reunited (and it feels so good?) Plus, the fashion review!

The 23 players called up to play for Spain in the upcoming friendlies against the U.S and Venezuela gathered at Las Rozas this afternoon, with 13h as the deadline.  The first to show up was newlywed Andoni Iraola, who arrived at noon, followed by Joan Capdevila and David Silva.  All of the Barcelona players arrived about an hour late, as their flight was delayed, with the exception of David Villa, as he was already in Madrid to film a commercial.  Vicente del Bosque greeted his boys with a vuvuzela…

Was he trying to remind them of the good times they had in South Africa?  In any case, it’s adorable!  The team will train at 19h today, before flying to Boston tomorrow afternoon.  Read on for declarations at the Ciudad de Fútbol, as well as fashion observations!!

The declarations

Upon arrival, of course the players were asked about the effects of the four clásicos, as well as their own impressions on what it means to wear the shirt of Spain.

Sergio Ramos (the only one out of all the Madrid and Barcelona players to speak to the press): it’s going to be a natural reunion, like they’ve always been, there won’t be any problems.  There were confrontations and rivalry on the field, but here there’s a common and collective goal.  We have to forget all that because there’s a good atmosphere on the team.  Above all, we have to be honest and behave like gentlemen with our national team teammates (referring to the congratulatory message he sent to Barcelona on winning the Champions League).

Joan Capdevila: everything will be resolved in a minute, I think the press made a big deal out of it, and I believe everything has been forgotten.  Each one is fighting for his interests, this is football and sports, and once the game ends, all the problems also end… It’s a source of pride to wear this shirt during any date on the calendar, and we’re going in with a lot of hope.  It’s true that many people are starting their vacation, but coming to these games is a privilege as well.

Pepe Reina: there’s no need to mediate because there aren’t any problems.

Manu del Moral: I was on vacation with my girl when I received the call from a journalist.  He told me that Del Bosque had said my name and I’m very happy because it’s a dream come true.  I hope that every summer I’ll get to interrupt my vacation for something like this.

Fernando Llorente: for me, the national team is the greatest thing there is.  These two games are going to be great, the trip will be wonderful and I’m here with a desire to do well.  Each time we come, we do it happily and with a lot of desire to do well… I’m sure these things will resolve themselves, I’m sure it’s already forgotten.

Iker Casillas (during a promotional event): right now, we all have to think about Spanish national team, which represents you, which represents all of you, which represents me, my friends and the entire country.  When we see each other, we’ll look each other in the face, remember things and that’s it.  Too much has been said about the confrontation and we have to move on.

The fashions

Tees, jeans and white sneakers were the order of the day for most of the team.

These three boys kept things simple, with t-shirts and jeans.  Víctor Valdés was sporting a purse, by the way, a very Iker-esque one.  Between Pedro and David Villa, I don’t think there are any pink clothes left for men in the entire city of Barcelona.  It’s a good thing that David was in Madrid yesterday, so he could buy up the stock in the capital, beating Pedro in the pink face-off and keeping them out of the hands of Iker and Sergio at the same time.

First off, Álvaro gets style points for driving a Mini convertible.  I love it!!!  He also gets bonus points for looking so great in sunglasses, and for teasing us by wearing a shirt with the word “sex” on it.

These two former Valencia players also kept things simple.  I love that blue color on David, but those ripped jeans aren’t the best choice for Raúl.  And the rip is going to be so high on the leg, why can’t it be just a bit higher and just a bit to the right (if you’re looking at it) so we can decide for ourselves whether El Chori is a proper nickname for Raúl.

More simple styles, from Álvaro Negredo and Borja Valero, with both opting for polo shirts.  But once again, I have a small problem with the jeans – what is that patch on Negredo’s jeans?  Why is it necessary?

David Villa looks good from the waist up.  From the waist down is a whole other story.  El Guaje once again shows his love for cuffed shorts (and the cuffs have to have a pattern or Villa’s not wearing them).  I’m sorry, but these are just “no.”  But at least they aren’t these, right (notice the pink)?  And I thought the ones Bojan wore to the Shakira concert were bad…   Meanwhile, Fernando Llorente once again showed up holding a jacket in one hand, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Adidas is the one responsible for the tee.  I like how he looks, minus the Gucci logo belt.  As for Fernando Torres, I predict in about 11 years time, Leo Torres will be arguing with his father to “stop dressing like me!”  And the suitcase is the only thing that prevents Fernando from looking like a computer repairman, once again.  As for hairstyles, Fernando Torres’ looks like a used mop, and while I love the lion’s mane, the shorter style suits Fernando Llorente as well.

