Javi Martínez (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at El Mundo

The extra !!!!! are because I love this interview with Javi Martínez.  In it, he talks about his beloved Ayegui, being embarrassed to model underwear, what his favorite song this summer is, and what his daily grooming routine consists of (basically nothing).  Javi (!!!) is all sorts of adorable in this interview, so I recommend you read it in a place where no one can hear you for the parts where you’re going to squeal out loud (and there are many.  Consider that a friendly warning).

The smile is friendly, but a bit forced.  The words are correct, but monotonous.  Half an hour staying composed in front of a swarm of journalists.  The same questions, identical responses.  No more than seven minutes for each one.  At the age of 22, Javi Martínez is used to the mixed zone, but when we try to talk about the other Javi Martínez, the one that shows up when football boots are exchanged for flip flops, he says, “not right now, call me this afternoon.”

It’s past 10 o’clock at night, and the team is only a few hours away from traveling to Denmark.  He has accepted our proposal to chat about his life outside of football.  He says, almost apologetically, “I’m happy to talk about it, but I only do normal things, what any 22-year-old guy does.  I play Play, I go to the movies, I watch TV, I like to follow the NBA finals… the only limit I have is when it comes to other sports, to avoid injuries.  If I didn’t have any limits, I would ski and surf.”

He doesn’t even hook up more than other guys.  He comments while laughing, “I haven’t noticed that it’s easier to hook up as a world champion.”  At the moment, he doesn’t have girlfriend and when he gets one, he won’t publicize his romance like Piqué.  “A relationship like that, one where you’re constantly pursued, would wear me out.  But they look happy.”  He changes the topic: “I’m very family-oriented and I go back to my pueblo whenever I can.”  Ayegui is constantly brought up in the conversation.  His family lives there, his lifelong friends are there, and it’s there where he disconnects and has fun.  He even lent his image to an underwear firm, Soy Underwear.*  Javi won’t go into details, but a Google search finds many photos and the making of video, where the footballer showed off his sculpted abs and revealed himself to be a sex symbol [this is the translation, not what I myself wrote!!!].  But he modestly denies this: “Whatever!  I’m not vain at all.  I don’t even do my hair.  The only cosmetic I use is deodorant, and not always (laughs).  I don’t understand clothing brands, I buy the first thing I see in the store window.”  He explains that he lent his image to Soy Underwear “because it’s a company from my hometown, I’m friends with them and I wanted to help the brand.”  He adds, “I wanted the experience, but I was so embarrassed.”  Right now, he doesn’t plan to do more of these types of promotions (¿¿¿qué???) and says, “I prefer to be known as a footballer.”

[I didn’t think it was possible for Javi (!!!) to be even more adorable, but that last paragraph did it.]

One word: morritos.

(Skipping some football things…)

He still gets emotional when remembering Iniesta’s goal in the final.  “We were on the bench, and all very nervous.  And in the overtime, after so many occasions, the goal came, it was a total liberation.  I remember that we all jumped up and we ran the fastest sprint of our lives.  I can tell my grandchildren one day that I was there… it’s incredible!”  [Oh dear, Javi (!!!) speaking about grandchildren makes my thoughts wander…]

(More football stuff, and then they end with a little test.)

One.  After the Europeo?  Ibiza.

Two.  Caribbean sun or a cool summer?  Sun, the kind that burns.  I’m one of those that likes to roast in the sun.  It relaxes me.

Three.  What do you do when there’s a summer storm?  Go to the txoko with my friends from Ayegui.

Four.  Horchata or tinto de verano (red wine with carbonated lemonade)A glass of beer.

Five.  To disconnect, there’s nothing like… going to my hometown.

Six.  Sports during vacation?  Yes, basketball.

Seven.  This summer’s song?  “Gettin’ Over You” by  David Guetta.  I love it!

That’s it?  There are no more questions?  It was fun.

Yes, it was Javi (!!!), yes it was.

* if your memory needs refreshing, go here, here, here, here AND here.


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  1. He looks GREAT as a captain.

