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Prior to their game against the United States on June 4 in Boston, Spain will play a friendly in Venezuela on June 1.  The location of the game is still unknown, but the Venezuelan football federation will announce it in the next several days (it looks like Maracaibo is the front-runner).  This also means that La Roja won’t be using that other FIFA date, June 7, and will return to Spain right after playing against the U.S.  Spain had been negotiating with Ireland to play on that day in Chicago or New York, but Ireland declined.  After that, we’ll have to wait until August to see the world champions again, when they take on Italy in Rome on the tenth of that month (and presumably go meet the pope).

Spain’s “Americas” tour will begin shortly right after the final of the Champions League on May 28, in which a Spanish club will be playing (Madrid or Barcelona), so it’s very likely that some of the internationals (between the two clubs, there are 13) won’t play against Venezuela.  It will be the third time that Spain and Venezuela have faced off against each other.  The first time was in 1981 in Caracas, when Spain won 0-2, and the second in August 2004 in Las Palmas.  Spain won that game 3-2; it was also Luis Aragonés’ first game as head coach.

This pair of games will also be Fernando Hierro’s last two as (a very, very successful) sporting director of the federation.


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  1. thanx 4 the news!!! … I wish the would come to city near me … but mexico had to take that date … ugh… I hate it … Wish I could go….

    Una I got a question …
    i heard that VDB … said that some of the players from Madrid & Barcelona … won’t be called up next time & it can go has far has they will never be called up again ….for they way they have been behaving with each other during the Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona…. is that true??? Cause they are also saying that one of the player would be Alvaro Arbeloa …

    I just want to know if it’s true … I don’t want to argue with anybody … Cause trust I have been watching both teams … & it’s gets me sick to my stomach .. & i was literally crying …on how they were treating each other!!!! ….

    • As far as I can tell, someone made that up on tumblr. All VDB has said so far is that he is “concerned” about this matter.

      • I think so, too. The only place where I’ve read about it was Tumblr (there were different versions as well) – and there was never a real source given.

      • thanx … cause I read it on website but it wasn’t tumblr ….but yea all I heard VDB say was that he concerned & he didn’t like seeing them like that ….

  2. i think they should send the madrid barca player to a summer camp. judging from the recent classicos obviously they lost their chemistry now.i want my roja boys together again=(

    • I like the idea of the La Roja training camp for the RM and Barca boys. I hope the wounds will heal after this week and season :(. But I believe they may play each other twice in August for the Spanish Super Cup. Please don’t lose the chemistry from last summer!!

  3. So looking forward to see our boys playing together again and, hopefully, forgetting about all the clásico-madness.

    I suppose the US-readers of this blog who will be attending (you better!) can form an own con-la-roja-peña, no? Wishing you guys lots of fun!
    You should ask Una for some advice on how to run down to the pitch in order to rip off all the players’ clothes, by the way…

    Además, I really don’t feel like saying adiós to my beloved Fernando so soon. But only he knows what’s best for him and his family.

    Thank you, Una! Keep it up.

  4. I can’t WAIT for La Roja to be in Boston.. have my tickets and ready to go! I am beyond excited and it can’t get here soon enough. And after that, in July, Real Madrid in Los Angeles, my home! This is going to be a good summer!! Whheeeeee :D

  5. I’ll probably make the trip up to Boston for that game since it’s a quick shuttle flight up.

    But like others, I worry that the bad blood between the Madrid and Barcelona players as seen in last week’s CL semifinal will spill over onto the national team. :(

  6. Perhaps travelling such a long distance together will help the Madrid and Barcelona players. Lets not believe everything the press writes, I am sure the situation between them is not as bad as they want us to believe. Many of these guys have known each other for years and have won titles together. If there is some coldness between them which I have noticed in the last game then I hope that this changes when they meet for national team duty.
    If things need some mending, then Reina is the perfect candidate to make everyone get over what happened during the clasicos because the guy gets along with everybody and has a good sense of humor.

    I wish I can go to Boston!

  7. I couldn’t believe my twitter timeline when I read that the Venezuela-Spain friendly was happening! I am sure that they will win, so that’s something positive to look forward to.
    I don’t think I will go because Maracaibo is really far from where I live, but I’ll be watching the game for sure!
    It’s so great that they’re coming, I am really honored hehe
    And I don’t think that the Clasicos will affect the relationships between the Roja boys. It’s a whole different thing. Although I still have nightmares about the Copa del Rey match, not because my beloved Barça lost, but because everyone on the pitch seemed to want to kill each other. It was scary.
    And it was my birthday, so I hope that they’ll make it up to me and behave themselves when they come to Venezuela :D

  8. not directly conlaroja related but i just wanted to make sure you saw this lovely video javi (!!!) tweeted a little while ago :)

  9. i hope all of them are present and accounted for in the june 4 match (because i’m going!) … and i hope by then, cooler heads will have prevailed and everyone will have had a bit of time to calm down after all this clasico madness. :(

  10. I really hope NT bonding helps bring the team together. Has the rivalry between Barca and Madrid always been this intense? I only started following the clubs after the world cup, so wonder if this is one off due to 4 Clasicos or if it’s been this way last few years too?

  11. Well, hopefully Xavi is right.

    But if this is true, so sad from the highs of last summer. Hopefully not. I don’t know who was following who beforehand, so I have no idea. But it seems like everyone still follows Don Andres!

    “Spanish media outlets reported that several players from both teams stopped following one another on Twitter after last week’s first leg.”

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