ICYMI – España vs. Colombia

In case you missed it – España vs. Colombia [2011-02-09, international friendly].

Well, we finally won an amistoso as world champions, although we did have to suffer (and suffer we did) until almost the very last minute, when David Silva came to save us, on a night when all eyes were on the other David, David Villa, to see whether he would break Raúl’s goalscoring record in his stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu.  But he couldn’t do it, even in front of an empty goal, because once again, the post proved to be his worst enemy.  Andrés Iniesta was the best player out there, and received a standing ovation when he left the game.

Iker, on the other hand, did set a new record, for most international games played at all levels.  He has 158 caps (117 at the senior level and 41 at the lower levels), edging Andoni Zubizarreta, although Iker will still need 10 more games to surpass Zubi’s record for most international games at the senior level.  It won’t be long.  Iker debuted at the age of 14 on March 9, 1996.  His coach that night with the U-15 team, Teodoro Nieto, was at the game last night.

ONE. The goal celebration.  Cheers for the bajitos!  Take a close look at what Llorente, Busi and Arbeloa do to Silvi’s hair, because it will be important later on.

TWO. The most beautiful team in the world, warming up.  The slow motion really helps you to appreciate the beauty that’s there, no?

THREE. In the tunnel on the way to the field, you could really tell that all the players get along.  They joked around as they walked, gave each other pats on the back and high fives…  I love it.

FOUR. A fun pregame moment:  Busi’s kid was missing, so finally he just gave up (look at that gesture of exasperation!!) and started walking down the tunnel towards the field by himself.  Once he got to the field, he kept looking back to see if his kid was around.  And finally, the kid came running up and made it at the last moment.

FIVE. Around 72,200 people responded to Iker and Villa’s pleas and attended the game, raising one and a half million euros for the AFE to buy defibrillators for the teams of the second division, as well as fund scholarships and help unemployed footballers.  All good causes.

SIX. The Bernabéu also dedicated an ovation to Vicente del Bosque, the biggest of the night, when his name was announced.  We haven’t forgotten you, míster.  I hope Florentino heard it.

SEVEN. As I always say, my favorite moments during the games are when the ball is not in play.  I love watching substitutions to see how teammates interact with each other.  And David Villa and Joan Capdevila didn’t disappoint.  Both of them, as they came off the field, hugged and patted all their teammates on the sidelines.  I think that for Santi Cazorla, it’s instinctive for everyone, even the not much taller David Villa, to pat him on the head, for the (lack of) height and because he’s just so cute.

EIGHT. With all the buzz around his relationship with (Colombian) Shakira, Gerard Piqué was cheered by the visiting crowd when his name was announced and throughout the game.

I bet this was not the first time this week he’s been in these positions, with a Colombian present next to him.

Who wishes they were Dr. Celada in this exact moment?

NINE. There were a lot of famous faces in the Bernabéu last night, including Luis Súarez, Luis Aragonés, Vicente Miera and Roberto López Ufarte (below).

Luis Súarez wasn’t impressed with how Spain was playing, and found his magazine more interesting.

Madrid was also well-represented, with Florentino Pérez, Emilio Butragueño, Jorge Valdano, Miguel Pardeza, José Mourinho and Aitor Karanka.  From the RFEF came Ángel María Villar, Julen Lopetegui, Luis Milla, Ginés Meléndez and Fernando Hierro.

TEN. More beauty, this time during the himno.  See, Busi’s kid did catch up!  I was just disappointed that Joan Capdevila wasn’t caressing David or Xabi’s ears.  Perhaps it was because David would have given him a look of death, and it’s just not something that would occur to anyone to do to Xabi.

ELEVEN. When Iker’s in charge, we all feel more secure.  Me siento seguro…

One, two, three…. pose!  What a gran capitán we have, no?

TWELVE. Random moments of our boys looking good.  And of course, no ICYMI post can be complete without Fernando’s tight shirt, which is an institution in itself.  I can’t wait for Javi (!!!) Martínez (!!!) to return for many reasons, one of which is because he’s the only other one that wears the tight shirts.  Seriously, why am I not in País Vasco already??

THIRTEEN. Álvaro and Fernando were alternatively concentrating on the game and gossiping.  Poor Carlos Marchena was the only field player who didn’t get to play, although he was sent to warm up.  As Iker played the entire game, Pepe and Víctor stayed on the bench as well.

FOURTEEN. The Xabi Alonso pose section.™

FIFTEEN. The best and most beautiful stadium in the world gave Andrés Iniesta a standing ovation and chanted “Iniesta, Iniesta” as he was subbed out, which he responded to by applauding the fans.

