look who’s on twitter…

Álvaro Arbeloa tweeted today that Borja Valero and Joan Capdevila are on twitter!  (It looks like Borja has had his for a month, but Joan is new.)  And could this one be real too?  He’s been tweeting with Borja… and apologizing for his lack of English knowledge! According to reader Reno, via Man City’s twitter, it’s fake.

So far, Borja has said he has no idea how to use twitter, and that his son Álvaro is a “real earthquake” who “doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘tranquilo.'”  And I’d have to say Joan is off to a good start, judging by his profile pic (and this one).  His first tweet was about how he’s going to take a siesta, and he followed up with this one about how he’s dunking his bread in wine.  I hope we can expect many fun things from la concentración de La Roja!  Perfect timing, no?


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  1. *lmao* so we have

    Geri, Cesc, Puyi, Andres, Alvaro, Sergio, Xabi, Juan Mata, Javi, Joan, & maybe mi chinito (11 guys) … plus we have David & Pepe Reina on facebook … hmmmm … I say thats a pretty good number… now those guys need to get the other guys a twitter or facebook!!!

  2. OMG, Joan Crackdevila on twitter! Thanks for making my day Una!! I hope he continues to amuse us and yes, pix with La Roja.

  3. lol i love capdevila

  4. Capi is on twitter??????

    My life is complete. :)

  5. ROFL. LOVE that photo of Capdevila. He is just all kinds of awesome.

  6. I think Silva has Twitter too…check out Borja’s tweet to him. The name is OficialSilva21 :)

  7. Dios mio!!!! My lovely, sexy and funny crush on twitter!!! and muy cachondo como siempre!! And Borja too!! didn’t know he had twitter but I LOVE Borja, he’s fantastic in Villarreal!! Thank you so much, I’ll be following!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. The Silva account is a fake, according to Manchester City’s official Twitter.

  9. i don’t know what it is about him, but i just love capdevila :D

    • He’s funny but at the same time is very manly and sexy, he’s got some power that drives one crazy… some people just see him as a clown and a Mr. Bucketonhishead, but he’s got something much deeper than that in him…

  10. LMAO, Joan Capdevila cracks me up so much. Him being on Twitter is probably the best thing that happened all week. :D

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