will he ever be able to live this down?

We previously saw Iker and Sara at Las Fallas in Valencia, and Juan Mata also made an appearance (in real life, not as a ninot).  Raúl Albiol is also represented at this year’s event (Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho also were not immune from this either, as football is always a very popular subject).

And now we can add Carles Puyol to that list, because he’s part of the falla located at the Paseo de la Alameda – Avenida de Francia!

He appears in a towel (although that and his slippers were changed to reflect his club colors), a take on this very unforgettable moment.  In front of him is Queen Sofía, covering her eyes with her hands in surprise (the last thing I would do if confronted with a half-naked Puyol).  And behind them are the two other symbols of the 2010 World Cup: Pulpo Paul and the World Cup trophy.

This Carles and the rest of the fallas will go up on smoke tomorrow, during La Cremà on the last day of the festival in Valencia.  If you ever have a chance to experience the festival, it is extremely interesting, fun and crazy, although also very, very, very loud.  Juan Mata walked around the festival on Friday.


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  1. Hahahahaha love this!! but why such a big red nose? I don’t think Puyi was drunk when he appeared in front of Queen Sofia!!!

    I’d love to see the festival, maybe someone will show it on Youtube… and I suspect there’ll also be a ninot with an ice bucket on his head… ;)

  2. I am speechless. ;-)

  3. I wonder why they changed him to Barca colors instead of La Roja colors since it was a WC moment.

  4. *dies* I really have to be in Valencia for the Fallas one day. I visited the Museo Fallero and nearly died laughing at all the exhibits. Too bad they didn’t decide to save the Carles one, it’s hilarious! :D (Though I agree, I clearly wouldn’t have covered my eyes if I had been Queen Sofía! XD)

  5. Hahahaha LOL at Queen Sofia covering her eyes! Aw, am sure she is just pretending to be shy hahahah

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