SIXTEEN. Remember how in point ONE I told you to remember what happened to David Silva’s hair?  Well that’s because EVERYONE was overly concerned with how their hair looked on Wednesday night.  Fernando Torres started fussing with it before the game even started, all the way up to when he was subbed in, some 65 minutes later.  Santi Cazorla wasn’t immune either, nor was Álvaro Arbeloa.  And Piqué, despite having been writhing in pain on the ground just seconds earlier, probably knew the cameras were on him and so he found the time to make sure his hair was looking good between touching his back and wiping off sweat.

Okay, I’ll stop complaining about them paying too much attention to their hair, because they could look like this:  Colombia’s assistant coach Leonel Álvarez.

SEVENTEEN. Front and back.™

Raúl Albiol, Iker Casillas.

Los bajitos.

Sevilla’s Siamese twins.

The former Liverpool contingent.

Los altos and España!!!

EIGHTEEN. The Baywatch audition segments from last night.

NINETEEN. Postgame fun.

Hércules player Abel Aguilar got hugs from two others who also play for/played for teams in Valencia, and Iker Casillas exchanged his shirt with one of Colombia’s players, whom you can see holding them behind VDB.  Unfortunately, the feed I have is from TVE and they were focusing on the interview with VDB, so if anyone has footage of Iker stripping, send it over!

Silvia Barba literally grabbed and pulled David Silva over the interview, but I wish she hadn’t, because interesting things were happening behind them.  Sergio Ramos had taken off his shirt and WAS NOT WEARING ANYTHING UNDERNEATH!!!  And then Iker came along, in a base layer, to strip off his shorts and throw them into the crowd.  Piqué, Silva and Busquets had also exchanged shirts, but unfortunately were wearing something else underneath.

Sergio Ramos for the win.

Fernando Torres returned to his day job of computer repairman after the game.  I like Santi’s jacket.  And does Sergio have naturally wavy hair?  He appeared gel-less, which was surprising because Spain was playing in the Bernabéu.  I imagine he and Cristiano have tubes of gel stashed away in all the rincones of the stadium for emergencies.

TWENTY. Looking ahead:  Monday’s Valentine visit to visit the pope in the Vatican has been canceled, since more than half the team will not be able to make it (Athletic and Chelsea are playing that day, Valencia is playing on Tuesday, and Barcelona and Arsenal on Wednesday).  Therefore, rational heads (not often associated with football, no?) prevailed and decided that the best thing to do would be to postpone the date to a later one in which everyone would be able to attend.  Too bad for Jesús and Saint Iker!

The make-up date hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s possible that it could be Aug. 8 or 9, since Spain is scheduled to play a friendly against Italy in Rome around that time.

Meanwhile, Spain’s next game is not until a month and a half later.  On March 25, Spain will take on the Czech Republic in Granada in a qualifier for the 2012 Euro.  Spain is currently in first place in their group, having won three out of three.


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  1. I believe there is a special circle in hell for people who came up with the idea of base layers!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. I love these posts so much! The parts about Busi and his kid, Pique and the Colombians, and all of their boys and their hair made me laugh so hard. Fernando Torres is ALWAYS touching his hair! I’m a Liverpool fan so, fortunately or not, I don’t have to see it anymore, but it used to drive me crazy! So many high points of this post! If i continue to pick out my favorites, i’d be here all day! Well done! I’ve missed them! :)

  3. Una thank you for another great ICYMI! And I apologize in advance as I’m gonna vent a little thru your blog…

    First off: SILVA!!! This man, this man should ALWAYS be in the starting XI. The impact alone that he is making in his 1st season at Citeh warrants more playing time at national level. Thank you, you sexy pony!
    Llorente and Santi, too, I think, should start games more often…

    lordy Lordy LORDY! That match left a lot to be desired…but, yeah… a win is a win is a win…

    Although I was still wondering hours later, why was Colombia made to look far more threatening? Why, Spain, why??

    Sure, I squealed when they showed the boys waiting in the tunnel. That much delicious momentarily cramped in a small space…!
    But as the match went on, it became harder to enjoy how good they looked since they seemed to be playing below par…

    (Yes it’s a friendly, but, seriously, I can no longer consider this as ‘useless’ anymore, unpopular sentiment this may be…

    Sigh-of-relief point: San Iker and his defence – well, they stayed true and got the bruises to show for it…poor geri and albiol…

    And, el Guaje, better luck next time. But thank you for making me laugh out loud in a ‘I-can’t-effing-believe-this!’ way when you missed that sitter. It’s harsh, but somehow I knew you would again unwittingly pull off something like that.

