in demand – Cepsa

Spanish energy company Cepsa is one of the sponsors of La Roja, and they just came out with this slightly scary looking ad.  The tagline says, “the world at our feet,” so I get the concept, but did they really have to make Iker into a gown-wearing statue, and half a statue at that?


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  1. Oh no. Just a big old NO to that ad!!

  2. rob via bilbao

    im proud of my spanish blood just as i am to be an american… i use both passports equally and am prolly the only one that think cutting the statue of liberty in two is kinda disrespectful… i know if usa was to beat spain and TXU came out with a pitcure of escorial painted in red white and blue with american flags all over it… there would be quite an unrest.

    • Agreed! As an American, I find this ad plain disrespectful to disfigue one of our famous national monuments in this manner. We expect a little more class!

      Ad makers at the this energy company just have to stop and think how they and the Spanish citizens would feel if something like this happened to a national monument somewhere in Madrid, say Cibeles and then may be they’d see how crass their actions are!

  3. Um, why are they plunking Iker atop a sawed off Statue of Liberty with NYC in the background. Hey, I’m a NYer and yeah, we *do* consider ourselves the center of the universe ;-) but this ad makes no sense whatsoever. I have to agree with Rob, the timing of the ad and the subject kinda seems inappropriate. Plus, I gotta say, a bit insensitive to show one of our most recognizable symbols being destroyed with aircraft all around it. It’s a little to evocative for NYers as you can imagine. I’m sure that’s not the intention, but it’s uncomfortable and awkward nonetheless.

    • I think the aircraft are meant to be airlifting the half of Iker onto the base, but it’s obviously not very clear, and as you said, makes no sense whatsoever, and is uncomfortable and awkward.

  4. this ad is missing some sernando. ;)

  5. Noticed that they enlarged Iniesta so he looks bigger than the rest when he’s really smaller than most of the NT players heh.

  6. I think given recent history in NYC someone has made a big error here. Attack helicopters over the skyline, the Statue of Liberty in two pieces? That’s what it looks like, even if the intent was something different. Find a new ad agency!!

  7. Bit silly, but very Spanish. Getting carried away again. lol

  8. I don’t understand the ad either, and also Cepsa, you have the entire squad at your disposal and you did not include Sergio Ramos?!?!

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