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To start off with, Marca is promoting a La Roja polo, and they got two very, very fantastic models to show it off: Fernando Llorente and Javi Martínez (!!!).  Okay, I’m convinced.  Genius marketing move by Marca, because I’d buy anything these two are selling.  But what is with that bump on Javi’s (!!!) head, and what happened to Fer’s lion mane?

And you just know that Javi (!!!) is itching to fiddle with the sleeves of the shirt!

The Spanish national team will meet U.S. President Barack Obama on June 2 (unless the president’s schedule changes) in the White House, during their Americas tour.  Spain will leave Madrid on June 1 to head to Washington, meet the president on June 2, and either that day or the next fly to Boston, where they will play the United States in a friendly on June 4.  After that, it will be on to Venezuela to play that country on June 7.

As for post-summer plans, Spain will play Italy on Aug. 10, and is waiting for the Italian football federation to confirm the site of the friendly (it appears that Bari and Naples are the most viable).  Meanwhile, the RFEF is also studying the possibility of playing in China in November, as well as creating a football school there with Spanish coaches.

Meanwhile, Vicente del Bosque said several days ago he’s spoken with several players from Madrid and Barcelona, and “everything has been resolved.  I believe they are professionals and I have no doubts that when they’re defending the colors of their country, they will do it as they’ve always done it.”  He also said that he’s not worried about David Villa and Fernando Torres’ goal droughts, and that he continues to count on both of them.  VDB is expected to announce the list of players called up for the June friendlies around May 25.

Two of Madrid’s players recently spoke on the effects of the clásicosEl capi said during the presentation of his new web site and Facebook page (where the picture above comes from) that “my relationship with (the Barcelona players) is very good; there’s no need to search for polemics in this.  It’s logical that there was a rise in tensions after four clásicos in 20 days, but with the passing of time, everything will calm down.”  Meanwhile, Sergio said yesterday during the presentation of a charitable golf tournament of which he is the patron, “I’m not the only one to say that it would be a big mistake to allow it to affect us.  There is a fantastic group and a fantastic team.  Obviously, people have seen many things and they could think that there will be polemics or that we won’t get along, but I hope it won’t affect us.”

By the way, Pepe Reina, Raúl Albiol, Albert Riera and VDB are expected to join Sergio at the golf tournament, which will take place in Madrid on May 17.

With the U-21 Euro drawing ever closer, Luis Milla will most likely release his list of players called up for the tournament on May 24.  It’s expected that Juan Mata and Javi Martínez (!!!) will be on that list, and Sergio Busquets is also a strong possibility, as he himself has professed that he would like to play with them.  All three are on the list of 40 finalists for a spot on the team (23 will make the final cut), as is Sergio Canales, although he’s already been told that his place is with the U-20 team for the World Cup in Colombia, unless there are circumstances that warrant his inclusion.  César Azpilicueta and Martín Montoya, who are both coming off of injuries, are also included.  The full list is as follows:

Goalkeepers:  De Gea (Atlético); Joel (Atlético); Tomás Mejías (Castilla); Rubén Miño (Barcelona); Diego Mariño (Villarreal).

Defenders:  Mario (Villarreal); Fontàs (Barcelona); San José (Athletic); Botía (Sporting); Marc Bartra (Barcelona); José Ángel (Sporting); Dídac Vilà (Milan); Azpilicueta (Marseille); Domínguez (Atlético); Víctor Ruiz (Napoli); Montoya (Barcelona).

Midfielders:  Koke (Atlético); Canales (Real Madrid); Pacheco (Norwich); Thiago (Barcelona); Rubén Pérez (Deportivo); Baena (Espanyol); Diego Capel (Sevilla); Javi Martínez (!!! Athletic); Illarramendi (Real Sociedad); Parejo (Getafe); Jonathan Viera (Las Palmas); Ander Herrera (Zaragoza); Matilla (Villarreal); Jordi Alba (Valencia); Busquets (Barcelona); Mata (Valencia).

Forwards: Muniain (Athletic); Adrián (Deportivo); Rodrigo (Bolton); Álvaro Vázquez (Espanyol); Juan Carlos (Castilla); Jeffren (Barcelona); Emilio Nsue (Mallorca); Bojan (Barcelona).

The U-21’s next game is on June 5, against Russia, their last before the championship begins.  The game was originally scheduled to be played in Aranda de Duero (Burgos), but now the site has been changed to Soria, at the Pajaritos stadium.

And a tweeted joke by Joan Capdevila – this one made me chuckle just a bit instead of groaning like usual, so I’m posting about it.

