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In the last couple of days, I’ve been told, via comments left on this blog, “to see things in perspective,” to be more “reasonable,” that “I often pick on Xavi,” that I “go after Barcelona’s La Roja players,” that I “ALWAYS defend RM’s players and their reputations,” that my “excuses” are “lame,” with many other things implied.   I’ve also been told that I’m “one-sided,” and that I have a “Madrid bias.”

When I started this blog, I just wanted to share the Spanish national team with everyone, especially those who don’t speak Spanish, because I know how hard it can be to get information on them.  I placed a “no club” rule on this blog, because I wanted the focus to be on the national team, and not the clubs they play for.  And I thought I had been pretty successful at that.  At least, I generally had no complaints or negative comments until I posted about some reactions to the three weeks of clásicos and their effect on La Roja, as it was inevitable that clubs were mentioned with this issue.  And that’s when I started receiving comments like the ones above.  You may not agree what I wrote in response to some of the comments, but I really believe the posts in this blog have been neutral, and for it to be attacked like that…

You know, I don’t have to write anything for this blog.  It’s not an obligation, I’m not making any money off of this.  And it’s giving me more headaches and frustration now than anything, so I locked the most recent posts while trying to decide what to do with the blog.  Nothing is set yet, but two options that I may consider are to shut the whole thing down, or to stop writing about the Barcelona players, because I foresee that every word I write about them in the future will be scrutinized for my Madrid bias and used against me to put me down.  Of course, some will just view that as a further example of my one-sidedness, so I’d just like to say that I have no problems with Barcelona’s players when they’re with La Roja (what happens when they’re on duty with their club is for the most part irrelevant for this blog).  I just don’t want to be constantly insulted.  So if I choose this option, I apologize in advance to those fans of La Roja’s Barcelona players who will miss out on photos, news, interviews, anecdotes and other fun things involving their favorite players because of this.  But I hope you can see why I would choose to take this decision.  I also foresee that I will be told to stop writing about Madrid as well if I quit writing about Barcelona.  I can do that, but I’m going to feature Madrid’s La Roja players extensively on the other blog, so fans of Madrid’s La Roja players can always go there.

On a side note, I’d also like you to try and find an example where I pick on Xavi in this blog as a La Roja player, or I make a disparaging remark about a La Roja player only because they play for Barcelona.  I’d like to see the basis for these accusations, and I hope I can prove that they are unfounded.  Conversely, if anyone is curious, I can also offer examples where I condemn a Real Madrid player for their actions.


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  1. Una,
    i started reading this blog during world cup and i may not have comment here as much as i want..but i really love this blog and i am one of your biggest fan( even if i dont know u)…i rather hope that you won’t go with those options..but if you really have to..let’s go with option no. 2..i’m sorry that these few days have been stresfull for u..

  2. ohh i’m sad this has happened. I, for one, think this blog is absolutely incredible, I can’t give it enough compliments. And I think it’s sad that this has happened with some bitter Barca fans. I don’t see why they should be so offended when you often talk of the Barca-La Roja players in such a favourable way. I think it’s ridiculous. I really really hope that you don’t close this blog or even change it, because I think it’s perfect as it is.

  3. coffeesunshine

    PLEASE don’t shut this down. Your blog is the best la roja fan’s blog I have ever seen.
    Thank you for what u had done, and if possible, I really would like to see it just like before.
    Por Favor!

  4. Una, to be honest, I rarely read La Roja. For me you are Unamadridista who compiled and wrote amazing stuffs about my fav club in the world for the last 14 years, Real Madrid. I completely understand your decision with La Roja, but I’m hoping so much that this kind of things won’t happen to your Real Madrid blog. Best of luck for you darling, we’ll see you on the other side where we can bleed white without worries and judgments. Hala Madrid :)

  5. NOOO UNA please don’t shut it down!!! But I completely understand that it’s been a nasty past few weeks for you, from reading all the comments, especially those ones aimed at you (which are completely ridiculous given that your name is Una Madridista). I don’t think any of those commenters represent your loyal readers- they’re few and far between, and come here to litter your blog with trash talk.

    I’ll always be following you on your Madrid blog, but I hope you’ll keep this one as well. If not as a live blog, at least as an archived one so we can always come back to your amazing coverage of last summer!!

    EVERYONE WHO READS THIS BLOG, including all the ‘silent’ followers, NOW is the time for you to POST A COMMENT!!

  6. to be frank sometimes i forget that you are first and foremost a madridista when i read your posts in this la roia blog.

    your posts on the World Cup, the friendlies after that, the team tributes, etc… they show how you love and respect this team as a whole. you know what readers (i.e. fans of the NT) want and you post stuff like ad commercials and photoshoots (i.e. valdes’ and pique’s, just to name some) when really in essence they’ve nothing to do with club or country. and readers (like myself) ohhh and ahhh and “drool” over these pics.

    but that’s just it. people tend to forget that in the stretch of a league season, it would be the CLUB that would take precedence. and tense events like clasicos (this season’s especially) would affect how you view those NT members from madrid – barca. it would be pretty hypocritical of you if you proclaim yourself as an RM fan and not get affected at all…

    i might as well admit now, myself i’ve lost respect to certain members of the spain nt. and i can’t help but feel greatly saddened that something like that would happen.

    if you ever decide una to close this la roja blog down, i’d understand, as well as a few more others. it would be a huge loss coz, as someone who would never get to meet the spain nt guys– is not even remotely european– i feel like your blog is the only link i can have :)

    but you don’t have to take insults and allow narrow-minded people to make you feel hurt.

    close this blog down and i bet hundreds of other football fan blogs would despair. your entries are practically their entire material for posting. heh…

    but please know that, among the haters, i believe there are thrice as many who appreciate what you are doing:)

  7. Una i adore this blog and have been reading it since the world cup i adore La Roja boys, hot spaniards are hot ;), and if you decide to stop posting/writing i support you because you work so hard to give us info on this natl. Team and u have your own life and u dont have to provide funny and great anecdotes and news to people who are ungrateful.. And the whole club (barcelona/realmadrid) thing doesnt bother me at all, as i am a Valencia fan. And this is your blog you can write watever you want and you have my full and undivided attention. i can or at least hope i can wake up in the mornng without your witty mind:)! Amunt Una! Or Hala Una! :D

  8. please una do not shut this blog dawn and do not stop writing about barca players i am madridista but i love this blog>>>>>please please please>>>>you are the perfect football fan and great writer <<<<<<if there is somebody who dont like this blog he can simply stop reading it
    i am sorry about my bad english

    • your English is fine. I understood every word. ;)

    • I understood every word as well…and your comment about Una: ” you are the perfect football fan and a great writer” , is one of the best and most true comments I’ve seen here :)

  9. Una –

    You have done amazing work here for fans of La Roja and I have always found your posts here to be fair and balanced. You can take whatever side you want on your Madrid blog and no one should bring that into it. These clasicos have driven everyone around the bend with inappropriate things coming from both sides. However, for people to lash out at you is ridiculous. You have been nothing but wonderful and helpful. If you decide to close this blog down I will be very sad, but I understand. You should not have to suffer through people being nasty to you. Whatever your choice, I support you 100% and thank you for all that you have done for us.


  10. Una: I have never been a frequent reader of this blog, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re an amazing blogger and nobody should ever make you feel like you should stop writing here. I mean, nobody forces you to read anything people. If you don’t like Una for what she writes, don’t read it, period. This is no base for insulting her.

  11. Una, I’m so sorry that it’s come to this. I for one appreciate everything that you do. You don’t have to do any of it, but the fact that you keep us gals (and some guys) entertained and knowledgable about La Roja is truly commendable. I for one thought about hacking into the site (don’t worry, A) I wouldn’t do it, and B) nor do I possess any skills to do it :) ), to post a blog on April 27th of this year to make it Una Appreciation Day! (since I believe the blog started a year ago that day). I used to read Kickette for news on the La Roja boys (regardless of club), and I remember I was forever grateful when someone in their comments section mentioned your blog and so I started reading it. Since then, I anxiously anticipate any new news you have to share, and the posts are always a highlight of my day. More than anything, even if I could find the news and pix elsewhere, it’s your witty comments and eye for detail in pictures that make me smile. (Like, who thinks Pique would be in the back of the class room, or look how bored Iker looks at the Ballon D’or ceremony, etc.). THAT IS ABSOLUTELY INVALUABLE. I for one would like to go back to the highest of highs from last July, and hope for more shirtless pix (especially with vacations coming up), fun anecdotes (like when Pepe Reina has his kid, Iniesta as a father, and OMG Villa wears leopard print shoes), etc. I’ve been reading the blog as I mentioned, and have not seen you picking on anyone. I hope a few bad apples won’t let this blog shut down or the content become restricted (is it possible to have a probation period?), but I respect whatever decision you make. Even though it might make me sad to the nth degree :(. As VDB said, we should all treat others with respect. From your humble and faithful La Roja blog follower. PS – I am buying a telephoto lens for my camera so I can get some good pix from the June 4th game. Or maybe I need to get some tips from Jimmy Jump on how to invade a pitch :)

    • “I am buying a telephoto lens for my camera so I can get some good pix from the June 4th game. Or maybe I need to get some tips from Jimmy Jump on how to invade a pitch :) ”

      Do both! Imagine the pictures you could get being that close :p

      • Not a bad idea! And I’d do it at the end of the game when they’re exchanging shirts, sweaty and shirtless (not in the beginning or half time like Jimmy Jump where I’d miss the game!). Hey it will be June in the US and I hope to god no infernal base layers! Although I’m sure San Iker will be wearing something. Less than a month til the Spanish boys and some USMNT Captain Carlos Bocanegra… It helps that even he has a Spanish name :).

  12. I found your blog just a couple of weeks ago and I really like it. I don’t speak Spanish and, just like you said, the blog is the best place to get info on La Roja players. Please don’t shut the blog! If anyone doesn’t like your blog or your comments then why do they read it? I like La Roja, but I must admit I am a Real Madrid fan and as such I sometimes get angry with some La Roja Barcelona players. But I am most worried that the whole Real Madrid – Barcelona thing may have a negative effect on the national team. I believe the people who accuse you of being biased are wrong. May be they have confused this blog with the Real Madrid blog. And on the Real MAdrid blog, which is for Real Madrid fans, you are allowed to be biased. Anyway, both blogs are great, keep doing what you do, there are people who really appreciate your work.

  13. no. please. don’t do it. I’m Madridista, but I have huge sentiment for the whole La Roja squad, your blog has made me smile since a very long time…
    I know these comments can be frustrating, but… just don’t care and continue your amazing work. For the real fans around the world…

  14. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that I’ve been following both of your blogs since the world cup an I just love what you do. You are heaven sent for me as I cannot find this information in my area.

    I don’t think you’ve been biased in anyway and you’ve done a wonderful job with the national team blog, especially considering the the rivals involved. I hope you continue and that hopefully soon we can all return to the team feeling we had before and during the world cup.

  15. I don’t mean to go all Oprah on here but, we all know that you are a fan of Real Madrid but I honestly think you’ve done a fair job of sticking to the Seleccion stuff, but that’s just my opinion. You might be upset that fans of the La Roja Barcelona players are attacking you, but think about it. The La Roja Madrid players and the La Roja Barcelona players cant get along right now. What makes you think the fans of both groups of players are gonna be calm about the situation? When the players get over this little “hate fest” caused by los clasicos, so will the fans. That’s just my logic.

  16. This breaks my heart because I’ve read almost every post (yes i was a little obsessed after the world cup) and never once did you say anything bad about ANY Barcelona players in fact you gave them praise and respect which in turn made me respect them.

