Javi Martínez (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for Soy Underwear

You can now understand why I have a crush on this man, can’t you?  And I love how completely natural and at ease Javi (!!!) was in front of the camera in his underwear!  He wasn’t shy at all, and even in the end, when he was checking out the end results, he was still just wearing the underwear.  This is a great surprise, no?  Maybe we will see him do more of this in the future!  And no wonder he’s always fussing with his sleeves – if this is what’s underneath, I can understand the desire to show it off!

I don’t think words can do these images justice, so I’ll just be quiet now and allow you to enjoy all the gifs I made from the video, as well as the screenshots.  I made all of them extra large, and you can thank me by writing to Athletic Club and telling them to hire me for any job that will have recurrent contact with Javi Martínez (!!!).

Everything is so flawless that I can even (for the first and only time) accept that thumbs-up.  Besides, who in the world would be focusing on his hand when he’s walking around in his underwear???

The session took place in Pamplona during one day in December, and this was Javi (!!!)’s first ever fashion shoot.

His backside is as sexy as the front!  Look at those lines!  Now might be a good time to take a little break, so you don’t faint, because there’s a lot more.

Those legs!!!

How cute of him to get make himself shorter for the makeup lady!

I love whoever shot this “making off” video.

Even the men are impressed (and jealous).

Courtesy of reader Bill, we have a preview of the forthcoming ad.  Love love love his pouty lips!!!

Breathing is overrated.

And I must say, this is a huge, huge, HUGE step up from their last spokesmodel, Julio José Jr., the son of former Real Madrid goalkeeper and singer (in that order) Julio Iglesias.  Julio Jr. wouldn’t be famous or noticed if it weren’t for his parentage, and of course he’s tried everything – modeling, singing, acting – with little success because he’s just not talented or good looking.  [Side anecdote – back when I was in university, we passed by a woman doing psychic readings one day and my friend on a whim decided to go in.  The psychic told her that there was a man with the letters “J” and “R” in his name in her future, and so I’ve teased her throughout the years to this day that her “príncipe azul” is Julio Jr.]  Javi (!!!) is a definite improvement.


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  1. Una? are you ok? Una? *shaking Una’s shoulder* *gently slapping Una’s face* *Taking pulse*

  2. Okay, i m officially impressed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Good God!!!
    I finally get what you were talking about Una, that man in hot.
    Out goes my studying plan for next weeks finals, i’m going to be watching that video a lot more today!

  4. wow wow wow! Being a professional lotion applier certainly comes up as a job I’d like to do one day!

    the backside, the abs and all the close ups of the undies. Are you ok UM?! *brings the smelling salts*

  5. Someone has to tear me away from the screen… Have been staring at this for a looong time… Dios mio, this is PERFECTION!!! I love every single detail here… I’ve started crushing on him… :))) I’ll be 30 in a couple weeks… it’s inappropriate for me to act like this!!!… :)))) it seems I’m about to lose my crush on Crackdevila – yes, I am quite mean and it serves him right – I don’t think he would look as good as Javi in such a sexy commercial :)))

  6. He should never be allowed to wear clothes.

    /back to hyperventilating

  7. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OHMYGOD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE GIFS AND IMAGES!!!!!! Breathing is indeed overrated at this point. OHMYGODDDDD.

    This probably made your whole week better, no? Haha. Anyway, if you would have a job at Athletic Bilbao, I guess Iker would be jealous. He won’t be your numero uno anymore. ;) Hihihi.

    Anyway, thank you sooooo much for all of theseeeee.

  8. Marti Trinidad

    I want to be the chick that got to rub shit on him…..

  9. This. Is. Porn.

  10. Somehow this reminds me of Jamón, Jamón…

  11. I died completely when I saw this video for the first time early in the morning (when I was actually supposed to go to work), and I’ve been dead ever since. Seriously, this is the most perfect thing ever. And I’m starting to wonder if someone out there can read my mind because I used to joke with a friend that Javi totally needs to model underwear. O__O *paranoid* My life is now complete.

    Thank you for these utterly gorgeous gifs and screencaps! I suppose your reaction to this video was quite alike to mine, and so I’m really impressed that you managed to be so productive and made all those awesome things while I was just walking about like a zombie, completely zoned out and brain-fried from all the hotness and sexiness and adorableness and… well Javi-ness (there’s no other word to describe him).

