we can still win it

Well, La Rojita did not play a very good game, their goal was more on the illegal side than the legal one and England scored in the waning moments (with the same doubts as to legality) to tie the game.  The beginning of this tournament reminds me a lot of another tournament, which got underway just about a year ago.  Luckily, we have Javi Martínez (!!!) and (por favor) Juan Mata to explain to their teammates how Spain lost to Switzerland in the first game of the World Cup last year, and still ended up winning the trophy.  And also luckily, we have Javi (!!!) and his pouty lips to distract us from the loss.

With that said, Javi (!!!) had a great game, but it was Thiago who took home the MVP trophy for the game, though he said he would exchange it for the three points.  He has placed the trophy in the window of his room in the team hotel, and it can be seen from the street!  Javi (!!!) said after the game that the team was sad because everyone expected to win.  I volunteer to comfort Javi (!!!)!

In other La Rojita news, yesterday, the starters from Sunday’s game had an afternoon in the gym while the rest of the team trained.  They were also rewarded with a morning at the spa, where they hung out in pools and received massages.  Why didn’t anyone share pictures???  Today, they’ll travel to Viborg and train there to prepare for tomorrow’s game against the Czech Republic.

Plus, Javi (!!!) and Bojan’s fathers are currently visiting their sons, along with other family members, and Fernando Hierro is also in Denmark supporting La Rojita.  He attended their training sessions and game, and even went running with several members of the delegation.

To finish, some quotes that I like:

Azpi, on the star: it’s very nice to wear it, and even more so when you have two teammates who won it.  It’s shown us the way to become champions as well.

Mata, on one year ago: an unforgettable memory is the day I debuted, in the second game against Honduras.  For me, it was a very important moment when Del Bosque told me that I was going to go in.  I didn’t expect it.  The best anecdotes from that time were those that occurred any night when we got together to play cards or talk about the games.  I enjoyed those moments the most, listening to Iker, Xavi or Reina speak.


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  1. Well, England’s goal shouldn’t have been allowed either (blatant offside). Enough possession, not enough attack.

  2. oh, god.. the last paragraph… mata talking so fondly about his la roja time…
    he’s so mature and well-spoken.
    i remeber xavi had a special affection for him during the world cup. well, actually all the senior players appreciate him.

  3. i wouldn’t say the spanish played badly at all. I’m english and everyone i talked to about the game was embarrassed at how much better the spanish were than the english. you just lacked the kill instinct a bit, thats all.

  4. Both Bojan’s parents were there. :p With a cousin or something. :-D
    Proud to say that I was the only one who got a picture with him Sunday! :D

  5. pouty javi(!!!) lips. *sigh* and that last quote from (por favor) Juan Mata is so sweet! this bump in the tournament can be overcome. looking forward to the next match!

  6. Oh and just because you’re a Javi Martinez fan, I’ll mention that I met him! :D
    He is very nice and sweet and wrote us autographs and took a photo. He had to go and took a hold of my hand and said adios! It was very cute! :D
    Must say that Juan Mata(Who has very hairy arms) laughing at me when I almost stumbled down some stairs differently embarrassed me,

    Bojan has to be my favorite. He was adorable! :-D
    I had a great day, as you can see. :p

  7. I believe in our youngsters – they’re going to show their real talents in the upcoming matches. So many of them have already played for teams that always stand under strong pressure, they’ll know or learn how to deal with this, and as you said, we have J&J to raise their spirits!

    Vamos guapos!!!

    (I r e a l l y hope someone will finally decide to post the spa pictures on Twitter or Facebook. Damn, where is Iker (Casillas) in such moments?)

    Thank you, Una!

  8. Watched the game on ESPN.com. The freaking commentator called him Xavi Hernandez the ENTIRE game. Note to English commentators Javi is not Xavi! Oh…and then kept saying De Gea was a Barca keeper. Where did they get this guy?!

    That was a beautiful assist from Javi (!!!). Was totally gutted when England equalized tho. :{

  9. Well, it was not even a loss, it was a draw – so La Rojita started the Euro better than La Roja started the WC :) Javi looks very determined, the phrase “Yes, we WILL win it” is written on his face ;) and yes, his sensual lips… <3 <3 <3 he's a great and super sexy capi that can lead his team to victory ;) and I hope that staying desnudo in the spa center gave him some extra strength for future victories… ;)

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