today’s the day for loads of Fernando Llorente!

Fernando Llorente presented his web site and FB yesterday at the Hotel Carlton in Bilbao, though it looks like he won’t be joining twitter for the moment (I’m hoping Javi (!!!) can convince him).  He said he hopes people will be able to “get to know him better” and be up to date with his “day to day” through these sites.  Fer also announced at the event that he has become an ambassador of the NGO Save the Children – I love footballers who do charity work!  He was accompanied by his parents Fernando and Isabel, as well as several of his teammates, including Javi (!!!) and Andoni Iraola.

It also looks like Javi (!!!) put on some real shoes!  Yay!

We also got to see Fer welcoming us to his web site in three languages – English, Euskara and Spanish!

It looks like the English lessons are paying off, although he might just need a bit more practice – I volunteer!!  And is it totally obvious that Fer is most comfortable in Spanish?  He’s chattiest in the Spanish version, with the Euskara version is broken up into manageable segments.  And wow, the famous hair was frizzy that day!

Earlier today, Athletic presented their new kits, but unfortunately and much to my dismay, Javi (!!!) did not model the new shirt, and there was no underwear either.  Javi (!!!) did wear a pink shirt, brown shorts and (ugh) white flip flops.  I guess he is finding it really hot, with that atypical weather sweeping through the north.  Fer and Andoni were there too.


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  1. wow his english is better then some!!! … but Una … i will help you .. help him!!! :-) …..

  2. Fer sounds very sexy when speaking English!! ;) looking forward to the website ;)
    Looking at the first pic, I asked myself: who’s that girl? ;))) just kidding… now, Fer is very manly!! ;)
    Javi’s feet are nice, but the flip flops are not sexy… if the weather’s too hot, dark sandals (like the ones by Ecco) would look better on him :)

  3. Little Iker is so little he was put in the front row. :)

    So far I’m not loving that new jersey. It’s too bad because I really like this year’s.

  4. Javi is clearly in need of some fashion assistance, so I will go to Bilbao and help him, out of the goodness of my heart.

    But can we discuss Fer’s atrocity of an outfit? Those shorts, and the white sneakers with low/no socks… blegh!

  5. hehe, he sounds better in Spanish too. Too bad he’s not going to get twitter! or is Javi lying to us ><

  6. It’s interesting how the pitch of his voice seemed to change from a deeper pitched Spanish to a higher pitched English.

    Anyway, I’m just going to go fantasize about him speaking English to me, hahaha.

  7. I literally forgot how to breathe when I watched the video of Llorente speaking Euskara. It’s, like, the epitome of hotness. (Can Javi please speak Euskara in a video as well? :D)

    It might look like he memorised every line, but I can’t hold it against him because I’d do the very same, my Euskara is not good enough. ;)

    And I know the shirt has caused a lot of controversy but I love the fact that they implemented the colours of the Euskal Herriko ikurrina in the shirt and I think it’s beautiful and I want it. :D

  8. Love the splash page of Llorentisimo’s website… a gorgeous picture from my favourite photosession of La Roja in El Mundo Magazine!!! <3 (although my best-loved photo in that photosession is not exactly this one…;) The site itself is great too, especially the videos and the fact that he "talks" to you right when you enter the page… it's very sweet… I'll be following the news of the website ;)

    p.s. Basque sounds very nice too… but he seems to be laughing at himself when talking Basque!! ;) love this… so cute ;)

  9. Jaja, the angles of the English and Euskara videos are too funny! I hope his official site will (unlike others) remain updated in the future.

  10. is it just me or is Javi more built now?!? ;) Either way, he’s such a hottie and I volunteer to undress I mean, dress him in better clothes ;)

  11. Aw, this is awesome! He’s such a nice guy. AND Save the Children’s one of my fave charities… makes him even greater! :)

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