More tees and jeans.  I’m liking how tight Joan’s jeans are (look at how much the thing in his pocket is bulging out, no not that thing…) but I’m not too sure about the reinforced knees.  As for Sergio’s tee, I can imagine him and Jesús fighting over it.  And it looks like Sergio has been spending too much time with one Iker Casillas, because he showed up with a purse.  Now you all know that I hate it when Iker carries a purse around.  But at least he never sports a designer one.  That’s why Sergio’s is worse, because his is from Louis Vuitton.

I never thought I’d see the day when Iker’s purse would be pushed back to second place on the “no” list.

Xabi keeps it simple and looks fantastic.  Plus, he probably has some intellectual magazines tucked away there in his suitcase, and that just ups the elegance/classiness factor.  Meanwhile, Pepe opted for a welcome touch of color, his lovely Pepe bag, and some cool sunglasses.  How hard must it have been for him to separate himself from his little Luca?

Considering this was his first call-up, Manu del Moral did pretty well.  In fact, I can totally see Fernando Llorente wearing that outfit.  I love that shade of blue!  Meanwhile, Andoni Iraola went for the classic sweater over a collared shirt look, though that sweater is a bit questionable between the pattern and that strip across the chest.  Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué put zero effort into his look, unless you count painting the house (to suit Shakira’s taste for sparkly things?) before flying to Madrid – how else would you explain the paint splatters? – effort.

I can’t wait to see the training session!  I’ll try and update things tonight, but if I don’t get around to it, tomorrow won’t be too late, will it?


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  1. Thanks so much for all of this. I am so tempted to try and find these boy while in Boston before the game on Saturday. And don’t blame Iker for Sergio Ramos’ man-purse its probably too much time with Cristiano Ronaldo.

  2. Finally some fashion review featuring my beloved Joanet!!… (hehe… “no not that thing” :)))… but well, he’s tall and caliente and sexy, everything’s perfect in him, I’m sure! pero quien puede desnudarlo para nosotras?? it’s a CRIME on the fashion photographers’ part to overlook such a hottie! the figure on his t-shirt is unusual but cute!! ;)

    Oh, Manu’s legs… <3 <3 <3… long and slim and suntanned… looking forward to the entrenamiento!! ;)

  3. Nice to see all the boys back together, and a fashion post is a welcome relief from all the chatter about tensions in the team. Sad that neither Xavi nor Puyol are there, but it gives some of the younger ones a chance to get called up.

    Everyone is dressed pretty casual, so there is not much to choose from, but for me the winners of the style-off are David Silva, Xabi, Victor Valdes and Capdevila (although he still needs a haircut).

    Pink really suits Pedro, with his darker complexion. And while I’m not a huge fan of Sergio’s shirt, it suits him and he looks very relaxed.

    Fashion losers are definitely Torres (baggy and unflattering) and Albiol (not a fan of the v-necked tee).

    As for Pepe Reina, was it really necessary to call him up for a friendly so soon after the birth of his son? He probably won’t even get to play! I suspect VDB called him up for his dressing-room presence more than anything.

  4. Una, why is there no picture of Iker? :(

    I loved Alvaro’s fashion sense the most! And David Silva, the little adorable man!

  5. Una, you’re absolutely right!
    Sergio is frugal.. he wore this shirt when he came to LA last year for the pre-season.. :D

  6. VDB… adorable (please give SIlvi some serious playing time!! =) )

    i actually had to stop and stare at el chori’s pic. that particular pose coupled with that facial expression is really just begging for a caption… (and that was before I read una’s complaint about the position on that rip…LOL)

    el guaje’s shorts…MASSIVE SMH. that’s the most tragic thing I’ve seen in a while..

    i wonder if pepe will be passing out pics of baby Luca ;)

  7. OMG!!! I was singing that song this morning … because they were back together… =)

    for me this post is bitter sweet …. as I don’t have Xavi for this week … :'( …

    but over all proud of our boys … for dressing not too bad… can’t wait for more!!!

  8. Oh, with this time of the year, the weather outside, the team gathering for the matches it almost seems as if it’s WC once again. Except that it’s not….what makes me appreciate last year more and more, what a fantastic time that was, those matches, everything and of course-discovering Una’s blogs!

