in demand – Chevrolet (II)

Taking advantage of the presence of La Roja at Las Rozas, one of the team’s main sponsors, Chevrolet, filmed a spot for their latest model, Orlando, which is a five-door, seven-seat compact multi-purpose vehicle.  The main protagonists of this new advertisement were (top to bottom, left to right) Fernando Llorente, Pepe Reina, Raúl Albiol, Andrés Iniesta, Fernando Llorente’s tight shirt and Joan Capdevila.

The best part is in the end, when they all get into the car.  I love how they alternatively posed with their hands on their hips (Xabi would have been perfect, no?) and then by their sides.  And how Raúl Albiol was squished in the middle (who’s jealous of him?).  Who decided that Fer would be the driver?

Check out last year’s Chevrolet ad.  Joan Capdevila must have been the only one to impress the ad people.


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  1. I propose that all adverts for everything, ever, should feature Fernando Llorente’s Tight Shirt. At the very least, I’d be more inclined to buy whatever they’re selling…

  2. That’s cute ;) my favourite moment is when Crackdevila gets a makeup, with a look on his face like “oh, hay que pintarse para eso…” si, Joanet, HAY QUE PINTARSE!! ;)) and he needs a haircut again, his hair is almost as long as mine… :)) there was no need for him to make a “super serious” face at the moment of taking the photo, his smile is one of the best things in this world… ;)

  3. the arms on the hips then down then on the hips again made me laugh!!!!! I love joan,, very talkative!!!!:))))

  4. Raul’s thoughts: “Hands to hips, Xabi said hands to hips then look far away…..”

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!

  6. the video is so adorable…just the mundane-ness of it is wonderful. looking at them train, mumble, stare at the camera, following the director’s orders haha. lovely.

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