who’s excited?

The boys are back!  They and the World Cup had a busy day, between promotional events, presentation ceremonies and a training session to end the day.  Here’s everything that happened yesterday.

No silly hat for Sergio this time; instead he wore a pink scarf and a “D” on his culitoAnd how excited am I to see the incredible Javi (!!!)?  I’m feeling jealous of Joan…

At the Museo de Cera

David Villa and Andrés Iniesta unveiled their wax counterparts at Madrid’s Wax Museum on Tuesday morning.  They did so separately, because Andrés was coming from Barcelona and his flight had been delayed.  David was first, at 10:30h, and Andrés followed two hours later.

During the act, Villa said, “it’s an honor for me to inaugurate this sculpture.  I was told that I was chosen by popular vote (the museum asked the public to vote on which La Roja players they wanted to see in the museum) and that’s what makes me the happiest.  Thank you to everyone.  This sculpture reminds me of the very wonderful and intense moments I experienced in the World Cup.”  He also described the statue as “muy bonita” and said it does look like him, although it’s a bit taller than the real thing because “they told me that it’s raised a bit.”  Well, his hair makes up for it, no?

Meanwhile, Andrés Iniesta said he was “proud” that the fans chose him to form part of the museum, and added that both he and Villa were “guapos,” although his was “better.”  He also had the nice gesture of apologizing for the delay in his arrival.

They both donated the national team kits the statues are wearing, and they also got to choose what position the statues would be in.  For Villa, the statue has its hands behind its back, the usual scowl on his face and of course, the earrings.  Iniesta’s statue also has a look of concentration that is quite serious, but his arms are crossed.  (That’s why they’re posing like that above.)  Iker Casillas and Fernando Torres are also “residents” of the museum.

Close up of Villa’s statue here and that of Ineista here.  Andrés’ looks like he’s wearing make-up, no?  And the hairline is all wrong!  Where’s the widow’s peak?  And can we talk about Villa’s jeans?  Horrible!  He looks like he was painting his house before coming to the museum, or had an accident with some acid.  And quick quiz: is this the real or the fake?

In “Fuenla”

Over in Fuenlabrada, Fernando Torres received a tribute from his hometown.  He was presented with the city’s gold medal, and is the first ever recipient of that honor.  As the mayor was putting it on him, someone from the crowd shouted, “alcalde, careful with the hair!”

In his words to his pueblo, Fernando said that he was proud to be the first fuenlabreño to receive the medal, and that it has a little piece of each fuenlabreño in it.  He added that “this is for everyone that I meet all around the world who come up to me and say, ‘hey, I’m also from Fuenla.’  It’s great to come back, to see my city and the people from my neighborhood… I always carry the name of Fuenlabrada around with pride.  I wouldn’t have made it without the support of the people who love me and the town.”  Several of his friends attended, and they revealed that Fernando started out as a goalkeeper, and was a good one too.

He also checked out how work on a sports complex (football fields, swimming pools, tennis and padel courts, a stadium where Fuenlabrada will play) bearing his name (Fernando Torres City) was going, and took the saque de honor.

Doesn’t he look like a priest here?

And in comments to Marca, Fernando confessed that as a kid, he had never dreamed of winning a World Cup or a Eurocopa, because he only wanted to become a professional and play with Atleti.  And he adds jokingly, “I also never imagined that a marquis would coach me.  The truth is that he’s very embarrassed about this.  He has to put up with a lot of jokes.”  Poor VDB!

We also find out that Fernando had to tell his Chelsea teammate Peter Cech where Granada is, as Cech’s Czech Republic will be facing Spain there on Friday.  Torres pointed out the city to Cech on a map.  The Czechs had been hoping the game would be played at the Bernabéu.

Watches for everyone

Twelve players (Silva, Marchena, Arbeloa, Xabi, Llorente, Javi (!!!), Capdevila, Pepe, Mata, Sergio, Villa, Pepe), plus the entire coaching staff (VDB, Toni, Javier and Ochoto) attended the event at Chocrón, where they received commemorative watches from the hands of RFEF treasurer Juan Luis Larrea.  The watches were manufactured by Audemars Piguet and are personalized for each player.  During the event, VDB reminded everyone that “we have to be respectful of the Czech Republic, because they’ve been a reference in Europe for many years and they have dangerous players.”  He also sent a message to the players, saying, “they should enjoy the opportunity to come play with the national team, but should do it with responsibility.”