    All i know is i appreciate what you write on both blogs and it’s sad that people would attack you in such a way. Everyone is different and has different opinions but what makes someone a good person is respecting those opinions even if you do not agree. What’s sad is that these people who write those things would never say that your face and the internet is an easy place to be a bully. You do this for your love of La Roja and anyone with common sense can see that. If any Real Madrid player said what Pique, Xavi or Busquets said over the last 3 weeks you would have mentioned it in a unbiased manner but since they don’t talk crap about their teammates, country or make racists comments there was nothing to report.

    I am so very sorry people have treated you in such a way, it seems the age of the internet have affected how people treat one another. I appreciated all that you do and whichever option you choose i will still stop by every day :)

  17. Hi, I have been reading “con la roja” for a while and am a barça supporter (for now*). I have always thought you were fair in your posts, and I have no clue how several readers could have accused you of bias against FCB. In the end, this is your website and you should be able to write as you please. If you do abstain from writing about barça players, my opinion of your website will remain the same – this is a well-written and thoughtful website. (This is also why some culés do not deserve nice things)

    *I have always loved Barça, but the lack of acknowledgment regarding the racial slur uttered by Busquets is extremely disappointing.

  18. I was wondering why you had locked the last two posts and I was hoping you’d unlock them at some point because I want to continue reading your blogs but wouldn’t want to create a WordPress account especially for this, especially since I’m not blogging on here.

    I must say I understand your concerns and would probably consider throwing in the towel myself if I were in your position. You’re spending your free time to keep us all informed about what’s going on with La Roja, and considering that there are very few useful and reliable sources in English out there, I think you’re doing a great favour to us people who love the Spanish national team but speak little or no Spanish.

    It’s a shame and a disgrace that people actually approached you and questioned your objectivity on this blog. You’re probably the most unbiased person I know!! I really don’t know where those people see your picking on Xavi or all the other idiotic accusations they made. I personally consider myself a very diplomatic person but I could never update this blog as well as you and I’m impressed by the way you keep including players in your updates that have recently (or in the past) said or done offensive things towards your club. If I were a supporter of Real Madrid, I would never post any pictures or interviews with the likes of Piqué on principle, but you’re better than me. :)

    I hope you’ll get a lot of supportive comments on here and will in the end decide to continue this blog as it is and ignore those idiots who can obviously find fault everywhere, even where there is none.

  19. Please, please don’t stop writing this blog! It’s one of the few footie blogs that aren’t all *SRS BZNS*

    I think the overload of Classicos has truly messed up everyone’s – Cules and Madridistas alike – heads. Unfortunately, it’s over now but there’s 3 more classicos this calendar year left. So, my humble suggestion would be to not write or report anything that can in any way, shape or form be related to the ongoing or past El Classicos. Even quotes from third-party people…like VDB. Because the event just invites really hardline opinions that can’t be swayed or reasoned with. (I’m a cule and I have very hardline opinions about Mourinho, Ramos, Arbeloa, Pepe, etc. as well but I know that there is a right time and place to share those opinions and seeing as this is a La Roja blog, this ain’t it!)

    So, when an El Classic is upon us, just write about Javi and his tight underwear…and it would be a great stress-reliever for everyone! But please don’t stop writing!

  20. First, Una, I wanted to say thank you for all the work that you do on this blog. It’s been such a treat to be regularly updated on the Spanish NT for the past year.

    And secondly, you’re completely right. This blog isn’t your job and you don’t get paid for it. When something stops being fun, you have every right to stop doing it. And ultimately, it’s your blog and you can write whatever you want. If people don’t want to read it, then they don’t have to.

    For what it’s worth, had your name not been unamadridista and had I not been a reader of your Madrid blog, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that you’re a Real Madrid supporter. To me, you’ve been exceptionally unbiased and fair in talking about players and saving club-related news and criticisms to your Madrid blog. It seems that the past 4 clásicos have just made everyone angry, exhausted, and defensive of their clubs and players, which is understandable. Hopefully with time people will cool off and see that you haven’t attacked a player on this blog because of club-related issues.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I support any decision you make regarding this site. If only the lucky readers of Following Real Madrid get to read your amazing commentary, then so be it.

  21. I’m so sorry to hear that it’s come to this!
    I’ve seen no bias about Barca players in this blog, and even if there was some – it’s your blog and you have all the rights to write what you want here.
    I know it’s hard to block out all the negativity, but please know that your work has always been appreciated and don’t let a few idiots to ruin all you’ve done.

    For me as non-Spanish speaking fan of La Roja, your blog has been invaluable source of information, and it’s be a great loss if it disappears.

    So please continue writing, because every bit of information is priceless, truly, because there’s no other place for me to get so much information about my fave team(And your gifs are one of the best out there ;) )

  22. I seem to be commenting on everything today, but I don’t understand what those people are talking about. I’ve found your comments on this blog to be very fair. Besides that, it’s your blog! Write whatever you want. I’ve followed a few blogs that are written for a variety of reasons; pop culture, travel, general fun stuff. Football blogs are the only sports blogs I read, but it seems some comments are pretty rude. Maybe it’s because they can’t go to the games and yell and scream for their teams, so they take it out anonymously on a blog. I know that I really appreciate what you do for the very reasons you give for doing it. I didn’t know I could follow the national team so closely between World cups and Euro cups. Please keep it up and hope the furor dies down now that the Clasicos are done for the season. (I would hate to miss any news about Iniesta! )

  23. dear Una, i just want to say thank you very very much for what you have done for us,the fans of la roja. like you said above,it is difficult to get the news and everything about la roja,especially for fans who live outside Spain and can’t speak Spanish like me.
    your blog is the best and i want you to know that i love this blog very much and it makes me happy everytime i read it. you have done amazing works here. and now i understand and respect your decision about this blog. i’m definitely gonna miss it. i’m not gonna lie… i would love you to continue this blog but i would also respect and support your decision. muchisimas gracias,Una. (i’m sorry my english is not so good)

  24. I´ve been reading this blog since the beginning and I think you´ve done a fantastic job keeping club and la selección separate. I don´t know how people can say that you´ve been picking on Barça players and showing your Madrid bias when you´ve been reporting direct quotes. It´s ridiculous.
    I want to take the time here to thank you for all your hard work and effort. I know I could never do what you do and I´m really sorry you have to put up with so much crap when you work so hard to bring us information. Hopefully in the future people will be more appreciative and less bitter when it comes to posting comments on your wonderful blog.

  25. You are awesome.. hard to ignore the haters tho..i get it.. but when you password protected..alot of us such as myself and others from twitter, don’t know the password and couldn’t see anything.. so.. i guess what i am saying is I get it, but also am bummed. Being a RM fan, i still love to read about Pique, Xavi, Valdes & even tho you don’t post on him..Afellay.. being Dutch! :D so thanks again for everything you do!

  26. una, please please dont shut down the blog!
    and dont stop writing about barca players either!or madrid players
    i am a cule, but real madrid is one of my favorite teams, so i dont want you stop writing about any of them, pleaase!
    above all, i am a La Roja supporter, and i truly believe everyone will get through these weird times and all will be well.

    please dont stop writing.
    i know this sounds corny, but its not in the spirit of la roja to stop doing something because it gets hard or because everyone is not pleased by something or the other.

    i think you do a fantastic job here, and its not worth it to stop this amazing blog.

  27. i f-ing hate El Clasico! they breed hate and stupidity!!
    please una, don’t let them get to you. I still believe that this whole madrid-barca thing will blow over, don’t leave us! i need my daily dose of Capedevila!! i love your blog, don’t change it! <3

  28. Can we pick the Haters To The Left option where you just keep doing what you’re doing? Because that’s the option I would like. Maybe we all take a deep breath and move on from the clasipocalypse and if we keep acting like things are normal again, slowly things will go back to normal once more? The normal where we all had fun together and no one acted like a frothingly rabid tinfoil hat wearer?

  29. Una, I’m so sorry that people have been treating you this way. Their accusations are unfounded and cruel, especially seeing how much you have selflessly given to all of us La Roja (and Madrid) fans. I hope you know how much that I, and I’m sure countless others, appreciate the work you do for us!
    Personally, your blogs are what truly fueled my love for football. I started watching football during the World Cup this summer, and I know that without your blogs, my interest would have waned and eventually fizzled out, so I credit you for a great portion of my love for La Roja, Real Madrid, and football in general! Not to mention your humor and phrasing always have me rolling on the ground laughing (Sergio doing his best impression of a tumbleweed is what comes to mind)!! I hope that you continue with this blog, but if you do not, I will respect your decision. Thanks for all you have given us fans!

  30. Don’t shut down your blog because a couple people got upset over perceived bias in a couple of posts. This blog has been running for over a year and you’ve done hundreds of posts, but the comments about bias have only shown up in the past couple days. Personally I haven’t noticed any bias at all on your part. I think you keep this blog rather objective and sometimes it amazes me because, as a Madridista myself, I don’t know that I could do that if I were in your shoes, especially regarding Barcelona players. It could be the reason I haven’t noticed any bias is that I am a Madridista too and have the same bias or else people are concocting bullshit. The past four clasicos have made things heated and tense on both sides — even neutrals are feeling it — and everyone’s getting defensive about their teams and players. The result is people projecting things onto you and putting words in your mouth.

    To be fair, you have been venting your frustrations on your Madrid-based blog, but so have all of us. I’m not sure how or why people expect you to be objective on that blog. If people are reading your complaints over there and then coming here to complain themselves about bias, then they don’t have ground to stand on because that blog is focused on Madrid anyway and you’ve made your allegiance and intentions clear. On that blog you speak as a Madridista, on this one you speak as a fan of La Roja and keep club matters out of it. The only time you’ve even mentioned the drama on this blog is when it related to La Roja and concerns about how this will affect the national team. People are just looking for things to complain about. Don’t let it get to you. You do a great job on this blog, and that is coming from a La Roja neutral.

  31. Una, I am really sorry that there have been those who can’t see beyond their own personal agendas to see that you have been more than unbiased when writing this blog. I sure haven’t seen any complaints about your “bias” towards Javi (!!!) or other non-Madrid/Barca players.

    The truth is (arrgaahhh….see how much this blog has influenced me?! But I will not, I repeat WILL NOT, participate in the “thumbs up” campaign no matter how much I love Sergio!) had you been as biased as some claim, you could have just not posted their comments at all. But that’s not how you roll and I appreciate it as it allows me to see both sides of an issue and make my own decisions about it.

    Please take all these criticisms with a grain of salt as I feel safe in saying that the majority of the people reading this blog do NOT feel that you are biased nor should you have to defend what you write in this blog…YOUR blog.

    I understand your frustration and will understand if you decide to discontinue this blog. I will leave it to your discretion as to whether you post this comment but I just wanted to let you know how I feel. abrazos

  32. Wow this makes me so mad bc I can honestly tell you that you have NEVER been biasedly against Cules, I remember bc I always noticed it and took note of it, so this is a complete shock that people aee accusing you of that. If they don’t want to read it, they should go somewhere else. You keep doing what you do!

  33. Unamadridista –

    I found this blog just after the World Cup (unfortunately – I wish I would have found it sooner), and I was so excited to be able to read about the national team in English (my Spanish is pretty poor), so that I could finally follow the day to day events of La Roja. I have always found this blog to be fair and unbiased as far as club issues go, and I think that those who see otherwise are seeking to cause problems. I hope that you won’t let a few ruin this for the rest of us who truly appreciate all that you do. Of course I would understand if you stopped, as you said you have no obligation to write this blog, but I hope that you continue.

  34. Hello,
    I think you shouldn’t stop with this blog. I really appreciate the efforts that you make to try and make La Roja accesable for people that don’t speak Spanish.
    Everything I know about them is because of this blog and I think you should know that you and this blog are appreciated, also by Barca fans, like myself.

