La Roja fever in Granada & David Silva speaks from Manchester

Reports out of Granada say there was a one-kilometer line outside the Nuevo Los Cármenes yesterday, in anticipation of tickets for Spain’s Euro 2012 qualifier against the Czech Republic going on sale today.  The first people started lining up at 04h on Tuesday, and around 19h, there were already 1,000 people, all prepared to spend the night in order to get tickets (the stadium’s capacity is only around 17,000).

Vicente del Bosque was in Granada yesterday as well, to receive the city’s gold medal.  On Friday, he’ll announce the list of players called up for the next two games, both Euro 2012 qualifiers.

And in other news, the radio program “El Larguero” traveled to the Canarian town of Arguineguín, David Silva’s hometown.  There, they held a telephone conversation with him in Manchester (he lives in a small town 30 minutes outside of the city).  During the brief chat, David said that the weather is nice now, but the winter was hard, that he’s happy in England because the people treat him wonderfully and he feels very welcome, and described the sheikh as “un chico joven.”  As for his English skills, David revealed that it takes a bit of effort from him, but that he has a (female) professor who comes to his house to give him lessons and that she’s very nice and friendly, and he knows how important it is to be able to communicate in English, so he’s putting a lot of effort in.  We also find out that as a kid, he was a ball boy when his father played for Arguineguín, and that he dedicates all his goals to his cousin Cyntia, who passed away, because he remembers her in all those moments.  To end, David was asked if he’s spoken to Fernando Torres ahead of their game this weekend, and he said no, but they often speak because he gets along very well with “El Niño.”  Have a listen here (I love the way he talks because it’s a bit singsong).


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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! MI CHINITO!!!!! =) … I can help him with his english!!!! =D It’s nice to see him …. I mean it’s nice to hear him…. Is doing great job with Man. City ….

  2. awwww…..thanks so much for your sharing! i have to say silva voice make us happy and his smile actually melt our heart ! XD

  3. How can anyone be anything but “nice and friendly” to our little David!

  4. Oh, I LOVE the Canarian accent!! <3 maybe because my favourite Spanish singer, Pedro Guerra, is also from the Canary Islands… Silva's voice and accent are just as sweet ;)

  5. For some reason the interview won’t play for me so I can’t hear his wonderful accent.
    Can’t wait til he starts speaking more english.

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