in case you missed it – Lithuania vs. Spain

In case you missed it – Lithuania vs. Spain [2011-03-29, Euro 2012 qualifier, 1-3].

Juan Mata summed it up wonderfully: “we won and no one got injured.  Everything was perfect.”  Vicente del Bosque’s objectives before the game were threefold: to continue the team’s winning streak, to figure out how to deal with the beach, and to maintain a fine equilibrium in the contributions of those two big Spanish football clubs that measure to the nearest millimeter how much their players run.  He did all three in the game (it helped that Xavi and Xabi are both suspended for the next jornada) by turning to the three lions, which not only made the team stronger, but also taller!

ONE. In honor of the three lions, which includes Javi (!!!), let’s start with him.  This is part I of the gratuitous Javi Martínez (!!!) gawking section.  What’s better than a normal Javi (!!!)?  A wet Javi (!!!)!

I wish I could write about Javi (!!!) more often.  Maybe I need to start writing an Athletic blog… related to that, let me know if you find some way to squeeze 30 hours into one day.

AS named as their “crack” for the game Javi Martínez (!!!), because “in an unpleasant game, he was magnificent.  He went from coast to coast and understood Xavi and Xabi well.”  Yes, he was magnificent, wasn’t he, although my reasons for saying probably differ just a bit slightly from those of the AS reporters.  This was the second official game that Javi (!!!) started with La Roja, and his fourth overall cap.  Only 96 more to go!

And did you notice that Javi (!!!) had to settle for wearing the “18” as Santi Cazorla took the “20” that he had worn previously in the World Cup?

TWO. The kid who accompanied Iker out on the field before the game was almost as tall as Iker himself, and slightly bigger than Xavi, Cazorla and Villa!  That’s because he is the son of Lithuanian basketball legend Rimas Kurtinaitis (who even played two years with Real Madrid!).  And poor Santi, having to be sandwiched between Gerard Piqué and Javi Martínez (!!!) only because that made him look smaller than usual, not because of anything else – I mean, who wouldn’t want to be next to Javi (!!!)?

Yesterday, I thought I had found the perfect moment, the one with Iker and Javi (!!!).  I take that back.  This one is perfect – just stare at both Iker and Javi (!!!)’s mouths.  And I loved how Javi (!!!) started joking around once the national anthem was over – Xabi didn’t seem too interested, so he turned to Santi Cazorla instead, who’s always ready for a laugh.  And I love how Santi tried to make himself as tall as Javi (!!!)!

THREE. Is there anyone at Telecinco who knows anything about football?

FOUR. Some random moments: everyone is concerned about Xabi, except Iker and Piqué.  And earlier, when Piqué was down at one end, VDB pulled Javi (!!!) over to discuss some things with him.  He was the boss out there!

FIVE. We have to give a special “thank you” to Fernando Llorente.  The shirt he wore for this game was the design the team wore in South Africa, without the star on the chest.  That’s because the equipment manager forgot to pack the tight shirt, and the two available for Fernando were both the loose ones, and since he’s used to wearing the tight one because he finds it comfortable, he had to go with the old one.  The things he does to wear the tight shirt!  ¡Gracias Fer! This one, however, did have the correct game and date under the escudo.  Fer said after the game that everyone had teased him about it.

SIX. The goals.  The first one was so beautiful, no?  I’m so happy Xavi scored!  This was Xavi’s ninth goal with Spain, in his 101st game, with the last one coming the day VDB debuted as coach of La Roja, on Aug. 20, 2008 against Denmark.

The second one was a Lithuanian own goal, so I’m only including scenes from the celebration.  I’m glad we got to see Iker’s reaction, and how cute is Javi (!!!) nuzzling Juanín’s head?

And el Picho scored the third, which came off two great passes.  It’s great to see the David Silva-Juan Mata connection still functions so well!!

SEVEN. I always like to see how the boys differ in their attire when playing in cold weather.  Iker, Álvaro and Piqué opted for tights under their shorts, but Álvaro stuck to his customary short sleeves, while I’m still not used to seeing Iker in long sleeves.  Both Xabi and Villa wore short-sleeved jerseys, but wore a long-sleeved layer underneath.  Piqué, Llorente and Albiol wore gloves, though Raúl didn’t start the game with gloves.  Javi (!!!) and Xavi were the bravest, opting for short-sleeved shirts, and no other cold weather gear.  Meanwhile, on the bench, everyone looked really, really cold, and incognito, with the hats and scarves.

