La Rojita round-up

Bits and pieces of La Rojita news…

Psychic is not a career option: remember how Cuatro made Luis Milla, Jeffren, Javi (!!!), Juan and Dani make their predictions about the final?  Well, none of them got it right, as can be seen in this video here.  Luis Milla predicted a Spain-Denmark final; Javi (!!!) and Juan expected to beat England 2-1; Jeffren was a bit more supportive of De Gea with his 2-0 victory over England prediction; and Dani went for a 2-0 win over the Czech Republic.  At least Jeffren and Dani got the score right!

Get well soon: Thiago will be out for 10 days, after having a septoplasty to correct a deviated septum, which brought on respiratory problems.  He was operated on in Tarrassa and the surgery went smoothly.

A star in the making: in a chat with newspaper Marca, Adrián said the following:

on what he felt when he scored against Belarus with one minute left: it was an unforgettable moment, very happy, all the players celebrated on the field and it gave us the opportunity to make a comeback in the overtime.  It all happened so quickly that you hardly have any time to think about it.

on who this victory is for: principally for my family, who are the ones who have always supported me and been with me.  The first ones you think about are your family.  I also thank my teammates for their support, since they helped me to win the Golden Boot award.

on the Asturians (and whether there’s any friendly rivalry between Adrián/Mata (from Oviedo) and José Ángel (from Gijón)):  there’s no rivalry, only when we play cards… José Ángel’s room was right next to mine, and he, Mata and I spent a lot of time together.  I coincided with Mata in the cantera of Oviedo, although we were on different teams.  We already got along well back then, because we used to take the same bus to go to the training sessions.

on the biggest joker of the team: without a doubt, it’s Muniain, who is very funny.  There was a great atmosphere on the team and we all had a great time during the concentración.

In a separate interview with the paper, Adrián also said that he’s going to put the Golden Boot in his room, right next to the Silver Boot from the U-20 World Cup in 2007, that he spent Sunday with his girlfriend and his family, and that Iker Muniain’s mother “does not know her son very well” because she said he was timid.  Adrián also described Iker as “the most dangerous of them all.”  We also find out that he missed Thiago’s goal because he had just gotten subbed out and he was high-fiving those on the bench: “I heard goal, I saw their faces and when I turned around, the ball was already in the goal.”

It’s hot in Pamplona: if we are to judge by this picture Iker Muniain tweeted yesterday.

He also had this fun exchange with Cote: José Ángel wrote, “how great you are, guaje!”  And Iker replied, “that guaje, you’re the best guaje, the guaje I love the most.”  Adorable, no?  Looks like David Villa may have some competition for his nickname…

Watch this: the RFEF provided us with this cute video featuring a ton of adorable moments from Saturday and Sunday, from the players’ messages after the game to Iker Muniain showing off in Barajas.  By the way, I think Azpi is very cute too!

Gracias, Fernando: Fernando Hierro and all his coaches held a farewell lunch yesterday.  Vicente del Bosque organized the meal at the Mesón Txistu, and he of course was there, along with his assistant Toni Grande, Luis Milla (the U-21 team coach), Julen Lopetegui (the U-20 coach), Ginés Meléndez (the U-17 coach) and Santi Denia (the U-16) coach.  All of them had come to the RFEF at the hands of Hierro.  Hierro’s term ends on Thursday, and during his four years at the RFEF, he had one success after another, including the 2008 Eurocopa and the 2010 World Cup.

Fernando said recently, “I’m leaving with a feeling of satisfaction for what I did, for what I achieved, and for having worked with great coaches in the lower categories, both before and now.  Now other countries study us, look at us with admiration and respect, and that’s something to be proud of.  The national team has created a style, a way of playing and all of that is due to the work that is started when the kids are 15 or 16 years old.”  As for the future, “there is a group of 60 or so players that will guarantee the future.  There’s the 23 on the U-21 team, the 21 on the U-20 team that will play their World Cup in August and the 18 on the U-19 team.  The transition to the senior team is guaranteed.  I won’t be wrong if I say that our future internationals will come from these teams.”

His next step is to take a long and deserved break: “I’m going to rest.  It’s been four non-stop years.  Now I want to put the brakes on, see what I want to do in the world of football.”

The future: and AS reports that VDB is looking to revitalize the senior team, although he makes clear that “the national team is the world champion and they have a history together.  New incorporations will be handled in their time and correctly.”  His priority now is to make sure that Thiago continues playing with Spain, since he also has the possibility of putting on the Brazilian shirt.  In addition, there are three positions that will need a renovation in the near future, as the current holders are all over the age of 30: leftback (Capdevila), central defender (Puyol) and midfielder (Xavi).  All three will play in the 2012 Euro, but the coach is already looking ahead, and it appears that his chosen ones are Dídac Vilà (yay!), Alberto Botía and Thiago, respectively.  David de Gea, Álvaro Domínguez, Ander Herrera and Iker Muniain are other players that could make the jump to the senior team in the future.


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  1. Great post! :D :D

    I hope Thiago gets better soon and I also hope he plays with Spain, he’s just too cute not to!

    Plus these players could not get more adorable, they are just so cute I loved Iker’s ball juggling skills! :D

  2. I’m looking forward to the future team. :D

  3. I love Thiago’s smile, it reminds me of Arbeloa’s!
    And that video was so cute. I love Thiago’s super-hoarse voice. He really isn’t timid at all!

  4. I agree with the players … Iker is very dangerous … in that video from Cuatro .. he look sooo drunk … & he is the future “Pepe Reina” of the team … during the whole thing I saw small things that reminded me of La Roja …

    for example

    in the world cup they were singing to Iker & Sara … La Rojita … they ask David De Gea’s girlfriend to sing (which she has a good voice singing acapala) …

    when they did waiter joke … reminded me of la Euro Copa 08 … *tear* ….

    I hope Thiago is ok …

    Thanx for ANOTHER ROJITA POST!!!!! I just can’t get enough of them jejejejeje (don’t tell Xavi)

  5. I adore your posts, they’re always so informative and so much fun! :)

    Btw, have you seen the hilarious video from the AS website about La Rojita’s flight back to Spain? Iker is made of so much win. XD

  6. Azpi, Botia, Didac, Victor Ruiz – why are all the hot chavales in defense? Keep it coming Una!

  7. i don’t know how my heart can handle seeing capde, puyol and xavi go, really.
    una, hope you can give some advice on how these transitions can be handled (emotionally) since you have been a fan for the longest time.

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