papá Andrés…

I’m sure she already has her father wrapped around her little finger.  Papá Andrés took Valeria (assuming he’s not just tenderly looking at a blanket) to the pediatrician the other day, accompanied by girlfriend Anna.  If the caption hadn’t told me that was Anna, I would never have recognized her!  She looks completely different once more, but in a good way, especially as it looks like she got rid of those unfortunate extensions.  More pictures here.


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  1. Aww! So happy for Andrés! Valeria (beautiful name, by the way) seems really tiny though – well, no big surprise here since her daddy is a bajito himself.
    Agree about Anna, she looks way better here. She also seems to have gotten back in shape quite fast.

    Wishing those three all the best!

  2. Yay papa andres!

    Off topic – I read that all the clasicos are damaging relationships between the national team members and even VDB made a comment that he hopes it doesn’t happen :(. I hope it’s not true!

  3. Lovely, very tender images of papá Andrés and Valeria – who is so tiny!! it really looks like Iniesta is holding an empty blanket… but he’s not, newborn children are like that (my son was just as tiny when he was born ;) and yes, Anna looks better than in other pictures of her, love her hair and her clothes… she’s very elegant ;)

  4. Anna definately looks a lot better without tons of makeup! I wonder if Valeria looks anything like her or Andres? Isabella (Kaka’s newborn daughter) looks a lot like Caroline.

  5. awww…I bet he’s a great father!

  6. SO. CUTE. (but aww, I miss Anna’s blond hair!)

  7. Andres is so cute with baby in his arms. PERFECT

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