  35. Alright, I felt compelled to write today because Una I LOVE your blogs, and I consider myself a pretty hardcore Barca fan. (Well I must not be too hardcore if I follow your Madrid blog, but I personally love all the La Roja boys, and Di Maria which I don’t know where that came from…anyways…..) I for one, and I am sure I speak for a number of people that follow your blog LOVE the service you provide us. I live in the US and one of my daily online rituals is checking this blog and the other to see what is new with the team. I think you are nothing but fair in your posts and comments. Really you could do a whole one on Javi Martinez and that would be cool with both Barca and Madrid fans…throw in a Fernando Llorente and then you really have something. I also challenge anyone to find a place on this blog where you said anything against Xavi. To be honest he was a little passive aggressive these past few weeks, and there have been times where I cringed watching Barca play, but really there have been times with every team that make you want to do that. I say you go girl! I would love to still have my Barca boys featured on this blog, but to be honest I would follow it regardless. You are so right. You aren’t getting paid to do this, but WE LOVE IT!!! Don’t let some jerks get ya down! Thanks!

  36. Hello !

    I read you since a long time. I just want to say that I totally understand your point of view, and the most important thing is that you feel fine doing this blog. Spanish is not my native language nor is english and your blog is amazing ! Without you I could not have “read” “El mundo en nuestras manos” or ” los secretos” . So I say you a big THANK YOU, in case I couldn’t do it later if you stop this blog.

    Have a good week-end.

    One of your devoted reader.

  37. una, i am so sorry that you have had to deal with all of this stress. just a word to all of the people picking on you…you don’t have to be here. don’t ruin this blog for everyone else

  38. Una … I want to appoligize to you .. If I said anything that you found or came across to be insulting, rude, ext. I WAS NOT!! trying to scrutinize or attack you!

    And to be honest you never put anything here (that I know) of you picking on Xavi …I always thought you liked Xavi …

    As a fan of FC Barcelona … I have to say whatever you say about them in your Real Madrid Blog … stays there … Cause thats your opinion and would shouldn’t criticize for your opinion… Because I know if I made a blog about La Roja & FCB … I wouldn’t want people to criticize my opinion …

    In my opinion … I think you should take a “vacation” & come June when they are in USA & Venezuela … If you feel like writing & putting GIF/photos/videos … Then do it … If you don’t then don’t ….

    I also think if people want to see something on your blog or think that other people should see it … They should help you … Cause you do 2 blogs & a life … I know if you ask I will help with translations, looking for videos, news … Just tell me what to do .. & I will do my best to help you!!! =)

    I think everyone should follow this rule …. starting NOW! (if you(Una) decide to keep doing this) …

    If you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all! <<< I think thats a great rule don't you???

    I want to say I am very sorry once again … Cause you know I tend to agree with you 95% of the time & I always love you post … & I have said it few time before (if i remember correctly) you are the reason … Why I started being a fan of the SNT =) & what ever your decision is like it or not I will respect it …


    & I hope your headache goes away…

  39. Hey Una!

    You should under no circumstances decide to shut down this blog. Just try and remember that for every criticism that was thrown at you, there are 10 others that applaud every post you put out. You are obviously passionate about the Spanish NT, and you should not let anyone change that.

    If you feel that measures have to be taken, then I am sure you can close the comments on posts. I am sure there are Barcelona fans that enjoy the information that you provide. It’s just that those appreciative fans are much less vocal than the hating minority.

    As a blogger, i have gotten abuse in many different ways. And i totally understand how let down you might feel. In the end of the day, you should not let these comments take anything away from the brilliance you provide!

    Rock on!


    • Bassam, I read (and enjoy) your blog, too, but you just went up several cool points when I found out you read con la roja!

  40. I am so sorry you had to make this decision!
    I might also be subjective here, because I’m a madridista, but whoever accused you for those things, either do not know what they are talking about or were just pissed off because there was truth in “your” words, even though I do not remember you making any bad remarks. I think nobody should object to what you do here, as you said: no one can obligate you to do this, and you shouldn’t be criticized on what you write because you do it for us, and we should always be grateful.
    Again, I am so sorry you’ve been put through this, it’s not fair to you and what you do. But know this, you have faithful supporters among your readers, and we will still come here everyday and read what you write, with pleasure because you made our World Cup so much better.
    Those who do not approve of what you write or even think, should not come here anymore, they should either find another blog or write one themselves, to see how “easy” it is.

    Una, we are here for you, please remain the same, you are awesome and a really really nice person.
    With lots of love, Anna

  41. What I love about your website is that you present the hard cold facts almost immediately after they happen. Its impossible to get football info off of tumblr because it is so heavily probarca or promadrid. People who think you are promadrid only think so because you aren’t kissing barca’s ass like everyother news publication loves to, and you don’t sugarcoat the facts. This site is where I, and a lot I English speaking fans, get the majority of news info from. So please don’t stop this blog!

  42. As a fan of Barcelona and la roja I appreciate all the work to put in to the blog about la roja. I’m sorry you r getting rude comments. It is great to hear all the news about the whole la roja team. Gracias!

  43. I just wanted to say I appreciate everything that you do for both blogs. You put so much effort into finding news bits and translating them into English, putting the actual posts together, etc. There’s only so much that Google translate can help me to understand and both of your blogs are sites I check daily, even if I don’t comment much.

    Whatever you decide to do, I support you because you don’t have to do any of this.

  44. I’m not a Barcelona supporter and, after Pique and Busquets “incidents”, I’m not a Spanish NT fan anymore, so I don’t think that I have the right to say what you should or should not to do.

    I just want you to know that, independent of the decision you make, there are many readers (me included) that sincerely love you and respect the incredibly dedication that you put in your both blogs. A huge kiss in your rojo and madridista heart…

  45. HI UNA i’m really sorry about those comments,in my opinion i love this blog and i love learning stuff from all the players to me when they are with Spain it doesnt matter what team they are from, it also doesnt matter the rivalry outside of Spain if i’m not forgetting this 23 guys and other made a country put its difference aside on July 10, 2010 i know how this past Clasicos made everything worse i have some friends and even though we were cheering for different teams we didnt let that ruin our friendship so in my opinion it shouldn’t ruin La Roja’s Friendship i just hope you make whatever decision you decide i discover this blog last year and i fell in love the way you write and all the information

  46. The reaction of the selfish part of me is this: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/

    However, the better part of me recognizes that if writing this blog has become a source of only headache and not enjoyment for you then of course you can shut it down. I’d prefer the option of you not writing anything about Barca players (though lack of sweet sweet Iniesta would be painful) to writing nothing at all, but it’s up to you. I love both this and the Madrid blog and I will miss it if you decide to close it but I don’t think you should force yourself to anything. Thank you very very much for all the time I could spend con la roja thanks to you!:*

  47. It’s really very unfortunate – and completely unnecessary – that you’d have to deal with insults and accusations for running this blog. As far as I’ve seen, since I’ve started following your blog around July, those comments do not seem to have much base.
    Once I was began learning more about the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid,
    and got to see how some Madridistas could keep a bias against Barcelona players, and vice versa, I’ve only admired you and the way you run this blog for being so unprejudiced and unbiased when it came to Barcelona’s players.
    This blog is quite obviously separated from ‘Following Real Madrid’, and yet you have consistent style for both. While some opinions expressed about Barcelona’s players on the other blog may not be shared by all La Roja fans, it is never with actual “biased dislike,” and you have never let those types of events come in the way of your ability to see the good side of each of La Roja’s players.
    As an avid reader, I would be truly disappointed in some other readers who may push you to make such a decision as to end any mention of the Barca boys on your blog. The way I see it, it was never the intention of this blog to stir up the rivalry between the two clubs, rather, it was to present the team as the united force that the players themselves continue to insist that they are.
    If you stopped writing for this blog entirely, it would, without a doubt, be sorely missed. You have been generous enough to share the Spanish team with “English spoken fans”, as Sergio would say, and it has turned into an amazing, and very reliable source of updates about La Roja from a personality whom all the readers can’t help but like.
    I know I speak for the majority when I say that I hope that you decide against choosing either of the options you have presented in this post. We’re all truly grateful for how much work you put into the blog, and we all enjoy it just as much. I can only say that you write with integrity, wit, and a charm that has earned you many readers who would hate to see this blog be shut down so abruptly because of the harassment you have endured.

    And a final note to those who sent Una those remarks: Stating one’s own opinion is not the problem (I’m doing that right now!), and I’m sure Una can handle reading opinions that clash with her own. But insulting her and accusing her of something she never intended to imply is not okay. Please, for the sake of everyone, especially Una, rethink the effectiveness of littering a comment with insults and accusations.

  48. You know, I am really sorry that people are being such idiots. I know you support Madrid, of course, but I think you’re very honest about it–and this blog is about the Spanish national team, not one team or another. Of course if you choose not to write about Barcelona players that’ s a huge chunk of the national team left out, which makes no sense.
    My advice for what it’s worth is to take a breather–let the fuss die down, let the season end, and then Del Bosque can bring the team together and you have something to write about. Unless of course there are any more Basque players doing underwear commercials before then.

  49. I certainly hope you don’t stop writing. I love reading what you have to say. I am a fan of national teams more than professional clubs, so while most of the year I bleed red and blue (Visca Barça!) I respect La Roja more than either RM or FCB.

    Personally I do think you have a bias, but it is not a big one and furthermore what’s so bad about having a bias? Your username is Unamadridista, after all. I don’t expect to find perfectly balanced and objective coverage about all the players, especially during the Clasicos. I think that would possibly be very unfair to ask of you.

    If you do choose to stop writing here, I will respect that, and thank you for the time and effort you’ve put in, and for all the joy you’ve brought me with your work.

  50. OH NO!!! Una, UNa, some help is going on!!!

    as a fan of this blog, which I discovered during the World Cup and have been visiting ever since, almost everyday, I am sorry that it came to this point when you have to decide what to do with it, UnaMadridista!

    I am sure that there are many people who do not agree with the accussations directed towards you. I personally think that you have been always pretty fair with all the players, no matter from which club they are and this blog is indeed focused on what they do in the national team.

    If anyone sees in your posts anything that they see as biased towards Barcelona players, they also should know that you are entitled to think and to write whatever you want. It is your blog after all.

    The truth is, that there are always people who say things or complain, we cannot help that, it will always happen. I guess it is best to ignore it and go on with our own thing, but I also understand why you would like not to be attacked here, on your own blog.

    I’d never would like this blog to be closed, but I will respect your decision about it and thanks for all the hard work and posts here so far, it’s been a blast reading them (and I hope it’s not the end!)

    On a lighter note, trying to see the silver lining here – if you would decide to keep the blog running but resign from writing about both Barca and Real here, there would be more place for Javi Martinez. And that is, my friends, nothing bad, after all. ;-)

  51. If UEFA is a joke this week (or before and will always, I believe) then this persons you’ve mentioned is even more more more a joke, Una. Who the hell are they can dictate the way you run your blog? Go make your own blog and say whatever you want there, but NOT in other people blog which coincidentally has given you moreeee pleasure by provided everything you wanted to know about your beloved team.

    I had visited many many football blogs and if I don’t like the writers point of view or I felt that the site is bias, guess what I did? Stop reading it, close the window and move to another site or blog or community etc. Because everyone is entitled to their opinion! I can question but not judge or attack!

    I’ve been a reader of this blog (and the madrid one) for quite long times now and I must say Una managed to be a different writer that provided a very interesting, witty, and objective view. If few ungrateful people feel otherwise then I just can say what Cesc’s shirt said “GET A GRIP!”!

    Ps: no words can express how I’m grateful to you Unamadridista. So, thank you.. <333

  52. It is really unfortunate that you have to receive disparaging remarks from rude people who do not appreciate the amount of work you do for this blog. It’s even worse that they choose to criticize you on faults that do not exist or that they themselves have misinterpreted. I really hope that the hurtful comments do dissipate.
    As an avid reader of your blog, I’m pleading for you to stay, but it is, of course, your decision.
    Thank you for all your hard work Una. kisses.