EIGHT. During the halftime, the two Sergios kept warm by kicking a ball around, while Fernando Torres and Andrés Iniesta huddled on the bench and watched – they look like spectators at a tennis game!  And Xavi did hip circles to warm up for the start of the second half.

NINE. The Baywatch audition reel from last night.  Who would you pick out of these three Basque men?  Hard decision, no?

I really wanted to include Andoni Iraola, but the camera didn’t pan to him while he was running.

TEN. Do you think the team doctors ever think/say, “Piqué’s down?  Again???”  “You go.”  “No, it’s your turn.”

Bonus: Iker’s ass.

ELEVEN. More Basque goodness, this time in the form of penetrating stares.  Why aren’t I there yet?

TWELVE. And if you needed more reason why, here’s…

The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

And others were trying to imitate the one and only Xabi Alonso… he’s so boss he sets the trends.

THIRTEEN. Interesting statistics from Mr. Chip:

– this was the first time that Spain had played with all right-footed field players since 1994 (Iker of course is left-footed).

– for the first time in Spanish history, two players with at least 100 caps played together (you’re not allowed to come back to this blog if you can’t name these two players).

– three “Javiers” started the game.  On June 13, 2000, there were three “Franciscos” – Molina, Paco and Fran, and on Nov. 17, 2007, three “Davids” – Albelda, Silva and Villa, who also came from the same club, Valencia.

– Raúl Albiol extended his world record of consecutive victories with 25.  Xabi is second with 20, and it was precisely Xabi who helped El Chori to extend that record several times.

FOURTEEN. Part II of the gratuitous Javi Martínez (!!!) gawking section.



FIFTEEN. Postgame scenes: Marius Stankevicius has only been in Spain for a short while, but he seems to know all the Spanish players well, from Fer to Sergio to Iker.

SIXTEEN. The VDB corner.

After the game, my favorite man with a mustache (there aren’t many) said that the team played with experience and quality, and said that they were happy because they had taken a big step forward towards qualification.  He didn’t want to “waste more ink talking about the field,” but said the team “had played a good game, there weren’t any injuries and they won.  Everything went well and we achieved our objective.”

SEVENTEEN. Scenes from the mixed zone, with the players walking past to head onto the team bus.  Fernando’s hair is an eyesore.  I would say something about Javi (!!!) but I’m sure you’re pretty sick of him at this point.  And I think that the 1/! and shift keys on my computer will probably break soon from overuse.

Xavi and Piqué are the only ones that get a pass in the fashion department.  David Villa’s top half seems okay, but I’m so sure that he’s wearing a horrible pair of jeans that I can’t let him pass.  And I love how El Padre is always hovering over Silvi!

Iker Casillas was very angry with UEFA in the mixed zone: “it’s intolerable that games are played on a field like this one, you can’t permit that.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.  The people of UEFA should have come here to see the field, to be more concerned about it… they should do more than sit in their offices and say, ‘you can’t wear a neck muffler, your socks have to be the same color…’ For the footballers, this is a huge risk, for those from both teams.  It’s a great competition but these fields are inadmissible.”  He also called the field “impossible, impractical, a disaster.”  I love it when he’s all captainy!!!

EIGHTEEN. Other things, brought to you by Piqué and Villa waving their arms and Sergio bending over and stretching.

– the descartados for this game were Carlos Marchena, Joan Capdevila, Pepe and Jesusito Navas.

– the six Barcelona players returned to the city from Lithuania on a chartered flight furnished by their club, because if they went with the rest of the team, they would have to make a stop in Madrid (that’s why they’re all dressed in normal clothes above, while the rest of their team is not).  Meanwhile, Matita’s Valencia teammate Marius Stankevicius flew back on the Spanish plane.

– in an interview with Liga BBVA, Víctor Valdés (who was the back-up goalkeeper last night, relegating Pepe to the stands) said, regarding his role on La Roja, “I didn’t come here to take anyone’s spot.  I try to be the most competitive as possible for the good of the group and I accept the role that I have to live.”

– Fernando Llorente told “El Larguero” March 29 is his girlfriend María’s birthday and he was sad that he couldn’t be there to celebrate it with her, but that he’ll celebrate it with her when he gets back home.  Hopefully his lip has completely healed by now, no?


