Gerard Piqué for H.E. Mango – the finished ads

Just wanted to share with you all the final advertisements that Gerard Piqué has done for H.E. Mango!  I don’t know if he would ever actually wear these clothes, as his style seems to be more on the casual side, but if he does get free clothes, he can give them to his coach, no?  He also needs more than one expression when posing.  I’m sure Shakira can teach him a few things.

Geri also attended the presentation of the spring/summer 2011 line today in Barcelona.  During the Q&A part, when asked about the kiss that he and Shakira are sharing on the cover of several magazines this week, he said, “it’s impossible to supplant the kiss between Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas in terms of intensity,” and that his kiss is “bonito.”  As for his life, he remarked, “I don’t know if this is the year where I’m the happiest, but right now I’m in a great moment.  I’m also in love, and I hope it continues like that.”  Piqué also revealed that “during the photoshoots, I didn’t feel as comfortable as I do on the field” and that for the moment, he’s not going to pose in a swimsuit.  We also find out that he’s been following fashion since he was 15 or 16 because he likes it.

By the way, Sevilla honored Barcelona’s world champions prior to their 1-1 tie last night.  All seven of the players called up for the game (Puyol was the only absence) received a personalized replica of the shirts of the World Cup finalists, with the Spanish one bearing the number of the player.  Zubi stood in for Puyol.  Sevilla has already done this with Valencia and Athletic, and will get around to the rest of the world champions when they come to Sevilla to play in the Liga.  Video after the jump!


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  1. Thank u so much for sharing this..
    glad that Sevilla are doing this for them ^^

  2. Shakira? maybe, but it’s difficult – men and women have different ways of posing ;) I think that Pique could also learn some other expressions from Javi, who is much more natural in front of the cameras ;))

  3. Thanks for sharing the video! The replicas reminds me of Pique’s display that he tweeted 9his shirt and the Dutch shirt).

  4. it is so nice what they do! they really show they respects to them

  5. awww sooo nice of them…. they are sooo cute…. Geri need a few pointers… maybe Xavi can help him … jejejeje

    thanx una ….

  6. What a nice gesture from Sevilla! The shapes of the replicas could have been a little more personalized, though. They all looked like they belonged to Puyol’s (amaysing) body.

    By the way – here’s a making of video of PK’s shoot.

  7. i’m glad people are focusing on the pique/shakira kiss now and finally have stopped talking about that other one! i’m trying to erase its memory from my head!

  8. Hahaha, i guess Pique being not as comfortable in photoshoots than on the football field does show in the pictures (hence only one expression)…he’s not a natural model although he does have model good looks!

  9. uhmm didn’t geri once claim that the day he falls in love is the day he’ll get married? @.@

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