  53. Una, you’re blogs are incredible. You are great at being diplomatic. I actually like some of the Barca players, and you’ve done a good job of allowing me to see Xavi in a different light. Of course, his petty words and actions during the month of Classico’s showed me my first assessment was correct.

    Maybe there is a Barca fan with your courage, charisma, objectivity and patience that could write about the Barca side of things. It would take you out of it, and it would give the unreasonable, small minded cule’s that are writing you a pause to shut the hell up.

    I’ll miss it if you close it, but I will understand. I’ve lost a lot of respect for many of the Barca players…Xavi is at the top of that list.

  54. I always, ALWAYS, appreciate what you are doing. Please do not stop posting updates on la roja. I do not speak Spanish, and it has made a big difference as far as keeping up on what is going on with my favorite team. I have had your blog bookmarked since the world cup. I check it everyday. Please do not get down about what some idiots say. I appreciate all of your efforts. All of them.

  55. Oh Una, i feel really sorry that people keep attacking you on what, in my opinion, are neutral blog entries.
    I get the feeling that all those clasico’s have everybody in an aggresive mood.
    I’ve been following both of your blogs since the world cup and since i’m neither cule or madridista, simply a fan of spanish football, i would be sad if you were to change the type of entries on this blog… Though i would understand if you would do so.
    Please know there are a lot of loyal fans of your blogs out here!
    Ps. Sorry of there are spelling mistakes but i’m on my phone

  56. Hi all of you! I am a quiet follower of this blog and a great admirer of Una…;) Observing this blog almost daily since it was started, the least thing that ever came into my mind was any particular favor of hers for any spanish club when it comes to the national team.
    I even sometimes wondered if Una is even realizing, that the spanish national team players do actually belong to different clubs. Its so difficult to write so passionate and detailled about a topic we all obviously love a lot.
    Reading you blog at the end of a stressful and long day always puts a smile on my face.
    Thank you for that!
    Keep up exatly what you are doing !!!

  57. No, please, do not shut down this blog :'( It’s such a unique source for information. I can’t understand it – nobody is forced to read it. Everybody who does not like the way of reporting, should not read it. But there are enough people who love it, who are addicted to all the information, you provide in English. It would be so sad, if 4 times el clásico will have such consequences for the fanbase of La Roja. So sad…

  58. westcoastcule

    Hola Una,

    Wow, sorry you’ve been given so much grief lately. It is completely and utterly undeserved.

    This is YOUR blog. You can say whatever you want, and you should not have to defend any of it if you don’t want to. I think you’ve been fair and more than diplomatic on this blog. As impossible as it is to be neutral when you’re a Madridista or a culé, I think you’ve been nothing but respectful. Really – people don’t have to read this if they don’t want to…

    The truth is, perhaps, people rely on your blog for news on Spain NT, on their favorite players. Living in the US, I can tell you the football (soccer) here is pitiful. And where in Spain/everywhere else, football is a religion and a culture… all of that is non-existent here. Una, you’ve done all lovers of great Spanish football a huge huge service with your work on this blog. I know it takes so much work to harvest all the news, to translate, to make the gifs, collect the pictures and organize it all. All that plus your witty commentary! I can’t tell you how many laughs I get from reading all of this. It’s more than football, it’s really a culture. And through your blog, Spain NT has become our friends…

    You don’t have to do any of this… I’m sorry if this has become a burden to you. You should do what makes YOU happy, because this is YOUR blog. This shouldn’t be a cause for frustration. And the accusations made against you are outrageous, and unfounded. We, readers, should be nothing but grateful for your work.

    There is absolutely no reason for all this bickering amongst the fans. It’s all useless. Players have to show sportsmanship, but so do we, the fans. Everyone will always have their own biases and opinions. Everyone has their own eyes and ears, and can judge for themselves. BUT THIS IS UNA’S BLOG. Here, she can say whatever she wants. Here, she deserves nothing but respect.

    Again Una, apologies for all this madness!!! And an infinite THANKS for sharing all you have with us. I will never forget “accidentally” pulling an all-nighter going through your entire blog and laughing to myself in the middle of the night at the content of your posts, and being inspired by these great yet humble and normal players/coaches.

    SOFRONICESE, as Luis Aragones has said. Let’s remember the good times, and move on. Let’s count our blessings. And Una, you’re a blessing.

  59. You do such a wonderful job and it’s unfortunate there are idiots out there who refuse to take off their rose coloured glasses and realize when a member from their favourite team do something undesirable. I am a strong supporter of Real Madrid but I will be the first to point out when a member from my team acts out in a poor manner. As much as I love this blog and will miss the posts I feel those who don’t appreciate it simply don’t deserve it. What I never understood is why a person who claims to be a cule would willingly come onto a site that is clearly meant for Madrid fans to start trouble. Sounds like insecurity and a lack of drama in their lives that they need to do whatever they can to start it. Anyways I support you with whatever choice you make but I will say it’s your blog do whatever and say whatever the hell you want don’t let the haters have any hold on you.

  60. Una, I just want to state that I love your blog. I’ve never commented on your blog, but I felt the need to state that I check it every day in hopes of finding updates about La Roja! I don’t have any other news sources (due to my poor Spanish) and I really hope you will not shut it down. Your work here is very very very awesome, in particular all the translations of books and interviews.

    I have one request, please keep writing about Andres Iniesta – he’s one of my favorites!


  61. plz una don’t care about what people said , we really reaaly love your blog and we appreciate the fact that you make all those efforts for us (the fans of la roja who don’t understand spanish) , sooo plzz keep writing about all of them the barcelona and the real guys!!
    Thank youu so much and i hope you’ll keep writing about la roja team !!

  62. I am a Barça fan and I have NEVER noticed you “picking on Xavi” or anything like that.

  63. esparsenal410

    I think these acusations are completely wrong and I’m sorry you have to deal with them!! I love your blog because it is extremely difficult to find news on la roja in the United States. Thank you for all you do!

  64. I dont often comment but I want to say dont let them get to you. It is clear that they cannot call anybody biased when they are so clearly biased themselves. Wherever there is a successful person there is a group of people waiting to pull that person down. I appreciate all the work you put in and if you shut your blog down or even stop talking about the barca players then they will have accomplished what they wanted to pull you down. Just continue to do what you have been doing because that is why your blog is so successful :)

  65. I wondered why the posts were locked! I for one would be really sad for you to stop writing about any of the roja players- after all it is them as a team which makes me love them so much.
    Obviously and having read the comments myself I can see why you’re feeling attacked at distressed. It’s a real shame becuse you put a lot of work in. Whilst I didn’t agree with some actions of Madrid/Barcelona players/staff/possibly fans and said so in a comment, I never attacked you or any perceived bias and I wish others hadn’t either. Even if you HAD been totally one sided (when tbh you’ve been pretty diplomatic) who cares? That’s your entitlement. You’re not UEFA, you’re not an international magazine-this is a personal blog and you’re entitled to your personal opinion! Please don’t change!

  66. dreamlover225

    I don’t think you should shut the blog down or stop commenting on Barca players. People are going to criticize you regardless. I know its difficult to deal with, but I absolutely love reading your blog!!! I love RM and the Spanish National Team. I’m American and I come here to get all the news that I need! Please continue to write how you feel. If certain commenters don’t like it, then they should refrain from reading the blog. Please don’t shut the blog down! It’s my favorite soccer blog…well this one and your other one :)

    Perhaps in the future, you can delete club-specific comments and direct those commenters to your RM blog. Maybe there can be a rule against comments about the RM-Barca rivalry.

  67. PLease Una don’t do thaaat!!! I really don’t think you are biased and if you were you have all the right to be. I love this blog and it makes my day, specially these days that I’ve been preoccupied by the relations in th NT you’ve managed to relax me by posting everything players say, PLEASE don’t stop writing about players because that’s the funniest. Just ignore people’s comments and give them one more chance PLEEAAAASEEEE!!!!!

  68. I love the blog Una and I appreciate all the work that you put in!!! I’ve always found this blog pretty free from club bias. I am a cule but I’ll sometimes check out your Madrid blog because Xabi is perfection and the posts are hillarious! I won’t always agree with it but I don’t usually post comments because its your blog and its meant to be your opinion! Thats why I love this blog, without the fashion segments, Javi(!!!) love and funny comments it just wouldn’t be the same. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I think people just take it too seriously sometimes. Four classicos in a row and we’ve all gone a little crazy. Lets just move on and anticipate the Fashion Disasters that await us when they all meet up in June ;-)

  69. I’m so sorry that it has come to this.

    You have been much more patient with ungrateful commenters then I would have been.

    Whatever you decide, I will support you.

  70. Una, pls don’t stop writing this blog and the Madrid blog! I love your postings, and my Spanish is still limited so I really appreciate it when you translate interviews. It’s great that you write for passion since, like you said, you’re not earning profit out of this.

    PS: When I saw those [previously] locked posts, I really thought you hid a code/message somewhere (that we have to use as a password) on your two blogs to see if we really read and pay attention to what you write. Haha.

  71. Aw, no, don’t shut down this blog! Though rare now, I still enjoy what you post here. I’m a Barca fan, but I’m pretty positive that you’ve never talked bad about Xavi in here, or any of the Barcelona players. I vaguely remember you pointing it out here that you do, in fact, like Xavi. But seeing as you’re a Madrid fan, it’s only natural for you to be biased. It’s normal. I doubt anybody who supports a club does not feel that way about another club. However, this IS your blog and you have the right to do whatever you want to with it. You know… you should make a Javi blog if you’re shutting this down. ;)

  72. I´m normally not one to comment, but I felt the need as soon as I read this post because I want to stop you from shutting down or modifying this blog, that would throw me into depression or something, every time I get my hands on a computer I check this blog out and when you have nothing new I read old post or log in after like ten seconds- Yes id weird.

    Your blog is awesome and the people who criticize you are not worth it, I personally have never felt any one-side-ness here and feel the need to thank you for taking your time to write it so THANK you.

  73. i’m so sorry you feel this way (though i totally understand why you do). what people who are attacking you don’t seem to grasp is that, as you quite rightly pointed out, this is YOUR blog. you can write whatever you want. if they don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. end of story. there are several web sites i go to on a daily basis that have really been slagging off RM, mou and the players with some pretty vitriolic stuff the past little while. i don’t like it, so i’ve stopped going there. simple as that. if people are truly that offended by what you’re writing, no one is forcing them to read it.

    that said, i don’t think you are guilty of what you’re being accused of. i think you handle things in a respectful way, you’ve never shown any team or player biases (well, except for your darling !!! and iker, and those are biases in a good way, so they don’t count!), you’re impartial and you cover players from all teams, barca included. as a non-spanish speaker, i’m so grateful to you for doing this, as there’s nowhere else i could possibly go to get the type of information you provide.

    the four matches in such a short time frame have had everyone on edge (me included) and hyper-sensitive. (the ironic thing is, if you look at the outcomes, RM won one, barca won one and they tied the other two, with RM winning a major trophy and barca going to the finals of a major trophy — it couldn’t be divided any more fairly — ON PAPER — than that!) people say things in the heat of the moment, they take things personally, they get frustrated … it turns ugly. things get taken out of context and lost in translation, or twisted by the media … it turns uglier still.

    loyalty and passion are wonderful traits to have, but when they cloud your judgment so much you interpret everything as a perceived slight or make accusatory comments that are totally uncalled for, there’s a problem. i hate that you spend so much of your free time researching and creating this wonderful blog because the SNT brings you such joy and yet you’re criticised and attacked for it. you don’t HAVE to do this, as you quite rightly said, but you do it out of love. so called fans would do well to remember that. when it gets to a point where you’re no longer enjoying it, i wouldn’t blame you at all for wanting to stop all together or change the format. i’d miss it terribly, and of course i hope you don’t do that, but i would understand entirely if you did. incidentally, if you choose to stop writing about RM players, barca players or the SNT entirely, that should be your call and not at all because someone told you to. it’s your blog!!!

    this blog is like switzerland! it’s neutral! it should be a place for all fans of the SNT to come together and unite in how wonderful la roja are, not to be divided by bitter team rivalries. it’s natural to be concerned about league team issues affecting national team morale — i am, too — but how that becomes a reason to accuse and attack you, i don’t understand and i’m sorry you had to go through that. :(

    whatever you choose, i support you and i’m grateful you’ve kept the blog up for this long! i, for one, really appreciate it. abrazos … ser fuerte!!!

