La Roja to play this summer too?

RFEF head Ángel Villar announced yesterday that Spain has been invited to take part in the Copa América tournament, which will run from July 1-24 in Argentina.  Each time the competition is held, there are two invited guests.  Japan had been one of the original invitees, but due to the consequences of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, they declined to participate, meaning that Group A is missing a team.

Spain, the U.S, Honduras and Costa Rica had been mentioned as possible replacements, and if Spain does end up playing, they will be the first European country in the tournament.  It will also mean giving up their only free summer from 2008 to 2014 (Eurocopa, Confederations Cup, World Cup, “free,” almost positive Eurocopa, Confederations Cup, hopefully World Cup).  In addition, it would mean that the international players will hardly have any vacation (and we know they love their vacation), despite an overloaded calendar in this 2010-11 season.  For example, Barcelona’s first pre-season game takes place on July 29, five days after the end of the Copa América.  There are also prestigious teams in the competition that would like nothing more than to beat Spain, so La Roja will have to compete at their maximum level.

Villar said they are studying the invitation, and will make a decision next week during the next directors meeting (the presidents of Barcelona, Madrid, Villarreal, Valencia, Athletic and Sevilla are all directors) adding that he personally would be delighted to see Spain play in this tournament.

Question: the Copa América is supposed to crown the best team in the region, but what will happen if Spain wins?


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  1. As much as I love seeing my boys together, I hope the RFEF declines. I want to see my boys get some rest! (And maybe some shirtless vacation pix on a beach..)Especially the ones that play for Barca and Real Madrid I think will be worn thin.

  2. I guess this makes me a bad Spain supporter, but I don’t want them to take part. While it’s an honour to get asked, I think that the players need their vacation and rest and injury prevention (ok the brazilian and argentine Real Madrid internationals will also have this risk of injury during the copa, but yeah…)

    Since it’s the Copa >>America<<, it'd make much more sense if USA, Honduras or Costa Rica took that spot.

  3. As much as I love La Roja, this is ridiculous. Considering his role in the RFEF and UEFA, Villar should worry about more important things. Some of those players have played 3 summers in a row, he would be dreaming if he thinks Madrid and Barca ( other teams too) will let their players go. Besides I don’t think the American countries want them to play. Japan’s place should be given to an American country or a pacific one.

    Well, having said all of the above I think Villar was making it all up!

  4. I really hope it doesn’t happen. These boys don’t get enough vacay as it is, and they really don’t need more opportunities to get injured. And, um, last time I consulted a world map, Spain was not in America. (This may have changed, as it’s been a while, but it would’ve been in the news, right?)

    Any of the other countries suggested as replacements would be much better options.

  5. I love La Roja, but I would rather see the US play in the Copa América. I feel like the US NT need as much playing time as they can get.

  6. As much as I love to watch La Roja play, I really hope they don’t participate in Copa America. The players do need a break to recover from a long season and I’d rather they are fresh for the next season and European championships that follows in the Summer and retain their Euro trophy!

  7. Well, if Spain wins, it means that they’re better than every team of the region ;)

  8. it sounds exciting and i do love seeing La Roja come together and play but this particular domestic season alone is quite punishing enough for some of the players and i think i’d really rather prefer that they all get a well-deserved vacation…

    but, yeah, winning the WC has placed a lot of pride at stake… i just hope they don’t get burned out from this “,)

  9. i’m going to be selfish … for second … NO… NO … & NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! … because if they don’t have vacations … that means …. internationals players (8 of FC Barcelona players) wont be able to do pre season in the USA (they are coming to a city near me) because Pep will be like … don’t worry take some time of & come back when the season starts… !!!! …. which means I wont get to see them… because I’m pretty sure … I wont be going to the game in Boston in June…. sooo I say send La Sub 21(Mexico is sending their Under 23 players +5 over that age) … or don’t send them at all … they need a vacation… & I WANT ALL THE BOYS FROM FCB PLAYING!!!! …. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT’S NOT FAIR!!!!!! …
    ok .. i’m done with my selfish moment…

    non selfish moment … what a great idea … it will give our boys some practice … & more bonding experience… plus i’m pretty sure … they will have lots of pictures… & more chance of them stripping after a game…. their group will be GROUP A with Argentina, Bolivia & Colombia (if they are taking Japan place in the tournament) .. I would love to see another Argentina vs Spain … here is more info on the tournament …. plus I think it will give the boys who don’t really play a chance to play ….

    but I really think they should get a vacation….they have work sooooo hard they need some time to spend with their families … look at the boys from Real Madrid, FC Barcelona & Villarreal they are playing right now more games then any other players … we(they) shouldn’t over work them…

  10. No, just no. Seriously, these boys need a break for at least a few weeks. Every single one of them are pivotal for their respective clubs, and cannot afford fatigue or even possible injury! This is not required, nor is it really necessary.

  11. As great as it would be the boys deserve a summer off. I imagine they all have been looking forward to this. Plus I can’t imagine their clubs being to thrilled with Barca starting preseason so soon after, Torres and Silva getting a full preseason with their new clubs, and I’m sure the other La Liga teams preseasons can’t be too far off either.

  12. If Spain won this tournament, they’d theoretically take part twice in the upcoming Confed-Cup. Nice!

    Well, I must admit that I’d absolutely love to see them play, but, in fact, we cannot and must not expect them to give up their only “big” vacation in all these years – it’s simply unreasonable. So I hope they’ll find another team who will take Japan’s place.

  13. Nononono. This cannot happen. When the news came out I thought first that it’s some kind of an april fool. Stupid idea. They should take some of the teams of the American continent.

  14. As a huge fan of Spain, I would love to see Spain on the TV for the summer again!! I miss staying up till late in order to watch Spain play during the summer. But I would rather let these players have a good rest and get prepared to win another Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014, no?

  15. Well, I’d love it if Spain would participate in the Copa América, that means more exposure for them. But if that would mean less vacation time for the players, then I think it’s best if they decline the offer.

    If Spain would participate and eventually win the tournament, then they would be the reigning World, European, and South American champions! *whew* Plus, it’s like 16th century all over again (in the sense that Spain, together with Portugal, had dominated South America during the Age of Discovery. Sorry for the geek mode.)

    • Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought, “oh god, that would just smack of colonialism if they won!”

  16. As much as I love my boys and would love to see them play again soon, I really don’t think it’s a good idea. They have a friendly coming up in June which is when their summer break starts meaning that will already be cutting into vacay time and then they all have to be back again mid July to start training and preseason friendlies. I think they all really need the time to spend with their families especially since half of the players on the team just had/expecting a baby and let their bodies rest. It’s a strenuous sport especially on the leg joints. Hopefully whoever is making the final decision declines the offer, not to mention this is the American cup it should be left to teams from America let someone else enjoy the limelight for a while, I think Spain has had enough time to shine this year.

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