good news for U.S. fans…

The RFEF has announced that they’ve reached an agreement with the U.S. Football Federation to play a game on June 4 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. (Boston).  Who’s going?

This will be the first time ever that Spain plays against the U.S. in the U.S.  Spain currently holds the edge with a 3-1 record over this particular rival (the one loss is of course the surprise one from the 2009 Confederations Cup).


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  1. Really?! I will be IN Spain during that time and I haven’t been in years. Why can’t they be playing on their home turf?!

  2. I just read the news, and forwarded it to my friends. I am so bummed that I won’t be able to see them (I would have taken the train from NY up to Boston for the weekend). But I think I’ll be in Chicago that weekend. So so sad :(.

  3. I really want to go but my only friend who likes futbol is going to have finals during that time….I hope I find someone to go with

  4. ToujoursPetite

    I never realized that Boston was 10 hours away from Toronto…damn. I woulda driven down otherwise!
    Too bad the Canadian national team sucks too much for anyone to agree to come here though

  5. really!? i want to go! more info please and i’ll book a flight right now! :o)

  6. omg shaking and crying. so much happiness.

    una, do you happen to know where the tickets will be sold? thank you!

  7. Damn, I wish I lived in Boston… but instead I live in a small wet country in Western-europe -.-‘ Well, at least it’s closer to Spain then the USA.

  8. Hi Una! I was still shaking from when I first heard a rumor about the possibility of this last week, so today’s announcement has made me completely useless.

    Not to be a pain, but technically, Spain has played in the U.S. before, in fact they’ve played in Foxboro before! It was the 1994 world cup quarterfinals game Spain lost to Italy when Tassotti broke Luis Enrique’s nose. I remember in a questionnaire you translated this summer (and thank you so much for it!) a lot of the current La Roja actually mentioned that as one of their first world cup memories!

  9. We’re all going nuts about this here in the US. Totally freaking out and very excited!

  10. I am pumped, pumped, pumped!! am going to try to go. it’s a bit far for me, but HELLO it’s spain. and i’ve yet to go to a usmnt match yet…so this would be a hell of a “first cap”

  11. Yay!!! best news ever… I’m down to go.. I’m going for sure. See you in June hotties lol

  12. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live forty-five minutes away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally I can see the team in action first hand!

  13. i wish i still lived on the east coast darn it

  14. ugh…. WHY!!!!! that is sooooo far away from me … so I wont be going … *crying*

  15. AWESOME! Now, I just have to find a way to get to Boston!

  16. O_O May just be in the US at that time!! Thanks for the news, Una! Got to go find some tix now…

  17. Una I’m going!!!! I live in Minnesota, but I’ll be there no matter what. I’m so excited! I’ll see them all in person! :o :o :o I might die. Self combustion after seeing mi querido Xavi!

  18. omg i live in the U.S., im graduating this summer this could be my graduating gift!!!!!! im totally going to start asking for this

  19. I’m going!!! I live in NYC which is two hours from Boston. Are you going?

  20. Depression! Hahaha! I go to college in Boston, and I will be leaving a week before to go back to Europe, haha.

    (I am going to see Real Madrid – Almeria that week though, so Ill get my Xabi Alonso fix anyway).


  21. So excited! Woooot! Though I’m hoping the Liga strike won’t affect who gets called up. I’m frantically going through your Real blog as I remember you had written about the dates and the journada make-up.
    About to buy tickets!!! But of course will wait faithfully for ICYMI ;)

  22. =O Do you think this means they are planning a North American tour? Canada maybe!? I hope they come to canada!

  23. OMG I want to go! Do you have any more info Una?

  24. Hi Una! Does this mean they won’t be going to Japan anymore? Green with envy over US-based fans :P

  25. !!! too good to be true !!! I’m from the US, and I love my country…
    but I will be rooting for LA FURIA ROJA! Viva ESPANA!!!
    It’s the beautiful game, and no one plays it more beautifully than Spain.

    Will attempt to fly across the country to see it!

  26. Of COURSE it’s on the East Coast again! =( Where’s the love for the Midwest?

  27. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! thanks for the notification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i will MOVE MOUNTAINS to be there!!!!!


    i’m from Connecticut and I often go to Boston to visit family so this will be an easy trip!

    I’M TOTALLY GOING :D!!!!!!

  30. Searching for deals on airfare right now… Now – how to secure actual game tickets… *scratching forehead* They must be somewhere on the internet.
    Oh, and Una… a day without a post is like a day without sunshine.
    Not that I am trying to put any pressure on you… ;-)
    But even you deserve a break occasionally. Just not right after a La Roja match! Unless the delay means a wicked super awesome mega-post is coming! o-O The anticipation is mind boggling.

  31. Ugh, it appears my reading comprehension skills were in inverse proportion to my crazy excitement the other day (it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t driving or operating heavy machinery when I found out, who knows what would have happened!). Yes, of course it is the first time Spain has played in the US AGAINST THE US. Why would I ever think to question you? I’m so sorry!

  32. I do wonder what will happen with the La Liga strike and who will be called up. Because I plan on rearranging my trip to Chicago to be able to go to Boston! If not, I plan on seeing Barca play in DC, so I can hopefully check off seeing Villa, Xavi, Puyol, Busi, Iniesta, Valdes, Pique, and Pedro. I was in Spain last November and was lucky enough to see Real Madrid play At. Bilbao and see Iker, Xabi, Sergio, Arbeloa, (didn’t see Albiol play), Javi (!!!) and Llorente. Of course I’d rather see La Roja!

  33. I wont get to go…im so SAD!…i will be rooting for my USMNT boys tho i love the Spainards but its USA all the way for me!!!

  34. I would give anything to be there, but alas! I live in Minnesota. Not really a chance of going to Boston, sadly.

  35. oh my…. I’ll be actually in Spain that time. ;*( if only they can be in Boston by May 29th, I could catch a glimps of them… but… oh, as much as I’m happy to be in Spain I’m so depressed right now.

  36. UGH! I envy those of you who will go and see our boys in the flesh!!!! I need a miracle to be in the US this June :( Gah!!!! Just the thought of seeing them in person just blows my mind! OHMY!!!!!!!!

  37. Me Me Me….
    and my 8 yr old son is like Mommy…momy..mommyy..,mommy… i want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How on earth can i find out what hotel they will be staying at ????????????
    We´ll be flying in form Houston

  38. Pre-sale tickets for the friendly just went on sale! Tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday. You can get them on The Gillette Stadium is hard to access by public transportation. So if anyone is going and you girls want to figure something out, I’m open. So excited!!! I already bought my ticket!!!!

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