  74. I, for one, would be very sad if you stopped writing this all together. In fact, I’d be upset if you changed this blog. Maybe I don’t see your “Madrid bias” because I’m a Madrid fan. But I’m also a La Roja fan.

    No, I’m not Spanish. But I have enjoyed watching the National Team for a long time. I will admit, most of my favorite players also play for Madrid. But I also enjoy watching quite a few of the Barca players when they are with La Roja. There are very few of the members of the team that I don’t like. VERY few.

    I hate to think that you would stop this blog, or change the way it’s written, because of the words of a few upset Barcelona fans. It makes me very sad to think that the bad things people say have out-weighed the good things others could say.

    After the fourth clasico, did no one notice Pique and Arbeloa’s hug? There are two men, competitors, and teammates, who are showing us what we need to be like here. What happens between two clubs has not changed their respect for each other. So why is that happening here? Their sportsmanship should be an example to everyone that reads this blog, as well as your madridista blog.

    Please don’t change.

  75. Hi hun,
    First off, as a La Roja, Barca and Xavi fan who reads every post on your blog, I can honestly say that you have never once been disrespectful in any of your posts. Of course it’s natural for you to be biased towards RM since they’re you’re favorite team, but you have never let that bias negatively impact your views on the barca players from La Roja.

    There will always be people with an opinion different than yours, and no matter what hateful words they say, you have to be strong enough to ignore the haters and continue doing what you love to do for all the other people who love and support your blog, myself included.

    It would be a shame for you to shut this blog down after all the hard work you’ve put into it. And it would be a great loss for those of us who thrive off your blog for La Roja information to lose such a valuable asset because you’re gonna let a few haters control your behavior.

    Don’t let them think they’ve won by succumbing to the frustration. This blog is your baby, post what you love whenever you have time, and enjoy the positive feedback from your supporters.

    aka larojacampeones.tumblr.com

  76. Just wanted to leave a little note of support for you. I am so, so, grateful for all the work you do to run both of these amazing blogs. Reading your informative, hilarious, and wonderfully passionate take on both teams is often the highlight of my day.

    All the best, and love & support in whatever decision you make about blog.

  77. Una,

    It’s a shame to see that you’ve been attacked for writing YOUR blog. I wonder why people continue to read it if they have such a problem with it.

    I honestly can’t think of any instances where you attack a player simply because they are from Barcelona–what’s even more amazing is that people neglect to recognize that you also point out things that you don’t like about Madrid players (and that makes you one-sided??). What I think people take as “attacking” is when you state FACTS or DIRECT QUOTES that have been made/published by certain Barcelona players that are unfavorable by anyone’s standards. For those that disagree, I ask you to imagine a Madrid player making these comments and how you would react to them–definitely not in the same way.

    It’s incredible to see how disrespectful some people can be. You put so much time into both of your blogs for the enjoyment of others and I hope you see how many people love you and your blogs!! I also hope that you consider keeping the Barcelona players in the Roja blog because they are, after all, an important part of the team.

    And to all those that feel the need to put in your (unwanted) two cents, if you have a problem with the blog, then find another–or better yet, start your own! If you have that much to say (well, if you THINK you have that much to say), then you’ll have no problem creating the most awesome, “un-biased”, “reasonable”, and “friendly” blogs ever!!

    And Una, your the best!

  78. Una, you have been nothing but gracious in writing this blog and keeping all of us informed about La Roja. You’ve always been good at distinguishing the focus of this blog and the focus of Following Real Madrid, and it really sucks to see all of your hard work be disparaged.

    Just wanted to say that you’re absolutely amazing and that I’ll continue to follow your posts no matter what you decide (and I’m sure many, many people will do the same)!

  79. It is difficult to “see things in perspective” when all Una is doing is quoting the words that have come out of the mouths of the players, no matter how unfavorable they may be. Please continue to write this and include the Barca players, as they are a large part of the team. What I suggest is the people who have a problem with what Una writes, DO NOT READ IT. Una is not holding a gun up to your head forcing you to read it. She spends a lot of time on these blogs to keep US informed especially since those of us that do not live in Spain do not have as much access to the teams we love. Do not persecute her for reporting the words that come out of certain players mouth’s. Please continue on with this blog!

  80. Dear Unamadridista, my view from far afield in Canada, where football is still in it’s infancy, is that I am saddened to hear that you are coming under criticism for your fabulous website. My daughter and I very much enjoy following along with you, and I find no specific bias aside from your clear predilection for hot players. Please keep posting, as we will have lost a great deal if you stop.

  81. oooh una, i for one is a cule but i’ve really enjoyed this blog…
    i hope you will reconsider. I don’t think you have been biased or anythin, but even if you’ve been, i can’t complain since we all have our biases and that’s just normal. you’re a fan, and an avid one, and as readers, i think we shouldn’t too narrow-minded to expect that you will completely lose your bias ( although again, i don’t think you’ve been).
    what i have instead is eternal gratitude for the joy that your have given us -all Spain NT fans- through this blog.
    i have told my other friends about this space (most of whom i’ve converted to support Spain before WC) and im they’ve told me how much they’ve enjoyed and followed it too (probly most are lurkers). ooh, i’m also sorry you had to endure a lot of criticisms but i hope twon’t stop you from writing in precious blog. you are a very skilled writer, and really, i hope you would reconsider. just forgive those who have maligned you and continue to be the awesome Unamadridista that you are.
    pretty puhleez?

  82. I only just discovered this blog due to a RM fan said you were going to quit writing about Barca. I am writing to please urge you to reconsider.

    I am not Spanish, and started reading about RM because of the WC and their recent German addition to the team. So while I am indeed biassed, I’ve always wanted to find out more about the rest of the NT and subsequently, Barcelona, as well, but couldn’t find a source that wasn’t all “Arrr! Grrr” Rivalry! Us good them evil!”

    Your blog is great and I would love to be able to continue to read what you’re writing. About EVERYONE. This stupid rivalry between the teams is making everyone just hate all day around, and I would be sad to see that destroy a good place like this. It makes me feel like the hate won out, you know.

    Of course I understand you just being sick and tired and wanting to dodge it. It’s your blog and you should be able to write what you think. But… well, I’ve said my piece. Give it a few days until things have calmed down.

  83. I’m so sorry that this blog is giving you “more headaches and frustration”. I hate that some readers and their comments are so ungrateful for the time and effort you put into this. I know they’re also expressing their own opinions but the manner in which they do so is so plain disgusting, disrespectful, impolite, and hurtful.

    I would never ever want you to shut this blog down because I absolutely love it. It’s funny, quirky, and very informative. I cannot understand spanish so the translations you do is absolutely amazing! :D Google translate can only do so much. But I’d understand why you would want to shut it down. Given the two options though, I’d rather you do the other one. ;)

    And I just want to say again how amazing you are. And very patient too. It’s one of the things I actually admire. The way you respond to all these hate comments and irrational attacks is just plain class. :)

  84. Illegitimi non carborundum.

  85. I am so sorry about the way the people have been treating you!! It is really horrible what the anonymity of the internet can make people comfortable doing.
    I’ve been catching up on the last few posts and I have to say: I think it’s the comments that are getting people so worked up! I can’t find anything wrong or biased with your posts, so that must be it… People commenting need to stop dragging clubs into this because obviously everyone will defend their club and there will be a fight.
    As for me, I am done with these clasicos. I want a couple Real Madrid things (which I know don’t belong on this blog) to happen and the racism to be addressed, but then I never want to hear about them again.

    I wish that we readers and avid fans of your blog could convince you that we would play nice and you should continue with the blog in the usual way, but I understand either of your decisions….

  86. =(. Please guys/ladies/whatever (readers), don’t ruin it for everyone else! We really appreciate all the work you put into both your blogs, Una. I hope this unpleasantness clears up soon and everyone is fine for the Eurocopa…

  87. You are absolutely correct. You have been fair and kept individual clubs out of it. Posting about the effects of the historic 4 clasicos on our La Roja is an acceptable exception. It is acceptable because La Roja is affected. Because this situation is so unusual it was warranted. Because this is your blog – ANYTHING you feel like doing is warranted. You are one of the best bloggers around. You have proven your fairness for years, so anyone who judges you as otherwise is ignorant or uninformed & should shut their mouth or make their own blog. And they’ll never do it as well. How soon they forget a few months back, when your blog was ALL XAVI ALL the time, for a few weeks, celebrating his accomplishments. Some people become very stupid and emotional when commenting anon on the internet. Your La Roja blog has always been fair and equitable and you are pure class UNA. You brought up the clasicos for a very good reason here and anyone with a brain can see it. I can never thank you enough for all the joy you’ve brought me for so long, long before I ever commented – even on the old tumblr! :) Anyone who gives you a hard time is an ignorant sourpus and should be ashamed. Well, they say time heals all wounds, now let’s hope so! I applaud you Una! Thank you for your time bringing us this wonderful & fair blog. Haters to the freaking left, yo! Xo!


    • right then, good call emily! here we go….


      :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

      Mucho amor whatever you decide!

  89. I respect you a lot, dear Una, so that’s why I will also respect your decisions regarding the blog(s).

    I cannot understand how other commentators believe that you’ve posted insulting etc. things here. The only thing that could come to my mind is the post involving “El Piquetón”, which you (and presumably many readers of the blog, including me) found rather funny than perhaps “mean” or the fact that it’d reveal “your Madrid bias” which in fact is not visible to me here.

    Also, I can only repeat again that I immensely appreciate all the hard work that you’re putting into this and, as far as I can tell, there are more people like me reading your blog than the ones that critisize it (and don’t forget there are many “silent” readers who don’t comment), meaning that you’re probably making a lot more people happy than offending others. Finally, those who still don’t “agree” with what you write really don’t have to read the blog.

  90. Una…. ignore the trolls. All the hard work you do is suuuuuuuuper appreciated.

  91. Una, please do not listen to these whiners that are hurt over the morbo and intense rivalry created by the media, players and coaches during these four consecutive clasicos. I love your blog and do not want it to end. For you and I it is always La Furia Roja primero. España numero uno, por siempre!

  92. NOOOO!!! Don’t shut this blog Una! I love your blog, both of them! And to not write about Barca player in NT is such a loss because it’s a rare to see Barca n Madrid unite in a same team and speak well about each other :P

    IMO, if you really happenned to be bias in this blog, and there are people who notice that it was caused by your love to Madrid, then they should accept that it’s only normal. It’s a fan nature to be bias, and from what i’ve read is you usually bias (but reasonable) on Madrid blog (esp after nasty incident happenned), not in La Roja blog.

    But hey, everyone, it’s a fan blog! Una write these as a fan, not as a professional observer nor critique. It’s her right to write her opinion in her own blog.

    All of bias actually just a kind of perspective. Rather than judging wether it’s right or wrong (and using offensive words), everyone who disagree can just take this as another perspective to boarden their mind.

    By the way Una, if you really want to shut this blog, can you atleast wait until Iker retire from NT please?
    I love Iker just like you, and I would really want to read your words when that moment finally came..

    Thank you for these great blogs! Always made my days, like it did to many other readers :D

    • Hey! I don’t want Iker ever retiring from NT or Real Madrid. He being a goal keeper has a good chance of playing even when he is a grandpa :) He probably will still be yelling at defenders young enough to be his grandchildren.

