Reader A. left a comment in which she said she tried “JaviMartinez” as the password for those two posts from May 5 when they were password protected, and reader Michael said that he thought there was a hidden code/message, so I was just wondering, did you try any passwords?  If so, what were they?  It will be interesting to see what you think goes on in my mind!  Or will I be shocked to find out that most of you think that I have a two track mind consisting of “Iker” and “!!!”?

And thank you to everyone who left comments on the previous post.  I’d like to thank you all individually, but this will have to suffice.  I really do appreciate all the kind words and affection.


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  1. Well, i used conlaroja first cuss i thought maybe that was it but obviously not …then, unamadridista and it didnt work either not very creative guesses i guess… Gosh Una i wonder what the password was?

  2. conlaroja and realmadrid/unamadridista

  3. password >>> DILEMMA!!!
    or >>> BetweenaRock&aHardPlace

  4. I was going to go with naming all the players but I didn’t … but I did try the obvious ConLaRoja or conlarojablog … & then i type unamadridista … but that was it … I think???

    then the next day(i think it was) i was going to try IkerMartinez …cause you said once you wanted to name your kid Iker & if dad was Javi(!!!) his last name would be Martinez …

    by they way Iker would actually be a good name since one of Javi(!!!) friend (maybe even best friend) is named Iker….

    Are you going to tell us the password???

  5. hehe, I tried my own password from my account – somehow I’ve been a bit silly and thought the readers had to write our own or passwords :)) but I suppose you put something more complicated, related to other parts of your life… or maybe to La Roja as a whole… “campeones110710” or something like this? nooo… too easy ;)) I don’t have many ideas, but I guess you are not as simple-minded as to think only of Iker and Javi, as well as I am not ascapdevilomaníaca as I pretend to be – at least my own passwords are in no way related to him – they’re more about my musical preferences that I’ve had for a long time ;)

  6. I personally didn’t even think of trying to access the articles by guessing on passwords or trying to get a wordpress account to see if that would allow me access.

    I figured there must have been a reason for password protecting the site and so I just emailed Una to find out. Trying to get around by hacking into the site seemed like violation of Una’s personal domain (which this blog falls into) and didn’t seem like the right thing to do….

    Sorry, if I come across as boring, but that is who I am….

  7. I tried ‘SanIker’ the first go, I think. Ohoho.

  8. Hi Una! I am a Barcelona fan and since the beginning (to the present) of this blog, I’ve never read anything or felt that you’ve been biased. I really appreciate that you see things in perspective given that you are a Madridista..Must take a lot of effort especially that the two teams are archrivals! Thank you for continuing this blog! Im sorry if my comment is kinda misplaced. It probably should be in the previous post but there are a lot of comments already. Hehe.

    Kinda felt sad that the past posts had passwords (used to). I thought it was the end of my La Roja news. As for my guesses: javi, javimartinez, ilovejavi, unamadridista, and campeones. What were the passwords? :-)

  9. I’ll admit I tried ‘!!!’ a couple of times!

    (!!! and his Bilbao cohorts have been rather amusing on twitter the last few days, from what I am able to understand).

  10. Ha ha, I tried a password like Reader A! I tried ConLaRoja when I couldn’t get in :). And I tried JaviMartinez as well I believe :). Those were it.

  11. I guessed “halamadrid” but then figured I would never get it right so gave up.

  12. I have to confess that I didn’t try any passwords because I didn’t want the system to lock me out if I get too many wrong =( But if I had tried, I would probably put something like “baldingIker?!?!” haha.

  13. How in the world would anyone think the password would be “JaviMartinez” is beyond me! hahahaha

    I did not try any passwords but then, I was able to submit my comment without one(?). I definitely would have leaned towards something to do with Javi(!!!) though. “Soyundewear” maybe?! :p

    btw Una, I just realized that there may be a mistake in your “tags”. Shouldn’t it be “Javi(!!!)” instead of “Javi”? Surely there is never a “Javi” reference without the “(!!!)”, is there?! lol

  14. Hm… I actually havn’t tried hacking (although it’s a good idea…) but let me guess…


    Embarrassing to say, but all of my passwords have something to do with RM in them…

  15. i didn’t try to put in a password in, but honestly i did think ur password has to do with ur hun !!! :o)

    -And Una, I know I didn’t post on your previous blog (I got a lil sidetracked) but I feel just as all your other followers feel. I look forward to your entries everyday. I wake up and turn my computer on, and I go to your page…and I even try to put my 2-yr old to sleep at night hoping that before I go to bed myself you’ve updated ur blog. (I’m really not trying to be a kiss-up…I’m just trying to convey that you’re an awesome writer). And I don’t ever think u’re negative towards Xavi or any other players. Perhaps other readers might have read your blogs out of context.

    You’re a great writer…keep up your wonderful work.

  16. We’re behind you all the way! For the record, I tried:


  17. Una, I wasn’t able to reply from the last entry but please stay. Remember that this is your blog, we are your readers, and therefore you definitely have the power to call the shots! More power to you!

    As for guesses, I did conlaroja and laroja for the passwords. I didn’t even think of Iker and Javi! WOW go me!

  18. I thought of something related to the NT. Or probably something like ‘IkerandJavilovesUna’. ;)

  19. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your posts on La Roja. I know you put a lot of effort into them, and as a non-fluent spanish speaker, it’s really helpful to have an english source. Thank you again.

  20. haha, I tried ‘Iker’ and ‘Casillas’ and ‘Javitxu’ and then I gave up ;)
    I’m curious: Una, what were the correct passwords? ^.^

  21. coffeesunshine

    lol, I confess I tried “conlaroja”, “campeones” “larojafan”, etc.

  22. Lol maybe it’s just me pero I would be un poquito preocupado if someone was trying passwords to gain access to private posts. It’s as if they’re trying to hack your posts. Although I wouldnt be surprised if it had something to do with Javito!!!!

  23. You know, since Una is Spanish (though gasp, I’m only 99% sure!), maybe it’s something more like, TeQuieroIker. Or TeQuieroJavi…:) (sorry, my Spanish isn’t the best, but I’m taking lessons!)

  24. My Guess was Javi(!!!)

  25. i tried undershirtofiker

  26. My guess is xavihernandeth?

  27. according to Richard Feynman, the great physicist and a genius, most of the passwords are usually more simple than we might think.

    so they only one I tried was the one I wrote about what caused me to be mentioned (like a first hacker) LOL still honoured to be mentioned by you Una;-)

    from the ones mentioned above I especially like “Iloveikersprofile” and “ikerinatux” LOL

    • Ha ha, love them too!! continuing the outfit topic, it could also be “ikersincamiseta” or “shirtlesslaroja” :))) and if I were una, I would put a password like “somostodoscampeonesnadieesfeodecojones” :)) but it’s more about my crush than Una’s ;)

  28. Here’s my twocents:

    Of course I’m projedct what the hell I would do, hahahaha…I actually had no earthly idea. I do remember thinking you may’ve had some issues with Cule’s.

  29. My first guess was “Javi!!!”. Then “Javi!!!!”. Finally, “Javi!!!!!”. I gave up after that. Lol.

  30. Hmmmm, my guess would be something about Euro2012, as that’s what’s at stake for our la Roja… but Javitxu !!! , or maybe the beautiful Basque town name that I know you and I both dream about,…would be a thought as well :)

    Thank You again for everything you do Una! I absolutely LOVE your informative & saucy commentary & (hot) footie pictures, as well!

  31. Well, I tried “bernabeu” and also “elgalgodelucas”. What can I say? My mind works in weird ways. :)

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