it does feel good!

The training session

Spain held their first training session before their Americas tour yesterday afternoon at Las Rozas.  The session started with VDB giving a chat.  The team only trained for about one hour, and it was a light session, in which all eyes were on the gestures, words, complicity between those players from Real Madrid and Barcelona.  And there really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, probably much to the disappointment of the press, who are always looking for morbo.  Yay for normality!

David Villa didn’t finish the session, while Manu del Moral spent the majority of the hour stretching, as he’s recovering from a muscle injury.  Andrés Iniesta, Fernando Torres and David Silva trained apart from the group, and mostly without the ball.

The next session will be this morning, it will be followed by lunch and then it will be off to Boston, where hopefully we’ll get to see some of the boys display their English skills.


Fernando Hierro told the press that he witnessed the “same hugs and greetings” as always between the players at the start of the concentración, adding, “and if something strange happens, Vicente del Bosque is there.  He’s a great manager.”

Meanwhile, Borja Valero told EP that “just playing a rondo with these players is incredible.”

In an interview with Radio Marca, David Villa said, “I believe it’s all in the past now.  It was more of an issue on the outside.  There’s always been controversy, always been hard fouls because Barcelona and Madrid are rivals.  When I play in the semifinals of the Champions League with my club, the furthest thought in my mind is that Madrid’s defenders are national team players.  I’ve had many piques with Casillas when I played in Valencia but nothing was ever said.  What happens is that everything is magnified for the Barça-Madrid games.  I understand, because these games always have a lot of tension, but I assure you there aren’t any problems.  For us, nothing has changed.”  David also spoke with TVE (which you can view here), where he didn’t say anything he hadn’t said before.

And Pepe Reina spoke to COPE’s “El partido de las 12,” where they asked him if Arbeloa and Villa showed up to training wearing helmets, and when they continued along those lines, Pepe was like, “are you going to keep asking these types of questions?”  Then they asked him who he sleeps with during the concentración, and when he replied I sleep by myself, they were amazed, so Pepe shot back, “I’d like to be sleeping with my wife but I can’t.”  He also says he’s excited to have almost an entire month of vacation, after three consecutive years with summer commitments.  The presenters also ask him about Luca, and Pepe said obviously he’d like to be spending time with him, but since he’s probably not sleeping well, it’s good for him (papá Pepe) that he has a week (with La Roja) to rest.

La Rojita

The U-21 team also started their concentración yesterday afternoon, in Madrid’s Tryp Alameda Aeropuerto hotel.  They’ll head to Las Rozas today to begin preparing for the U-21 Euro, which will take place in Denmark from June 8-25.  They’ll have a morning session, and then move into the residence in the afternoon (once the senior team is gone).  They’ll stay there until June 4, when they’ll travel to Soria to take on Russia in a friendly at the Los Pajaritos on June 5.  After that, they’ll return to Madrid and Las Rozas for three more days until June 8, when they fly to Denmark.  The U-21’s first game will be against England on June 12, followed by the Czech Republic on June 15 and Ukraine on June 19.  The pobrecito, Sergio Canales, was not called up and all he could do from Santander was tweet some of his (former) teammates, such as Iker Muniain, who called him “puto chanels.”  Jajaja!!

Meanwhile, the U-19 team beat Switzerland 2-1 behind goals from Juanmi and Isco in the Elite Round, with a spot in the U-19 Euro in Romania at stake (only the winner of this mini-tournament will qualify).  Pablo Sarabia had a great match; his stellar play led to the first goal.  Meanwhile, Juanmi also provided an assist, in the second goal.

Social networking

The commercial that David Villa was filming on Monday in Madrid was for adidas football, and he filmed it with actress Blanca Suárez.  He said, via his FB, that she’s really nice and that they laughed a lot together.  Will Javi (!!!) be jealous?

And Iker posted this photo on his FB, while Sergio tweeted it.  Iker wrote, “time for a coffee with the national team.  We just finished dinner and we have a chat before going to our rooms to rest well.  Good night!”  Sergio’s tweet was accompanied by the following words: “Good night to everyone.  We had our first training session with the national team and it was great.  Tomorrow we travel to the United States.  I leave you all a photo.  A hug.”  I like how Iker and Xabi apparently refused to pose like Sergio and Álvaro, with their thumbs up.  Good boys.

