bowling, training & more tests!

The U-21 team spent some time at a bowling alley yesterday, as a sort of reward for their great game against the Czech Republic, and for all the hard work they’ve been putting in since May 31.  According to the boys’ tweets, Iker Muniain and David de Gea took on Thiago and Bojan, and beat them “controversially.”  And this dynamic duo also apparently defeated Azpi and Sanjo, while Ander tweeted that Javi (!!!) can’t handle losing.

The boys also tweeted some cute photos from the bus ride, with David and Iker showing off their new hairstyles (Iker’s hair looks like how Cristiano’s used to look, the one I dubbed stegosaurus hair).

Today, La Rojita had an intense 90-minute training session this morning in Silkeborg.  They had a warm-up, rondos, tactical exercises and then a mini-game, followed by stretching.  They also took a “foto de familia” with the personnel of the Silkeborg Boldklub training grounds.

After that, it was time for a boat ride!  Iker and Álvaro Domínguez tweeted these photos of them with David and Thiago, respectively.  Álvaro also tweeted, “waking up from a siesta and once again finding Diego Mariño snoring is beginning to get worrying.  At least he’s a great guy, jejeje.”  Everyone on this team, and the senior team, is adorable!

Meanwhile, Cuatro released two more of their “tests,” filmed several weeks ago in Las Rozas, and this time it was Álvaro Domínguez, Diego Capel, Rubén Pérez, Dani Parejo, Juan Mata and Jeffren in the hot seat.  Watch Álvaro/Diego/Rubén here, and Dani/Juan/Jeffren here.

A movie.

AD: A movie?  Seven Pounds [you’ll notice that Álvaro always repeats the question].

DC:  The Pursuit of Happyness.

RP:  Bordertown.

JM:  I don’t really like movies, but I did like The King’s Speech a lot.

JS:  The Pursuit of Happyness.

A singer or band.

DC:  Bisbal.

RP:  El Barrio.

AD:  Maldita Nerea.

JM:  Pereza [he’s so serious!].

DP:  El Canto del Loco.

JS:  Camila.

Favorite dish.

RP:  My mother’s pasta.

DC:  Spaghetti carbonara.

AD:  Fried egg sandwich (laughs).

JM:  Fabada asturiana.

DP:  Pasta.

JS:  Arepa.

A book.

RP:  The truth is I don’t read a lot, but I did like Guardiola’s book a lot.

DC:  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, it’s the only one I’ve read (laughs).

AD:  A book?  The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

JM: Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.

DP:  I don’t read (laughs).

A city.

RP:  Sevilla.

DC:  Almería.

AD:  London.

JM:  (another question repeater) Oviedo.

DP:  Madrid.

JS:  Barcelona.

An idol.

RP:  Right now, Xavi, but I’ve always liked Guardiola a lot, and Sergio Ramos as well.

AD:  An idol?  John Terry, I like Chelsea a lot.

DC:  Well, the one I’ve seen up close is Zidane, as a spectator.

JM:  In terms of football, when I was little, I liked Maradona a lot.

DP:  Zidane.

JS:  Right now, Messi.

A virtue.

JM:  (thinks) Naturalness.

DP:  I’m a good friend to my friends.

JS:  Humility.

A defect.

JM: Perhaps I’m sometimes too gullible [ohhhhh!!].

DP: (whispers “a defect…”) Maybe an excess of confidence.

JS:  I’m stubborn.

A dream.

JM:  Right now, to win the Euro.

DP:  Right now, to be champions of Europe.

JS:  To triumph in Barcelona.


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  1. I like Mata more and more every time I read an interview with him. He seems so mature and grounded for someone his age. Not to mention, an excellent player and a leader at Valencia. I hope he doesn’t go the Premier League this year.

    And, oh, Jeffren. His answer about wanting to succeed at Barcelona makes me sad. He had such a terrible year with injuries and it seems so likely he will be sold or loaned out, and he so desperately wants to stay. I hope he gets another chance at Barça.

  2. I love reading them… now to see the video!!! … I can’t wait… & yes the La Roja & La Rojita … are sooo adorable… I wish the senior team would go bowling …. =(

    THANX UNA!!!!! (i think i’m loving more La Rojita now then La Roja … =S )

  3. OMG how cute! Mata is such a priest lol. Love the Big and Little guero show going on with Bart and Cat and the Hat. I do love Stegasaurus hairdo jajajaja. Los mas guapos obviously Alvaro Dominguez and Botia. But gotta love the playfulness and comradery of the group. Aupa La Rojita!!

  4. Juan Mata’s a man after my own heart! The King’s Speech and Murakami? No wonder he and Granero are good friends ;D

    Thank you for translating and posting all of these pictures! The U21 boys look like they’re having such fun.

  5. hehe, I love Maldita Nerea! Una, no more por favor before Juan’s name? Wonder if he and Esteban Granero share their reading lists (not surprised).

  6. >JM: Murakami’s Norwegian Wood.

    jaja, I see Granero’s influence there! :D

    They seem to have a nice time in Denmark, I hope they make it to the final!

  7. “JM: Murakami’s Norwegian Wood”?
    As of now, I’m compiling a list of ways in which I could creatively (and successfully) propose to Juanín.

  8. :o *gulp*
    (insanely excited right now :D)

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