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Let’s give this a try.  I really would like to continue sharing La Roja with all of you, so let’s see how this works out.  With the exception of my comment on how much I love Xabi as a father, keep in mind that the rest is straight news reporting, and if you can find any bias in that, I would kindly ask you to refrain from reading this blog in the future.

Spotted at the Mutua Madrid Open last week were Xabi, Nagore & little Jon (I love papá Xabi!), Joan & María, and Iker & Sara.  Diego López also caught a game.

Speaking of Joan, after Álvaro Arbeloa re-tweeted a joke yesterday that he said was “typical of Joan Capdevila,” Joan dedicated a joke to Álvaro: “a guy gets on a bus and says, how much for the bus?  The driver responds, €1.50.  So the guy says, I’ll take it, tell everyone to get off.”  Álvaro’s response was, “Jaja, horrible!”

The Spain-Liechtenstein Euro 2012 qualifier on Sept. 6 will be played at the Las Gaunas in Logroño (La Rioja), while the Spain-Scotland game on Oct. 11 will be held at the Rico Pérez in Alicante.

As for Javi (!!!) team the U-21 team, they’ll play a friendly on June 5 against Russia in Aranda de Duero (Burgos).  One week after that, they’ll play the first game of the U-21 Euro in Denmark, against England, with their second and third games in the tournament on June 15 and June 19.  The team will start their concentración on May 31.  Vicente del Bosque said yesterday that Sergio Busquets’ presence on the roster will depend on how a meeting between the player, the federation and Barcelona go: “Sergio has told us he wants to play in the U-21 Euro, and if it were up to me, there would be no problems for him to do so.  But it’s not only an issue for us, but also for Barça, and so we will comply with their petition.”

And Cesc is modeling for new brand Mr Atila – you can buy the t-shirt that Cesc is wearing, but unfortunately not Cesc himself.  He also has a new web site!

Via twitter, Carles Puyol introduced us to Paca and Rita, saying that we’ll get to meet Queca another day.

Meanwhile, in a press conference with his club yesterday, Víctor Valdés gave his opinion on the effects of the four clásicos on La Roja: “I didn’t have a personal relationship with the Real Madrid players before, only when we were called up with the national team.  Things related to football should stay on the field, both the good and the bad.  Is this going to affect the national team?  I don’t think so.  I’m convinced that things will stay the same.”

And Javi (!!!) tweeted a selection of “three words that fuck you up”:


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  1. Yay Una, thanks for the post! Always appreciated. I gues Javi (!!!) won’t be at the US friendly if he’s playing with the U-21 team on June 5th. I won’t be able to get you any pix of him from the game then :(. I’ll be content to know I saw him play at the Bernabeu this year. I started laughing at the last the last tweet from him, ya has acabado? ;) Ooh…Capdevila. I can’t wait to meet Queca after all the Crackovia spoofs. Una, keep up the great work!

  2. I loved seeing them at the Madrid Open! What a game. (Go Nole!)

    Puyol’s pets are so cute <3

  3. Thank you for continuing with the blog!!
    And could you please pretty please translate what javi says in the three tweets at the end of the post??

  4. besides the tennis, ‘spot the footballer’ in manolo santana estadio is the best game! i heard santi was also there, but i didn’t see him nor can i find a photo:(. i’m convinced xabi was talking as much jon.
    una, please never ever ever ever stop writing about this team. i check here more than my email. i’m flying back to the states from spain 2 days after they play there (i threw a fit when i found out), but you have just saved me from some serious self-loathing by mentioning that the u21 team will play in burgos!
    thanks for the (always) entertaining post! and to be honest, i love hearing your opinion, not just the news. i wouldn’t even quit reading this blog (let alone bash you) if you started trash talking los che…and that’s saying a lot!hahah >~

  5. lovely post. thank u!

  6. Puyi’s dogs are adorable, and so is he. Capi is pretty in pink, well pretty might not be the word, but it sure does suit him. Yum!

    I have nothing against Sara Carbonbiscuits, but I think she has gotten way too skinny. Iker, gorgeous as always. And Xabi…well what more can we say? Perfect man has perfect family.

    Thanks for this, una. I’m still recuperating from a nasty case of HyperClasicosis myself. Hope we can leave all that behind us now and concentrate on what is really important…Javi’s abs!

    • Yeah, Capi in pink is yummy… sexy… and you’re right, not exactly pretty… he would be pretty if he were a girl in pink ;)) but fortunately he is not ;) <3 <3 <3 (would eat him up, but first take off the pink he's wearing)

      It seems I've found him shirtless… the article and photos are not new and I'm not 100% sure it's he, but anyway here's the page:
      in the left upper corner… he's hiding his face (embarrassed to be shirtless in front of the cameras? silly Joan;)… but the nose looks like his… ;)

  7. I’m going to display my own bias and go straight for Javitxu (!!!)’s tweets – let’s just say that I hope “¿ya has acabado?” is NOT something that he hears with any regularity or… um. Actually let me not finish that thought. (It was very funny, though.)

    Also I really hope we get to meet Queca at some point, because that would be actually hilarious/adorable.

  8. Crackdevila and Maria both look a bit depressed… if I were Maria, with such a gorgeous man by my side, I don’t think I would feel sad ;) or, maybe, yes, but only about the fact that Joanet’s jokes are for the most part silly… ;)

    Puyol’s dogs are extremely cute… would love to pet them ;) Paca’s eyes <3 <3 <3

  9. Gracias Una for update! I know a lot of us, especially the cules, will be very thankful for posting Barca-related news.