It looks like Joan managed to make Anne Igartiburu (she used to be Iker’s favorite presenter – at least that’s what he said a couple of years ago, but I assume his favorite presenter is now Sara Carbonero) crack up!  And how gorgeous are my Javitxu (!!!), and Álvaro’s huge smile??  You would think that David Villa could crack a smile – after all, he just got a €24,700 (!!) watch!  [Note: just two exclamation marks because it’s obviously not as amazing as Javi (!!!).]

And Xabi is just so stylish it hurts, no?  He’s probably the most thrilled about getting a new watch, given his love for watches.  Or else Javi (!!!), because he didn’t have any before.  Half of the cost of the watch was paid for by the Federation as a gift for the players, and the other half by Chocrón, for marketing purposes.  See Iker’s watch here.  I guess the watch that Sergio “coaxed” out of Iberdrola’s president won’t be so popular anymore.

P.S. – apparently, some players weren’t happy when they heard that the Federation wanted to give them a watch as a gift, but changed their minds when they found out what the watch was worth, and the model.  They’ll also apparently have to pay €4,000 each in taxes for the watch, due to it being a donation on the part of the federation and Madrid’s tax regulations.

To Las Rozas

Hmmm, I wonder if Sergio and Cris ever fight over the stock in the Gucci store?  If I thought the man bag was bad enough, along comes Iker with a LV bag.  It looks like there’s still some available space in it, so why is he carrying other things in a paper bag?  Iker always packs light.

The players arrived at Las Rozas around 12:30h, with Andoni Iraola arriving first (trying to make a good impression?).  Those who had been at Chocrón came together, with the exception of Sergio, who arrived in his own car.  The last to show up were Iker, Jesús Navas, Santi Cazorla and Raúl Albiol, around 13:30h.

Upon arrival at Las Rozas, Sergio Ramos spoke to the press and said, “I’m always proud to represent Spain.  I prefer to join the national team than to have days off, because it’s an honor to defend and represent the shirt of Spain on the world level, and I’m very happy to be here and see my teammates again.”  He added that he hoped Spain would recover its rhythm, and that “we’ll break the bad luck streak that we’ve had.  Even though those games were friendlies, we want to return to the path we were going down.”

Meanwhile, Fernando Llorente expressed his satisfaction that three members of his team were called up: himself, Javi (!!!) and Iraola: “I’m proud of it.  It’s been a long time since the last time it happened and that reflects the good moment the team is experiencing and the team’s philosophy.”  When asked about the injury to his lip, suffered in the game against Villarreal, Fer said, “all forwards receive blows.  It’s part of the game.  There’s no need to complain about it and it won’t affect my play.”  [It is a good excuse to stare at his lips though!]  And when questioned about Xavi’s 100 games, he said, “the national team has the immense luck of having Xavi, the best in the world in his position.  The entire team benefits from his football, especially those of us who play up front.  He makes life very easy for forwards.”

His teammate Andoni Iraola revealed that he was surprised by the call-up, because a year and a half has passed since the last one.  But with this done, “it shows that Vicente is true to his philosophy and his method, which is to maintain the confidence of the players in his group and above all show that the road to the senior team passes through the U-21 team.”  I love his shy little smile!

Now for some actual work

Well, sort of.

After lunch and presumably a siesta, the team held its first training session (there will only be three before the game on Friday, two at Las Rozas and one at the Nuevo Los Carmenes) yesterday afternoon.  There were no absences, meaning that everyone had arrived healthy. VDB tried out his theoretical starting XI, which saw Sergio substitute for Puyol as a central defender, and Arbeloa on the right in the place of Ramos.  The rest of the line-up was made up of Piqué, Capdevila, Busi, Xabi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and Torres.  They played without goalkeepers, but there’s no doubt that the 11th person will be Iker Casillas.  The starters ended up beating the substitutes 3-2, with Villa scoring twice and Iniesta once for the former, and Mata twice for the latter.

The senior national team was joined by Real Madrid canterano Diego Caballo, a leftback currently on duty with the U-17 team, as they needed another player in order to play 10 against 10 (this time, they decided not to use one of the goalkeepers).  Caballo played with Team Substitutes, but all of the players were very affectionate towards and supportive of him, especially David Silva and Santi Cazorla.  The rest of his (jealous, I assume) teammates watched the session.  They’ll leave for Belgium on Thursday to play the elite round (the second round of qualification) of the U-17 Euro.

Before the session, some players were subjected to drug testing, among them Piqué, who tweeted about the visit of the “vampires” as it’s called in Spain.  This was the decision of the CSD (Consejo Superior de Deportes) and the RFEF, based on UEFA’s recommendation.

