a busy day for Pepe Reina

Pepe Reina had a busy day on Monday in Madrid, moving from event to event.  During the day, he went to promote the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor, of which he is the image, and at night, he was on Cuatro’s “El Hormiguero” show, where he sang, bounced up and down on a bed and scored a goal against himself.

And congratulations are in order for Pepe and Yolanda, because Luca Reina was born yesterday in Córdoba!!!!  ¡¡Enhorabuena!!  UPDATE: pictures below…

By the way, Pepe will provide commentary for the Champions League final on TVE.

First up was the Gillette presentation, where Pepe presented the Fusion Proglide razor and challenge.  The grand prize is a chance to spend the day with Pepe himself!  Watch a video of the introduction here.  During the presentation, Pepe also spoke with TV program “Punto Pelota,” and did their little test.

Not a big fan of the outfit… let’s hope he wears something else on Tuesday.

The best team in the Premier: right now, Manchester.

The best team in the Liga: Barça.

Your idol: Zubizarreta as well as Buyo, and then later on, when times had changed and football became more organized, Molina.

Will you play soon in Spain?  I don’t think so.

Later on then?  It’s possible.

Where?  Not very far from here.

So somewhere in Madrid?  Where we are.

The Champions League final: I think the two teams are evenly matched, but I hope Barça wins.  I can’t lie.

Mourinho: he’s a good coach.  He just arrived in Spain, so he needs time.

Will the clásicos affect the national team?  No, I really don’t think it will be affected.

What happens on the field… should stay on the field.

A movie: Ufff, The Green Mile.

Your soundtrack: “A mi manera” by Siempre Así.

What you miss the most from Spain: the sun.  I’m not Iniesta.  The food, the weather, but especially my friends and family.

Then it was onto “El Hormiguero.”  In the first segment, Pepe is interviewed by Pablo Motos, and after Pablo says the last time I saw you was on your birthday, Pepe decides to tell an anecdote.  He says, “The last time we went out to eat was on my birthday, on Aug. 31 last year.  He (Pablo) was at my side, and shortly before midnight, I began receiving a lot of messages.  A lot of the players from the selección were there.  I got a lot of messages, and he began to cry, and he said, Pepe, did you know that it’s my birthday too?”

Then they talk about the child he and Yolanda are expecting, and Pepe says the baby will be born in Córdoba.  Pablo says, it’s your third child, so you’re quite a pichichi for being a goalkeeper, and then asks, “will you let Sergio Ramos hold your baby?”  Jajaja!!!

Pepe then talks about the birth of his two older children: Grecia was born ahead of time (15 days), and we had everything ready for her to be born in Córdoba, but she refused, and so she was born in Liverpool.  With Alma, there was a scare, because we were playing in the Eurocopa, and one day before the final, Yolanda began having contractions.  She called El Guaje Villa, who was playing a game of cards with me, and said, don’t tell Pepe anything, but his wife is in the hospital and she’s having contractions.  I noticed El Guaje beginning to act differently, and then he said, Pepe, I can’t stand it anymore, I have to tell you, your wife is going to have a baby (love the way Pepe imitates Villa’s panicky face).  But she held on, and one month after the final, Alma was born, on July 29.

The talk then shifts to Villa, with Pepe affirming that they are very good friends, since they’ve known each other for a long time and their wives are also good friends.  He’s asked if there will be any problems in the locker room after the clásicos, but he says no, because if there’s anything that reigns in the locker room, its compañerismo, humility and a good atmosphere, and he sees no reason why that should change.  Pepe also says there are no friends on the field, and if you have to step on someone, you’ll step on them, it’s just like that, you’re defending your team for 90 minutes.

Pablo then asks Pepe about “El mundo en nuestras manos ” and Pepe talks about lucky croissants and stealing the ball from the final (the picture the program shows, however, is from the Euro).  Luckily, they move on from that pretty fast, when Pablo informs Pepe, “there’s a rumor that you sing very well and that you recorded a version of “A mi manera” with Carmen Flores providing the back-up vocals for you.”  Pepe says it’s true, that it was recorded it in the studio of his good friend José Flores in Valencia, and that they were lucky enough to get Carmen Flores to participate, and that “they made a lot of adjustments to my voice.”

Pablo then asks Pepe to sing, which he does, with Pablo accompanying him on the guitar (Pepe makes the same face when he’s singing as when Bisbal made him sing during the World Cup celebrations).  Pepe’s really good!!!  Then they do it again, because Pablo complains that the cue cards with the lyrics and chords weren’t placed correctly.  When will we get to see David Villa, Pepe and Sergio Ramos release a song together?

