David Villa at El Mundo

Just a few excerpts from an interview with David Villa that ran in yesterday’s El Mundo.  Actually, I just wanted an excuse to post the picture that came with the interview, because I love it!  And it looks like being teammates with Andrés may have influenced David’s choice of words…

Q:  Did you always want to be a forward?

A:  Yes.  I’ve always liked to score goals and play up front.  La verdad es que I always preferred to be up front than in the back.

Q:  It’s said that you’re ambidextrous because as a kid you broke your femur.

A:  You should ask my father this question.  I don’t remember it.  But according to what he told me, as my right leg was in a cast, I had to support myself against the wall, and when he passed me the ball, I kicked it with my left foot.  I was five years old.  It worked out well for me.  I think that today I’m a bit more precise with my right foot, but in terms of potency, with both.

Q:  In Tuilla, there was a time when the heroes were the miners, not the footballers.

A:  As a child, you always want to be what your father is, and in my case, he was a miner.  You do see them as heroes.  But when I understood what the work consisted of, how tough it could be, the attraction towards that world diminished.

Q:  Your father gave you a good scare.

A:  My father gave up mining because of an accident.  I remember that I was about 14 years old.  In reality, there were two or three accidents, one after another.  The copper mine had just closed due to a fire.  Thanks to God, my father is still here.  Other than a broken knee and a scar, he doesn’t have any marks from the work he did for so many years.

Q:  Do you consider yourself privileged?

A:  Yes, but not only for not having to work in a mine, but also for the work that I have.  I’m privileged because I always wanted to be a footballer.  With hard work, I achieved it.  There’s nothing nicer than being able to dedicate your day-to-day life to something that you’ve always dreamed about.

Q:  Do you remember all your goals?

A:  Yes, if you give me a piece of paper and a pen and let me think for a bit, I would be able to write all of them down.  Every single one that I scored in my life.

Q:  Are there any special ones?

A: Everyone likes beautiful goals, but I like the ones that bring emotion.  For what they signify, I would say they are the last two of the World Cup.  They were worth a lot.

Q:  What do you think about when you score?

A:  I feel happiness, joy, but I always think about fulfilling my duties.  A forward should think about more things than just scoring goals, but at the end of the day, what is demanded of us is scoring.  When I score, I know that I’m doing my job.

Q:  You’re become a spokesperson for many brands recently.

A:  They’re things that come up.  Pero la verdad es que I feel much more comfortable on the field than on a stage.

Q:  Because you’re a bit timid.

A:  Everything came about as a result of the World Cup.  But although I may appear in thousands of commercials, I should always remember that it’s due to my good work in the field.  I’m not chosen for them because I’m the most handsome or the tallest or the nicest out of the group.


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  1. Love the picture too… The Shadow of the Big Bitchface!!! ;) and I’ve always had an impression that he’s quite comfortable on a stage, he loves to show off his body ;)

  2. I just love that he’s very humble and also very truthful –

    “I’m not chosen for them because I’m the most handsome or the tallest or the nicest out of the group”

    They’re dedication without being too arrogant and media whore-ish about it makes them (Xavi, Iniesta, Iker and the whole La Roja bunch) the BEST in all aspects :)

  3. Thanks for translating the interview Una.

    It’s impressive that he remembers each and every goal he’s scored! Looks like he has goals on his mind, period :)

    So, Andres has had an influence on Villa’s choice of phrases. Judging from Barca’s recent matches, Leo Messi seems to have picked up Villa’s habit of spitting on the field. Yuck! Don’t they know they should pick up the good habits from each other?

  4. Muchas gracias for posting the interview! I love these profile view pictures as well! The hair makes this picture definitively Villa!

    Do you have the link to the complete interview by any chance?

    And again, thanks for ALL your work on this blog. Really makes me want to move to Spain, a nation where futbol is a lot more appreciated than in the US… and where the players are 100x better looking of course =)

  5. I bet he dreams about the goals that got away or the near misses. Uff. Thanks Una. Just love el Guaje and can’t get enough.

  6. it is a very nice picture =)
    “There’s nothing nicer than being able to dedicate your day-to-day life to something that you’ve always dreamed about.” I hope to achieve this someday too. It is something that everyone who strive for it should deserve.

  7. I love how humble and dedicated David is! Yes, he’s Mr.Bitchface too, but he’s genuine about that AND being a hardworker. You get what you see, and what you see is pretty damn good,

  8. La verdad es que, sí, me gusta El Guaje muchísimo!

    If I’d been the reporter, I’d immediately have given him a piece of paper, just in order to watch him writing down all the goals he’s scored, for hours and hours… David just fascinates me so much. I really get sad whenever people ask him about his accident when he was a boy, imagining that this could have been the (way too early) end of his football career.
    The last answer is simply precious.

  9. “I’m not chosen for them because I’m the most handsome or the tallest or the nicest out of the group.” hehehe.

    The “tallest” comment made me laugh…definitely not, he’s one of the shortest :) and deadly in front of goal.

    handsome….hmm…there are many women who think he’s really handsome.

    nicest? lol….is villa saying he isn’t that nice? i guess he means friendly and jovial because he isn’t overly-smiley or anything but when he is really happy, wow u can tell u truly is. I loved his world cup goal celebrations!!! infectious and triumphant!

  10. He’s so sweet…

  11. what a beautiful picture! i think i just found a new wallpaper!!!! thank you so much for taking the time to post this here!!! you are AHHHHMAZING!!!!

    David is just a beautiful person, inside and out. ♥♥♥ i wish him all the best in the world and more goals to score!!!! :D

  12. Thanks! Love the pic.
    He’s even better than he thinks <3

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