      Not only is it enjoyable watching him defend his goal, but reading Una’s comments about his geeky habits of dressing in plaids, questionable color choices, cutting his shirt etc etc make for enjoyable times!

      Come to think of it, I didn’t know Xavi was funny until I read this blog. He comes across as a very serious type and most of his interviews don’t reveal the funny side of him. That is what I enjoy about this blog. It gives us insight into “human side” of the players. Especially when you consider the language barrier faced by non-Spanish fans of La Roja.

      Una, please do not stop writing this blog. If you want to enforce a stricter comment moderation, go for it.

  93. una, i started reading the other blog and after this one, because i am not from spain not such a big fan of la roja (even though i am now). i never thought thata you were biased against any player, on the contrary, after many posts you’ve made me look in an other way-good one- non-madrid players, including barcelona’s. I remember now all these posts about Xavi’s 100 games and i wonder were there is bias…and i remember man times when you were writing things NOT defending Real Madrid’s players, if someones not, then they have not read all your work, and so cannot codemn you.
    I think you should continue writing for all them, including Barcelona and Real Madrid’s players, those with problems should stop reading reading this blog! In Internet they are not forced to read anything they dislike…it is free…
    so, plz don’t stop writing this blog, because as you said, for not spaniards, ti is very difficult to find all this info.
    Thnx for your work, by the way

  94. Whoever left these kinds of comments on the blogs needs to cool it. Unamadridista has been very kind to keep us informed on the happenings of La Roja, and I for one am grateful to Una for it. As far as the clasicos are concerned, whatever happens on the field always stays on the field!! That is the rule no matter what sport you play! So, would the “cabrones” that made comments like these please take a cold shower? Thank you.

  95. Una:

    I read your blog all the time and First of all, people should be grateful that you take the time to gather this information and deliver it to people who don’t have access to it. I know I am!
    Second,the time you take to translate articles, books, ect. is extraordinarily kind. I don’t know many people who would be willing to do that.
    Third, you are entitled to your opinion. You are also entitled to support what ever club you choose. People giving you a hard time for supporting RM would be like someone giving me a hard time for being a Manchester United fan. We can still like other teams whether they be league teams or national teams. I think it is an amazing thing for people of different cultures and back grounds to take an interest in others!

    The purpose of a comment section is so that fans can get together and civilly talk football and having fun in the process. We are always a tad biased towards the team we support, but you are very polite, honest, fair, and kind in your opinions. I have never heard you say anything disrespectful while sharing your thoughts on a particular issue.

    RM and Barca are a heated rival, but at the end of the game the players are kind and respect each other and the fans should do the same. When I read your latest entry it made me sad to think that people can be so disrespectful to a kind and thoughtful person like yourself.

    If you felt you needed to shut down your blog, I’m sure people would understand why you made that decision, but as someone who is very thankful for your contributions and your efforts I hope you reconsider keeping the blog going because for every ignorant, rude, and immature person that attacked you and your blog, there are dozens more who think your a great person for doing this and are very thankful!!

    Sorry this is long! I hope you keep up your blog! Don’t let people like that win with their immaturity, They aren’t worthy of your time or energy!

    Thanks for everything Una!

  96. Dear Una,
    I understand that this has been a very difficult and frustrating time for you and ultimately whatever you decide with regards to this blog will be a 100% ok with me because, in all honestly, I’m just eternally grateful that your blog exists at all. As a non-Spanish speaking La Roja fan, it is quite difficult for me to really get a lot of the team news and when I found your blog during the last World Cup it really was a dream come true.
    I must say I have always admired your neutrality and avoidance of club-issues on this blog especially as, since I’m a madridista myself, I personally found it quite difficult to regard certain La Roja players objectively following the recent clasicos. In fact, I have always look to your coverage as an example and tried to model your own tolerance in my views when it came to separating La Roja from Barça.
    honestly though, I just wanted to express my support for you, no matter what you decide because as you pointed out you DON’T have to write this blog – but I’m so SO glad you do. I hope you will not be discouraged because while there will always be naysayers I, for one, can reassure you that there ARE people out there who support you unconditionally and look forward with manic excitement to each and every post you write. Thank you SO much for everything you have already written and I hope you will remain confident in the knowledge that you blog is AMAZING and you are incredibly talented.
    Thank you.

  97. Una, I’m Barca fans so I don’t agree with some of your comments on previous post because I’m definitely biased but I won’t make any defending for Barca NT players because it’s your blog and you should write anything you want to write on it.
    This whole arguments are just because we let emotions get in our head, as for me if I don’t like the post I’ll just keep it to myself :) please don’t think this as being sarcastic I’m truly being honest here.
    If you ever decide to stop posting about Barca NT player I’ll be sad but will accept it and thank you for this marvelous blog.

    • We have different biases, but I must commend you on your comment. Yours is a healthier attitude. You admit your bias, are respectful and grateful to Una, well done! :)

  98. Dear Una.
    I absolutely love this blog. This blog is YOUR blog. I check this blog, almost everyday to check what’s new with La Furia Roja.
    I seriously don’t understand those who left rude comments. Like for real….
    I’ll still love this blog if you choose to not post something about the Barca-players. As I said, it’s you blog, no body should tell you, what to write!
    Last but not least, I love this blog! Thank you for your posts, and news about La Furia Roja. No nody does it better than you!

  99. I just wanted to add two more comments than what I had stated above.

    1. Una – I think your blog is soooooooo neutral, that I think readers forgot it is a blog and not written by a journalist, who are paid professionals not to be biased (and even they have their biases). That’s how awesome and wonderful your blog is.

    2. On your side note, I found the opposite of the first you requested. If Una, you did not like Xavi and Barcelona, you wouldn’t have picked one of his comments from El Pais’s Q&A as the best one ever! (And I still crack up every time I read this interview)


    And to quote from your blog, “This is THE BEST ONE so far! I had to keep myself from practically highlighting everything, since almost all of Xavi’s answers were either interesting, funny or both! I’ve even highlighted one in pink for the first time, since it’s the winner of winners.

    The amount of love I have for Xavi – already quite a bit – has just increased exponentially. And you can imagine how hard that must be for me, as a madridista.”

    Keep up the great work Una!

  100. Whatever your decision will be, I’ll respect it… but all I can say is that if you shut it down I’ll miss it… your reports, your witty remarks and pics of our boys being funny/silly, making fashion mistakes or just walking around sin camisetas;)) As to the people who are rude to you, you’re free to ignore or just not approve their comments… I haven’t followed too closely all that clasico-madness, but I don’t think you have to be too much affected by such comments, you know it yourself that you haven’t said anything disrespectful about any player.

    And I don’t think it will be easy for you to leave out all the information on Barcelona NT players… at least because some of them look gorgeous when shirtless :))) just kidding, what I think is that you need to ignore the ones who are rude and try to find any ‘bias’ in your words… after all, we all have our preferences – only a machine can be 100% impartial, not any human being. You have a right to be yourself, like every one of us ;)

  101. This is the best blog I’ve ever seen about the spanish NT!! Please don’t quit!
    It’s a shame that some people don’t appreciate your work, but I know that the majority LOVES your posts! Just look at all the supportive comments you got!

  102. Una,
    I haven’t read any of the other comments so if I repeat anything anybody else has said, well, good. First, let me state that I am a Real Madrid fan so anybody else who reads this has the whole truth.

    Now, I have only found your blogs a few months ago and I can’t remember when you have ever said something biased against Barcelona players just because they were Barcelona players. I really hope you keep this blog going because as an English speaking La Roja fan, I don’t get much, well, any news about them. I love reading your blogs and would be disappointed if some fans who are… upset caused you to stop writing about a team you love.

    Bottom line, PLEASE keep writing this blog! With or without the Barca info, just please, please keep writing! You are a great writer with two great blogs and I enjoy reading them so much!


  103. i love this blog and as a supporter of neither real mardid or barcelona i have never seen ANY biased towards any team ever. it is natural that real madrid and barcelona players are mentioned more frequently as they make up a large percentage of the national team. please don’t take those comments to heart and keep up the amazing blog! i don’t know where else i’d go to get my javi fix!

    • “i love this blog and as a supporter of neither real mardid or barcelona i have never seen ANY biased towards any team ever.”

      Same here :)

  104. 1-Dear Una, you know that I comment on almost every post of yours, especially the Madrid blog. Whoever criticized you don’t have a clue and they are not dedicated followers of your blogs because if they were they wouldn’t have said such things.

    2- I think even the comments on con la roja are neutral and I have made sure mine are that way. I remember how you paid special attention to all the recognitions and awards Xavi was getting to the point that the entire page was about him. As a Madrid fan whatever I think about his comments that doesn’t change the fact that he is one of the greatest Spanish players ever and YOU have always praised him on this blog.

    3- This is really sad. If people don’t know about your other blog, they wouldn’t even guess which club you support. I am happy to see this many messages of support. I would understand whatever decision you take but I hope those haters don’t win.

    4-To all the haters – Una doesn’t get paid for her lovely blogs, she does this because she is a sweetheart who wants people who don’t get this info and pics or don’t understand Spanish to get to know and appreciate her national team and/or club like she obviously does.

  105. hi Una

    i’m one of the silent follower of your two blogs, and the reason for my silence this whole time was because you’re doing fantastic job running these blogs, imo. But with what happen recently, i really think that i should speak up and thank you for all your hard work.

    i never thought you’re ever biased against any player or club. or, if you happen to be biased, you’d do it in your Madrid blog, but never, never in this blog. This blog is bias-free. But to top it, this is your blog, Una, you have all the right to write whatever you want. And you usually give us warning in your post in case some of the readers would not particularly like what you write. Then they can just not read it. It’s internet, for goodness sake, they can choose what they read or not, it’s not like you shove it down their throat.

    I for one would be very sad if you shut down this blog, Una. But come your decision, i will support it, no matter what.

    Viva Una!

  106. I think you should close this blog.

    I never comment (I’m more of a stalker, really) but I check this blog and your Madrid one every day. You do such a great job of it! I never really cared much about La Roja or Madrid before I found this place, but you’ve totally turned me into a fan! :D

    But this is a hobby, and it should not be causing any stress in your life! I’d feel terrible knowing that you’re being pressured into continuing to write this if your heart’s not in it anymore because you suffer abusive comments from some people.

    Do whatever you feel is right; I’ve had a blast reading this blog and I’ll definitely continue reading your other one! :3

  107. Like any of your avid readers, I hope you will reconsider your decision. After all, this is not a Madrid or Barca blog, but a La Roja blog.

    Anyways, I really appreciate your effort and dedication on your wonderful blog. Hala Una!

  108. I would like to second the “Haters to the Left” option proposed by Michelle. People who don’t like how (remarkably objectively) or what (interesting things that fans want to know!) you write can go become fluent in Spanish and start their own blogs rather than trolling yours and making unjustified bad-faith accusations.

    I think we would all understand, but be saddened, if you chose to bring CLR to an end. You shouldn’t have to take abuse for doing fantastic work, and you’re certainly not obligated to keep writing for any reason at all.

    The Clasipocalypse has clearly taken its toll on everyone even vaguely interested in Spanish football, and it’s created a toxic atmosphere for everyone. I suggest a detox where everyone watches Javi & Fer being adorable, followed by a few thousand viewings of the Soy Making Off video. Or maybe we can focus on La Rojita, because they’re important, too – and generally uncontroversial. (Especially when hot tubs are involved.) And most importantly, everyone needs to breathe deeply and count to, like, a hundred before commenting.

    In conclusion: let us all aim for a return to reason(ableness)!

  109. Oh, I just read this!
    Una, I’d tell you to “ignore the haters”, and “pay them no heed”, but I imagine it’s easier said than done. I’d love for you to continue with this blog, but as your other readers have said, if this is causing you too much stress I would understand if you were to stop posting here altogether.

