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Iker’s interview with Reebok, Piqué’s interview with Sara, fun facts about Xavi, the my coach ad and boys shopping!

Iker and Zigtech

Watch Iker answer questions and promote the Zigtech line of shoes here and here (I’ve skipped the club-related and Zigtech questions).  Fun game: take a shot each time Iker starts his response with “Bueno…”

He had to think very hard about his answers.

What’s missing from your trophy cabinet? I think what any athlete always wants is to continue winning trophies, you always want more.

Did you ever dream that one day you’d be the world champion? Well, I think it’s easy to dream, obviously they just stay as dreams, but I’ve always dreamed of winning something with my country on the national team.  We’ve had so many failures and bad luck in finals, so winning a World Cup is a huge success.

What would you tell kids who now dream of becoming a world champion? I think kids are kids, and they have to have the dream of one day becoming a football player, but right now they should learn about the sport and enjoy it, as well as know what it’s like to play football without it being your profession, which is much more emotional.  I’ve rambled a bit, but I think people understand me.

What are Spain’s chances in the Eurocopa? Well, right now, the same as the others, though we’re the reigning European champions and we hope to defend the title.

A captain should know how to unite a team.  Do you think there was a special magic in South Africa between all of you? There was magic, because this was a young team, and the heavyweights of the team have known each other for a long time, such as Xavi, Puyi, Marchena.  We played together in all the lower categories and that helped us to create a good group, which also bore fruit on the field.

What is your training routine? Well, my routine is based on exercises designed for goalkeepers: working on agility, reaction, reflexes.

What is your secret to concentrating before each game? Before each game, I like to be calm, alone, thinking about how the game will go, “sofronizar” (jajaja, he used Luis Aragonés’ word!!).

Sara Carbonero interviews Piqué

Yes, the big news is that Geri answered “Waka Waka” when asked to name a song and “Shakira” when asked to name a female singer.

What motivations does a player who has won the World Cup have? I get motivated when I see images of the past, such as the World Cup, and remembering all those moments, which make you want to win more and demonstrate that you’re the best.

You participated in an anti-racism campaign.  When do you think racism will no longer be a problem? It’s very difficult to control, and we try to participate in campaigns like this one to educate people, and it will take time, but we can only move forward.

What are your thoughts on the catastrophe in Japan? When you see things like this, you get goosebumps, but sometimes people need a reminder that what they have in their day-to-day life is enough to make them happy.

You did the ads with Príncipe cookies for the cookies, or because you are one? Yes, I suppose I am.

Do you have a beard now to intimidate your rivals? Well… people grow beards because they look good in them, I think.

You’re addicted to twitter.  One of your last tweets was about drug testing. I’m not going to comment on that because I don’t think it’s needed.

Now, not only the sports press is focused on you. When you’re only used to receiving criticism about how you play, it’s clear that you have another way of looking at things, but I accept it with tranquility and naturalness.

The best memory associated with the national team. I think Iniesta’s goal is unforgettable for everyone.

What does “moc moc” mean? Nothing, it’s a stupid thing that I have with Cesc and Puyi.

Facebook or twitter? Both.  I think they’re different ways of communicating.

Serrat or Sabina? Serrat.

A city: Barcelona.

Camp Nou or Bernabéu? Camp Nou [if Sara came up with these questions, she’s a worst journalist than I thought].

Florentino or Pablo Motos (host of “El Hormiguero”)? Pablo Motos.

A song: “Waka Waka.”

A book: The Shadow of the Wind.

An achievement: the World Cup.

A male Spanish singer: Alejandro Sanz (yay!).

A female singer (notice the Spanish part has been left out): Shakira.

Best coach you’ve had: Pep Guardiola.  Without a doubt? Yes.  I would say Vicente del Bosque as well, but the national team isn’t together as much and so we don’t have so much of a day-to-day relationship, like I do with Pep, from whom I’ve learned a lot.