    Ecstatically relieved for the 1st friendly win since the WC so congrats boys! Spain, you were spared your blushes, but the world knows you can do a hell of a lot better!! Show us next time that the bleeding colors of La Furia Roja still boils ever so hotly in your veins…

  4. Te adoramos, unamadridista. Muchas gracias por tus reseñas… you never fail to amaze us La Roja fans. Desde Filipinas :)

  5. Thank you for this great entry! I always love to read your after match postings – here and in your Real Madrid blog! ♥

  6. Thank you for this post, humorous and interesting as always!! it took you time, but you did a good job!;) Love Llorente’s glance into the camera in the gif under Three, so playful ;) it’s a bid sad that he was kept on the bench until quite late and there were no “llorentazos” in this match, but there will be other ones ;)

    Shirtless Sergio is always great, he’s the one who loves to show off his body… but why the hell doesn’t Mr. Bucketonhishead Capdevila do the same?? he NEVER does that, so I wonder whether it’s one of his superstitions, like jumping three times before the game… ;)

  7. “…and it’s just not something that would occur to anyone to do to Xabi.” Oh no Una, that is something most everyone daydreams about doing to Mr. Perfect.
    Maybe Joan was just busy memorizing the modeling/posing tips Xabi had just given him.

    Also #8 – :D!! too cheeky!! (Note lack of third ! as that would signify Javi (!!!))

    Too bad you didn’t see Iker stripping off his shorts – I watched on ESPN3 and had to replay several times while cursing the presence of the black bike shorts.

    Thanks for a great ICYMI!

    • “Maybe Joan was just busy memorizing the modeling/posing tips Xabi had just given him.”


      Ah, you beat me to it about ESPN3 showing Iker removing his shorts. Una, if you can watch videos on ESPN3, go under the “replay” tab and you can see the Spain/Columbia game…and Iker ;)

      • I think I spent at least 10 minutes just watching Iker stripping on Espn3 after the game. That man is perfect.

        and Geri, thank you for not spilling any blood this time!

  8. Love all the pics and gifs! Their hair fussing is hilarious, especially when you put them all together!

  9. Una, thanks for your post. I loved it as usual with all your witty comments. Especially things that I miss like Dr. Celada and Busi’s kid! I wish I had a link to Iker stripping, but when I saw it, at first I was like, wait, what is he doing…oh taking off his shorts!

    BTW is Iker or only goalkeepers that exchange shorts? I haven’t seen anyone else from the team do it.

  10. When Iker’s in charge, we all feel more secure. Me siento seguro…

    Oh Una, I choked on my windpipe! And if you do have that portion of Iker stripping, make a post about it yes? Thank you! This is fun to read as always!

  11. As usual Una, a fabulous post. Very funny and interesting. Thank you. How did my Xavi do?

  12. one of the reasons i wanted to watch this game is because i was looking forward to see the dahveeds play together again but that didnt happen :( oh silva scored at least. yaay. and his hair must be so fluffy :3

  13. el pirata should be part of the NT

  14. Iker stripping – I saw it on ESPN3’s coverage and if you have access, you can see it again. I just did :)! Go to http://www.espn3.com, they accept a number of internet service accounts (I believe you may need an account). Go to the Replay section. The footage starts around 1:56:00 I believe, specifically at 1:57:17 or so. I’m not computer savvy enough to have been able to get gifs or cut out that part of the video. But I’m sure Una is if there are no protections on the site to do so!

  15. Elizabeth Parker

    Is it just me or does Arbeloa look like a black-haired version of Ryan Gosling?

    Thanks una for the translation, it’s very much appreciated!!!

  16. Una – I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this to you, but on the ESPN3.com broadcast, if you watch to the VERY END you will see Iker take his pants off. o-O The Ultimate Back for front/back post. I showed it to my husband last night. I don’t know if they will edit it out, but it IS THERE! Guess I could screen cap it for you. Let me try…

  17. Great post, thank you. Also, great goal by el pony (y Jesus) in case it hasn’t been mentioned often enough.

    LOL at the hair fussing part. That’s what it takes to be the most handsome football team on the planet.

    Still, in #19, Sergio looks like he has my auntie’s haircut and Fernando Torres seems to be copying his daughter’s hairstyle.

  18. “I bet this was not the first time this week he’s been in these positions, with a Colombian present next to him.”

    ::snort:: una, you just made me choke on my tea. Hilarious! Great recap as always – you’re the best.

