Gerard Piqué’s Barcelona

The March issue of Condé Nast Traveler (España) has a feature on the city of Barcelona, and they ask famous residents to talk about their favorite spots in the city.  One of those famous residents is Gerard Piqué, and this is what he had to say.*

Gerard Piqué, who in many ways is still a big kid, likes to spend his free time returning to the places where his childhood unfolded.  In other words, walking along the Paseo de la Bonanova, where he lived and studied (at La Salle) and where his grandmother still lives, to La Diagonal.  But he’s moved a bit further north to Sant Just Desvern, where his parents also live.  It’s a small town on the outskirts of the city that was once the favorite summer spot of marquises.  Today, it’s one of the most coveted residential zones of Barcelona, and it’s not far from the Ciutat Esportiva of Barça, in Sant Joan Despí.

Between training sessions and games, Piqué doesn’t have much free time, and when he does, he chooses to disconnect.  How?  By hanging out with his friends and not talking about football.  Where?  He chooses restaurants according to location (El Xalet in Montjuïc for the views and Torre d’Alta Mar in the port) or for their culinary offerings (he loves Can Travi Nou in the Horta district and Crep-Nova on the Paseo de la Bonanova, where he always orders pizza with Iberian ham).

In his neighborhood, he likes L’Altre Caliu and Picoteo Can Domingo, with its traditional cooking.  He feels at home there, because they always prepare for him his two favorite dishes: bread with tomatoes and Iberian ham, and fried calamari.  However, they never talk about football there, because they’re periquitos.  Other dishes he loves are the patatas bravas from Bar Tomás de Sarrià and potatoes with olives at Mandri.

Gerard Piqué likes to wander around, and although it’s difficult, he does so at the Camí de les Aigües, the forest trail that winds its way from Sant Just through the Collserola park until the other end of Barcelona, where you can contemplate the city as if it were a scale model.  The best times to go are early in the morning or at dusk; he prefers the second option.  And when the team celebrates its titles, it usually does so at the Sala B, the club next to the legendary concert venue and disco Luz de Gas.  Piqué also likes to watch shows in the Tivoli theater or the Romea theater, movies at Cinesa Diagonal or Gran Sarriá, and concerts at the Palau de Sant Jordi, although he admits, “it’s complicated to go out in Barcelona.  If I go to a market or a shopping mall, I’m stopped so many times that I forget what I came to buy.”

* please do not use for stalking purposes!


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  1. I hope to be in Spain this May, so this information about Barcelona is very useful for me ;) thank you Una and Gerard ;)
    p.s. I’ve never been attracted to Piqué, but he looks quite handsome in this pic… his features are classical and the “tongue action” is kinda sexy ;)

  2. Una,

    Thanks for all your good work and effort! Its very much appreciated!

    I will be visiting Spain with my friends soon, and if anyone has suggestions on the must-see’s/must-do’s of Madrid and Barcelona, we would really appreciate it!


    • I know it’s a question for Una, but as a non-Spanish resident who visited Madrid last summer, I would strongly advise to just let yourself go around the city, wherever your legs will take you. There are so many nice places that even a simple walk in the centre allows you to feel the climate of the city.

      and apart from all the nice monuments of the beautiful cities – of course you should go and visit the stadiums! I think it’s the best to find a time(for a stadium tour, if you are not going to the match, but of course you can combine both) when not so many people would be there. I managed to visit Santiago Bernabeu on a strange hour when there were maybe 10 people besides me there and it was magical to just go there, sit for a while and contemplate a bit;-)

  3. I love the note at the end.. not to use for stalking.. too bad I’m thousands of miles away! He is really growing into his good looks :-)

  4. Lol – it’s hard not to use it for stalking purposes! I mean…what else can this article be used for? :p

  5. No. We’d never stalk. No, no, no…
    Poor PK, I wonder how often he actually gets to do these activities without 50 girls and/or paparazzis following him everywhere.
    I’d love to visit Barcelona! Seems to be an interesting city.

    Btw, he loves food, no?

  6. ” * please do not use for stalking purposes!”

    lol This is exactly what I was thinking when I was reading this! I can just imagine how many fans will start showing up at these places with hopes of running into Pique’.

    btw – am I the only one who finds it a bit humorous that someone with the last name Pique’ (think PK) plays football/soccer? The first time I watched a Barca game and not knowing the players yet, I was so confused when they kept talking about “PK”, particularly when there wasn’t a penalty kick awarded. Luckily my daughter was watching it with me and explained it to me(rolled eyes included).

    • And that his second last name is Bernabéu?

    • You know, I don’t think the term “PK” was ever commonly used in Anglophone football until… until relatively recently, and it probably started in the US. At least, that’s when I started hearing it, when I moved here. It was just always called a “penalty”, and abbreviated to “pen.” where necessary. For instance, you might see on the scoreboard:
      Arsenal 1 – 0 Leeds Utd
      Henry 85′ (pen.).

      I actually think it’s funnier that “piqué” in Spanish means “I stung”! Hopefully a good prediction for a football player who wants to inflict damage, no? But of course we are used to our La Roja lads all having very literally translateable names…

  7. Una
    Good job!
    I’m visiting barcelona to Holiday, study and defiantly see some football in oct & nov this year… And now I know where to eat and exercise..

  8. yummmm, I want some pan con tomate! haha I may be the only one to read this and care more about the food than Piqué. fried calamari sounds so good right now!

  9. Nice to have some recomendation were to go/see in Barcelona because I am going there to watch Pique (I mean Barca play against Almeria). Im not gone stalk him, promise.

    Its a little bit funny because in Swedish Pique is a shirt (that shirt tennisplayers were). But if someone here said that they have a Pique shirt I always imagen that it is a Gerard Pique Barcelona shirt.

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