A dish: Arroz a la cubana.

Do you cook? Very little.

Who is Spain’s top goalscorer in the qualifying round for the Eurocopa? Let me think a bit.  It’s a little tricky. I would say Villa, but if it’s tricky, it can’t be Villa.  Ehhh… Xabi Alonso.  Llorente. Llorente?  No one has answered correctly.

Since you’re a bit of an expert in fashion, what color is more in this season?  Dark red-blue or white? Sara, this… I don’t know.  I would have do some research.

Then they ask Piqué to draw his hand and write five wishes for this season, one for each finger.  [Very nice, making Piqué draw a manita.]  He writes: Liga, Copa, Champions, seeing Abidal back on the field soon and qualifying for the Euro.


Even the gossip sites have sat up and taken notice of Xavi’s 100 games with La Roja, even though he’s usually not one of the players to get a lot of attention from the prensa rosa as he’s quite low-key and doesn’t have a famous girlfriend.  This article from Divinity has some fun facts about Xavi that longtime fans will already know, but are good trivia for new fans, so here they are.

Life in Terrassa… unlike some of his teammates, he doesn’t have a house with ocean views or a luxury apartment in a posh section of Barcelona.  Instead (I type “In…” and my hands automatically fill in “iesta” for me…), Xavi has opted to maintain his residence in his hometown.

100% family oriented… “I’m very much into my people, of being with my family, at home,” Xavi told GQ.  His family is the most important thing for him and “I’m a good person because of them.”  The first thing he ever bought with his salary was a toaster for his mother.

Family man in the future… Xavi said, “I hope to be the father of a family and be how my parents are, a happy couple, and still linked to football, but not as a coach.”

Joking around… Xavi likes to joke around in the locker room, especially teasing his teammates about the clothes they wear, as he told Michael Robinson.

Passions… football is his life, but he has other hobbies.  Sleeping is one of them, as well as mushroom picking, and navigating his boat, “Pelopina” (loving the name!).  “Aida” and “Buenafuente” are two of his favorite TV shows.

Retirement: he has set up a family business in real estate with the money he’s made from football.  He doesn’t have a computer in his office.

The article also linked to this interview published two years ago, which also has some interesting things.

His biography… it took him two to three days to read his biography, and he is very happy with the result, though he doesn’t think it would win any prizes, such as the Sant Jordi award.  He would give that to Ruiz Zafón (a favorite of many footballers, no?  See above!)  And on the day of Sant Jordi, he gives roses to his mother, grandmother and sister because “I like to see the looks of surprise on their faces.”

On orgasms… Xavi had described the Eurocopa as “an orgasm of continuous sensations.”  When asked if he’s had better ones, he replied, “outside of football, for sure.  But that experience was one orgasm after another: everything went well!”

Life with Van Gaal… “he would rate us with stars in his notebook and not let us see it.  He was the cause of the two worst weeks of my life when he made me return to Barça B.”

Pelopo or Máquina? Máquina shows a level of complicity, and Pelopo was what my friend Miguel Ángel called me and it stuck.

My coach

This is from last May, but I never got around to it.  It’s an ad for the new “coach” of the national team, Adidas’ “My coach” personal training and coaching system (or “mi coach” in Spanish).  David Villa says it’s made him stronger, and Xavi says it understands how important recovery is.  I think my favorite part is when Javier Miñano says their work is made much easier because of it and they’re shown playing Mus while the guys are running around.  And VDB says he even lets it decide on the starting XI, although he starts having doubts when it picks number “42.”

42 Barquillo

42 Barquillo is a men’s clothing store in Madrid (located on – you guessed it – C/Barquillo 42) which is apparently owned by Pepe’s brother Javi.  Xavi, Llorente, Villa, Busi and Pepe were all there last week for an event.  Thank you westcoastcule for the tip!  Pictures from the store’s FB page.

How gorgeous are they all?

