Fernando Hierro interview with RFEF

After more than four years of excellent work as sporting director of the RFEF, Fernando Hierro will be leaving the federation at the end of June, meaning these next two friendlies will be his last games with the senior team.  He recently spoke with the RFEF, and here’s the interview.

Why are you leaving?

These four years have been very intense and I need to take a breather from football.  I’ve been enriched with this great experience, but I want to continue learning and I also want to reflect on my future.

But other reasons have been given?

I know, I’ve heard and read about them, but the truth, the only truth is what I just said.  I will always be very grateful to the RFEF for the opportunity that they gave me to carry out a role, that until my arrival, didn’t exist, and which made me the first sporting director in the history of the federation.

It’s been said that you’re leaving for economic reasons.

That was never important for me and it’s not for the rest of the coaches either.

What are you most satisfied about, in these four years?

I’m satisfied with many things, but especially the great responsibility that the generational change of coaches entailed, and I have to thank them for their professionalism and help.  Keep in mind that I inherited the most winning youth teams of Europe and almost in the world, and it wasn’t easy.  In addition, I believe I arrived in the right time, because nine months later the senior team won the Eurocopa.  I’ve tried to attach importance to this shirt for all of the categories.

Anything else?

Yes, I’m also satisfied that I was able to develop the professionalization of the senior team with the use of IT, with the incorporation of new professionals and using modern tools for the lower categories as well.  And I also believe this is important, the reinforcing of the relationship between the federation and the clubs.  I’ve treated all the clubs the same, from the biggest one to the most humble one.

Do you have any complaints about the federation?

None.  The federation has given me everything, even naming a room in the residence after me.  I only have words of appreciation for the federation both in my 13 years as a player and in the four as sporting director.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for collaborating with me, especially the coordinators of the cantera as well as all the personnel of the federation.

What can you tell us about Vicente del Bosque?

He’s a person that I use as an example for myself, and he’s an example for everyone and a great coach.  Towards him, I have respect, friendship and affection.

What about the players?

They’re an example for the history of our football.

And what do you think about the tensions from the four clásicos and their effect on the national team?

I would like the national team to be considered something with great value, where everyone should take care to treat it like a valuable object.  Hopefully, the rivalry between the clubs won’t affect the national team.

Do you believe the responsibility lies solely with the players?

No.  That’s why I’d like to take this opportunity to ask all professionals in the world of football, including the media, to use common sense.

Why do you believe this happened?

There’s a saying in football that what happens on the field should stay on it, but in these confrontations, that didn’t happen, there were many declarations and some were out of place and even at the wrong moment.

So what do you believe will happen?

Well I believe and hope that common sense will prevail.  We’re living in a dream that could last for another three years and we should do everything possible to conserve it.


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  1. Such wise words. I just hope that from today on nobody on the team/in the RFEF will have to answer these annoying clásico-questions anymore.

    Gracias por todo, Fernando, y vamos España!

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