    Thanks UnaMadridista for the interview! He’s more than adorable.

    I will have to watch the video from making of the underwear ad (AGAIN) to check for myself and analyse whether he was really as embarassed as he says. I basically have NO OTHER CHOICE, no? ;-))

  2. You were not kidding about the squealing! I did not think I could possibly love Javi any more than I already do, but… no. Proven wrong again!

    Also, Javi? I’m good at picking out appropriate clothes, fond of the vida de pueblo, and totally uninterested in fame. Plus I have enough degrees to satisfy even your mother. Call me!

  3. He adds, “I wanted the experience, but I was so embarrassed.”

    He sure didn’t look embarrassed in the video I saw! In fact, he looked very comfortable, both in his underwear and in front of the camera.

  4. Also, something I noticed while perusing images from the match: Javi *also* cuts his sleeves like Iker does! Can we get a reporter to ask him about that?!

  5. Omg, he is so CUTE and adorable and all other words in that same context!!!he is so normal and humble and that makes him even more amazing :) annd he likes basketball!and follows the finals, wonder what team he was rooting for hope dallas cus im a MAVS fan for life! Woohoo World Champs well in B-ball at least! UNA THANKS FOR THIS LOVE love you!

  6. Thanks for the translation chica :-)

    You’re man is delicious, and so down to earth. He’s either lying about not getting more play since the WC, or he’s too oblivious for his own good!

  7. Admit it, it was you who interviewed him. Certain parts of this can only have been from you!!!

    My message to Mr. Martínez:
    Hi. Don’t be embarrassed, just give us more of this sweet answers and less items of clothing, okay? Bye. With love, Lulja.

  8. I squealed just reading the descirption you wrote. Now off to read the interview. :)

  9. =D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …… THANK YOU!!!!! … THANK YOU!!!! …. ummmm did I say THANK YOU!!! …

    fav part … he doesn’t have a girlfriend

    funniest part … “I don’t even do my hair. The only cosmetic I use is deodorant, and not always (laughs). ”

    ^^^ it’s sad … but i do the same things too … if i’m not goin anywhere & just staying at home & nobody is coming over … I do the same thing …. & i also don’t care about brand stuff… i buy w/e i like … & looks good on me … seee Javi(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) … I love you even more!!! ;-)

  10. Oh my god..after reading this I really can’t be calm..
    How can he be so lovely!!!I can say I would never see a boy like Javi any more..
    Thank you so much for the translation and sharing!!Love u XD

  11. Aww this is just so… so … awwwwwww <3

  12. I LOVE GETTING OVER YOU, TOO!!! *it’s a sign*
    god, that deodorant part santamadrededios.
    i hope he stays single until i meet him Ö jajaja

  13. “At the moment, he doesn’t have girlfriend and when he gets one, he won’t publicize his romance like Piqué. ” hahahaha Una, when are you going to Ibiza?! =P and @A. he didn’t look embarrassed at all, did he?

  14. It’s always great to read interviews with Javi!! I think his modesty is a good quality, a man has to be like that, even though he knows very well he is sexy ;) in fact, when a man is modest and not self-centered, it makes him very attractive… ;) if Javi were a Narcissus, it would only be bad for him and his life ;)

    And as I can see now, the humility, the love for their native pueblos and the “not always doing their hair” are some of the qualities that make our respective Spanish NT crushes very much alike… ;)

  15. LOL as someone from a very tropical country, I never understand Europeans’ fascination on tanning under the scorching sun. Either way, I hope he gets a nice & long holiday resulting in a non-orange/chestnut/Snooki-ish tan.

  16. could you send me the link of this interview?

  17. “The only cosmetic I use is deodorant, and not always.”

    Great. The days that he forgets to use deodorant would make great excuses for bathtub/shower action.

  18. Thank you for this! :) I love your love for Javi. Haha.

  19. I wonder what NBA team he cheers for? I hope it’s the Lakers (hehehe)

  20. Una! Idk if you have seen this?

    Javi speaking English=full of so much adorableness!!! (and hotness!)

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