    I can’t wait for the photos to come out. The Deia website posted a little teaser, here and here, for your visual enjoyment. :)

  12. Oh me GOD. O__o
    Una, you still alive? ;)

    I’m caught between ‘I want I want I want *__*’ and ‘Stop looking, you have a boyfriend!! >_<"'

    Okay. I'll go with the former. *____*
    *starts drooling and squeaking*

    And yes Una, you're right, breathing is totally overrated. As overrated as sanity, to be exact.

  13. DIOS MIO.

    I did not totally expect that. What a surprise. What an awesome surprise.

    Usually I find underwear campaigns a little lame because even with all the pretty and eye-candy, people usually look a bit artiificial. I prefer the eye-candy after matches, during the matches (Sergio, shorts, famous gif), rather than on the modelled photos. (Except from Freddie Ljungberg, of course, the epic pictures of cute Freddie, I will never ever say anything bad about them)

    BUT I am now forgetting what I said above about the lameness of some of those campaigns and I will just stare in awe, close to fainting.


  14. O M G Javi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Martinez. He is so relax and he seems to enjoy all the fixing stuff from that lady. Oooo imagen have her work that day. Thank for postning this :) Its time to steep down from the Pink Javi !!!! Martinez cloud and go back to the boring reality now. Buhu!

  15. gahhh these gifs are too dirty…too dirty!! yikes hahaha!

  16. lol after all the hard work you do, you definitely deserve this

  17. This post should come with a NSFW warning! It’s a good thing I didn’t open this at work, or I’d be in a lot of trouble!

  18. okay i know i’m totally missing the point of this post, but … JULIO IGLESIAS USED TO PLAY FOR REAL MADRID AS A KEEPER?! WHAT?! surely, not the first team?! i had no idea … this is blowing me away almost as much as javi in his underpants! (clearly, my priorites are warped beyond redemption.)

  19. i’m going to ask … something… how can he be single??? i think he is lying… because come he looks like a great guy… pure beauty inside and out!!!!! =) ….

    I think that should be the new uniform for the national team… well red shorts… & then green or light blue for Iker, Victor & Pepe….

    ummm… UNA!!! … Thank YOU!!! I watched the video before I went to bed & I slept like a baby dreaming of Javi… I feel like i’m cheating on Xavi …. I feel horrible…. ={ …

    soooo why cant a underwear company sponser the national team… they will sell tonz …

    & want to say thanx to all the other comments from the other people all of you all made my day!!!! I was *LMAO* …


  20. W O W! Be still my beating heart!!! What a way to start the morning. It is impossible to have a bad day after seeing this post!!!!!!

    I think there will be a cat fight among your readers to see who gets the job of rubbing that makeup or whatever it is on Javi!

  21. One advice: a meeting at work after watching the video (several times) and the gifs (several times, I will save them all, ok?) is not a good idea.

    the meeting lasted 2h and I already missed him, omg, what a wonderful event it is, this video.

    I’m totally checking how to become a socio of Athletic Bilbao now.

    Real life men ruined for me, again.

  22. I LOVE HIM but I hate that he did this. He’s all over the internet. I liked that he was unknown. Just mine in my head :p

  23. i love this blog!

  24. Wow. Hope you’re doing ok Una! And Javi seems to be active again on Twitter! And Llorente does not have one. Una are you going to CA this year :)?

  25. By the way, in case you haven’t seen them yet, here are some photos. Can’t say any more because I’m too busy gasping for air and flailing, and my brain is completely fried. Please make sure you’re sat down when you open the link. Oh, and I don’t take any responsibility for faintings or breathing problems or heart failures caused by these pics, it’s all Javi’s fault.


  26. Slightly off topic, as in not about !!! – but, can we petition D&G or a Spanish brand company to do a underwear campaign like the one done for the Italian NT? I’d have a hard time choosing which 5-6 to be there if it wasn’t the whole team! I think Capitan Casillas would definitely have to be in there. And for me, Capdevila, Llorente, Xabi, Ramos and Villa. But still so hard to choose!


  27. javi is soooo good looking but he just has that boyish charm, he’s so young!!! i feel like a dirty perv for looking hahahaha….. i kinda go for the manlier look lol, like sergio ramos with the scruffy beard kinda thing very SEXY!!! =) but then again this is the spanish nt here, we could never debate about who’s the sexiest cuz they’re all sexy and i’d take any one any day, or all <3

  28. I think the story with Julio Iglesias is that he picked up the guitar while trying to rehab from that accident. Before that, I heard he sold shoes.

    Una, you did not provide the translation for “Soy Underwear” — it’s Spanish for “I am underwear” =)

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