Apparently, some of our players have been wearing the store’s stock for some time.  Those are some odd places to pose though, no?


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  1. Thanks again Una for all the La Roja tidbits!

  2. Sorry, I promise I will read and comment more thoroughly later, but oh my god Fer please give Sergio back his belt! I can’t bear it if you start being original too! (I’m pretty sure Sergio and/or Cris has that exact buckle, correct me if I’m wrong…)

  3. xavi has a girlfriend???

  4. 1st of all … Maria Mercè y Don Joaquim .. THANK YOU FOR MAKING XAVI… YOU BOTH DID A PERFECT JOB!!!

    ok … Xavi X Girlfriends … SLAP YOURSELF… (since I can’t do it) … ok I want to do WHY… WHY!!!! Is Xavi NOT married… ook … Cause I would die… to find me a man 1/2 of what Xavi is …. ok … soooo what …. if he LOVES FOOTBALL!!!! at least he doesn’t loves drugs … or loves beating the crap out of women…. Xavi is what every women dreams of .. well it what I always dream about….

    “he gives roses to his mother, grandmother and sister because “I like to see the looks of surprise on their faces.” ”
    ^^^ shoot he don’t have to give me roses … just one would do … sorry I think 1 rose is more romantic then dozen roses or something….

    “I hope to be the father of a family and be how my parents are, a happy couple, and still linked to football, but not as a coach.”
    ^^^ I volunteer to take one for the team (Xavi fans)… and give Xavi 12 kids if he wants….(And I already have the perfect names)

    Orgasm … x_X … no comment …

    his boat name … I LOVE IT!!!! *lmao* … Xavi my perfect man … on are honeymoon (yea right … in my dreams maybe) we can take the boat all over the Mediterranean Sea (i had to google the name to make sure I spelled it right *lol*) ….

    & about the family business… I can be your personal secretary … (another YEA RIGHT!!!)

    like I said in another comment … my beautiful …and hopefully futura Suegra … Maria Mercè y Don Joaquim (hopefully my futuro Suegro) … May I PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SPRINKLES … Marry your wonderful & perfect son … Xavier …

    & that picture … I’m not liking Fernando Llorente (even though with those eyes I can forgive him anything)… he gets too close to Xavi …. sooo I hate him .. well I envy him …

    Geri w/ Sara …. I say the same thing I hope Sara didn’t write those question…. cause I could have answered the same way … & I’m not Geri …

    Iker… I <3 Iker… NOT as much as Xavi … but he is in my TOP 5 … but it's like they ask them the same question… and that is annoying…. but I love what he did … when he ask Xavi to be the captain .. since Xavi was celebrating his 100th game… It is sooo sweet … & it shows alot….

    Mi Coach … i'm disappointed… I think they would sell more if they were shirtless … when will the do a good commercial like that….

  5. SMH at the Camp Nou or Bernabéu question. Really. Just plain stupid. On to Pique’s 5 wishes (I agree with the manita thing, ehhh), too bad only two of those will come true. hihihi. (at least, I super pray and hope and wish so!!) Anyway, thank you so much for these bits and pieces, Una! You’re simply the best. :)

  6. I love how, watching the video, you can see Iker change when he is asked about the “Zigtech” and has to give a testimonial. He crosses his arms, bounces on tiptoe and seems to blink a lot more.

  7. LOL Mi Coach. Enjoyed the collage of information. But the Sara interview with Pique uggh. Why do they have to make it so political and ask him stupid questions like Camp Nou v the Bernabeu? Please.

