all set for Colombia!

The RFEF reports – complete with pictures – that our boys had a light training session this morning, taking advantage of the sunny weather and nice temperatures in Madrid.

Pepe looks more like he’s trying to get a tan and some good gossip in than stretch, no?  Maybe Andrés should have joined him.  I can’t believe the A team separated, and Fernando Llorente looks very comfortable there.

Some took the stretching more seriously than the others.

The entire team stretched and did some light exercises.  The rest of the day looks like this:  lunch, siesta until 19h, VDB’s technical chat at 19h, get on the bus to go to the Bernabéu, start playing at 21:30h.

Remember how some components of the U-17 team joined the older boys yesterday?  Well Iker had already gotten to know some of these boys, after turning up for their training session yesterday morning.  Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona) said, “I’m proud that the captain of the Spanish national team was with us, that he came with such humility and such a down to earth character… we hope this will occur again.”  Meanwhile, Raúl de Tomás (Real Madrid) remarked, “it’s an honor for us that one of the best players in the world came to see us, it’s a nice gesture.”  Both boys also thanked the senior team for their support in the last Euro in Liechtenstein: “we would like to thank them once again for coming down onto the field to see us.  It’s great that the best players came down to say hi to the younger ones.”


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  1. “Some took the stretching more seriously than the others.” — Busi took it so seriously that he’s praying for diving assistance for his thighs,

    …and Iker’s hyperventilating.

    these pictures are great, una! thanks:)

  2. Gracias Una for all your hard work in keeping us up to date with entertaining posts!

    lunch, siesta until 19h</i.

    I haven't fully understood this concept of Siesta. Do Spanish really sleep until 7 pm after lunch? When do they eat dinner? After the game?

  3. Gerard Deulofeu is not a name I ever expected to see on one of your blogs, Madridista! :-) He’s one of the brightest prospects in Barca’s current Juvenil A team — and hopefully for La Rojita too! (And La Roja absoluta eventually!)

  4. Remember the name Gerard Deulofeu. You will be hearing a lot from this boy in the future.

    • JINX! Leave it to the unabashed culers to point out Deulofeu :-)

      (Btw, blitzen, I left a long reply to one of your comments on BFB (on Kari’s recent background/intro post) — did you see it by any chance?)

  5. the match was kind of boring…& i can’t believe they took so long to score. but yaye for Silva; i’m so proud of him! :D (note to VDB: you really should start him more…that’s the second time he’s saved us with a goal!)

  6. Whew, glad they won. Can’t believe Villa didn’t score. Seems like the pressure is still there to get number 45 and beat Raul. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the recap post and I hope you got good pictures of Iker taking off his shorts! ESPN3 panned away too quickly!

  7. the sight of Iker stretching with puffy cheeks never fails to make me happy. :)
    Congrats to Spain & Silva!!!

    PS: Una, you’ve probably heard of this before, but this is now my 3rd favorite blog (I’m sure you can guess the first two) <- Have you seen it?

  8. So, a David scored…. I am happy that Silva got some well deserved limelight considering how little he played in the World Cup.

    Unfortunately, the other David’s love affair with goal posts continue :-(

  9. the one standing in the red shirt is NOT PEPE REINA, Pepe is on the floor stretching on the right. (see 3rd pic)

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