It says, “why does a man apply cream with his eyes closed?  Because on the container it says ‘NIVEA.’  Jajaja, how great is this one!!”  Nivea is of course a skincare brand, and if you separate the brand name into two words, it becomes “ni vea” which roughly translates to “don’t even look” in Spanish.

And Javi (!!!) took it upon himself to inform us that there’s a twitter account posing as Andoni Iraola.  He explained, “Andoni would never write so badly, with so many spelling mistakes…”  I love that Javi’s (!!!) rationale, and that he cares about spelling mistakes!!

Other tweets relating to the boys, but with their clubs (so I’m posting links instead of photos): Iker Muniain tweeted this photo of himself, Javi (!!!), David López and Fernando Amorebieta (by the way, Amorebieta has a cute picture of him and Fernando Llorente as his profile pic), and someone tweeted back, “what does Javi have in his hand, the lid of the Tupperware container from his snack?”  And Javi tweeted back, “I believe it’s called a book.”  For some reason, that reply made me laugh!

And Borja Valero tweeted two pics of him and his club teammates, but all La Roja players: here with Joan and Carlos Marchena, and here with Santi, Joan and Bruno.  Joan is in serious need of a haircut.

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  1. What a great way to wake up with a pic of Llorente and Javi! Although I’m not sure what is going on with either one of their hairs (Javi’s bump and Fer’s isn’t it’s usually fluffy goodness).

    Wow, the boys are meeting the president! BTW – will the Javi (!!!) and Juan Mata get to meet him if they’re playing in the U-21 and not the friendlies?

  2. Nivea…. O that made me laugh!

  3. Nivea!, what a cute joke:D i wonder if Joan comes up with these on his own?

    • Noooo, it’s not his own… it’s quite old, maybe it appeared even before Joan himself… I remember one of my Latin American friends told it to me 10 years ago, when I was using my Nivea cream in front of him :)

  4. Is it bad I find all of Joan Capdevila’s jokes hilarious
    I think I snorted at the bus one hahaha :’)

  5. Oh God, what’s up with Fer’s and Javi’s hair?!! :S I hope it’s just photoshopping!! ;)

    Joanet’s last joke is good, but… not his own ;) he took it from his libro de chistes… I heard this joke 10 years ago from a friend from Guatemala :) although what he told me was a bit different, it went like “you’ll become blind if you use Nivea” ;) but you see the wordplay is the same ;)

    It’s true, my Catalan crush needs a haircut and a shave… don’t like seeing him looking like a caveman, it’s not sexy!! although tomorrow I’ll watch Villarreal play against Real Madrid and look out for Joan to take off his camiseta… ;) hope he will be exchanging it with some RM player… and if so, maybe even appears shirtless on your RM blog… ;)

  6. THANX UNA!!! …i get sooo depress when I know they are coming to the USA …but they are in another city… :( ..

    & as for the Joan’s joke .. I had to read it twice be4 i got it … like usual … but i did laugh …

    as 4 the pics love them like usually


  7. there are a few lovely children in Barca’s celebration.. Sorry the occasion maybe controversial. but those children are so extremely uncontroversially adorable (esp. Valdes’ Dylan).. Worth checking..

  8. Fer’s lovely locks!! Where did it all go?! :( Now he looks younger. And reminds me a bit of Thomas Müller from the German NT.

  9. Eeeeee! They’re going to be in Washington?!?!? Definitely going to be tempted to go into stalker mode June 1 & 2!

  10. I hope Fer regrows his lovely locks before he lands in the US of A. It’s no fun seeing him like this!

  11. Oh man just read on FB that Iker is learning English. All I can think of is his “English lesson” with Pepe Reina. “worss” goalkeeper. Ha ha ha. Watched a bit of Mahou futbolin clip with Villa and Iker. (I hope you’ll post about it, but of course only you have time and/or want to!)

  12. OMG, this just popped up in my email!!!!! While, I am going to the game. My train from NY does not get into Boston until 8PM Friday night. Even if I changed my train time, I probably couldn’t make it because Foxboro is in the middle of nowhere. I’m bummed I won’t get to witness the first hand the antics of the boys when they train!

    “Tickets Now Available for U.S. Men’s National Team and Spain Training Sessions June 3 in Foxborough, Mass.

    Don’t miss this rare opportunity to watch the training sessions of both the U.S. Men’s National Team and FIFA World Cup Champion Spain at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass., the day before their June 4 friendly.

    General admission tickets in advance are just $20 and are good for both teams’ sessions (USA 4:30-5:30 p.m.; Spain 6:30-7:30 p.m.).Tickets on the day of the event are $25. Parking for the event is free. Proceeds will be used to support U.S. Soccer Federation coaching initiatives.”

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