Javi (!!!) does Don Balón’s questionnaire!!!

We had Juanín, then Xabi and now we have Javi (!!!)!!!  Javi (!!!) is the latest footballer to answer Don Balón’s questionnaire, and he gives some great answers.  I especially love the answers to the questions where he was sarcastic and funny!  And I love the fact that he’s still studying, that his mom will read this interview, that he’d escape if he were the president… Okay, it’s true, I do love everything about him, but you already knew that already, didn’t you?

1.  Civil status?

– Single [what a great question to start the interview with, no?].

2.  What were you studying?

– I haven’t finished yet.  I’m taking a course so I can qualify to study journalism at the university level [yay – so his mom can be proud of him!!!].

3.  Do footballers make too much money?

– They earn how much they generate.

4.  Should provincial national teams play official games?

– That’s for other people to decide.

5.  What would you like to do when you’re no longer playing football?

– Travel and do something related to football.

6.  What is your favorite singer or group?

– El Canto del Loco.

7.  What is your favorite song?

– “Y si pudiera tenerte” by El Canto del Loco [I love that song!!!].

8.  Who are your favorite actor and actress?

– Jude Law and Blanca Suárez.

9.  What movie have you watched the most number of times?

The Notebook [but did he cry?] and Fui a por trabajo

10.  What is the best book you’ve read in your life?

Child 44.

11.  Of all the poems that you’ve read, which did you like the best?

– One by Gorka Iraizoz [jajaja!!!].

12.  Of all the paintings you’ve see, which made the biggest impression on you?

– One that a (female) friend gave to me.

13.  Your best friend in the world of football?

Rúper and Muniain.

14.  What is your favorite TV show?

Tonterías las justas.

15.  What is your favorite food?

– Cuban-style rice (arroz a la cubana).

16.  A city.

– Aiegi [how sweet!!!].

17.  Your idea of a perfect night?

– Being with my friends in the txoko, playing Play, cards, etc.

18.  What place would you like to visit?

– New York.

19.  Your most recent car?

– A BMW X6.

20.  What is your dream car?

– An F1 car.

21.  Is it easier for footballers to hook up with girls?

– I wish.

22.  Who is the sexiest woman, after yours?

– Blanca Suárez.

23.  Is love necessary for you in sex?

– Necessary no, but it is important.

24.  Do you all play better on the field after having sex?

– No.

25.  Would you forgive a onetime act of infidelity?

– No.

26.  What do you think about the death penalty?

– I think it’s applicable only in very few situations.

27.  How do you kill time in the concentraciones?

– With the computer or telling jokes with David López.

28.  What do you think about gay marriages?

– Each person is free to do and think whatever they want.

29.  In what areas has your footballing improved in the last few years?

– Above all, in knowing how to position myself.

30.  What did you learn from your parents?

– Everything.  How to be a person.

31.  What is your latest splurge?

– To set up a txoko so I can be with my friends.

32.  What does a footballer do during the afternoons?

– Train and study.

33.  When was the last time you got drunk?

– Yesterday… I’m joking.  I don’t remember, a long time ago.

34.  What’s the most recent crazy thing that you did?

– I can’t answer this, because my mother will be reading this (laughs).  [Adorable!!!]

35.  Finish this sentence: It drives me crazy when…

– people beat me at Play.

36.  What do you always have in your refrigerator?

– The cold.

37.  Should all immigrants be legalized?

– I’ll answer this when I’m the president of the government.

38.  Who were your heroes?

– My brother Álvaro.

39.  Tell me a historic moment of your club.

– When it beat Barça for the Copa del Rey.

40.  Which country do you support, apart from Spain, in a World Cup?

– Mexico.

41.  The Christmas gift you were most excited about.

– A ball.

42.  What other sports have you played or play?

– Basketball, tennis, I play a lot of sports.

43.  Your favorite historical person?

– Alexander the Great.

44.  What footballer did your father constantly talk about?

– My father didn’t talk to me about football.

45.  Do you have any manias before stepping on the field?

– I pray and I go out on my right foot.

46.  Where do you usually go for vacations?

– I want to travel along the west coast of the U.S.

47.  Your favorite clothing brand?

– Adidas.