And Joan tweeted a photo of himself and Santi Cazorla, as well as another bad joke, but this one we can only blame on Santi, since Joan was only the messenger.  As for the photo, this must have been the one second during the entire day that Santi looked serious, yet Joan managed to capture it.  Great photography skills!


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  1. Really excited to see if Sergio will give interviews in English. Haha.

  2. been waiting for this the entire day! so nervous but alas, all is good! viva la seleccion!
    pique must feel very left out though, without the moc moc boys.
    i guess a pic of arbeloa and villa together, and pique and sergio together, will silence this issue once and for all.

    and lastly, all the well wishes today for puyi, who will undergo his surgery. muchismo animo, puyi!

  3. Iker and Fernando Hierro look so cute and mischievous together!!!

    Joanet, querido, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY TAKE OFF YOUR CAMISETA AND GO TO THE BEACH TO GET SOME TAN. His skin is whiter than mine right now – I’m just back from Spain where I have gotten quite suntanned, and although my Nordic complexion never gets really dark no matter how long I stay in the sun, I’m more morena than Joan now!! The photo’s not the one he looks best in, but I did enjoy the process of mentally ripping down his shirt… so thank you Una!! ;)

  4. I really would like to see more of Canales, playing for both Real Madrid and the NT. Boy needs more time! He’s not a bad player, is he?

    • He was supposed to be the Next Big Thing, but since RM bought him he has had hardly any playing time, the poor kid. Not sure why he didn’t get called up for the U-21 team.

      • Because he didn’t get much playing time for RM during the season. U-21 selectors are not going to call him up when they didn’t get to see him play…. Hopefully RM loans him out to a team next season where he can get decent playing time.

  5. Ha ha, I love Pepe’s retorts to the press! As well as Villa’s analysis. Can’t believe they’ll be in Boston tonight!

  6. Wow! Reina gave some nice answers! I like him even more as the time passes….arent the journalists just bored with these type of questions? In my countrys nt play too players from the big rivals but they are never asked these short if things…

  7. Ever so briefly, I will be sharing a time zone with San Iker.

  8. Capi and Santi are adorable together, and I’m so happy that Santi is a regular call-up now for VDB. he had such a great year with the Yellow Submarine!

    Wonderful to see all the boys back together looking happy and relaxed, and I agree with David Villa and Pepe Reina, the press should just stop asking these ridiculous questions and let them get on with it!

  9. santi is so adorable!! <3

    and LOL — “I’d like to be sleeping with my wife but I can’t.
    tell it like it is, pepe:)

  10. I love it! And I can’t wait to see what they wear/who speaks when they meet President Obama in Washington, DC!


    & i can’t stand reporters now & days…. ugh…. they are getting on my last nerves….

    Pepe … *lmao*

    THANX UNA!!!!!

  12. I actually thought Joan’s joke was funny lol It’s so nice to see the boys back together, I’m relieved that there seems to be no mala leche between them :D
    Awww poor Sergio Canales! I hope he gets more playing minutes so he can continue to be with La Rojita D:

  13. wooo let’s hear Iker speak more English! How many of them can actually do it now? Sergio (maybe very little), David Silva, Pepe, Nando, Arbeloa, Llorente (a little?), Xabi, Pique…

    • Iniesta is learning, and I believe both Busquets and Pedro are taking classes, although neither is anywhere close to really speaking it yet. Valdes speaks a (very) little, as he so hilariously did in a recent send-up of the infamous “chut de bol” video. LOL.

    • Nope, Silva’s lessons came to a stop after his family moved to Manchester to live with him. In a recent interview with Guardian, he did say he will pick up the lessons again. But all he managed in English during the interview was a single word “Hello”.

  14. if iker and/or sergio do an english press conference, i think i just about might die.

    and 10 points to my darling pepe for the best answer/comment of the night!

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