Pepe then returns to the desk, where the puppets subject him to a Q&A, composed of many of strange questions, such as have you every signed a female’s chest?  Then Pablo says he wants to see if Pepe is capable of stopping his own penalty, so they bring out the “autopenalty” machine.  After that, it’s onto the science experiments – “the genie in the bottle,” “plaster against fire.”

Pablo then starts talking about the Cirque du Soleil, and their tour in Spain, and so they come out and give a performance.  After that, Pepe is asked by Pablo to translate (he says “that was awesome, very good, congratulations”), and then Pepe and Pablo try their hand at the stunts.  I don’t think Liverpool or Spain will be too happy with this segment.

To end, they listen to songs, including ones in English, with “hidden messages.”  Pepe says he doesn’t dream in English yet, so he’s not truly bilingual yet.

From Pepe’s Facebook:


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  1. Thanks so much for the translations. “will you let Sergio Ramos hold your baby?” haha Sergio is never living that down.

    Oh bb Luca! I hope we get to see pictures soon!

  2. This guy is freakin hilarious! I would kill to know the crazy things he does in the dressing room and when he’s drunk!

  3. Congratulations Pepe and Yolanda!

    Ja ja ja, I’m not Iniesta, and would you let Sergio Ramos hold tha baby?

    Wow, he has a great voice! Would love to see him and his bff, El Guaje, do a duet together!

  4. ” What you miss the most from Spain: the sun. I’m not Iniesta. ”


  5. ok 1st of all ..

    (not liking the name but sooo happy for him .. ENHORABUENA PEPE!!!!!)

    the rest of the post is *LMAO*


  6. This show is insane. I love it! Thanks for posting the vids, Una!

    Now someone has to translate the questions the puppets were asking him. :)

    • Oh, these questions are quite dirty… and they give him a point for each affirmative answer… I’ve tried to translate them, but my Spanish is not perfect, so I may have misunderstood something… anyone can correct me;)

      1) Is it true that it’s impossible to take off one’s pants with goalkeeper’s gloves?
      Pepe: No.

      2) Do you use Gillette to shave something other than your face?
      Pepe: No.

      3) Have your ever used your pocket to scratch your groin?
      Pepe: Yes.

      4) Can you take off a woman’s bra using only your left hand?
      Pepe: Yes.

      5) Have your ever spat on the ball before passing it to the rival’s team?
      Pepe: Well… I have to admit it, yes.

      6) Have your ever felt sexual excitement while attending a mass?
      Pepe: No.

      7) Have you ever coughed to hide a fart?
      Pepe: Yes, accidentally, the two things happened at the same time.

      8)Have you ever signed a female’s chest?
      Pepe: Yes… but over the shirt.

      9) When having drinks at a bar, have you ever put yourself behind the counter and started to serve the people?
      Pepe: Yes.

      10) Have you ever bought magazines that don’t interest you as an excuse for buying an interview or other magazines?
      Pepe: No, I buy just what I want… (but for some reason the puppets give him another point for this question).

  7. congrats to yolanda and pepe, my second-fave goalie in the whorrl! :)

    how can you not love him? he’s adorable and seems like such a sweet, fun, happy guy.

  8. Pepe seems like a really genuine guy. Love him :)
    And Una, just a curious question, but is English your first language? And if not, do you dream in English?

  9. What you miss the most from Spain: “the sun. I’m not Iniesta.”
    The guy is hilarious and amazing, I would definitely want to be friends with him.

    Lots of footballers have sons named Luca!

  10. I never thought I’d love Pepe this much!

  11. Ay dios mio, that picture with him sleeping next to his baby… It gave me the chills, how HOT is this man??????????? geeez, I feel dirty :S

  12. Awww! Their girls are so cute! Congrats pepe and yolanda! Cant help loving this guy…he’s hilarious! Thanks for the translation una:)

  13. This Mr. Reina is crazy!!! love him, he’s quite good at singing… and sooo cute with the ball in his mouth!! and yes, he’s a real hottie… sometimes he does make me feel a little dirty, too… (well not as dirty as my Big Catalan Crush makes me feel, but here, not much can be done, Joanet is still my numero uno…;) anyway, Pepe is hilarious and caliente – that’s a perfect combination!!… ;) thank you Una, it’s been a great pleasure to watch him!! <3 And felicidades to him and Yolanda for their son Luca!! ;)

  14. congrats to them. he´s so damn sexy!

  15. i wish we got to see more of him off the pitch when he’s playing for liverpool (interviews like this, etc), instead of just when he’s back in spain. he can always put a smile on your face :)

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