Hola Venezuelaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!*

I will hopefully get around to an ICYMI for the U.S.-Spain game, but I have a lot of other things to do in my life that take priority, so we’ll see…

To Venezuela!

The Spanish delegation of 350 persons (media included) arrived in Venezuela last night at around 20h local time, after a four hour and 20 minutes flight, for the second (and last) stop on their summer tour.  They then took a bus to Puerto La Cruz, where the game will be played, accompanied by a police escort of 15 motorbikes.  At the hotel, the Venetur Puerto La Cruz, they’re being guarded by 80 military personnel.  The most acclaimed players there were David Villa and Gerard Piqué.  Prior to getting on a plane with destination Barcelona, Venezuela, the players had enjoyed a half day’s rest.  The team will train today at 19h, and also meet with schoolchildren in the stadium.  The game is on Tuesday, at 16h local time (22:30 Spain time).

* this is how Iker greeted the Venezuelan fans, down to the exact number of “a”s and exclamation marks (my 1/! key really didn’t need it).

As you can see, both Xabi and Sergio arrived carrying bags from – sigh – A&F.  I only hope that Xabi bought clothes for his kids and that he’s not going to wear any of it.  As for Sergio, my wish is that the company gave him free clothes, because he’s going to be the next torso of the company.

Meanwhile, Tuesday has been declared a non-working day in the nearby municipalities of Bolivar, Sotillo and Urbaneja in order to free up their police for this game, and to make sure that people can be at the José Antonio Anzoátegui stadium (which has a capacity of 40,000).  Some 7,000 people are working in order to make sure everything will be secure.

Zipi and Zape couldn’t be separated, Fernando Llorente towers over David Silva and Iker’s inseparable purse made the trip as well.  Time to start ignoring it again.

And a ton of our players were excited about Rafa Nadal’s French Open win!  Iker, Álvaro A., Fernando Ll., Gerard and David V. posted about it on Facebook.  ¡¡¡Felicidades Rafa!!!  (Yes, this achievement is worthy of a Javi Martínez (!!!) !!! level of excitement, because Rafa is so great, and because he’s done underwear ads as well.)

La Rojita

Over in Soria, the U-21 team started out their friendly against Russia well, but kind of fell apart in the second half, leading to a 1-1 tie.  Ander scored the goal for Spain in the 22nd minute.  This was Spain’s only game before they begin playing in the Euro in Denmark this weekend.  Of note: (por favor) Juan Mata, David de Gea and Iker Muniain are all slightly injured, while Thiago Alcántara and Javi Martínez (!!!) suffered slight injuries during the game, though they will have recovered before the first game on June 12 vs. England.

Javi (!!!) was of course all sorts of adorable as the captain and while celebrating his good friend Ander’s goal.

One more of Javi (!!!) because of his !!! legs.

P.S.  Be sure to check out this adorable photo of Adrián and Juanín!

Meanwhile, the U-19 team qualified for the final phase of the U-19 Euro, after they tied England 1-1 behind a free kick goal from Isco and thus won the Elite Round.  They finished with seven points from three games, the same as England, and it was their superior goal difference that sent them through.  Spain dominated during almost the entire game, and the only bad note was the injury to Marc Muniesa, who appears to be out two to three weeks after injuring his hamstring.  The final phase will be held from July 20 to Aug. 1 in Romania.  The other teams in the competition are Belgium, Greece, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Serbia (I typed “Ser” and my hands automatically finished with “gio” for me), Romania, and either Turkey or Germany, depending on who wins their game today.  Hopefully Isco and Álex will room together again!

The players are all now excited about their vacations, judging by their tweets: MFC ÁBMM, Álex, Isco, Carvajal.

Bonus Xavi

And while the rest of his teammates were flying to Venezuela, Xavi was busy watching the MotoGP in Montmeló.  He met up with Valentino Rossi, who surprised everyone by kneeling down in front of Xavi and pretending to shine his boots as a tribute.  Here’s a photo of Xavi looking super smooth and cool in his shades.


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  1. “…because Rafa is so great, and because he’s done underwear ads as well.” LOL, too funny!!! What other reasons are needed–in addition to the fact that he is THE CLASSIEST and most HUMBLE man in sports?!!! Classy not in the Xabi way (which is also wonderful), but classy in the always kind and sweet and complementary not to mention effing GORGEOUS way! His family has to be so proud of him.

  2. On the plus side, Iker’s murse looks like a duffel bag in this shot (maybe it’s the context?). Just keep telling yourself it’s a duffel bag for the flight.
    Thanks for that photo of Xavi, it’s still odd for me to see la Roja without him.

