wedding season…

Jesús Navas married his longtime girlfriend Alejandra Moral in the Santa María la Blanca church in Los Palacios y Villafranca yesterday!  Both Jesús and Alejandra looked beautiful; ¡¡enhorabuena!!

Sergio Ramos, who was also looking fantastic though I expected a bit more color from him, attended the wedding, and tweeted a few photos from it: him and his brother-in-law Carlos, one of the happy couple, and one of him with the novios.  Judging by the corsage that Sergio is wearing, maybe he was one of testigos for Jesús.  He’s back in his “tierra,” and tweeted “how lovely is love!  Long live the newlyweds!  Congratulations to my great friend Jesús Navas!!”

Meanwhile, a number of La Roja players are in Vigo, Galicia this weekend to celebrate the wedding of Diego López with girlfriend Iria Otero today.  The wedding was held in Pontesampaio, and the reception at the Os Escudos de Vigo hotel.

The day before, Borja Valero carried his suit through the airport (his wife Rocío tweeted that photo), while Álvaro Arbeloa joined up with Borja and Joan Capdevila for a meal.

I find it hilarious that Borja and Álvaro were both wearing James Dean shirts, and Joan’s shirt is very similar as well!

The three of them also managed to joke with each other via twitter.  Joan first tweeted one joke which he thought was great: “the professor said to the students, “it rained, what’s the weather like?”  The student replied, “a very bad time, professor!!”  It doesn’t make sense in English, but it does in Spanish, since the word “tiempo” can mean both “time” and “weather.”  And then he tweeted one from Borja: “the curtain opens, and out comes two truffles fighting.  What is the movie called?  Trufas to furius!!!”  If you don’t get it, try saying the last part out loud.  Does it sound a bit like “2 Fast 2 Furious?”  This prompted a reaction from the trufa himself (according to Xabi), who tweeted, “what a pair!”

And here are the boys on the way to the church today: Borja, Álvaro, Joan and Santi Cazorla.

Along with this photo, Álvaro tweeted something that Joan apparently said: “Diego’s not getting married, on the way back to the hotel…”  Meanwhile, Borja tweeted a similar photo and wrote, “on the way to the bodorrio with so many characters… will the groom regret it?  I’m sure he will, once he sees us…”  I love them all!!!

Here are Álvaro and Carlota looking fabulous at the wedding.  They’re providing some serious competition for Xabi and Nagore in terms of perfect lives.

And at the dinner, they continued joking… Álvaro’s tweet says “the wine is beginning to take effect…,” and the joke is another play on words in Spanish, and actually better than some of the other ones.  It says, “one man says to another, you’re a very calculating man, no?  More or less, why?”  “Más” has the sense of both “more” and “plus” (as in adding) in Spanish, while “menos” means both “less” and “minus,” and “por” is “why” and “multiply.”

Meanwhile, Joan’s joke, which he tweeted but Álvaro told, says “the curtain opens and Bob Marley appears, dressed like a nun.  What is the movie called?  Bob es monja!!”  Bob Esponja (literally Bob Sponge) is what SpongeBob SquarePants is called in Spain.

Joan’s face!!!!!  I like his tie the best.

And this little item is not worth doing a separate post for, so I’ll just stick it in here: my hopes that Xabi Alonso didn’t buy anything for himself at A&F were sadly dashed, because he came back to Spain wearing this shirt.  However, everyone can win if he just removes that shirt.


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  1. Jesus and his wife look so happy and adorable together! I love her dress!!!

  2. Oh, felicidades to Jesus and Alejandra!! She’s lovely, one of the most beautiful La Roja WAGs for me, along with Torres’ wife Olalla ;)

    And my beloved Joanet, although his writing in “Spanglish” is extremely cute, would better spend some time learning English ;)) I think Borja could teach him some, since he has played in the English premier league ;)

    Borja’s super elegant and Joan is soooo irresistibly manly and delicious and… well, now it’s time to say to myself: ¿Por qué no te callas? ;)))

    p.s. please ignore my previous comment, it looks strange after your update of the post ;)

  3. I LOVE HER DRESS!!!! … & Jesus looks sooo handsome. … & Sergio too …

    aaaawwww I love our boys!!!

    as for the jokes … I think it was the 1st time that I only had to read it once to actually get it!!!!

    & about Diego Lopez wedding … I hope Joan doesn’t tell any jokes … jajjajajaja …

    this Wedding Season … makes me wish I was getting married … Wedding are sooo happpy & romantic… (*sigh*)

    Thanks for the update… :)

    • since you updated this … i’ll add 1 more thing …

      I love Iria Otero dress it stunning .. elegant… kinda “regal” but to me Alejandra dress is more of the type of dress I would wear …

      I love the pics of Joan & Alvaro … Joan is such a funny guy … even if his jokes aren’t that funny .. jajajja

  4. Haha! I thought of your reaction to Xabi’s shirt when I saw that interview!!

  5. What!? Jesus got married? I didn’t even know he was engaged! I always think he’s younger than he is so this is a little weird to imagine. Congratulations to them both though. I hope they’re very happy.

  6. What lovely pictures! And Sergio is certainly very well dressed-progress at last.

    Dunno, but the joke makes more sense to me the other way round with the teacher (since he’s a language teacher) wanting to know the “time”/tense of “llovió” (as in past tense) and the student understanding weather instead?

  7. I totally got the trufas joke. made me laugh!!!! LMFAO!

  8. so surprised jesus got married!
    the tie brings out jesus’ eyes (like he needed that). enhorabuena!!!

  9. Okay so I must be the luckiest girl in the world because I was in Barcelona from thursday till saturday and on friday I went to the Santa Maria del Mar and there was a wedding. Guess who was one of the guests? Carles Puyol! I got a picture with him! I couldn’t be more happy!

  10. they all look so gorgeous! (wives and players!) congratulations to all. :)

  11. so happy for Jesus..his wife is gorgeous and so is Arbeloa’s wife… The jokes between Capdevilla and Arbeloa were quite funny esp the one about 2fast 2 furious and Spongebob squarepants…hahaha

    These guys (Spanish Team) are just sooooo freaking adorable! <3<3<3

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