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The day of the Venezuela-Spain friendly has been shifted to June 7 (the original date was June 1), and it will take place in Puerto La Cruz.  The date was changed because Barcelona is playing in the Champions League final on May 28, and the federation would like to have the best team possible for this friendly, as well as the one against the U.S. on June 4 in Boston.  Puerto La Cruz was chosen as the site in part because it has an airport with the capability of handling large airplanes.

Meanwhile, Vicente del Bosque said during an awards ceremony that he’s not worried that the relationships between Real Madrid and Barcelona players have deteriorated: “we have confidence in the players.  Personally, I’m convinced of the good relationships… we don’t fear that the relationships are going to deteriorate.”

And Xabi said,”we’re mature people, people who have played football for many years, so we should know how to behave with our club and on the national team.  For my part, there won’t be any problems.”

Update: in his press conference on Friday, Carles Puyol was asked about the situation with La Roja.  His take on the issue was: “each one goes onto the field defending his own interests, but on the national team, we are all defending the same thing.  We’ll see if this will affect the team, but it should stay on the field… those are things that happen on the field and that’s all.”  And when asked whether he had spoken to any Real Madrid player or La Roja teammate after the game, he responded, “I didn’t speak with anyone because I had to go to antidoping.”  However, Puyol also said, “I wasn’t surprised that they [Madrid’s La Roja players] didn’t congratulate us.”  But Xabi and Álvaro did wait around to congratulate Barcelona’s players, no?  I mean, there’s even footage of that, because it took place on the field.

(I bet you’re all thinking now that you didn’t miss out on much when this post was locked!)


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  1. YAY the posts are back! These guys have been playing together forever :). Besides there are always tiffs in families, but in the end you get over it and you love them. Love them and love your work Una. Can’t wait to see them on June 4th!

  2. I love Puyol and Xabi Alonso’s “Leave it on the field” attitude. La Roja is a “pina” as we kept hearing last summer. Trust in VDB to reunite them. although they won’t have a lot of time after the Champions League final to prepare for the friendly! Lots of travel in a short period of time.

  3. actually I was wondring … but then I figure you were doing some edits …

    I just love how all the players are coming out saying… “For my part, there won’t be any problems.”

    I hope that is the truth … (i’m still worried about them .. but I believe them)

  4. Hi, I just saw this comment by Pedro, “Together, the ESP players should try to forget the quarrels in the past games and return to the great atmosphere from South Africa.”

    I hope so too Pedro!

  5. I’m just glad that “the Apocalypse of El Classicos” happened AFTER the world cup. I’m not completely sure but I think I agree with the players “leave it on the field, we’re mature” attitude. I think they might be able to handel it together for a few days, but idk if they would last an extended period of time together (like world cup length time together)…luckilly we dont have to worry about that

  6. Also I just wanted to add this…I think Puyol should retire from the National Team. I just dont want his last memories of physically being with the team to be “strained.” Also I think his big personality may (<key word for all the sensitive ppl) hurt the team more than it will help it, especially at this slightly vulnerable state they are in

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