Trending topics on twitter for Spain last night included Llorente, Javi Martínez (no !!! though!!!), Cazorla and llorentefacts.  Álvaro liked llorentefacts, and tweeted, “we realized during the halftime [that Llorente was wearing the old shirt without a star] and we asked for pens to draw the star in!”

And Xabi tweeted his congratulations to Raúl Albiol for his world record of 25 games and 25 victories.  And then he tweeted that he was reading Esquire Spain’s rules: “the satisfaction of finishing the tome “War and Peace” of 1,500 pages is reduced 23% when reading it on a Kindle.”  Jaja!  Xabi probably finds that amusing because he’s actually read the book.

Two of the chicos from La Rojita tweeted their support for the senior team…

… and Álvaro had the tweet of the night, with this picture of the Four Musketeers (they’ve returned! Yay!) with special guest Fernando Torres.  I love how he had a little description before each of their names: Sergio Ramos is the birthday boy, Raúl Albiol is the “recordman,” Fernando is the little boy and Xabi Alonso “el trufelas” of course.  And not a single thumbs-up in sight!  How adorable is Álvaro with his arms touching everyone he could reach?  As much as I love Fernando, Iker being there in his place would have made this perfect, no?  Iker was probably off with Sara…

And of course we can’t ignore this tweet from yesterday, can we?

TWENTY. Looking ahead: the next qualifying game won’t be until six months later, against Liechtenstein on Sept. 6.  However, Spain does have three friendlies scheduled between now and then: two in the U.S. in the beginning of June, and one at the beginning of August against Italy in Italy.


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  1. Javi(!!!) fans might want to take a look at this:)
    hint-”Making of SOY underwear”

  2. thank you for a wonderful post!
    Xabi must have seen a lot of Baywatch episodes, ’cause he looks like a pro!

  3. I vote Xabi for the best Baywatch scene..Ü The picture of the 4 musketeers w/ Nando is really adorable.. It made me forget that they were huge stars AND World champions. They were like regular boys just having fun… It’s very comforting..

  4. Thank you Una for a wonderful recap.

    I don’t have a solution to squeezing 30 hours into a day. But if you can convince Javi to move to Real Madrid, your blogging time constraints will be resolved in one fell swoop :)

    VDB may not have wanted to talk about the pitch any more after the game, but Iker did (Atta boy!) : “They stay in their seats behind a desk telling us we have to wear pants & the same coloured socks”

    That picture of Shakira and Pique is beautiful!

  5. 1. There was SO MUCH Javi (!!!) goodness in this match, it was incredible! If you decide to go for writing that Athletic blog (or, um, even just a Javi [!!!] blog…) let me know, because I will be *super happy* to provide lots of content and research assistance. I’m even happy to do on-the-scene reporting from the vestuarios… his house… wherever. (Maybe you could look into time travel, or a Time Turner or something?)

    2. Fer’s shirt and #llorentefacts were cracking me up last night. Some of them were really hilarious, although not quite as great as #turismobisbal in its time…

    3. Xavi’s “hip circles” remind me of dance-class warmups :-p

    4. Xabi clearly wins the Baywatch auditions – his posture and attitude are simply fabulous. That said, if I actually wanted to be *rescued*, I’d vote for Fer or Javi (!!!), because they’re actually hustling and not just showing off their posing skills!

    5. There should be a “gratuitous Javi Martínez (!!!) gawking section” in every post on everything on the internet. Is there an app for that?

    6. Luckily for María, Fer’s lip looks to have healed now – let’s just hope he doesn’t have any more run-ins with Javi(!!!)’s studs!

    7. Xabi’s Esquire rules made me laugh a lot and marvel once more at what an atypical footballer he is!

    8. Sergio’s smile is so childlike in that twitpic – he honestly looks about twelve, and totally adorable.

    9. I have no comment on Geri & Shakira, other than to ask – what is her skincare secret and can I have it please? Woman looks *fantastic*!