La Rojita

Click!The “second” U-21 team arrived in Reims around noon yesterday and held a training session in the afternoon.  They will play France tomorrow at 20:45.  It’s expected that the components of this team will make up the bulk of the team that will begin qualifying for the 2013 U-21 Euro in September, and the idea now is to give them some experience at this level.

Spot the difference.  Must be a Spain thing.  Whatever it is, it works.


Álvaro tweeted that he was filming an interview about twitter with Los Manolos (the two presenters from Cuatro).  Of course they would choose him to represent twitter in Spanish football!  And Joan tweeted, “great training session!! And great warm-up!”

Jesús Navas at Marca

In an interview published in today’s Marca, Jesús said that the group hasn’t changed the least since winning the World Cup, because they know that only by staying how they were before the World Cup will they achieve things.  He also revealed that Del Bosque told them after the games in Buenos Aires and Lisbon that those kinds of games cannot happen again, that there’s always room for improvement no matter how much you’ve achieved, and that he likes that message.  Jesús also described himself as an “addict” to La Roja, saying that each time he sees himself on the list, he feels something special.  As for the game on Friday, “it’s special playing in a city like Granada because football is experienced in a very special way in Andalucía.”  He also expressed his desire that Xavi will play a lot more games because “watching him play is a pleasure… and he’s an incredible person.”

To end, Jesuito says that he watches Iniesta’s goal almost every day, because “it’s something so huge for us, for the country, that you never get tired of seeing it.”


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  1. Una, thank you soooooo much for such a delightful post. I loved looking at all the pics. (I just wish Iker would do something about his hair) I also am curious as to what is in their travel bags! I mean, after all, why does a guy need to lug around a bag like the one Iker carries around?!!

  2. That’s a lovely post!!! The boys are hot. But I wonder whether there are pictures of the personalized watches on the web, I’d love to see how each of them matches each player’s personality ;)

    Iniesta’s statue is “guapo” to the point of not being manly… the original’s much better ;)

    The part about Torres reminded me of the Pepsi ad where he said “Yo soy de Fuenla, yo digo PESI”… that was hilarious ;)

    P.S. Someone is very yummy in his white shirt with a big “A” and with THAT heart-melting smile… I almost died of sexy and of the desire to do some naughty things to him. So if you’re jealous of him, I’m jealous of Javi ;)

  3. SO excited!!! Thanks Una for another great La Roja post!!! Villa’s wax counterpart needs some more hair gel!
    And Iniesta’s would be almost perfect if not for the missed hairline, which is one of his distinguishing features. My guess for the quiz: fake? And even as a fan of el Guaje, I completely agree with you about the horrible jeans… it looks like he’s wearing a paint canvas.

    The Xavi-Iker hug, and the Sergio Ramos – Torres dance are too cute. I want to join!!!

  4. Ayam … excited!
    Some thoughts:
    a. God bless you, Una. You truly know when to include that picture of Serhio.
    b. “And quick quiz: is this the real or the fake?” I believe it’sthe fake, because Daveehd doens’t have that many stubbles (plus his chinny-beard is a little shorter in real?).
    c. Nando needs a haircut. I miss his short hair…
    d. Xabi.
    e. “Spot the difference. Must be a Spain thing. Whatever it is, it works.” The big boys actually are holding hands! Could it get any sweeter???
    f. Was it a Real Madrid photographer who took the picture of Jesús?

    Gracias for the post!

    • I thought about mentioning point f, but didn’t know if most people on this blog would get it.

    • sooo point F was just too funny. Haha. I wouldn’t be surprised if indeed it was a RM photographer that took it. Haha

    • f. Was it a Real Madrid photographer who took the picture of Jesús?

      hahaha I had to go back up and look at the pic. I thought for sure you meant he had a “thumbs up” pose. But now I see it’s the “mirror” pose. Good catch!

  5. Me me me! I was super excited to see Javi (!!!) looking both hot and well-dressed. For a moment my heart sank because I thought he’d been swayed by Fer to get a manbag, but then I realized, no, it’s just the Chocrón bag, whew! Perfection can continue as regularly scheduled. (Lucky, lucky Joan. Why is life so unfair?)

    Those wax statues are atrocious, sadly. They need to get Madame Tussaud’s on the case, because those are not worthy of Iniesta and Villa.

