Javitxu (!!!) tweets and Iker strips

First of all, thank you to everyone who commented/emailed me to say that Javi (!!!) Martínez (!!!) is now on twitter.  He’s already given us some good tweets, so let’s hope he keeps it up!  Plus, we find out that he apparently speaks English.  Speaking of tweeting and English, Sergio Ramos has also promised to start tweeting in English, although I don’t know if any help is going on, since he apparently already speaks the language.

Anyway, I also have to thank a couple more readers for sending in images of Iker stripping off his shorts after the Spain-Colombia friendly.  Reader Iris sent over this gif (which I’ll put in twice because “double the pleasure…”), while reader Emily took this screen capture.  ¡Muchas gracias!  ¡Y un besito!


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  1. javi!javi!javi! what gooooood news!!!
    thank you telling us!mua

  2. Yay! I’m glad someone was able to get this for you Una! I have to now start following Javi!

  3. Having Javitxu (!!!) on Twitter is going to further reduce my already limited productivity. Especially if he replies to people like he’s been doing!

    But I look forward to the adorableness. And the Twitpics.

  4. Lovely news;-) Lovely gif;-)

    as to Serhio – apparently we still need to be patience to hear him speak English LOL

  5. I was just on Tumblr, searching through posts tagged with Javi, and the first thing that came to my mind was ‘Does Una know about this?!’. Aha, and you do, which is great! I hope he (and Sergio)’ll make it a point to tweet in English, so I won’t have to rely on Google Translate all the time. :D

  6. See I thought that was Javi too but this one girl kept saying no. Since you said it’s him I will believe you rather than her

    I dont believe Sergio will start tweeting in English. If anything one or two words. Speaking and writing are two different things with any language. Lol I personally rather hear him speak than read a tweet that he bares does to begin with

  7. I know it’s Basque, but what does the -txu mean?

  8. ok … he change the main pic… but can any1 tell me who … those 2 girl where???

    THANX UNA!!!! now we have 9 … and we need 14 to have our WC Champs on twitter…

    who knows maybe Javi can get Fernando Llorente!!!

  9. I think he should get bonus points for having such an adorable puppy.

  10. Iker is still wearing too many clothes even though he “stripped”…

  11. It kind of amazes me how quickly Iker got those shorts off. he just hooked ’em with his thumb and off they went!

  12. oohlala iker!
    how fast did he get his shorts off? wow!

    and javi is so cute!

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