro with Spain.  That’s all.

FERNANDO TORRES: after a few days in Ibiza with his entire family, Fernando and Olalla were spotted in Sardinia.  I love him for wearing short shorts.

CESC: he traveled to Indonesia with Kraft and Biskuat to promote the cookies, spending a few days in Jakarta and Bali.  Cesc’ face appears in the cookie ads on buses in the capital city, and he’s very popular there, as evidenced by the very warm reception he received from local fans in his first ever visit to the country.  In Bali, he also watched the final of a kids’ football tournament.  (Watch his Biskuat commercial here, where he speaks a bit of bahasa, and view an ad here.)

VÍCTOR VALDÉS: Víctor took a break from his vacation to help out the FEM (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation), as he’s their patron.  He attended an event to support research into the disease and to make life better for sufferers.  He wrote on his Facebook, “it was a great event that I support 100 percent, because it’s an issue that really does touch me.”

SERGIO RAMOS: Sergio’s been seen in Marbella, but without the gold shorts he wore in previous summers (unfortunately, he was wearing shorts though).

Most recently, he’s been in Stockholm, hanging out with a strange mixture of representatives from the world of football, family and music, and once again showing his unique sense of style.

SERGIO BUSQUETS: he presented his second summer campus in his hometown of Badia del Vallés yesterday.

DAVID VILLA: he was in Ibiza with his entire family – parents, wife, children.  The girls – Zaida and Olaya – are so adorable, no?  I had expected our David to show up in a flowerly bathing suit, and he didn’t disappoint.

Several days later, David traveled to Gandia (Valencia) to promote the ice cream bar Maxibon (try one if you get a chance, they’re delicious!!).

GERARD PIQUÉ:  Gerard’s been continuing with the Love Tour 2011 Summer Edition with Shakira in Greece.  His bathing suit doesn’t surprise me either, as he wore it last summer.

ÁLVARO ARBELOA: Álvaro, Carlota and little Alba traveled to Disney World!  He’ll also be holding his own football campus in Tres Cantos (Madrid) in July.

FERNANDO LLORENTE: Fer’s in New Delhi, India with the NGO Save the Children.  Michael Robinson’s there too!  (If you’re like me, Javi (!!!) pretending to be Michael Robinson comes instantly to mind whenever Michael is mentioned or seen).  I think it’s great that he and Víctor have spent part of their summer doing charity work.

BORJA VALERO: Borja’s been busy tweeting up a storm from Ibiza (mostly the view and the food), and spending time with Fernando Navarro (remember him?  He played on the Euro 2008 team).  They showed us why some footballers should not be allowed to dress themselves.


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  1. CAPDEVILA: Enjoying himself in Menorca, but his shirtless pics will only be available the day when pigs fly and fish talks.

    I hope I am mistaken… ;)
    The other boys are all lovely though ;)

  2. I think its great that the players are doing charity work! :D David Villa daughters are adorable! :D So is Arbeloa’s daughter :D.

  3. I think Pique and Shakira should be renamed the “Attention Whore World Tour 2011” and I would not be surprised if Fer and Olalla alone means they have another baby sometime this year. They seem to be on the one-a-year plan.

    i love summer!!!

  5. ok lets start with the best of them all David Villa … his daughters are just the CUTEST THING EVER!!! …& I LOOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE!!!! how he was their with his entire family!!!

    AA – Too cute … I love this family … I feel like the balance each other out … & the lil gil .. she is just to busy looking at Goofy …

    Fernando Torres … no pics of the kids??? :( … but I love the pics of him … he is always holding Olalla’s hand … it’s too cute…

    Cesc … I want to thank you Una … for not putting pic of hime & that one chick … because .. I can’t believe after being with Carla (smart, down to earth, & NOT a gold digger) he would want to be with a women who RUMORS HAS IT … & I say again RUMORS HAS IT .. becuase I don’t know if it’s the truth… Is a 34 or 38 yr old mother of 2 & is said to be only with him because of the money ..

    Floris …. why can’t he go to ibiza or another beach …

    Sergio … I was thinking the same thing Una .. his short arent short enough LMAO …

    Busi – to cute with other kids … & their was a video of him helping tie one of the kids shoes .. I was .. AAAAAAWWW!!!

    Kids + Footballers = TOTAL HOTNESS!!! ( jjajajajajaja)

    & the Waka Waka romance … I love them together (& i think i’m one of the few ppl the does) .. cause I never seen her sooo happy before & he looks like he is enjoy every min of it …

    as for the last pic … i think we need to call in the Fashion Police … jajajaja ..

  6. this post makes me so so so happy!
    we have such genuinely good people in the NT!

  7. LOLz thanks for the update :-)

  8. So David even wears his bling-bling (or “he surely bought it from the junk market”) watch on the beach? Sweet!

  9. Sergios brother is sooo hot! (that one beside RedOne, white t-shirt ;) I live in Stockholm, and i’am so disappointed that i haven’t seen him yet ;(

  10. i think torres and olalla are so bland!

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