48.  What was the last time you used public transportation?

– Not long ago.  I take the metro once in a while.

49.  If you were the president, what would be the first thing you would do upon arriving at Moncloa?

– Escape [I love him!!!].

50.  What question from journalists do you hate the most?

– The one you just asked me [oooh Javi!!!].

And five bonus questions:

A dream: to win a title here.

A person that you miss: my grandmother.

Your lucky number: 24.

If you were stuck on an island, you’d bring… a boat [smart guy].

If you weren’t a footballer, you’d be… a journalist.

There’s an interview with El Chori in this issue of Don Balón as well, but it’s Boring with a capital “B.”


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  1. reggaeballgirl

    Javi is priceless! Bluntly honest but adorable doing it.

  2. Lovely cutie pie! Thanks for translation UnaMadridista!

    And may I add that the second pic from the bottom -the one with Xabi, Alvaro and Iker in it – is like a picture made in heaven!

  3. hahaha, funny answers! especially the one to question no. 50 :D

  4. Ohhhh, your Big Basque Crush is adorable… honest and witty!! ;) I’d love to talk to him in person… he seems to be quite fascinating :)

    I see many La Roja players love the U.S. – Llorente, Crackdevila, Javi… they have to go there together and have fun ;)

  5. “20. What is your dream car?
    – An F1 car.”

    I like this so much. <3____<3
    Also, Una – you are so adorable, with your exclamation marks. xD

  6. Oh my god, Una! You two are perfect for each other! Obvi.

  7. Oh my god. I did not think I could love this boy more.

    But no, he goes and proves me wrong once again.

    This is hilarious and adorable and I find myself otra vez looking up flights to Bilbao…

  8. YES, JAVI, COME TO NEW YORK. No one will recognize you at all, you will blend into the Generically Cute Guy scenery (I mean this in the most positive of ways, and it is completely true), and you can hang out at dinner as long as you want and join in a kickabout with some of my guy friends, who would LOVE it.

    I wish they’d asked him for Iraizoz’s poem. Would have loved to read it too! And also, now I want to see him face off at Playstation against, like, Jack Wilshere.

    And Madridista, “civil status” is a TERRIBLE question to start with, because we know he’s UNMARRIED, this is public knowledge – what we want to know is if he is SINGLE, no?!?!

  9. Thanks for the translation Una! But I’m confused is Javi single or not? Because they ask him who is the sexiest women after his.

  10. I LOVE JAVI!!!!!!!!!! *LMAO* i can’t believe …some of his answers….I just loved and his such a great guy … my fav was the one he said …

    21. Is it easier for footballers to hook up with girls?

    – I wish.

    ^^^^ awwww pobrecito … I’ll hook up with him… with of course your premisson Una^^^

    and then I have to say AMEN to this….

    23. Is love necessary for you in sex?

    – Necessary no, but it is important.

    ^^^ that is 100% true ^^^

    I got a question …. did they ask Xavi those question … cause I know he did few interviews before & some look the same… but not all???

  11. thanks for taking the time to translate! could he get any cuter?

  12. Aw… Javi (!!!) is the cutest thing. He’s got such a sense of humor! I love his answer to the poem question!!(especially since most players are just like “uh… I don’t read poetry”)

  13. Awww. He really is adorable. And seems awfully down to earth too.

    Thanks for the translation!

  14. Thanks for the translation! I’d be happy to be his personal tour guide in New York :). He’s so cute and sweet. How is he still single??

  15. I can see why you love Javi so much! He is just too perfect and funny! :D

  16. The fact that he supports Mexico just makes me love him even more!!!

    • mari_madridista

      I couldn’t agree with you anymore. I was reading this thinking, “aw, javi is adorable!” but when he got to that question, it was like cupid’s arrow hit me, jaja.

    • I know me too! I’ve been a die hard fan of El Tri all my life. I got all giddy when I read that!

  17. I know my comment isn’t really original or anything, but whenever he’s concerned, my brain is too busy squeeing and can’t think properly, so I’ll just leave it at this:

    I LOVE HIM. More than anything or anyone. Really and honestly. OMG.

  18. OMG he’s cute, witty and smart.

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