random La Roja assortment

This is hilarious.

Spanish magazine “Cuore” has Gerard Piqué on the cover of their latest issue, showing him waiting at the airport to pick up Shakira.  But what they really want to highlight is “El Piquetón” (a play on words for “el paquetón,” which means the big bulge in a certain area…) of Piqué as he stood there waiting for his girlfriend to come out.  They also helpfully and thoughtfully assure us that the picture is “100% Photoshop free” and thus completely untouched.

In the picture on the left of the pair kissing, they have Shakira saying, “a month and a half without you, kiss me!” and Piqué replying, “let’s go home, you’re going to give me an embolism.”  In the big picture, Geri is saying, “don’t look at my crotch, look over there!”

“Piquetón” has become a trending topic on twitter, with comments such as “according to NASA, Mount Everest and “El Piquetón” are the only things that are clearly visible from space.”

Meanwhile, over in Valencia, several players from (the club) Valencia, including current La Roja member Juanín Mata and former national team players Joaquín Sánchez and Roberto Soldado, have taken part in a campaign to promote the club’s next game against Real Madrid.  I won’t go too much into the campaign, only to say that they appear topless in it, which is why I’ve decided to post about it, despite my “no club” rule.

Watch the making of video:

The same goes for this video here (in the first minute), of Carlos Marchena celebrating Villarreal’s goal against Zaragoza by dancing the Dougie (yes, you read right, that’s Marchena, dancing and Dougie in the same sentence, and all related too!) with teammate Giuseppe Rossi.  Thanks to reader Ange for the tip!

Check out his hair!  Reader Laryssa sends in these videos from ESPN Brasil about the origins of David Villa (part I, part II, part III).  She says they’re in Portuguese but fairly easy to understand.

We have another one of our players who is now on twitter!  I’ll admit I didn’t see this one coming, because that player is Víctor Valdés!  Find his twitter here and his FB here.  Maybe we should all start leaving him tweets and messages about how he should convince Pepe and Iker to join the next time they get together?

Vicente del Bosque said yesterday the decision about whether to call up Sergio Busquets for the U-21 Euro will be decided by Fernando Hierro at the end of June – hopefully before he leaves, no?

Meanwhile, the U-19 team kicked off the Porto International Tournament with a 1-1 tie against Portugal, with Paco Alcácer scoring for La Rojita.  They’ll take on France today.  I must say, I really like the white kits with the red and yellow accents on the shoulder, sleeve, shorts and socks!!


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  1. El Piquetón?? Love this, it’s really hilarious… but way too naughty :))) I think Piqué can sue the newspaper for that :))) (Dios mio… and me blushing and thinking my comments on Joan were insolent!!)

    Los sin camiseta in Valencia’s campaign look great, especially Joaquín Sánchez, with his big nose and gorgeous blue eyes!!! he’s a real hottie <3 <3 <3 (when will Villarreal do something like that? yes, con Capdevila sin camiseta please!!)

  2. Yey! Paco scored for la rojita u-19, i adore him. OmG my Vcf boys are so lovely, arent they?…. Lol Marchena dancing the dougie:)))…. Thanks Una for this Post im fully awake now!!

  3. Thanks to you, dear Una, I now finally understand what’s with all this Piquetón talk on Twitter! I don’t have much to say about that – except that it’s good to know there still are pictures on magazine covers which are not photoshopped. Jejeje!

    I won’t go too much into the campaign, only to say that they appear topless in it, which is why I’ve decided to post about it, despite my “no club” rule.
    This excuse gets my seal of approval. La Roja players minus tops are always a welcome treat…
    I think Iker and Juanín could have a battle on who is the palest. Tough decision, though!

    The white kit really looks so neat! Both teams should wear them preferably on rainy days, since the kind people of Adidas seem to have been thinking about us when they created the beautifully transparent fabric of these kits.
    I utterly miss the days when La Roja’s jerseys weren’t that crowded. Maybe the FIFA patch should have been added to the sleeve instead of the chest. (And still – a capital lettered NO from me to the blue lines on the sides, shoulders.)

    Thanks for the round-up!

  4. i do hope that the SNT and real madrid and others will take example of valencia…and soon!

  5. nothing about Valdes and the fact that the beautiful man newly joined the world of twitter and facebook?

  6. The Pique thing is hilarious of some sort but also quite mean, if you ask me….downplaying the dude to one part of his body and all that because he makes the world jealeaous wandering around the streets with his famous girfriend, with the hips and all that. (I am not a jeleaous person at all, but I almost puked seeing all this sweetness from their last pictures,sugar overdose, they were so demonstrating the happiness that it hurt a single lady!LOL)

    On the other hand, women celebrities need to deal with such situation all the time, you know, boobs pictures etc, magazines have no mercy, more when it comes to women than when it comes to men, so for once it is not that bad that the guy is the centre of the body-related jokes.

    Of course, it kinda makes me feel better about staring at half-naked Javi or the Sexio’s infamous gif – all this seems quite innocent now compared to the idea of the people who came up with such a cover! and whoever came up with the #piqueton tag!

    now back to looking at Valencia pics and time to see the vid of Javi photoshoot once again, no guilt!

  7. Juan Mata topless… He’s like a baby to me (even though he’s older), so that picture seems so wrong, somehow!

  8. THANX UNA!!!!

    & As for Pepe & Iker … Pepe does have FB??? (but it’s strange .. cause he post something everytime David says something) maybe it’s David that helps him .. jajjaa I wouldn’t be suprise

    & if Carlos Marchena can Dougie … I think anything is possible !!! jajaja

    soo lets do the ppl who r missing

    Carlos Marchena
    Fernando Torres
    David Silva (his twitter i kinda not sure)
    Jesus Navas

    THANX UNA!!!

    & I think u should do a “Club” Post every now & then … maybe one every month ….to show images like that … it gives you another reason to put more JAVI(!!!!!) ….& if it’s slow week …. u can have something to post ….

  9. haha Pique!!!! I love this magazine now!
    100% photoshop free :D Shakira is a lucky lady! (And Pique a lucky man!)

    Mata looks like a Cullen in that picture! He’s so pale… and Joaquin’s stomach doesn’t even look real!!

  10. piqueton!
    the funniest thing i heard all day!
    oh waut, the funniest hting was that sergio ramos dropped the copadelrey trophy!
    aww, still love him, the big lug!

  11. I’m a little creeped out that all of the Valencia boys seem to have shaved their chests. Am I the only one who likes them fuzzy?


  13. I love this team, I really, really hope they remain as great a team and as good friends after these four clasicos that are driving me mad with all the fights, and press and Mourinho!

  14. and acting, and fouls, and tension…..

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