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The Spanish national football team received their umpteenth award today, when the Copa Barón de Güell was presented to La Roja during the presentation ceremony of the annual Premios Nacionales del Deporte (national sports awards) at the palace of El Pardo in Madrid.  King Juan Carlos was tasked with handing the cup to Vicente del Bosque and Iker Casillas, who represented the team at the ceremony.  Both of them received hugs from His Majesty, and shook the hands of the other members of the royal family present.

Iker looked fantastic!

Afterwards, Iker said that “it was a beautiful act, emotional, and any time that you have the opportunity to be with their majesties is special… it’s always a source of pride to receive distinctions.  You have to be thankful for them.”  He also revealed what he talked with the king about: “we spoke about the season, the national team and the clubs, and he wished us luck for what’s left of the season.  We said we’d see each other again in the final of the Copa del Rey in Valencia.”

Watch out for Iker’s very cute smile at the end of this video.  And he didn’t wear his usual award picking up gray suit!

The Copa Barón de Güell recognizes the best team of the year, and La Roja also won this award in 2008, the year they won the Eurocopa.  In addition, Xavi Hernández had won the award for male athlete of the year last year.  Other athletes who received honors in this year’s edition included Edurne Pasaban, Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Márquez and Manolo Santana.


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  1. Oh my goodness Una, you’re not kidding. Iker looked exceptionally fantastic! And happy! I mean for a draw in his last game… my, my, and his hair! What did he do to his hair? It looks good!

    • I know!

      Well Iker was there as captain of La Roja, and he’s professional enough not to bring club issues into national team issues.

      • Ahhh that’s that. But I’d say he looks like he got ample amount of rest and he’s happy and energized enough to smile all throughout!

    • You’ve been reading my thoughts! What a captain we have.
      I know, he doesn’t need it, but yet I’m happy that Xavi is getting so much recognition as well.

  2. Mmmmm.. Iker should always wear a suit like that.

  3. Wow, he does look amazing (or amaysin’ as he likes to call it ;)
    How many awards can La Roja get?? Not that they didn’t deserve it :)

  4. WOW Iker! You see he looks amazing in a dark nicely fitted suit. I am very impressed. The King is always so nice to him and the queen looks like she has a crush on him every time they meet – who can blame her! :)

    Una, the King is a Madridista whereas the Prince is a colchonero, right?

  5. I give my house to they kept all these awards, but no, it has so much space!! Iker .. so cute … so beautiful … so capitan!! So stupidly nice… so … oowwnnnn PERFECT!!

  6. “Watch out for Iker’s very cute smile at the end of this video” – love it! thanks for sharing this! its so much appreciated!

  7. Unusually enough, he’s smiling throughout! But hearing him speak is always a disappointment. His voice doesn’t go with his face ;)

  8. Yey! No gray suit! Let’s hope Iker’s gotten rid of that one finally. I do wish his tie was better done, though. It looks a little loose. But better this suit with a loose tie than the gray one with a neat tie.


  9. Iker’s bedhead!!! :3

  10. Iker was looking exceptionally good at this event!

  11. Oh, Iker does look great!!! He needs to dress like this more often ;)) and his smile’s very sweet… too bad the first video has been deleted by its author, at least I can’t see it :(

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