the luckiest object in the world

I was cleaning out my computer, and I came across a folder I created just after the World Cup in which I had gathered pictures of our players kissing the trophy with the thought of creating a collage.  Obviously, I then forgot about it because it’s been eight months since that magical night in Johannesburg, but better late than never, right?

The only player missing is David Silva, so if you have a picture of him kissing la copa and/or better ones of Carlos Marchena, Xabi Alonso and Pedrito, send them over to me and I’ll update the collage!


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  1. forever world cup depressed

  2. I love seeing my boys again and great memories! Great collage Una!

  3. I guess a lot of you want to be that World Cup ^.^

  4. Ahhh…to BE that trophy! I find myself wishing it was Summer 2010 again. :-)

  5. this is a lovely collage! i’ll have to check my saved WC pictures!

  6. i love that pic of pepe and the trophy — shiny twins in perfect alignment :)

    makes me wish that someone hopped up behind him and planted a big one on top of that noggin while he was kissing that little beauty =P

    it’s a lovely collage, una!

  7. Luckiest object in the world indeed!

  8. That’s very like David Silva to shy away from the attention and not be in a picture kissing the cup, lol…

  9. Lovely collage, they’re all so cute here, but still… I’m sorry, but for me, nothing compares to the photo of my sexy suntanned Catalan love kissing the cup and wearing a red&yellow wig ;)

  10. Puyi looks amazing :D

  11. Your title made me giggle… ;^)

  12. im still having world cup withdrawal symptoms


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