Andrés Iniesta is now the proud father of Valeria Iniesta Ortiz!  He posted the following message on his FB and tweeted it yesterday:

“Our daughter Valeria has been born, both she and her mother are doing great!  It was marvelous!”

Congrats to the happy family!  I wonder if papá Andrés will find a Gusiluz to put in little Valeria’s room?


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  1. Congrats to Don Andres! First the world cup, and now one of the first world cup babies :)! Here’s to mama, papa, and little Miniesta!

  2. Felicidades to papá Andrés and mamá Anna!! Judging by the phrase “ha sido maravilloso”, he was present at the moment of Valeria’s birth – that’s very brave of him!! ;)))

    • Hmm, as the father, he’s expected to be present at the moment of his daughter’s birth! What is brave about that?

      • Well, most men I know are afraid of watching it… it’s not easy for a man!! the fathers have to be well prepared!

        • If a father has to be well prepared, can you imagine how well prepared a mother has to be to first carry the baby for 9 months in her womb and then actually have to deal with labor pains to give birth? :)

        • I am not questioning that, am I? I have a son and I know what labor pain is – I am just saying that it’s not easy for the fathers to watch their wives in pain, it requires mental strength on their part… anyway, fathers’ presence at the birth process is a rather new phenomenon, 30 years ago it was quite uncommon, even in Europe and in the U.S. :)

  3. Congrats to Don Andres and Anna! With his sweet and gentle nature I’m sure he will be an excellent father. I can’t wait to see a picture of him with his baby girl in his arms! And now we all know how Andres celebrated winning the World cup ;).

  4. Congrats to Anna and Andres !!!!!! :)

  5. Congrats to Andres! I am sure the Spanish papers will release the statistics of the births around this time to link them to world cup celebrations!
    Andres seems to be responsible for two baby booms ( his own baby included) , how sweet! :)

  6. … was I the only one the screamed when I read on FB/Twitter … that Valeria was born… I was OMG!!!! OMG!!!! …. HIS A DADDY!!!!! … I’m sooo excited for him!!! he is going to be an amazing father!!!! … Congrats to Anna or is Ana … I get confuse… but any ways CONGRATS 2 THEM BOTH!!!!! yyyyyyyeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa!!! another girl for the Women National Team … in like 20 years *lol* (i said that last part because most of our WC guys have girls)

    does anybody know about Pepe Reina????

    & she was actually born 266 days(average pregnancy) after the World Cup …. sooo Andres was very ummm .. I guess on point… and he scored to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS!!! that night *lmao* …. (<< that actually came from my family)

  7. I wonder if papá Andrés will find a Gusiluz to put in little Valeria’s room?

    If she takes after her father, she can be her own Gusiluz! :)

    This news capped off a perfect weekend for this cule. :)))))))

    • The weekend could not be more perfect for you – Barcelona not only won 3 points from Villarreal, but did that without giving any patadas to our super sexy and captivating Catalan crush… ;) ;)

  8. Congratulations to Andres and Ana!

  9. FELICIDADES ANDRÉS!!! He will be such a great dad!

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