  3. I love that shot of Xavi. He’s such a BOSS!

    Wasn’t the game on Saturday fantastic? They played the US right off the pitch. It was nice to see Pepe Reina get a game, although he really had nothing to do. I hope Valdes gets a start in Venezuala. Happy that Torres (finally) scored, hopefully this means he is getting his groove back. And what a great game for Santi Cazorla! He really is very underrated.

    I have to admit I’m not a fan of the white kit, but that’s just my cule side showing through. Seeing Iniesta and Pique in white…it’s just wrong! :-p

  4. The team obviously spent a lot of time at the Providence Place Mall while in the US. Sigh.

  5. Sergio as the next torso of A&F—can’t stop laughing over this fine point of wit!

  6. Wow, I wonder if the players miss being in the US where they could move relatively free and be themselves without being escorted everywhere by military personnel?! Wish them the best in Tuesday’s friendly!

    Una, I know your 1/! key is dedicated to Javi and didn’t need Iker going wild with exclamation marks greeting Venezuelan fans :)

    Xavi looks very cool and it appears that this time off is doing him a world of good! See how much better he looks when he’s clean shaven.

  7. Ohhh Xavi! I missed him.

    I can’t believe they all went shopping at A&F. smh

  8. Hahaha! Before, I never get it whenever you mentioned Iker’s man purse, but up close it’s really hideous :P I have to agree with you.
    Oh, Xavi makes me swooooooning with his swag and shades.

  9. I hope you write an icymi-post, the game was pretty cool, and FERNANDO TORRES SCORED!!! (his second goal in what? 5 months? Sry, I can’t keep myself from making fun of him…)
    Just take all the time you need Una =)

    It is really fascinating how Silva manages to hide from the cameras all the time…

    And how cute are all the players congratulating Rafa!! This man really is worth torturing the ! key =D

    Our U-21 boys are looking great ;D and Bojan *____* He’s so small ^^ another bajito. And Javi Martinez looks sooo great with the captain’s armband <3

    And wow, hola Xavi… you look really cool.

  10. Oh, Speaking of Xavi, I saw a photo of him and Valentino Rossi from the said MotoGP. Rossi had the customary thumbs up, but Xavi was much too sensible to imitate him. Can’t find that photo now to post it here.

  11. UNAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! ( jajajajajjajja) … Thank You … I loved everything about this post except one thing ….

    Thiago taking of his uniform on the bench …. in like min 71 … my jaw drop … I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! and then I was like … I wonder what his tattoo reads….And then I was thinking …. Why couldn’t more guys be like him…. Don’t they know it’s an unwritten rule that they have to take their uniform off …. especially when it’s summer…

    And I volunteer … to take care of Javi(!!!) and Thiago … a make sure they are all better … =) … (with your permission of course)

    and Xavi … what can I say about Xavi … he is sooo perfect that I can cry… LOL j/k … but I don’t love & respect him…

    once again

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!! UNAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! (gotta love our captain… cause he can be sooo special)

  12. I am going to be charitable and pretend (hope?) that Xabi’s A&F bag isn’t really his – that he was just being kind and carrying it for someone else. He’s always the one guy on the squad who isn’t a fashion victim….

    Thank you for the update, Una! I hope you find time to do a ICYMI post. Those are always fun. :)

  13. Thank you so much for this website! I stumbled upon it last year post World Cup and haven’t stopped reading since. Looking forward to your ICYMI for the US-Spain game…tired of hearing about it from the US media’s POV :)

  14. been waiting for the ICYMI for US but i can imagine it takes a lot of time to make one of your awesome posts! :) will wait patiently for it still. perhaps some time in the summer, when we are all missing football.
    muchas gracias, una.

  15. my photos from saturday’s match are up here:

    usa v spain @ gillette stadium
  16. Hey ya’ll, does anyone know anything about Arbeloa’s tweet congratulating Unai Casillas on his debut with Spain’s NT? Did I miss something? (“@aarbeloa17 Enhorabuena a Unai Casillas por su debut con la Seleccion Española!!!”)

  17. Just reading about all the security…holy cow! Is that normal for when they travel, Una?

    “(my 1/! key really didn’t need it).” hahahaha…cut & paste Una…you’re going to need that ! key :)

    Xavi, Xavi, Xavi….I still respect him as a footballer but other than that…I.just.can’t. :{

  18. Love Mr Cool Xavi!

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