  19. Gracias for your great work on ICYMI post Una.

    I thought the March 25th friendly was in Barcelona in the honor of Xavi’s 100th game with NT? Why is it being played in Granada instead?

  20. “I bet this was not the first time this week he’s been in these positions, with a Colombian present next to him.”

    You have no idea how hard you made me laugh, Una! This is just one of the awesome commentaries…I enjoyed the whole thing! I loooovvee you Una! :D un beso! :*

  21. This has got to be your best post of the month Una! I was cracking up so hard. Love the Santi love and jibes at Shakira etc. Luis Suarez, el Arquiteco can do not wrong in my eyes!

    Xabi Alonso is total baywatch and that assistant coach from Columbia -LOL Valderrama’s cousin??

    Absolute classic stuff. Worth a facebook share and retweet!! Tremendo Una!!

  22. The God of Bernabeu (still) loves Raul, there’s no way in hell that He would let David breaks his record on Raul’s kingdom.

    I laugh soooo hard on your Pique-Colombian comment and the hair comment bcos I nearly choked seeing the hair of the Colombia’s assistant coach. It was like the 80’s gone (really) bad.

    And don’t you think the jersey is gorgeous?? Have they been wearing this one before, or is it new? I looooooooove it!!

  23. Don’t forget Carlos Valderrama – quite possibly the best World Cup or International haircut ever !!

    No se olvide de Carlos Valderrama – muy posiblemente la mejor Copa Mundial o Internacional corto de pelo

  24. “I bet this was not the first time this week he’s been in these positions, with a Colombian present next to him.”
    “Who wishes they were Dr. Celada in this exact moment?”

    *CHOKES* MADRIDISTA!!!! *scandalized* I laughed SO HARD while eating lunch at my desk! You are — !!! (no, that doesn’t mean “Javi”, although if “Javi” is a synonym for naughty angel-faced demon child, then that could SO be you today!)

    (I refuse to believe Piquira is real. Lalalalalala…..)

    Fabulous post, as always!

  25. a nice post as always! I laughted through much of it! the best parts were…i cannot actually decide!

  26. THANX UNA!!!! WHAT A GREAT POST!!!! I have to say though … I was a lil bit sad when you didn’t have the Xavi massage to Iker and Sergio Ramos kissing Iker before the game …. It was part of the tunnel seen.. To me … those like 5 seconds or w/e … were the best part of the game…. *lmao* with the whole Geri thing…. & do they have to schedule a friendly in August… cause I really wanted to see the FC Barcelona USA tour …. but what the point of watching them if they are not going to have 8 guys from the national team which on a regular basis.. are 8 of the 11 starters… UGH!!! I hate it…. o well… I guess the Pope is more important.. *lol* …

    I have a question are they all Catholics ???? Is that why they are visiting the pope???


  27. thought you’d like to know that Javi has a twitter now: http://twitter.com/#!/Javi24kikiteam

  28. Una, another great recap. I just knew the Pique incident had to make it and you didn’t disappoint. And the comment about the Columbian…hahaha

    I do have to give Columbia a lot of credit. Their pressure on the ball didn’t allow Spain to pass the ball like they normally do. The commentators were saying at the beginning of the game how there are a lot of Columbians in Spain, something I didn’t know. Also that the are always a difficult opponent for Spain. Guess they showed that in this game. Also having so many fans in the stands had to help them a lot too.

    Did anyone else notice that they were playing Shakira during half time? Had to laugh at that one… ;)

  29. Una, a twitter account for Javi (!!!) Martinez (!!!) has showed up. http://twitter.com/Javi24kikiteam

    it looks pretty legit so far?

  30. I love your description on each picture. It’s so funny :)

  31. this is an amazng post!! I did see Iker stripping, but that was on my TV and didn’t/couldn’t record it. But thanks for posting all these gifs and little anecdotes. Loved it =)

  32. Ah, LOVE this blog… picking up on all the details! Been too long since we last saw the boys play together (or gossip, or play with each others’ ears (or not))!

    Aw, I don’t mind Fernando playing with his hair in the slightest, or any of the others for that matter, but it’s hilariously noticeable when you put all those screenshots in a row… amazing. Lmao re: the Colombian asst coach… sorry, only Puyol can pull it off…

    And Fernando REALLY needs a hairstyle. NOW.

    Thanks, Una! You’re awesome!

  33. Una, you are on fire!
    this is such a great post!
    i LOLled at soo many things!
    esp the part about pique and colombians and shakira!

    god i love this team!

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