    For all you’ve done for us non-Spanish speaking fans, thank you. <3

  110. I just wanted to let you know as a Barca fan… I have absolutely no problem with any of the opinions you have posted here. Mostly because they are your opinions and you are the blogger! But also, there are times when even as a fan you feel the need to have an opinion that might be against your own team/players.

    Keep up the great work on this blog (I really hope you choose to continue!).

    p.s. I even check out your Real Madrid blog sometimes and hate to admit it, but I enjoy it too!

  111. I like to come here because it’s the only blog about la Selección I have found. Well, maybe not the only one, but the only well-organized and based only in la Selección. So it would be a pity to loose it or loose a part of it.
    I follow la Liga, anyway, I’m not a club fan but a la Roja fan, so your blog is what I wanted. Surely clubs can’t be totally avoided, but I think you have done it in the perfect meassure.
    All I can say is do what you feel like to do.

  112. Take every criticism you read with a heaping pinch of salt. Rules of civility go out the window with the anonimity of the computer screen.
    I appreciate all your hard work, most people recognise how much effort goes into this blog. I also read your Madrid blog and when I disagree with what you write, I keep it to myself. There’s no point in commenting, you’re a madridista and I won’t change your mind just as you wouldn’t be able to change my mind.
    I hope you don’t stop writing about the Barcelona players on a purely selfish level. Where else can I share in the appreciation of the face touching and piggy back rides shared by Iker and Xavi???

  113. Now all the people who have criticised you will probably end up trying to convince you not to shut it down because they don’t even realise how much work you have to put into it to run this blog.

    Well I hope you don’t shut it down, I’m not actually a supporter of the SNT but I just come here to read about everyone but the players who are from Barca.

    It’s sad that only when Una says that she’s thinking of shutting it down, the people who wrote really quite nasty accusations and criticising her will now say “omg no please don’t go :'(“.

    Where was your appreciation 2-3 posts ago?

  114. Hi Una,

    I never ever comment on blogs, but i just wanted to say that I love you & your blog so much! As you know, soccer/football isn’t all that big in America, but I have been hooked ever since I saw the Confederations Cup semi-final (yes, that one!). While the USMNT will always be my #1 in my heart, La Roja is a very close 2nd. I was so excited for my 1st World Cup; it was probably the best summer I’ve ever had and your amazing blog was a huge part of it!!!! We don’t get to much soccer info over here, especially not the really important things (bromances, posing, thighs, Javi(!!!) Martinez in his underwear!). I just really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my <3!

    As a Madrid and La Roja fan, these past few weeks have been very confusing/frustrating. On the one hand, I hate the way that the Barca players have acted during these games (really Busquets, really). On the other hand, I still have a huge soft spot for all of them as La Roja players (except for Pedro…all he had to do was pass the ball to Fernando!!!). While obviously you have a bias on your other blog, on this one you have been very fair. While I can't recall specifics, I can also never recall a time when you have written some negative about any of the Barca players. In fact, you even helped me change me mind all little about Xavi…for some reason I just wasn't really a fan. These past few weeks have be tough, and I hope once everybody cools down that things will be okay. I think its awful of anyone to say mean things to you when you run such an amazing blog! I'm sure once a bit of time passes the Barca fans will see the error in their ways, and that they would be some of the first ones to get upset if you decided to stop this blog.

    While obviously I will respect what ever decision you make, PLEASE DON'T STOP WRITING YOUR AMAZING BLOG!!!!!! How will we know how many times Sergio does his patented "thumbs-up" pose? How will we know when David Villa wears another pair of hideous jeans? How will we know the next time that Javi(!!!) is almost naked : ) ? In case I never get the chance to leave a comment again, I would just like to thank you and your beautiful blog!! You helped me learn about one of me favorite teams, you've helped my intrigue about Sergio Ramos turn into a full fledged crush, and you introduced to my current one, Javi. I will forever be in your debt and can't thank you enough, I just hope that everyone else feels the same way. I really hope that we can leave the ugliness behind us and go back to talking about sexy Spaniards with amazing abs and ridiculous amounts of LV luggage!

    Sending a big hug and imaginary kiss from Javi(!!!),
    <3 Marghi

  115. This is the first time I’ve visited conlaroja since the CL 2nd leg, because I honestly didn’t want to hear about any Barcelona players or clasico talk. I’m so sorry for not commentting sooner!
    I haven’t seen any bias against Barcelona players on your blog, especially against Xavi. Picking on Xavi?! You rooted for Xavi to win the Ballon d’Or, congratulated him for his 100th game, covered his numerous lengthy interviews for our benefit… I’m sorry, but if this isn’t the complete opposite of “picking on Xavi”, then I don’t know what is.
    My Spanish is awful (I once completely embarrassed myself by accidentally saying “tengo mierda” when I meant “tengo miedo”) so as a fan from the US, I am super-thankful for both Unamadridista and Conlaroja because they are the only places where I can get humorous, light-hearted, and completely “bipartisan” news (or hot player coverage –but that’s news too!) in a language that I can actually understand.
    I really, really, appreciate all of the work that you’ve done. You probably have to re-watch almost two hour long games for us in order to pick out the tiniest (but funniest) details to share with us. Whenever I watch a RM or La Roja game, I’ll always be like, “I wonder if this will be on ICYMI tomorrow” and it always, always is. And translating interviews, TV shows, Pepe’s books –I can only try to imaging how much stress and time those cost you.
    Whatever you decide Una, I’ll support it 100%. (I’m so glad you are a madridista, I would be absolutely heartbroken if you were a cule and stopped covering Madrid players. Luckily I’ll still have your amazing Madrid blog!). I’m so sorry that you’ve been through so much stress because of a couple of readers who are unable to win gracefully and have to attack someone who has worked so hard to make a blog that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of club affiliation.

  116. the recent barrage of very ugly classicos (from both teams if we’re all being honest) have distracted us from something much more important than that. something that transcends club football and even the national team itself – its football. its sad that our love and passion for this beautiful game can turn into something so ugly and that some of us have become so blinded by hate that we’ve taken to hurling insults at random strangers on the internet. that’s not the way its supposed to be.

    i know that it comes with the territory that we’ll all develop strong feelings to things we feel passionately about, but let’s keep it positive. we can still support our team without hating on the other. be proud of your team for playing an honest game/pure football without calling the other team cheaters/sucky opponents.

    with that said, una, i feel that you have done a great job keeping this blog out of classico influences as much as possible and i respect you for that. thanks for the excellent updates on la roja. and its not your fault that some of your readers are immature and i understand your frustration. lots of love xxoxox

  117. Hola girla!
    You know I’ve been a fan of this blog ever since the World Cup. And you know what I thought about the few things that went down on the first Clásico back in November.
    What it all comes down to is that you’re the writer of this blog and you’re entitled to write about whatever the hell you want to write about, in whatever way you want.
    If my fellow culés are too much of dimwits to accept that, then I’m sorry for them, but maybe they should just go read someone else’s blog.
    You should not stop just because someone criticises your writing or your POV. You’re a madridista and that’s that. You see the world in that way, and there’s nothing that can change it. I am a Barça fan and I might see that sometimes you make remarks that I don’t agree with, but I take them as they are: remarks, someone’s honest opinions. If I don’t like them, that’s my problem, not yours.
    So, please don’t stop. Don’t let the “naysayers”, as someone else said previously, win. I think this blog is completely charming and I hope you find it in you to keep moving on.
    On a less serious note, (and please see that I’m only joking) it really sucks that you want to retire just before your NT and my NT are going to face each other! I really wanted to see what you were going to post when they came to Venezuela.
    Anyway. If you decide to pull the plug, then I can do nothing except for wishing you buena suerte and a marvelous life!
    Arriba, nena! Sí se puede ^^ jajaja

  118. Una – you are amazing as always. I love your Madridista blog more but, as a Spain NT fan first and foremost, this blog is amazing. If some rude, ridiculous Barca fans are mad at you, let them go read the fabulous Spain NT blog written by the same person who writes the fabulous Barca blog…oh wait, THERE ISN’T ONE! You are one of a kind, my dear. And as a reader of both blogs, I can say for sure that you are nothing but fair on this blog. TOO fair, if you ask me! I wish I could post on every article how much I love what you do, but that would be weird. Unless you need the reminder, in which case I will, because you deserve recognition for all that you do for us! Also, I have always wanted to know – what is your real name? And are you from Madrid? Just curious.

  119. Dear Una

    I believe that those accusations are truly ridiculous. As a Barca fan I did not see at any point that you criticize Barca’s players! Of course, I understand if you decided to stop this blog, it should cause you any stress or frustrations.
    Your blog is simply amazing and is probably the most complete website about La Roja. I also never saw any other blogs about other nationals’ teams who were as interesting as yours. I discovered this blog during the World Cup and I now go there everyday in order to see if they are some news about La Roja.
    I am very glad to learn many funny anecdotes about La Roja and I believe as well that all the translations works are amazing. I must have taken you such a long time. Thank you for this as I do not speak spanish fluently! I am aware that you spend many times on this blog and to my mind this shows how much you are a fan of La Roja.

    Well done for your blog!

  120. This is crap! Una, you write extremely good on this blog! No clubs are involved at all! it’s just about La Roja! People need to shut the f*ck up the stupid Madrid-Barcelona issues! This blog is called CON LA ROJA not CON MADRID AND BARCELONA! I think you shouldn’t pay any attention to people who complain about you! I they don’t like this blog -which makes them idiots- they should just STOP reading it! It’s a s simple as that! Almost everyone I follow on twitter likes, no extremely ADORES your blog Una. And just for the record I follow more than 100 people. You should just go on like you always do.

    I hope you’re gonna read this Una, some people -including me- really love what you do.


  121. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the effort that you put into both your blogs (Una Madridista and Con La Roja), and especially in this blog, i recognize how fair and conscientious you have been in the contents being posted. I hope you don’t reach a point when you have to close this space down, but if it ceases to be fun and happy, do what you think would make your mind at peace.

  122. I for one am a barca fan but I know when to talk about it and whne not to and esp on the FANTASTIC blog it would be dum to talk about the matches when its not about them but the team as a whole. PLZZZZZZZZZZ dont shut this blog coz i NEED IT!! lol serioulsy im like obsessed with this team and its only here where i know whats going on!! your the best for writing this blog and dont let a few sados overwrite the rest of the positive comments!!! GRACIAAAAAAAS :)

  123. Oh please don’t leave!
    This is your blog and people should respect that and I think you’ve been pretty good handling bias. On the whole, I think this blog is fine.
    Also, since you’ve already decided that this is a “no club” zone with the focus on La Roja, I think people need to remember that because this is a place for a La Roja fans to come and read about their favorite players when the players are in the team, not in their individual clubs. There are other blogs for that.
    Una, I’m sorry you’re getting all this hate for this. I’m sure it will calm down soon since the El Clasicos are over. I hope you keep this site up!

  124. I love your blog and I think you do a good job, and almost all your posts in this blog are unbias!

    And…..its a blog, people will always present their opinion – its THERE blog. No one else’s.

  125. As someone who actively reads both of your blogs and adores your dedication for both, I just had to comment on this.

    Honestly, people can be so incredible annoying and ungrateful; I don’t really see the point of leaving those negative comments to someone who obviously works her ass off putting together these two amazing blogs, translating everything, gathering info and while doing all that, managing to do keep it all pretty light-hearted while still organized and neat. It’s really a shame some people have to be so ignorant. I for one have never ever noticed any biases here and certainly not any xavi-bashing from your behalf. I’ve always thought you separate the NT and the club business absolutely amazingly. And even though for my Madrid bias I can’t claim any objectivity on this issue, I think you’ve always been very just with the way you’ve dealt with all the Spanish NT players here. Like someone above pointed a place where you were had anything but a negative take for xavi (I think it was the Q&A from El País) and I thought that actually represented really well your take on xavi here. Don’t really see how you could be more neutral w/ writing this blog.