  6. Sarah Nikolich

    I totally love your blog…. :-) soo happy Javi was in starting eleven
    Since I notice you love Javi (as much as I do) sharing this video:

  7. thank the footballing gods no one was injured… and yay! congrats spain :) (how terrible would it have been if they lost and there’s a blamefest heaped on this sad-looking pitch… not a pretty scenario…)

    so so glad VDB mixed his starting line-up!! FINALLY!
    but there’s still the matter of one player…. *hint hint* siilllvaahhh…

    anywho, congrats to javi for (apparently) having a great game (wasn’t able to watch… pfft… so thank you una for this javi-rich post!), and xavi and juanin for the goals :)

    thanks too to llorente for sticking to his physiological principles when it comes to his jerseys ha-HA!
    oh god i missed that kit

    lastly, happy birthday sergio you sexy beast!!! *\o/*

  8. Aaaaaahhhh thank you so much, Una for this ICYMI. :) And regarding that picture Arbeloa tweeted, I was pretty sure you were going to comment about the 4 musketeers and the lack of Iker in it. hihi. ;) Thank you so much again!! Good job and p.s, there can never be too much Javi (!!!) here. ;)

  9. Thank you again Una!! Spain has managed to play a spectacular match in el patatal de Kaunas!! all the goals were great, and especially the first one!!!

    Your post is great as always – and no, I don’t think anyone can be sick of Javi, he’s extremely cute… quite hot in fact :)) and we understand that it’s your CRUSH (an a big one!!!) and you can’t help talking about him – as well as I am almost always talking about my crrrrrrush – who did not play last night, pobrecito, but maybe it serves him right for having been a bad boy lately, with his racist joke (I am being mean now, but being mean is, sometimes, just the dark side of the crush).

    Although Javi is so handsome and Xabi is so boss, Llorentisimo is definitely the Basque I would choose, the black gloves look sexy on him, as well as the shirt – and instead of painting the star on his shirt I would prefer to paint the shirt on his body (if it weren’t that cold;) And I wish the second goal were a llorentazo… ;) and it was, in some way, but not exactly ;)

    The only sad thing about this match is that there was no stripping, but I can understand it…. mucho frrrrrio!!!! ;))

  10. This one, however, did have the correct game and date under the escudo. Fer said after the game that everyone had teased him about it.

    is there always a game and date on the jersey-
    why have they teased- cause he wears a tight shirt-

  11. THANK YOU for the shot that accompanied this: “And Xavi did hip circles to warm up for the start of the second half.” :-)

    As usual, I loved your round up of the game!

  12. “Maybe I need to start writing an Athletic blog… related to that, let me know if you find some way to squeeze 30 hours into one day.”

    Yes!!! You need more hours in the day. I love Athletic and appreciate all your Javi (!!!) reporting.

    I’m a huge Real Madrid fan so I’m so in love with all the tweets, photos, and reports of the boys hanging out. It seems like (if possible) they’re getting even closer, and not just physically with Alvaro’s hands in Xabi and Chori’s laps.

    Poor Llorente with all his shirt drama all the time. He sure does like thouse jerseys tight. Lucky us.

  13. Wait, two friendlies in the U.S? I’ve only heard of the one in Massachusetts, do you know where/who against the other one is?

  14. OH MY GOD!!! I really would love it if you started an Athletic blog! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s super in love with Javi and that there’s fellow JM lovers out there!

  15. There is no such thing as too much Javi (!!!).
    Iker looked annoyed throughout the game; I can’t say I blame him. On Twitter last night, someone posted that Iker vented his anger towards UEFA saying they sit behind a desk and don’t care. I have no idea if it’s true but if it is, it would be warranted.
    The Llorentefacts on Twitter made me double up with laughter last night, some of them were hysterical.
    As for Pique, he and Shakira make an extremely attractive couple and they seem happy. As my boyfriend said during the World Cup, it doesn’t feel like Spain is actually playing until Pique begins to bleed.
    You put a lot of work into these posts, Una and I’m grateful for it. Muchas gracias por todo su trabajo duro.

  16. Oh and a quick question: they’re playing two friendlies in the U.S.? I know the US NT is one of them but who is the other one and where is the game going to be played at?

  17. Xavi’s goal was indeed a beauty! Was it a deflection, though? A lot of people seem to say so.
    Alvaro is just glorious. He tweets the best things ever, always makes my day.

  18. Thank you Una, and especially for not paying too much attention on the field, because this topic is too annoying to discuss it, and I think everyone has got tired of it. This stadium is a shame for me and for my country, but we cannot do anything, and when you see the pictures of the field on almost every spanish website, it hurts a bit. Anyway, the post is as always very fun and informative, so keep it up, Una!


    1) I am a bit speechless with all the Javi (!!!) here, what a cutie pie. I am really developing a serious thing for him (thanks to you too, Una!), and I discovered that we were born on the same day, so we could repeat Shakira and Pikay (and still the age difference between us would be smaller that between them).