  8. Since you’re a bit of an expert in fashion, what color is more in this season? Dark red-blue or white? Sara, this… I don’t know. I would have do some research.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHA! i don’t know why, but this just made me laugh and laugh. in print, he sounds so exasperated with her, like WTF, why are you asking me this?! i will make no bones about the fact that i cannot stand her (part jealousy, obviously, but also i don’t think she’s particularly tactful or gifted as a reporter — i agree, if she came up with those questions on her own, they are absolutely vapid and ridiculous. “camp nou or bernabéu?” … i mean, really!?), so things like this just fill me with glee.

    it was really sweet of pique to include abidal in his drawing. sometimes i think he’s a big, insensitive kid and then he surprises me. :)

    i saw the iker zigtech interview earlier today and even though i don’t understand what he’s saying, i, too, was struck by the number of times he began with “bueno”. heh!

    and finally … xavi is so cute and little that sometimes i forget he’s 31, so to hear him talk about orgasms shocked me! :p

  9. oh Ruiz Zafón! I love his books too =) And #42, although the position is off, maybe it multiplied El Poni by 2 by mistake? Double the power!

  10. ugh! sara is so annoying!!! why is this woman even a reporter =/…. pique is hot! i can listen to him speak all day, sara on the other had, not another word ewwww she’s ruining the interview with her dumb ?’s

  11. Thanks for the lovely news, it made my day!!! I am so busy and I am kinda having a hard time in real life and that really makes my day, I am not afraid to say that! ;-)))

    Three things:

    1) Xavi – I love him, a legend. I am an RM fan, but it does not matter. Xavi is Xavi.

    2) the pictures from the store of Pepe’s brother: OMG. Besides Pepe being the only bold guy that I find insanely attractive, the other also look h-o-t!

    3) I admitted few times to my guilty pleasure (as an RM fan) of liking Pique. Oh, I really find him looking gorgeous sometimes and I can;t get over this Shakira thing.
    Of course I wish everyone to be happy and I do not want to mess in anyones private’s life, BUT

    If Shakira was matched with Alejandro Sanz (La tortura, what a hot video), Pique with Sara (they look very good together, no?) that would leave Iker single….oh. a girl can dream.

    Seriously UnaMadridista, I will express my gratitude for all your awesome blog entries and say that if Iker was single you would be the only person I would not be jeleaous of for him to date. ;-)))


  12. LaAmericanista

    Hi everyone :)
    Even though I’m not a Cule I do admire two of their players so much so I often wish more people were like them not only on the field but how their personalities are outside of them. Xavi is one of those players. I do find him to be one of the players that physically attracts very much but more than that is the way he lives football. I don’t play and even though I tried I learned very fast I have talents and playing football isn’t one of them, lol, but like his father says, he wasn’t born with this great talent rather Xavi worked hard to get where he is now. Many players out there with natural talent seem to fade away after a couple of years. There’s always someone better than you out there and you can’t let talent alone be who you are specially not in sports.

    Xavi is so wonderful that way. He works hard, he does have his temper but he tries to say with words not with hits on other players but he’s also very loveable. Someone should clone him but make sure to capture his personality too. Whoever marries this guy will be a lucky woman, though I think I can say this about all the current Spanish team. Somehow they seem so loveable and caring towards each other. As for the rose thing, I know how that feels. I hear a knock on my door and the first thing I see is roses… from my grandma :) Three times this past week. That’s my family. We are not perfect we yell and fight but so many times I recall my aunts or cousin leaving me presents without it being a special day. A phone call here a text another day. Its true what one reader said, half of Xavi would be nice to have. Though if we’re wishing here, I rather have Xavi.

    I live, love and breath football even as a fan. I love this sport since the first time I actually sat down and watched a game. My country lost but the passion was born. I follow Barca’s matches and some RM’s and some others where ever there’s Mexican players… but my liga I follow every game so much so I have been called crazy. Some people just don’t understand our passion for football. Xavi continue to be awesome because its not true something you believe…. there’s many of us who love and appreciate midfielders and thank you for your hard work every match.

  13. “if Sara came up with these questions, she’s a worse journalist than I thought” – HAHAHAHA! This had me laughing out loud at work. I couldn’t help it. And when he asked him what color is in this season, he reads exasperated “Sara, this…” he might have been thinking “is ridiculous.”

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