    Your blog is really the best way for someone like me, who really only understands just the most basic, spanish (and only written – I’m so bad at understanding what the players say in interviews etc. lol) in terms of getting information on the team and the players. Besides the information, I also love your style and the approach you have. You write really well.

    I sincerely hope all this negativity you’ve had to deal with is only temporary and like others have thought too, resulted from all this clasico-madness that, in my opinion, totally wasn’t good for the player nor for us fans :) And I hope you can see the love most people have for these blogs and the appreciation they have for you and your work. I think you’re doing such a wonderful job on both blogs and I totally feel bad for never commenting before and showing my appreciation for you great work!!! Muchas gracias por un blog maravilloso!

    ps. I also gotta tell you that when the “please be patience with me, as no help is going on” comes along when scrolling down at unamadridista, it always manages to bring a huuuuuge smile to my face :D

  126. Una, I check both of your blogs every day, and cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the effort you put into them. Whenever you post something, it makes my day! You never express anything but support for Barcelona’s players on Con la Roja, and anyone who says otherwise is delusional.

    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  127. I am so sorry to hear that you have gotten negative messages about the blog. Although I am I Real Madrid supporter who loves your other blog, too, I have never perceived any bias against Barca in your writing here. I really enjoy reading your posts about la roja and hate to think that a few people who have their own idiotic biases may shut it down. But I do understand if you feel uncomfortable going forward. You have to post what you feel comfortable with.

    I see I’m late with my comment, but there are a lot of your fans who support you and I hope that will give you the encouragement to keep posting as you have enjoyed doing in the past!

  128. Una! Please don’t shut this blog down. I honestly had to use google a lot to find information about the NT until I found your blog. If you do decide to stop writing here, we’d all understand that. But I really, really hope you don’t. And I just have to add, as a Barca fan, I don’t see why people insult you when you’re telling the truth. It might not be nice to read about your players diving and being unfair, but their actions were very visible in the past few games (I’ve disliked Busquets & Pedro since seeing how they were during the first leg of the semi final). Anyway, thanks for all your effort with this blog! It’s absolutely amazing. :)

  129. I really hope you reconsider stopping writing about Barca players on the NT! I’m a cule and if it weren’t for your username and your other blog, I wouldn’t even know that you’re a madridista. I haven’t seen the posts that seem to be causing all this controversy (I haven’t been on this blog since the clásicos started), but I don’t need to to know that you’re remarkably, remarkably unbiased. Especially about Xavi, who seems to be a pretty hated figure for a lot of Madrid fans. I posted a culé POV comment on one of your posts on your Madrid blogs, but please know that I didn’t do so to contribute to trolling/hate/whatever has gone on here. I think people are just very upset about this whole clásico business, and will calm down, but regardless of that, it’s really wrong for them to take it out on you. I really respect you and the work you do and I love your blog!! So thanks for being so awesome and I hope you feel better!

  130. Oh, Una… ;^( Your blogs are so amazing and your hard work is truly wonderful! I feel bad about what you had to go through. Always apprecieate what you do here and there!!! Hugs and kisses!!

  131. Hola Una! I’m one of those fairly silent but diligently devoted fans of the incredibly excellent work you do to help those La Roja fans outside of Spain and Europe stay informed with the happenings of the team. I cannot tell you how much I adore this site and what you write about in the blog!! I’ve been away these few days and am saddened to read that you have had to deal with such ill behavior. It is totally unfounded what accusations have been leveled upon you.

    I really hope that you continue ‘con la roja’. Truly, truly. You are in many cases the only connection we distant fans have to La Roja news. Oh what would we do without you? Though, please know that should you choose to end what has been really the BEST site there is dedicated to La Roja, you will be sorely missed. I’d completely understand the reasons, support you, and learn to cope.

    On my own little side note, I also discovered your wonderful work during the World Cup this summer. I had been a fan of La Roja since the Euro win in 2008. Had I known you earlier I would have found some way to help contribute when I attended the Spain v Portugal match. And I was hoping to send you anything I could from the upcoming USA v Spain match.

    Please continue unamadridista!! You and your writings are so much appreciated and loved! We are here for you now!!!

  132. Dear Una,

    I really hope you will not close this blog, because it’s THE Number 1 Website/Source you can find in the whole WWW about LaRoja, especially for us non-native spanish speakers. Same goes for your Madrid-Blog by the way!!! And all the things you were criticized for are simple NONSENS.
    The criticizer wheren’t even able to KNOW all the stuff about the SNT without the excistens of this blog thats for sure!!!
    So I hope you will rethink about everything and will not close this blog. All we can do by now is to show you how much we other LaRoja Fans around the World appreciate all your effort, love and hard work you did so far by running this blog for us.

    Btw, after going through the recents post which caused so much trouble it seems (at least for me) that some pple may have problems to use the “Reply”Button correctly if they want to comment on other users post, so it seems they do comment directly to you/or about things you wrote.

  133. Please don’t do that! I love your blog and all La Roja!!!! Without Barcelona’s players it’s not the same… Please, Ignore all this stupid comments about you

  134. I love your blog. The USMNT will always be my heart, but La Roja is a very close second. I have been coming to your blog for months now and always love all of the content. I never feel like it is biased towards Madrid. :)

    I say keep it coming…and ignore all of the other ungrateful comments that are sent your way. I am tempted to make a comment about Barca fans…but I will keep it clean here!

  135. I’m a Barca fan and I actually like to read both of your blogs they put a smile on my face So don’t mind what other people say i think you are doing a brilliant job .And I don’t think you have picked on Xavi.I think your very fair when it comes to all players from different teams.Even on your Madrid blog you can make fun of your own players so I don’t think you are being one sided :)

  136. Hola Una!

    I’m one of those people who never comments (too afraid!) but seeing your recent post, I was so upset I just had to put something up! I absolutely adore your site since I discovered it, after the World Cup last Summer.

    As a massive Barca and Xavi fan since, I have to say, never never never has anything you’ve written been unfair, biased, out of order, etc. I know you’re Una Madridista but what does it matter? What are people like? How dare they post any negative comments? It’s your blog and the rest of us LOVE it! If they don’t agree, just go to another site and leave you and us alone! Talk about wasting your time.

    I can’t speak Spanish (but am learning!) so having such a fantastic site as yours, with perfect English translations of all the goings on with La Roja AND what happens in La Liga is amazing and I would miss it so so much. Please don’t stop doing exactly what you have been doing because it’s PERFECT.

    So far there seems to be apx 145 comments in response to your post and from the ones I read (it’s going to take you forever to read them all!), we are all trying to put into words how much we love your page and appreciate all the time, effort, skill, knowledge and fun that you put into it. Please don’t lose heart.


    Jane x

  137. Please don’t shut this blog down :( I’m from the Philippines and it’s a bit hard to find other ladies here who love the game for the game itself and not just for the footballers. This blog has been such a huge source of information for me, as well as relief. I check this site (and the Madrid one) regularly, probably twice a day. I’ve been a fan of the National Team for more than a decade, and of Madrid even longer. So to finally come across a site dedicated to them was such a happy moment.

    I don’t know where all the accusations of bias are coming from. From my point of view, I’m impressed by how you’ve always managed to be so neutral with regard to the Barca players when you’re writing about the SNT. I believe you’ve done such a good job with balancing out the love for Madrid and for the national team players.

    I know that it’s frustrating to be blasted by some people regarding your views on the Barca-Madrid matter, and I’ve been on the receiving end of a few of those as well. But none of what you’ve posted here are unfounded. The evidence is all over the internet. The mark of the Barca players is all over this blog. And they have generally been positive entries about how amazing they are and how important they are to the national team. You’ve campaigned for Xavi to win player of the year a lot of times, and defended more than a few of them from criticisms they’ve received. Conversely, you’ve given the Madrid players their fair share of flak as well, even on the Madrid blog.

    Chin up, Una. The 145 or so posts I am seeing right now are a testament of how important this blog is, how great of a writer you are, and most of all, further evidence of why you should continue on. Your opinions are yours alone. If they want their own, let them make their own blog, and praise their clubs if they want.

  138. Dear Una,

    I have to say that regardless of the tension right now, I am grateful to u for volunteering ur time and effort to upkeep this blog. I fell in love with the spain squad first before getting into football club-level. And u were and are a big part of helping me love the spain NT more and more.

    Sometimes being a passionate fan of a club leads one to being extra sensitive about choice of words…especially when u know it’s coming from a person who’s a fan of ur rival club. It’s easy for a barcelona fan to think that u ‘pick on’ some barcelona players, even if u had no intention to. Just simply by the fact that u are a madrid fan, and especially if these barcelona fans, being such a fan of ur writing n spain NT team, visit ur madrid blog as well and see the disapproval u have for barca players there.

    From a level-headed point of view, u are a writer that makes a huge effort to be balanced and fair in this la roja blog. Although obviously u will always have a madrid bias in ur heart (becos u’re a madridista, it’s completely natural!) but 99% of the time u don’t show it in this blog. And at times, I even get the impression u’re very fond of some barca players too. I did think that u were making a remark about pique with the ‘spanish, not catalan’ comment becos of what i read in ur madrid blog but if u say that’s not what u meant at all, then ok. I do think the heat of the clasicos has made us all over-sensitive in many respects.

    I just want to say, please don’t shut this blog down, nor stop writing about barcelona players here. I think after this blog post, barcelona la roja fans would be assured of ur non-biasness in this blog and all things will calm down once league season is over, trust me. Once spain NT playing time begins, club rivalries will be forgotten.

    Also, I think u hold the key to uniting us all (whether madrid, barca, athletic, villareal, etc) again. u have been doing such a good job so far here. If u leave out writing about barca players, i fear it may not help the situation and may even aggravate it.

    But of cos, in the end, it’s ur blog. It’s u who spend time n effort doing this for us readers. So it’s ur choice and we’ll all respect it.

  139. Honestly, I don’t see why you even have to try to be fair. Your a Madrid fan and this is a blog you run for your own pleasure. I suggest just blocking the IP addresses of those who are rude and cannot express their dissent politely. :)

  140. YouNeverWalkAlone

    I beg you not to shut your blog down, nor to stop writing about Barcelona players…I am a faithful follower of your blog, and you have caused me to come to love them all, even though I’m a Madridista…

    La Roja is about finding unity, surpassing club loyalties…it’s a really hard task but it’s one that you accomplish well, no doubt.

    In fact, I think I came to this blog with some prejudices against Barca players that you helped me get rid of. I have learned from your blog how to be fair and respect other teams, even the one I’m supposed to hate.
    People should quit saying YOURE biased when in reality you exemplify how NOT to be biased.

    Thanks for what you have taught us, and I hope you’ll find that the love and respect we have for you outweighs the idiocy of a select few

  141. I am so happy ou are contining with this blog that has given all of us so much pleasure.
    Actually this is pretty much the same message I would give to the national team players. If this blog can’t continue, the team quite likely can’t continue either.
    If they players feel that they can’t play together any more, that is a great loss for everyone, for us for them, because they have shown superiority AND so much happiness playing together.
    Some of the weird accusions and conspiracy talks that I have read on this blog also reflect the crazy talk around the Clasico games.
    Whether the players – and we – can overcome all this bitterness, no one knows, but I hope so. I want all that pleasure to continue. How can I not?
    And yes, there are hidden messages all over this blog, edited by JFK, Elvis and Michael Jackson, all alive and living together at the Betty Ford Ashram Clinic .

  142. it’s your blog, una. don’t let negative nellies cramp your style. let them create their own blog if they want.

    i, for one, appreciate all that you do for us non-spanish speakers. state your biases and opinions if you want to because, again, it’s your blog.

  143. Please keep up the great work!! I’ve never noticed anything close to bias here- I don’t even know what people are talking about!! Thanks so much for this blog and please ignore these people!

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