    2) XAVI ALONSO – LOL!!!

    3) Fernando LLorente, you tease, you. Thank you. wow. and thank you.

    4) the gifs -you always know what to capture, Una.

    5) Athletic Bilbao rocks.

  20. What does el trafelas mean? I looked it up and can’t seem to find a translation.

  21. Una,

    I’ve been following your blog for about 8 months now. And this one has been the best. I think you put some good comic lines in it and the pics were great.

    “Do you think the team doctors ever think/say, “Piqué’s down? Again???” “You go.” “No, it’s your turn.” Haha that’s funny and I’m sure it’s true. And I love the Baywatch slo-mo scenes.

    Your Javi (!!!) is cute, but his lips are a bit too voluminous. You enjoy him.

    I hope you have a great day.

  22. Thanks for the post!
    The game was amazing, but I was watching it live at the stadium, so I missed alot… Maybe you know where I can find it and watch it?

    P.S.: for people that adore Sergio Ramos (people like me) – you may like this video:

  23. Hi Una,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep posting things about Javi(!!!), I don’t think anyone is sick of reading about him.

    Oh yeah and on my daily youtube stalking I came across this:, not sure if you’ve seen it yet.

  24. Not enough Javi!!!
    You should start writing a Javi blog
    Thanks for the wonderful post (:

  25. Love it!! I also love your love for Javi Martinez!! You are probably the only person i know that loves Javi as much as i do :) Keep up the great job! I look forward to your updates :)

  26. One of your best posts ever! Love this! Que partidazo de los bilbainos! Telecinco DOH!! Xavi’s hip circles. Xabi reads War and Peace?? UFFF hay que nerd! XD Gotta love the insight and picture gems! You can feel the love. Que piña! Muchismas Gracias Una!

  27. Great post! Did you see VDB after Xavi’s goal? He was smiling like the “proud papa”. It’s the most emotion I’ve seen him show during a game! I loved the third goal–brilliant and timely substitutions, no? I want to call Silva “My little Pony”.
    It was great to see so many different players get playing time, even if many will say it was because of the beach they played on. No one can question Xavi’s commitment now, can they?

  28. Great post as usual ,unfortunately I am too busy to comment like I want to. So I am just gonna say congrats to Spain and Happy Birthday to Sergio.

  29. Una thanks again for all your hard work. I love that the boys made fun of Fer for his tight shirt without the star.

  30. Jajaja..! Yea right,the last picture in that tweet section we can’t ignore ;-)..,anyway congrats to La Furia Roja for the convincing win :)

  31. what are the two friendlies in the US? I just know of the game against the US team. Where and when is the other?

  32. great recap as per usual Una! :D

    at the end you say that Spain have TWO friendlies in the U.S., i know theres one on June 4th but when is the other one ??

  33. LOVE Xavi hip circles! They released a song dedicated to Xavi not too long ago ( and I always thought the belly-baring dancers in the back should all be doing “Pelopinas” (360 turns) rather than attempt Shakira-hips.

    I think ESPN3 airs the same broadcast of the match as Telecinco. Anyways, when I was watching I saw all that Javi (!!!) and thought that you might go loca from so much Javi (!!!) And I hope your 1/! is okay… because I think there will be much more (!!!) to come over the years.

    After such a history-making week, I might suffer from La Roja withdrawal until June… Can’t wait!

  34. Arrrrrrgh. Telecinco. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. This team won the friggin’ World Cup for your country. The WORLD CUP! And you can’t get their names right?

    What does trufelas mean, Una? I tried googling it, and the closest translation was truffles. Is that right? But why would Xabi be called that?

    And that twitpic jst broke a million Pique fangirls’ hearts all over the world.

  35. Xavi’s. Ass. @@

    That is all.

  36. Thank you for this oh-so-thorough recap, Una! Between watching a mediochre stream on my laptop and feeling sick with worry that someone would get hurt on that sad little field, I didn’t finish watching the match yesterday. Luckily I have you to give me the really important highlights — like that Basque sandwich during the national anthem. Mmm…

  37. #10 – Una you are hilarious!!! (sorry to use Javi’s tm) I was thinking, “oh jeez hope he’s not bleeding again”
    #9&12 – Love those Basque men! And Xabi seemed especially happy and smiley during both these qualifiers. Less serious than when he is PapaBoss.

