summer plans

Bit by bit, we’re getting to see how our footballers have decided to spend their summer vacations.  Fernando Llorente posted on his Facebook that he’s on the west coast of the U.S. (in California; he finally found something taller than him), and Xabi Alonso has been sighted in New York (David Silva is presumably around there as well).  Borja Valero’s in paradise, and we’ve seen Iker in Mexico, and now in Chile.  He didn’t get to meet the presidents of either country, but he did hang out with the first ladies.

Praise San Iker!

By the way, the rest of Iker’s outfit consisted of khaki pants and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, both Carles Puyol and Andrés Iniesta chose to go somewhere sunny and near the sea…

Carles is in Ibiza with girlfriend Malena Costa, and hopefully not getting sunburned.  He tweeted today that Cesc (who’s busy making appearances) and Gerard Piqué (currently on tour with Shakira in Paris) will be arriving tomorrow – if there’s anywhere that can handle the craziness that results from these three being together, it’s Ibiza.  However, Cesc has said that Puyi’s not telling the truth since he’s NOT going to Ibiza.  Carles also tweeted yesterday that Queca (his TV sheep) has passed away, but he already has a new pet, a pony named Puyi.

Andrés, meanwhile, has returned to Sardinia (where Valeria may or may not have been conceived) with girlfriend Anna Ortiz (she really has a different hairstyle/hair color each time we see her, no?).  This year, Andrés opted for black swim trunks, not a multicolored Speedo.  I kind of miss that technicolor swimsuit!

Javi Martínez (!!!) and (por favor) Juan Mata are in Denmark, on duty with the U-21 team (they play the Czech Republic at 18h tonight).  Here are a couple of pictures of them “training.”

Meanwhile, Carlos Marchena has been named as a ambassador for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.  He’ll attend an act in the Natural Sciences Museum of Madrid on Friday, which is the World Day to Combat Desertification.  After that, he’ll plant a tree in the gardens of the museum.  And of course, Raúl Albiol will be getting married this Friday, and I expect that we’ll see Álvaro Arbeloa (who should be getting a lot richer) at the wedding.  As for Pepe Reina, he underwent a double hernia surgery in Germany a couple of days ago, and will be recovering for about a month or so.


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  1. “Carles is in Ibiza with girlfriend Malena Costa, and hopefully not getting sunburned”

    He is so sunburned!!! LOL!

    • that’s a lobster red puyi has going on. hey! i think i’ve been to where that picture was taken in ibiza. on playa d’en bossa, near Space i think, cool!

  2. I am flabbergasted that Pepe Reina has been playing with a hernia for some time now. That must be incredibly uncomfortable! Hope he gets well soon.

    How adorable are Andrea and Anna together? I <3 them both.

    And Puyi seems to be hiding his grief over Queca quite well. What an amazing body that man has. Me gusta!

  3. Great post about our boys!! Puyi did get sunburned, pobrecito, but it’s normal for fair complexion like his, during the first few days in the sun… if he does not overdo it with sunbathing and takes care of himself, a few days later his tan will be great ;)

    Marchena is an intellectual… and it’s great that he was chosen ambassador for the United Nations :)

    A certain very sexy someone is missing in the post… but I expected this… will he ever be spotted sin camiseta on a beach? the answer is: “yes, and pigs will fly!” ;)

  4. I laughed at Andres’s staid trunks! I guess he doesn’t want Paparazzi going after his trunks again :)

  5. XABI IS IN NEW YORK?! Is it unreasonable to start roaming the streets right now looking for him?

  6. Queca =(((( Thanks for the update Una.

  7. I do NOT miss the speedo! And javi!!!s smile is gorgeous.

  8. Llorente is in Northern Cali I live in LA oh how I wish I was spending time up there in the Sequoia national park it’s beautiful up there!

  9. ok …

    1st pic … I LOOOOVE!!!! Iker’s smile!!!!

    2nd & 3rd pics ….. Puyi & Malena … I love her swimsuit … & LOL … with Puyi being sunburn… he looks like a tomato… jajajajaj

    4th & 5th pics A&A … aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww!!! too cute … & can i say DAAAAAAAAMMNN!!!! she gave birth 2 months ago … & she has that body… KUDOS!! to her (but then again… she was skinny to begin with .. and she did have to months & its her 1st pregnancy .. & you really couldn’t tell on her … soo she is very lucky!!!) i hope .. that if i ever get pregnant .. I want to have that body 2 months later … & yea she always has different hair style going on …

    last 2 pics – … SUB 21 !!!!!! (*sigh*) …. I love them … =) ….


    has for Queca … that is sooo sad … my Queca R.I.P ….

    Cesc, Puyi & Geri … in Ibiza .. .SCARRRY!!!! … good thing Cesc said on twitter just now … that he is not going … but who knows maybe he will…

    Carlos Marchena … YEEEEEEEEEEEAA!!!! (i don’t know what that is .. I will go & google it… but it sounds important) …

    THANX UNA!!!!! :)

  10. there is no other possible caption for that first picture than “Praise San Iker!” – LOL!

  11. these boys are all too cute for me to handle :)

    i was also shocked to hear that our beloved Pepe’s been playing with with a double would have never known as he was as flawless as ever this season. liverpool are so lucky to have him, i hope we can reward his hard work and dedication with many medals in the future.

  12. did they kill off Queca on Crackovia??

  13. Wow, all the boys seemed to be having great breaks, and then suddenly DOUBLE HERNIA SURGERY for Pepe Reina? What a bummer! Pobrecito, get well soon.

    It’s sooo exciting to know Llorente is here in my home state, visiting Yosemite and stuff like any other tourist. :) Hopefully Xabi and Silva decide to pop on over to Cali too!

  14. Thanks UnaMadridista, very entertaining news.

    Of course, I am not gonna lie to you, I am waiting for Sergio’s summer (possibly beach) photos. I have to be patience with him, but I cannot wait! LOL

    and once again (!!!) is all kind of adorbs!

    PLEASE GO to the beach this summer/ soon.

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