    And on the topic of Fer’s injury, the only time I recall him bleeding in the Villarreal match was when he fell and got Javi(!!!)’s studs to the face… not *quite* the sort of blow most forwards receive.

    • Also the bit about Cech not knowing where Granada is just made me laugh! It’s not exactly a booming metropolis, but I didn’t think it was *that obscure* of a city! I mean, everyone’s heard of the Alhambra, right?

    • Final comment:

      … is that a *book* stuck in the front zip-pocket of Sergio’s horrible LV suitcase? An actual hardcover book?!!

  6. Thanks for the round-up! Llorente’s injury was caused by Javi’s (!!!) boot.. at first it looked like he could’ve lost some teeth because his mouth was bleeding quite badly, but luckily it’s just a cut!
    The players really need to get over their obsession with Louis Vuitton though.. .

  7. Una thanks again! The boys are back! Love them so much when they are all together. Awe Javi(!!!) walking in with Crackdevila. Also the picture of Xavi and Iker! with Javi in the background!

    But Villa, really, can’t wear better jeans to such an event? His *itchface/scowl is dead on though.

    Yes Jesus, we’re all La Roja addicts!

  8. Why is it called the “second” U-21 team?

  9. I see Iker wearing the field players home kit.

  10. Hahaha “Added that both he and Villa were “guapos,” although his was “better.” – Iniesta is such a sweetheart ^^

    And it’s weird that Villa’s statue wears a long-sleeved jersey when he only short sleeved ones during the WC (if i didnt remember wrongly).

    Lol and when they posed in the same way next to their statues, Villa just knew how to turn the scowl on (lol!) whereas Iniesta couldn’t resist smiling instead of looking serious & intense like his statue. How cute hehe!

    That picture of Xavi and Iker is heartwarming :)

    And man, what is it with photographers of football players and mirrors?

  11. Great post, Una! I love it when the boys get back together. However, I must comment on Iniesta’s wax counterpart–it looks like the make-up artists from the set of Crackovia had a hand in creating his look-a-like! Maybe it is just the photo, but ugh! They could have done a better job.

  12. Yay, I’m excited :D finally, the boys back together! I love seeing them messing around&hugging, and that’s what they call ‘training’ *ahem* ;)

  13. Iker packs light but the LV bag, man bag and paper bag are just too much for my eyesight. On another note, he always looks happier with the national team or maybe I’m just imagining.
    I am so jealous of their Audemars Piguet watches, their watches are AMAZING. I wish I could afford to buy Royal Ladies Oak.
    I am not a fan of the Madrid wax museum, their wax figures don’t really resemble the players ( comparing with Madame Tussauds- London standards).

  14. I am so happy Javi and Juanin are back on the squad again! And Sergio Ramos as CB! Oh goodness! This shall be exciting to see ;)

  15. Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for Sergio and Fernando to get any cuter, they go and jump around together.

    Alvaro with scruff! I really think he’s getting hotter if possible.

  16. Javi & Xavi & Iker ….. all in one photo … I think i died an gone to heaven!!!! <<< thats all I saw on your post … I don't remember anything else … *lol*

    THANX UNA!!!!

  17. Thank you for a wonderful post! There is just so much good stuff! Iniesta’s doll scares me though. How could they make this kind man who wears his heart on his sleeve, look so creapy? Villa’s is perfect.

    Xavi gets me every time, I’m so in love with him. And finally some exclusive Navas. He is simply beautiful!

    You can tell I’m excited, huh?

  18. Awesome post once again! Kudos Bella.

  19. despite my niggling worries about the timing, i find myself unable to stifle my wide loony grin as i look at these pics :)

    seeing these guys get together again… why does it make us happy?? why why why….

    (that sernando hoppity-hop bit, thank you lots una!)

    anyway, it’s kinda funny that this time around nando apparently looks like a priest; he was a computer repairman last time, wasn’t he? :) i suppose it’s iker now who looks like that…
    — i would join the wondering masses who genuinely would like to know how SOME of these guys come up with their outfits (and hair…and accessories…) but that would really be just futile.

    and yay! silvi!

    and i wouldn’t have thought it but ever since the past posts about javi, seeing him now toting up his luggage along with the senior team… i did miss this man-boy with the toothy smile:)

    and that bit about villa not smiling at chocron, i guess he used up his quota of barely-there-smiles during the wax figure unveiling. he was smiling AND laughing as he stood next to his statue, and all lasting for more than 2 seconds… apparently that was one too many smiles from him lol…

    p.s. llorente’s philosophy on his jersey size seems to apply to his polo as well.