    Love your ICYMI as usual. Thanks ;)

  38. “And did you notice that Javi (!!!) had to settle for wearing the “18″ as Santi Cazorla took the “20″ that he had worn previously in the World Cup?”
    YES! I was looking for 20 when I tuned into the game late and spent about a second wondering why Javi was so short when it wasn’t Javi at all…anyhow, stupid low quality streams =(

  39. 1) The three “Javiers” that Mr. Chip was referring to, are those Xabi Alonso, Xavi, and Javi Martinez? I like how the 3 of them started together and the fact that they essentially have the same names but different spellings, owing to Spain’s cultural diversity. Hehe.
    2) “for the first time in Spanish history, two players with at least 100 caps played together (you’re not allowed to come back to this blog if you can’t name these two players)” — Iker and Xavi, of course. Does that mean I can come back on reading your wonderful blog(s), una? Hope so :))

  40. UNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …. Thanx 4 sucha JAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XAVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST!!! i took me min to think what you ment by 3 Javier …. & then I was Xavier … Xabier … & Javier …. what 3 wonderful sexy men!!!

    and have to say tha MY FAVORITE PART WAS XAVI AT THE BEGINING OF THE 2ND HALF!!!!! and Circles are now my favorite shape… THANK YOU XAVI FOR MAKING MY DAY … WEEK & MAYBE EVEN MONTH!!!!

    to bad i wont see him on saturday at Villareal… & how nice of FC Barcelona to charter a plane for the boys….

    Una you noticed everything I noticed except one thing… Javi *lol* j/k …. & you know istead of making a Bilbao blog … you can just make an Javi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! blog ….. =)

    and the Waka Waka Romance … I love them they look sooo cute together I still can’t believe she is 34 ….

  41. i live for these posts, una! gracias gracias gracias! :)

    can you imagine if iker’s tall kid had to stand in front of xavi or santi? he’d totally block them out! hahaha!

    i kind of love pique and shakira … they seem happy and look great together! (and way to go, shaki, scoring a gorgeous guy 10 years younger!)

    nando’s hair is an eyesore … come on, i know they have hair gel in london!

    and i love point 10: i can just hear the team doctors sighing to themselves: “you go.” “no, i went last time … you go.” hahaha!

    i refuse to think iker was off with sara. in my head, she didn’t even go to lithuania. as far as i’m concerned, he wasn’t in the photo because he took the picture. so there.

    as for the birthday boy, he also tweeted pics of his cousin and sister celebrating his birthday and what was done to his room in lithuania to celebrate his birthday! so cute!

  42. If you ever decide to do an Athletic blog as well, I’d be your humble servant forever. :D

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous gifs and all the info! I watched the match on a really bad stream but it was absolutely worth it. :) Especially Javi did a fantastic job. The Selección really doesn’t have to worry about the future! :D (Btw, it amused me to see that Javi picked the #18 after having given the #20 to Santi. Both numbers are right next to #19… XD)

    … What the hell, Telecinco?? FAIL!! EPIC FAIL!!

    The things Llorente does for us, going out of his way to wear the tight shirt and even accepting the teasing from his teammates! I’m very grateful! :D

    Xavi’s goal was awesome. Okay, it was a deflection, but still. I literally sat there gaping when it happened.

    The Basque Baywatch Audition Reel nearly sent me off my chair. XDD

    And I’m a statistics freak, so the statistics section made me very very happy. :D

    Awesome, awesome post!! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

  43. This is a flawless in case you missed it again! Wow so much to look and read. I can’t express how much I appreciate the work you put into this!

    One of my favourite moments of the game was the hymn time with Xabi as the filling of an Athletic sandwich. He looked small between them with his 1,83m xD (now if Iraola had switched places with Chori)

    P.S.: Your enthusiasm for Javi is adorable. :D

  44. Una, awesome job like always and much appreciated!

    Question regarding Shakira/Pique/Real Madrid though. I read today that once that picture came out of Shakira and Pique that Real Madrid isn’t going to play Shakira’s music anymore. Please tell me that this isn’t true! It seems so childish.

    Article I read it in:

  45. Una – thanks so much for your recap on all the important moments of the game and much more besides!!!! I know Fer needs a haircut but I still couldn’t stop watching the little video of him!!

    And I love the Xabi Alonso pose section – strange how I loved the close-up of his legs when I was watching the match too!

  46. Una you are the freaking best and i agree Javi is bufffffffff!!!! Everytime I read about this team i just love em more viva la furia roja y una!!! :D

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