La Roja briefs

ONE. Two cute pictures of the team from their last concentración, in their pre-game technical chat.  They really look like schoolchildren!  Andrés would sit in the front row next to the teacher!  Piqué gets my vote for being the one most likely to sit in the back.

TWO. Andrés Iniesta is the star of Kalise ice cream’s new campaign, under the tagline, “when you make 48 million people happy with a goal you score, you get whatever you ask for.  You’ll find out soon what Andrés Iniesta asked for in Kalise ice cream’s new campaign.”

THREE. Víctor Valdés was one of the invited guests on La Sexta’s “Buenafuente” on Thursday night, and before the taping, the show asked Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol and Gerard Piqué via twitter what questions they should ask Víctor.  Only Carles replied, saying “ask him about Manolo Escobar during the World Cup celebration” (watch that moment here).

So Andreu Buenafuente did precisely that, and Víctor explained, “when Manolo Escobar came out, (Carlos) Marchena said to me, ‘hey, let’s go toss Manolo up in the air.’  So I said okay, and when I went to do it, I found myself alone.  The good thing was that I was capable of doing it alone.”  He also used the show to ask for forgiveness from Manolo!  Watch here, but it looks like Víctor had help from Sergio, no?  And that he didn’t manage to get Manolo very high up either!  Plus, his reaction after is priceless, because he obviously thought what he had done was hilarious!

FOUR. Vicente del Bosque revealed yesterday that Sergio Busquets had told him before the game against Lithuania that he would like to play in the upcoming U-21 Euro.  VDB told him he would discuss this matter with Fernando Hierro, to make the best decision for everyone.  As much as I believe Busi will help that team and be a great addition, and that it’s a wonderful gesture, he hasn’t played for that team in two years, and he would most likely take the spot of someone who has been there and has worked extremely hard in that time to help Spain qualify for the tournament, and so it seems a bit unfair.

FIVE. VDB has admitted that the departure of Fernando Hierro as sporting director of the FEF has left him saddened: “It hurts me because he’s my friend.  He was an excellent professional in everything he did as a player, and he did an excellent job in the RFEF and has helped us a lot.”  He told this to Radio Marca, where he also talked about that other key pillar during his third stint as coach of Real Madrid, Raúl: “despite the years, he hasn’t lost many things, and he’s always been an extremely competitive man… I’ve never said that the doors to the national team are closed to any player, including Raúl.  We inherited a national team without Raúl, and perhaps we committed the error of not calling him up.”

It looks like VDB will be taking over some of the functions that Hierro had previously done, such as working with all the junior teams.  However, there are some other tasks that he will not be taking over, such as negotiating bonuses with the players, negotiating with club representatives over their players and other things like that.  Thus, the RFEF is considering hiring someone else to handle these duties, and one name being batted around is that of José Antonio Camacho, who of course once coached the national team and maintains an excellent relationship with VDB, from their playing days together at Real Madrid.  Others are saying that the position could be handed to a graduate of the “sporting director” course at the RFEF, but since it’s a new one, all of the recent graduates (e.g. Fran, Juanito, De La Red) are too inexperienced to discuss money with Iker Casillas or minutes with Andoni Zubizarreta.

Meanwhile, the marquis also attended an event in Salamanca, accompanied by Paloma Antoraz, Antonio Limones and Juan Carlos Herranz, where he talked about the “style of the national team,” saying the keys to the success the team has enjoyed are “not erasing the footprints of the past,” and maintaining “the heritage while strengthening the team.”

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  1. They do look like school children!
    I am sad to see Hierro leave, I like him a lot and I wish him and his family all the best ( I hope he works for Real Madrid one day)
    I like Valdes, he seems to be a nice person no matter what some people’s impressions of him are. He just needs to work on his sense of humor…..

  2. When I saw the title la Roja “briefs” pop up in my email, I was thought more underwear pix :)! Anyways, thanks for the the tidbits. And sadly every time I see pix of Iker now, I see some skin towards the front of his head which makes it seem like he fluffing his hair/combing it forward :(.

    • When I saw the title la Roja “briefs” pop up in my email, I was thought more underwear pix :)!

      hahahaha great minds think alike (!!!)

      • Ha ha. BTW, I think it’s hilarious that Ramos and Villa still have their headphones around their necks. And also, I totally see Pique in the back of the room…shooting spitballs and teammates and trying to pin it on Cesc or Puyol. (Probably because there’s footage of him tossing pipitas at spectators and trying to blame Puyol during a Barca game)

  3. I completely agree about Sergio Busquets; that seems unfair to come onto the U-21 without having played with them for so long. Although sometimes I forget just how YOUNG the national team is, which makes these things hard!!

    Thanks, Una! You rock.

  4. Kudos to Busi for offering himself to play for U21 team and giving up his summer vacation. If his offer is accepted, he should not be blamed for taking someone else’s place. His offer should be considered on merits alone. If he merits a place over another U21 player and U21 coaches team believes he can help them, they should go for it. Otherwise, they should choose someone else. The goal should be for Spain to quality for U21 Euro no matter what players make up the squad.

  5. Things that I noticed from the picture …

    Alvaro is not next to Raul ( i think that is a 1st)

    & then … Xavi is not in the 1st row … WOW!! I thought he be in the 1st row … since he loves football sooo much…& is 2nd captain … maybe he thought 3rd row had a better view…

    & Pepe decided to sit next to Fernando Torres … since he doesn’t see him that much since he left Liverpool soo he left David Villa by himself… & I thought David & Pepe had something special.. *lol*

    Also shocked to see Xabi Alonso some what in the back…

    & Geri gets my vote too … mostly likely to sit in the back…

    I think Busi … should go & play with the Sub 21 … I think he should get the experience of playing in the olympics … should he be started .. not right away… he should be on the bench & be sub in in the last i don’t know maybe last 30 mins of the game…

  6. Una part of me agrees with you on the U21s, but a part of me wants to win and I want Busi there!! Raul is class, but we do not want to break the chemistry and harmony of the team. Por favor

  7. I hope little Valeria turns out to be not such as goody two shoes as her Papa :) I’d love to see her stir up a storm and take more after Andres’s grandma who during Balon d’ orr ceremony said “my nino is the one who passes the ball to messi so that he can score goals”!

  8. Can Busquests play in U21?? According to Wiki he was born in 1988 thus over 21?

  9. Thanks for the post, una. Does anyone have a translation of the Valdes interview? What’s wrong with his sense of humor?

  10. Can u plz explain what u meant by saying “discuss min with Zubi”???

    • VDB discusses with all the clubs how many minutes their players are allowed to play in games, before the call-ups. And Zubi as Barcelona’s sporting director is responsible for negotiating the minutes of the Barcelona players.

  11. Definitely happy to see Sergio Busquets willing to give up his summer vacation and play for the U-21 team, but he needs a rest. Don’t forget we’ve still got Euro 2012, FIFA Confederation Cup 2013 and World Cup 2014 for the next three summers!

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