Joan Capdevila at El País

El País recently interviewed Joan Capdevila, and as you can imagine, the results are hilarious.  Joan talks about his most fun memories from South Africa, his sense of humor and why he was hated in Menorca.

From where did you inherit your sense of humor?

Not from my family.  They’re a bit dull.  Boredom makes me say stupid things.  Many people get mad because I hardly ever speak seriously.  I tweet jokes to make people smile.  I prefer to share laughter and not pain.  Life is short, you have to laugh.

When you won the Eurocopa, you said that a tuercebotas was now the champion of Europe.

That came from the heart.  I’m privileged because I took advantage of my opportunity.  I’m not a media favorite nor do I score brilliant goals, but I do my job well if I have the confidence of the coach.

You don’t have it right now?

I’m 33 years old and soon I’ll have to retire from the national team.  I know that’s football.  Just like I took over once for someone, someone else will take over for me.  I’m very proud of that.

Do you have any successors in mind?

José Enrique, Canella, Arbeloa, Monreal, Catalá, Oriol…

Has your performance declined?

A bit yes, I have less explosiveness because I’m tired after playing for two years without stopping.  I’ve noticed it and the míster… as well (laughs).  I could do more, but it comes and goes.

[Club things]

Were you always a leftback?

No, I scored 54 goals as a forward during one season in the lower categories of Tàrrega.  Then I played as a winger, I signed with one of Espanyol’s youth teams and I became a lateral.  The most difficult wingers to stop?  Juanfran, De las Cuevas, Navas, and of course Robben and Cristiano.

In the final of the World Cup, against the Netherlands, you were brilliant until you received a hard tackle from Van Persie.

Yes, I spent the entire halftime lying on the stretcher.  I didn’t hear anything Del Bosque said.  They put two bandages on me and I played the second half with a sprained right ankle that later had me out for one month.  I missed out on the 2006 World Cup in Germany and this was the last opportunity I had to do something important.

Your best memory from South Africa?

In the beginning, when you see the Cup, it’s magical.  And in the end, when I went to find my parents in the stands.  I don’t know how I found them, I saw their tears of emotion and it was like a summary of my career.  We said everything without saying a word.  They had accompanied me to all the fields so I could become a footballer.

And the most fun memory?

The day-to-day, the meals, the training sessions, a safari… and Piqué receiving all sorts of hard shots, and when we caught Sergio Ramos and Navas cheating at bingo and cards against Albiol and Arbeloa.  That Andaluz craftiness.  Or when the queen came and Puyol was in a towel.  The worst was the tension that we had until the game against Chile.  After that, everything went smoothly.

How did you celebrate winning the World Cup?

The next morning, there was a surprise party in Tàrrega.  Everyone wanted to know what had happened during that month and a half in South Africa.  Since I have a young son, Gerard, who’s named after his father (jokingly), and who’s now 13 months, we spent a week in Menorca.  There were tons of Dutch people there, and they kept giving me dirty looks.

Your career also includes a Copa with Depor, two Supercopas…

And a silver medal from Sydney, an unforgettable experience.  Football touched me with a magic wand.  And now my goal is to win the Europa League.  That would be the culmination of my career.


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  1. Wow, what I’m seeing… Capdevila Capdevila Capdeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilaaaaaaaaaaa!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 thank you so much, it turned out to be an early birthday present for me!!… ;) <3 <3 <3

    A lovely interview… as to his son, he said in another interview he tried to name him after himself, but he (Joan) is not the one who takes all the decisions in his family, so the son was named Gerard ;)
    And I think that the Dutch gave him dirty looks out of ENVY ;)))

    Now I'll just keep silent and fantasize about Capdevila in a towel (like Puyol), with drops of water on his suntanned skin and whispering something in broken English – for me, that would be an epitome of sexiness… ;)

    • And… what is, exactly, “tuercebotas”? an unimportant player? If so, don’t think it’s true… who thinks he’s unimportant does not know what it’s like to give one’s best in every game, what it’s like to play injured… ;)

      • It’s a player that despite his clumsiness or uselessness to the team has a place on the team, because he’s a nice guy, he’s related to the coach, he has a hidden talent…

  2. I’m 33 years old and soon I’ll have to retire from the national team.

    NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! It will be a very very sad day for me when this happens, and I know the rest of the NT will miss him as well. Was it one of the physios who described Joan as the “joy of the team”? I think even if he isn’t a starter, VDB should continue to call him up for what he brings to the dressing room.

    and Piqué receiving all sorts of hard shots

    LOL! I can totally see him making fun of Pique’s war wounds!

    And I hadn’t realized his ankle was that bad during the WC final. Amazing that he powered through and finished the game. <3

    • That will be sad for me as well… I remember that in 2004, I had a big crush on Rui Costa, and just at that moment he left the national team… :( and he was not even 33, it was very sad… but I think Joanet will make some career in the mass media… with his sexy voice and his smile he would be a charismatic figure – and people finally will see something in him, on the personal level, besides the bucket and the cubata ;)

      …and (now I’ll be a bit naughty) confess you’d love to be the Menorcan sea to caress his injured ankle?… ;) if Joan’s ankles are so fragile, they’re definitely very sensitive to caress… ;) (I know it because mine are like that)

  3. Presale tickets for the USA-Spain friendly go on sale tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going Una? I live in NYC so I’ll definitely be making the trip!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awe Una thanks so much! I love Capdevila. I’ll be sad when he retires :(. But he put it so well, that he replaced someone so somone will replace him. What an upbeat and great guy.

  5. Totally love Joan’s spirited deportment.
    He seems to be a really positive person.
    Thanks for the translation :D

  6. Awwwww love Crackdevila :)

  7. “Navas cheating at bingo and cards against Albiol and Arbeloa” OMG this team is soooo cutee!!!

  8. I LOVE IT! Thank you Una <3

  9. i love joan!
    never leave the team!
    we will miss you!

    lol@ pique and the shots, and puyi in a towel with the queen!

  10. LIKE ALWAYS!!!!!

    THANX UNA!!!

    I LOVE THE POST!!! =)

    Joan .. he is such a sweet/nice/funny guy!!! that you can’t help but love!!!

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