  20. About Daveed’s statue…I’m wondering why they did the lines under his eyes in the orangeish color. It makes them stand out WAY to much. Otherwise I think his is a pretty good resemblance. And lol @ Daveed when he stands on his toes next to his statue…trying to be taller than it. :p

    About Iniesta’s statue….the glaring difference is the hair but also, what’s with the lip color? It makes him look like he has lipstick on. It works for Daveed because that’s close to his natural lip color but Iniesta…not so much.

    awww…looks like the Sergio/Fer bromance is alive and well. Love those pic’s of the two.

    And Javi (!!!), holy cow he makes everyone else look short. Poor Daveed Silva & Mata…having to walk near him on the way in didn’t make them look any taller. :{ At least when they did the group pic, they put him next to llorente but even Sergio looks short next to them. :o

    What I love about these guys is that they truly look happy to be together again. Some people make seem to wonder if there’s a division in the team between the Barca & Madrid players. All you have to do is look at these pics to see that the answer is no. Guys have this uncanny knack for being able to be foes on the pitch and friends when they’re off it. I think a lot of people have a hard time grasping that.

    I sure hope Fer is able to score in this game. Poor guy’s been having such a rough season thus far. :'{ I must admit that I was a bit surprised that he was starting over Llorente who’s been in great form this season.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing them play again. Such beautiful football.

  21. Thanks UnaMadridista!

    I don’t know where to look at, such a gathering of nice cute players.;-) Oh, and now any international meetings will forever always bring the memories from the WC, how awesome is that!

    I cannot wait to see the game!

    Apart from some traditional fashion/manbags disasters, there’s always always Xabi to save the day, no? Oh my God, how can he look so good all the time. And with him being all smart and intelligent, and so so close to being Mr Perfect, I am as usually in awe.

    Do not worry young Javi(!!!), I still see you there, cutie!

  22. They look like they are on vacation again. I have not seen them so …

  23. iker and xavi!!! *-* tenderness

  24. I LIVE for La Roja “training” pics!!! Pictures of the boys smiling gorgeously-CHECK! Pictures of the boys holding hands-CHECK! But no piggy back pics? D: Im actually surprised that “drill” wasnt used at practice :P But that gif of Sergio & Fernando?? I seriously cant stop watching or laughing! Sergio obviously has rhythm, doing his little bunny dance but poor Fernando is left stumbling off beat as Sergio scampers away XD ugh I just LOVE them ALL!

  25. when i see my boys back together again and so happy to be in each other’s company, all is right in my world. :) :) :) :) :)

  26. Every post you are doing lately is just completely knocking me out with joy (even more than usual) I will have to go back and savor this one, but some quick thoughts…

    It’s so nice to see Fernando looking more relaxed and peaceful. After all he’s just a young man who wants to play. The tricky busine$$ of footie is perpetrated by owners/administration/press in truth and I wish more people could understand this. The public gets played like a fiddle for their purpo$e$. I love the Marquis comment!

    -The Sernando dance is adorkable, as if Sergio wants to dance the joy back into Fer.
    -♥ Iker & Xabi!!! ♥ I can’t even handle that.
    -Poor Llorente, how to opponents get all the way up there to hit his mouth & head so often? tsk tsk, it’s a shame…
    -And yes, Xabi, there is never ever enough Xabi. I thought the same about the watch ;D Thank you for the lovely gif of him! I swoon NEGL.

    I could go on & on, but instead will say; I love this team and the style of play is tremendous. I hope they influence many teams. To anyone who has played, this style (excuse my crudeness) is like the best sex you’ve ever had with a lot, a lot, A LOT of fantastic foreplay before the critical moment. I hope this helps those who don’t get what the “big deal” about this team & it’s style is, to understand.


    • I meant IKER & XAVI!!!! They are precious together, clearly great friends. OOPS. I can’t believe I made that mistake, but XaBi does have a way of slipping into my subconscious mind.,,,

      ps. I also meant to say I actually kind of love that Iker is challenged by fashion. It just reiterates that he really is (best goalie in the world aside) a regular guy. Most regular guys I know need a bit of fashion advice from their lady, so it’s cute. There can be only one Xabi, after all.

  27. Okay so i do not want to sound like an idiot but I have looked and looked and I cannot figure out who is in this picture with Torres. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lihomjBYmu1qftz72o1_400.jpg
    Thanks for the help!

  28. I am in deeply love with Marchena……I love you Marchena …..sooooooo much!!!!

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