    Anyway, back to the topic -it is awesome to see the team reuniting after the break. I cannot wait to see the friendlies.

    as to fashion, of course Xabi and Pepe rock. The comment about Xabi having intellectual magazines-LOL. Pepe kinda dissapointed me with his book (I’m sure it’s not only me…), but I am trying to ignore this and focus on his other features. Man, he looks so manly, even in almost-pink. I wish all the guys I know looked that manly. And congrats to him for becoming a father again!

    last but not least: Sexio Ramos. Dude, the t-shirt. I am catholic too, but I kinda do not like religious symbols on the t-shirts. Sorry Sergio, the tee is a no no from me. I will not even talk about the purse.

    On the other hand, if he wore the outfit that would not raise my eyebrows, I’d be worried something is wrong with him. ;-)))

  9. I’m almost positive I had Raul’s jeans when I was in uni. They were unflattering on a woman and look even worse on a man. Burn them, please.
    The photo Pepe posted on his facebook page with Luca is too adorable for words.
    Thanks for the hard work, Una. You never seem to take a holiday, even when the players do.

  10. Great post, once again.. these never fail to make me chuckle!

  11. Oh Una this is such an amazing post!!! Have been looking forward to this for quite a while!
    Really don’t like Torres’ hoody-ish thingy. And he has some suspicious thingy at his belly (don’t think it’s muscle..) But he looks absolutely adorable (his face I mean).
    Vila’s shorts are horrid.. But he does have nice legs maybe that’s the reason he opts shorts over proper full-length jeans always.. I have never criticised xabi’s look but this is below his standard IMHO.. Don’t like his jeans..Pepe’s outfit is brlliant!

  12. Alvaro number ONE here!

    I also like Torres freestyle … just normal guy, he doesnt do something else from himself, love it

    Dont like Alonso and Sergio,s horrible t-shirt

  13. Una – thanks for the pictures and updates!

    Especially the picture of my beloved Fernando Torres has made my day – he can repair my computer any time!!!!!

  14. Very nice Silva. :) Here’s to more playing time.

  15. 3 things: Nando – just. no.
    Sergio’s shirt completely makes sense to me. It’s my favorite of all.
    Pepe! Wear socks!

  16. Aw, I miss them together! I’m so upset I won’t be able to go to the game in Boston. But I guess it’s sacrifice for spending all my money on the trip to Spain that I’m going to next year. Hopefully I’ll see at least one player, though highly doubtful.

  17. Awe VDB and the vuvuzela! I laughed out loud in the amount of pink that Pedro and David wear.

    Although, Pique’s jeans are better than the ones Villa wore to the Shakira concert.

    I arrive in Boston on Friday evening. I wonder where the boys will be staying so I can stalk them…

  18. i missed these! i missed these posts sooooooooooo much!!

  19. when you say sergio and jesus would fight for the you mean jesus christ, you know the one whose mother is on the shirt or jesus navas(why would navas want the shirt)?

  20. missing xavi so much.. and where does iker anyway??… you hide iker or you will make a special edition for “iker fashion”, una??..

  21. Alvaro, for me, wins this fashion face-off!!! Xabi is looking good as always. No surprise about Villa’s shorts. Haha. And I love your comments on Sergio’s outfit. So spot on!!

  22. Una, you made my day with this post. I love your blow by blow comments on the players’ outfits, especially David Villa’s. What happened to Fernando Torres’ hair? Ugh.

    Thank you for this post.

    To echo Milleca, where is Iker?

  23. As for Sergio’s tee, I can imagine him and Jesús fighting over it.


    oh, how i have missed the fashion posts! our boys are nothing if not predictable, no?

    my love for arbeloa just skyrocketed after seeing that he drives a mini! :) :)

    FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!! i cannot WAIT!!!!!!

  24. Love Xabi’s luggage tag and the fact his luggage is not Louis Vuitton like his teammates. Also Arbeloa’s Mini Cooper is so cute.

  25. ChristinaLFP

    i loved Silva the most but i do love him in anything so. and the comment about chori, hahaha so we can know if the nickname is accurate or not lol

  26. Aww i love the style off posts! I have to admit i like Daveed’s outfit :)

  27. winers:

    1. Manu
    2. Silvi
    3. Pepe :)

  28. be still, my heart. oh fernando (torres), i still love you even if you now wear the chelsea blue. i don’t think i can ever stop loving you.

    again, many thanks, una!

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