La Rojita’s in the final!!

In the end, the suffering was worth it.*  Last night in Viborg, Belarus scored a lucky goal late in the first half and it took Spain until the very final moments of the second half (concretely, the 89th minute) to equalize, though they came agonizingly close at various moments throughout the game.  Adrián scored that one, and in the overtime he added another (again, in the last moments of the first half of the extra time) and Jeffren also chipped in to cap off their comeback.  Javi Martínez (!!!) had a spectacular game, no matter what position he was playing (he switched throughout the game according to the team’s needs).  The final result was 3-1, and Spain will meet Switzerland in Saturday’s final.  The win also meant that Spain qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games, the tenth time the country will play football in the Olympics (Spain has one gold medal and two silver medals from those 10 appearances).

* every bit of suffering was worth it just to see that Iker Muniain-Thiago dance at the end, no?

This team showed they are as much of a piña as the senior team.

And the goal celebrations were worthy of those magnificent goals.  I loved that everyone on the bench, including non-players, ran to join in.  Again, I’m reminded of the senior team, concretely one goal that also came in an extra time, which ended up with the players – both those on the field and those on the bench – forming a pile in the left hand corner.

And if that’s not enough, there was the sportsmanship.  I loved that some of our players, including Javi (!!!), Juanín, Adrián, Thiago and Rubén Pérez consoled the Belorussians after the game, because it really was a devastating loss for them, since they were only one minute away from advancing to the final.  Some of the boys wanted to exchange shirts with their counterparts, but the Belorussian team couldn’t, because their federation had told them that they would have to pay for the shirts if they gave them away, so in the end, the exchange was just one-sided, with Spain giving their shirts to the rivals.

In a postgame interview with COPE, PF Juanín Mata (Adrián was interviewed along with him) revealed that Emilio Nsue is the DJ of La Rojita, and he puts whatever music he wants, usually “Latin rhythms,” during meals and on the bus.  Meanwhile, Iker Muniain is the “monologist… he takes the microphone and talks about everyone.”  And David de Gea remarked, “we have an angel named Adrián.”

The obligatory Javi Martínez (!!!) section, pouts and all, with a focus on those lips.

And some tweets.

Ander wins the night’s tweeting award, with this picture of him in a backwards jersey and NO shorts (reminiscent of La Roja celebrating the Euro 2008 win, no?) with Thiago (also in a backwards jersey), Iker Muniain (with what looks like a bufanda around his head) and Dieguito “Bisbal” Capel.  Let’s hope Ander does things like this from Athletic’s locker room next season, no?  This photo is also award winning because of the different hand gesture.

Meanwhile, Thiago gifted us with this photo of him and Capel.  It’s a time to be happy, so I’ll forgive the pose.

The other assorted tweets were all along these lines, expressing the “alegría” over the qualification for the Olympic Games and for the final of the U-21 Euro.  Álvaro Domínguez tweeted, “what a way to suffer, what a way to sing and what a way to win!!!”  David de Gea’s take was, “spectacular comeback, the suffering was incredible.  Thanks to everyone for the support.  To the final!!”  And Juanín wrote, “Vamos!!  We achieved the first objective, the Olympic Games in London!  Congratulations team!  Now, we’ll try and win the final!”

And congratulatory tweets came in from members of La Roja and La Rojita as well.  I loved Sergio Canales’ tweet, which said that Thiago and Iker Muniain were “huge small guys” (more or less).  Cesc congratulated the team in his tweet and had a special mention for Javi Martínez (!!!), while Gerard Piqué also congratulated the team, calling them “cracks.”  Meanwhile, Fernando Llorente posted on his Facebook his congratulations for the team, especially his “teammate Iker Muniain” (but Fer, you have three more teammates on La Rojita, what about them?).

And Juanín also tweeted this photo of him and fellow Asturian, his roommate during this concentración, pichichi and man of the match Adrián.


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  1. how a tense game.. finally, hufft.. anyhow, congratulation la rojita..

  2. Una thanks for the post! With your posts, I’m getting to know and love these boys as much those on La Roja. I’m so excited they are in the finals and the Olympics! You’ll have a busy summer next year with the Olympics and the Eurocup :). And yes, I’m assuming La Roja qualifies.

    So many things to love about this post. The Ander and Thiago dance. And the Ander tweet :). Thanks for letting us know that they have their own DJ, like on the senior team. My Javi(!!!) has some pouty lips! I thought the same thing you did about Llorente’s post, and was excited to see Pique and Cesc’s tweets.

    Is there something in the water in Asturias that creates prolific strikers on the Spain NTs :)? (Villa and Adrian).

  3. Since we are being so Javi-focused, I’d just like to point out that in the picture Mata posted, you can see Javi (!!!) in his adorkable reading glasses, right behind Juanín’s head. Because everyone needs another reason to love him. :-p

  4. >Some of the boys wanted to exchange shirts with their counterparts, but the Belorussian team couldn’t, because their federation had told them that they would have to pay for the shirts if they gave them away

    Really? I’m from Belarus, and I don’t know anything about it, it’s absolute disgrace :(

  5. i am in love with them. IN LOVE especially with Ander

  6. Never mind how they suffered, what about how they made US suffer??? To be 2 minutes away from being eliminated and then coming back like that! I just about died from joy when Adrian equalized.

    And speaking of Adrian, I cannot believe that the pichichi of the competition is a Deportivo player! (well, not anymore I guess) Good for him!

    Iker & Thiago dancing = adorable squared :)

    And que golazo from Jeffren!

  7. Ah, Una, I knew I could count on you to gif that Iki-Thiago dance! Thank you!

    This game definitely had a familiar feel to it, right down to our boys congratulating and consoling the opposing players at the end. That is a heartbreaking detail about the shirts.

    Let’s hope the final goes a little smoother, no? Bring on Switzerland!

  8. am so proud of our boys!!!!

  9. Love this post. So impressed with all the boys who were always calm, sticked to our style and never gave up. Adrian, Javimar, Ander, Thiago, Bart fenomenal. But I also want to give special kudos to the super subs who helped break thru the malaise and strike while Belorusse tired ~ Capelito, Jeffren and Bobojan.

  10. Yayyyy!!!! So great for them!!!! Now what we can dream of is that another gorgeous captain (this time J.(!!!!!)) will lift the cup after the game, I hope they will win!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have to find and see this game somewhere now, especially when you write that Javi played so good, and it also sounds like an interesting game!

    I can only say that I am positively worried about one thing – if Javi is so cute and adorable being that young, lets think how gorgeous he will be in few years time….being a captain really suits him, oh man!

  11. “because their federation had told them that they would have to pay for the shirts if they gave them away” awww. So excited for the final on Saturday! and finally TSN is going to air it so I can watch it live =)

  12. man can Javixu throw down a Pouty face… That is some serious lower lip.
    That hand gesture is called a shaka. It’s very popular in Hawai’i as a way to casually wave to each other and say ‘Hey”Alright’. I used to live there (family still does, lucky bishes) and we used it everyday as a greeting. It’s a lot like saying Aloha, which has more than one meaning, as well.

  13. Oh Ander…….. :)

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