officially the most adorable man in the world?

I was going to post this in the next “a look back at the World Cup” post, but it’s too adorable to wait a couple of days.  And since I wrote adorable (twice), you must know that it has something to do with the one and only Javi Martínez (!!!).

Javi is one of those footballers who takes an interest in those places he goes.  He likes to know how the people live, what they do, their customs.  He always says that if he weren’t a footballer, he would have liked to be an inventor [he’s also said journalist, singer, student…].  In the gym at Lezama (Athletic’s training grounds), there are some machines that were built from his ideas.  His mind never stops coming up with new ideas.

One day during the World Cup, when the players had the day off, Javi walked around the mall in Potchefstroom, where the players and journalists spent a lot of time during their stay in that city.  In one of the stores, Javi found two sofas that he absolutely loved.  He thought they were perfect for his txoko in Ayegui.  Each time he remembers them, he says, “I fell in love with them.”  He decided right then and there that he was going to buy them, especially when he found out how cheap they were.  When he saw his parents, who were there with him in South Africa, he told them he was going to buy them.  His family could not believe it, and spent some time convincing him that he was crazy, that even though the sofas were cheap, it was going to cost a lot of money to ship them back to Spain, and that he was sure to find something similar in Spain.  Finally, Javi gave in, and returned from South Africa with “just” the World Cup.

Today, he hasn’t forgotten about the sofas, but the space he reserved for them in his txoko has been filled by other sofas.  This summer, he’s going to take a road trip up and down the west coast of the U.S.  Who knows what he will return with from the United States?

My answer: lots of shirtless vacation photos.


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  1. Ugh, why only the west coast? He should visit New York as well!

  2. My answer: lots of shirtless vacation photos.

    I’m hoping the same thing.. I almost thought u might have said something utterly shocking!!! hahaha! nice answer!:)

  3. What are your’s favourite players? Mine are Montoya and Mata :) Bojan is also great :) but not as much as those two ;)

  4. Haha Javi(!!!) falling in love with a sofa.
    I bet Una wishes she were that sofa!

  5. Imagine running in to Javi in a store. :D

  6. *sigh* men like Javi and Esteban are seriously warping my expectations of the opposite gender.

  7. ADORABLE INDEED!! Ah Javi…he makes me smile and WHAT a game he had yesterday no? best part by far was your last line though Una
    “lots of shirtless vacation photos”
    LOVE IT! : )

  8. With this anecdote, Javi makes the perfect poster boy for National Geographic’s “Live Curious” campaign. Gotta love a guy that has a natural interest for even the most mundane in this world.

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