  10. ZERO BIAS!!!!!

    The Tennis game – the 3 couple BEAUTIFUL!!!! (but Joan wife looks different.. New hair color?)

    Cesc ( now that he is single .. I don’t mind buying Cesc now jjejeje)


    Javi(!!!) I <3 it … I can't stop laughing ….

    THANX UNA!!!!

  11. I love Papá Xabi as well!

    I am happy that you will try to continue writing on this blog, I love your comments not only the news you provide. IMO, this is your blog and you have every right to write whatever you feel like. The solution is very easy for those who don’t like it – don’t read it!

  12. Alright, is Cesc really single or not? Iker’s smile melts me in the picture, and Cesc, well, what else could he be besides adorable and hot? ;)

  13. Did I read some place that Cesc was newly single or was I hallucinating? I should have copied the link! Have you read anything about this?

    • yeah, I think its official! I’m a little upset, because Carla was my favorite WAG (2nd if Shakira counts as one) and she and Cesc were so cute together!

  14. yes-yes-yes.. thanks una for continuing this blog.. i love your blog.. big hug from your fan in indonesia


  16. i love that you want to continue sharing la roja with us, but would you mind terribly *not* sharing pastasauce with us? i dare say most of us won’t miss her …

  17. Oh, this is cute! thanks, una. I love papa Xabi, too! And little Jon is like his father more and more, no?
    Didn’t know capdevila went to Madrid Open, he’s fabulous!

  18. wow, Cesc looks nice ;) and those Puyi’s sweet dogs I can’t wait to see Queca jajajaj,

  19. lmao because Victor does sooo much for the team… right.
    Puyol’s two dogs are so qt. I can’t wait to see Queca though, I only know her from crackovia.

  20. Hi Una! I am really glad that you have continued writing posts in this blog. I love La Roja and I truly hope that the players maintain the good relations they have established, regardless of club affiliations.

    I look forward to reading more posts about my favorite NT.


  21. Paca and Rita are really cute!

    It was Cesc’s birthday last week. And Iniesta’s birthday today. Feliz Cuple Cesc and Andres!

  22. What a grand selection of news, Una! Thank you thank you!

    But most especially…HAHAHAHAHA oh, man. Javi is hysterical.

  23. Thanks UnaMadridista for the news! everyone looks so fine, fine, fine. However, I have no words to decsribe how I feel about Xabi, he seems to be such a wonderful guy.

    and Iker, of course, Iker. Not a bad outfit at all. He looks gorgeous.

  24. Una, I’m more a follower of your Madrid blog than Con La Roja, as I’m more a Deutschland fan in terms of national teams. But I love coming to this blog anyway, because so many of the players I love and admire are Spanish!
    I completely missed the comments that were posted a couple days back, but I just browsed through them today and I would like to say that you are a very treasured blogger. I would love someone like you updating me on die Deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft! I have never come across an obvious bias in your national team posts; if anything, I find these posts too biased toward Javi (!!!) ;D But who’s complaining about that?

    I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put into these posts. Don’t let a few naysayers get you down; the vast majority of us enjoy your posts and commentary. If someone disagrees, let them start their own blog!

    -A Very Grateful Reader

  25. I love your blog.. Ever since I’ve seen it, this has been my La Roja bible…:)) You do a great deal to make us all happy… All praise and only praises to you!!!

    (F*** those haters! ;) )

  26. OK, not a Spanish speaker here, but is Javi’s third “words that eff you up” what i’m thinking it might be?

    PS: I’m thinking a naught, NAUGHTY thought.

  27. I just wanted to comment because I got stressed.

    I remember reading about that interview with Victor Valdes and the translation went something like,” I am personally not close to the Real Madrid players in the National Team blah blah and so he doesn’t think it should affect how they play.” And I got so irritated because I felt his answer was not relevant and intentionally offensive. Now though, after reading your translation. That wasn’t what he meant! Haha I just wanted to say, that I felt like I had to apologize for rolling my eyes and cursing when I read the first translation of his interview. :D Ahh the media. :)

    Anyway, I like your translations much better. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  28. Hi Una:
    Miguel Ángel Díaz wrote on his @secretosroja twitter account that the Spain-Liechtenstein game on Sep 6 would be held in Logroño, and it’s the Scotland-Spain game on Oct 11 that Alicante would host. Hmm is this true?

    Anyway, yeah I don’t see any bias on this post as well. Don’t worry, there’re still people who support you. Haha

  29. aw no you can’t buy Cesc? better let Barca know that…. ;) he’s looking a little nerdy in that photo anyway, tho… needs a posing lesson from Xabi Señor Classy, huh? lol! <– i love all the observ's ive picked up over the past year from reading your amazing blog, Una!!

  30. Una, I hope you’re doing ok after both Iker and (!!!) opened their webpages this week! Javi’s is adorkable.

  31. Not sure if this counts as club or la roja but at Barca’s league celebrations there were alot of baller babies on show and Villa and Valdes’ kids are beyond adorable!!

  32. Thanks Una for continuing your blog! *bliss* Really appreciate what you are doing and all the hard work you are putting into this amazing blog. I second the comments of E (A Very Greatful Reader). Please ignore what a few blasphemous individuals have said about you being biased in relation to clubs. Obviously they cant read or need to read your posts more carefully. Looking forward to knowing more about La Roja! :)

  33. I for one am very happy to see you continue this blog. You too, like all the players, should try to get over all this bitterness. If you don’t feel like continuing, in parallel it can possibly mean the players don’t feel like continuing to play together either.
    I reread with so much pleasure – literally Laughing Out Loud – your articles on Aragones and Pepe Reina.

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